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Applies To

This information applies to V13 and up

More Information

Problem Details

If you want more than one user to register at a hardware-phone, you will need the hot desking feature as you can not use the same hardware-id in more than one user.

System Requirements

innovaphone V13 AppPlatform innovaphone V13 PBX innovaphone V13 Hardware-Phone



At Phone/User1/General select H.323 as Protocol and fill in your Primary Gatekeeper.
Go to Phone/User1/FUnction-Keys and create a Function-Key of Type Hot Desking.
Use "Login" as Idle State text and "Logout" as Active State text.
Tick "User Config Stored at PBX".


Go to Users Admin App and select New Phone registration. Make a hot-desking-registration for the users you want to share a phone.

Go to advanced-ui and create a hot-desking function key for each of the users.
Again, use "Login/Logout" as label.


At PBX/Config/General you need define a No of Regs w/o Pwd. If you have 10 hotdesking-phones, the number should be 10, 20 phones - 20 and so on.

Remark: Be aware that enabling registrations without password is a security risk and therefore a non-recommended setup!

How to use it

If no user is logged in, the phone has a function-key with label "Login".
The user needs to press the button, type his phone-number and the phone will register itself and get the user-config from the pbx.
To logout, the user needs to press the function-key "Logout" which was created above.

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