Support:Incoming calls to DECT devices and Softphone App on smartphone are sporadically disconnected

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[edit] Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP1202, IP1203 with 13r3 pre SR2 firmware

[edit] More Information

[edit] Problem Details

Incoming calls to a user who has a Softphone App on a smartphone and a DECT handset may sporadically fail. As soon as the Softphone app on the smartphone is started by a push notification, the incoming call that is already ringing on the DECT handset is disconnected. The caller hears a busy tone. The reason for this is that when myApps is started on the smartphone, the myApps session stored in the PBX is updated. This in turn is replicated to the LDAP DECT master, where the LDAP replication triggers an error that disconnects the call. As a result, only users with this combination of DECT handset and myApps Softphone application on a smartphone are affected.

[edit] Solution

As a workaround, you can configure None as the Default Telephony App in the Softphone App on your smartphone, this can be done from the Default Apps section of the myApps client. This will result in incoming calls not being signaled on the smartphone, but only on the DECT device. It is fixed in the upcoming 13r3SR2 release.

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