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This is the Firmware 13r2 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second monday each month. For each of the service release the complete set of tests is executed. If problems show up during the tests, the problems are fixed. This may cause a delay. The tests are started early, so that some delay is covered, but it still may happen that the patchday has to be moved. In this case it is hard to predict when the service release is good. It may be any day, so it would not be good to move the patchday by a fixed number of days, it still should be released as early as possible.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!


Firmware 13r2

13r2 Service Release 1 (136127)

112458 - add translations für myApps launcher

112293 - App Devices: fixed project discount calculation on replacing an active discount

The calculation in the Devices UI was wrong, after replacing an active discount with a new one.

112363 - App Recordings: display format for the duration of the recording

adapted according to ISO 8601

112494 - App Reporting: speed up calllist requests

Some requests where quite slow under certain conditions.

112545 - App Store: Cross-Origin Request Blocked for 3rd-party apps

When a new version was available the upload of this version with the green button returned:

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at [url]. This can be fixed by moving the resource to the same domain or enabling CORS.

With the Upload button it worked fine.

111962 - App Store: HTTP client with authentication when uploading apps

Username and password can be added to the upload, so that the httpclient will use authentication.

111175 - App Store: Update app data when a new version is cascaded

When an app is cascaded, everytime a new version is available and the administrator installs it, the app data is updated (license_type, languages, support information...).

So if the changes on the source app will be updated on the cascaded app.

110024 - App Switchboard: Drag and drop also from the search results to the BLF

Allow also search contacts to be added to the BLF. This should be possible with drag & drop.

112528 - App Switchboard: WQ switch not working if dn is defined and dn is different than cn

The check for group members was comparing cn with dn if the dn was configured. If they did not match, the switch was always set to off even if on the PBX was right.

112065 - Calendar PBX Manager plugin didn't show the help button correctly

111743 - Chat S4B compatibility: Messages sent before Skype user accepted chat where lost

The messages are now queued until the S4B user accepts the chat

112422 - Fixed a possible trap at the beginning of FAX calls

111796 - IP10x: Use webrtc AEC

112483 - IP6013: Enable DSP and SSD with LLDP POE+ negotiation

Some switches use for POE+ a software negotiation with LLDP instead of the hardware signalling with the 2-Event Classification.  The IP6013 didnt start components with high power consumption like the DSP and SSD. Now the IP6013 request POE+ power levels with LLDP. If the power request is acknowledged the missing components are started.

Note: a new LED scheme is implemented:

With missing POE+ the ready LED is green, it was blinking red

With POE+ the POE+ LED goes green. That happens if the  2-event POE+ is seen directly at boot time. If LLDP is used this happens a few seconds later when the Ethernet link is up and LLDP completed. 

111745 - Kerberos: Fix OEM error message for password complexity

112493 - myApps Android: Chat attachments saved with wrong file extension

111740 - myApps Android: Localized warning texts and show them permanently

112054 - myApps Android: sporadically entered a state where incoming calls could not be answered.

111797 - myApps Android: The speakerphone button of the connection service incoming call UI didn't take effect yet.

112478 - myApps Launcher: No microphone audio with certain codecs and ptime exceeding 20 ms

112449 - myApps macOS: Avoid a crash if an application doesn't provide a screen sharing image

111786 - myApps macOS: Do not crash on non severe socket close error

112448 - myApps macOS: fixed eventual crash in jitter buffer at the beginning of a call.

111856 - myApps macOS: Ringer device selection didn't take effect

112434 - myApps macOS: Update Jabra Headset SDK

Updated to Jabra SDK

112091 - myApps Windows: Echo cancellation didn't take effect on many PC's

112083 - myApps Windows: Fixed potential crash if hexdump in traces was enabled

112457 - myApps Windows: Fixed slowly increasing audio playback delay on some PC's.

112523 - myApps Windows: Sometimes audio started with wrong sample rate causing very high or very low pitched voice.

111801 - PBX Manager Plugin for Waiting Queues broken

111788 - PBX potential crash when user edits profile contacts

111496 - PBX: Don't fork non-media calls

This causes chat not working in case of configured forking and no client active

111852 - PbxApi: Added support for "AddProfile" and "DelProfile" and "UpdateProfile"

Added support for "AddProfile" and "DelProfile" and "UpdateProfile" to PbxApi

111766 - Phone-App: Do not offer video if user has no video license

Do not offer "Start Video" and "Start Appsharing" if user has no video license.

111002 - Phone-App: Fix for memory leak

Fix for rising memory footprint of JS application.

111899 - Queues Plugin: Do not allow empty SIP on App Object

111742 - RTP: New SRTP options needed for an OEM

111747 - share updateservicehandler between Windows and MacOs

Remove #ifdef from code 

111719 - SIP: New interop tweak /contact-addr

New interop tweak /contact-addr

Required when device is behind NAT router and Contact header is to be filled with public NAT router address and port.

112118 - SIP: Ray Baum support using RFC 7315

Ray Baum support using RFC 7315 (P-Access-Network-Info)

111981 - softwarephone: crash on startup when %APPLOCAL%\innovaphone not existing

Moving the local data from roaming folder led to the issue 

112070 - Support PbxImpersonation API also for PbxSignal and EpSignal

For developers

112067 - Support presence subscriptions in the Javascript Runtime

Flag in config.json which indicates that presence subscription calls for badge counts are handled

110433 - Video: avoid sending FIR requests for OutOfOrder packets

Avoid sending unnecessary FIR requests if RTP packets just arrived out of order.

111700 - Video: do not override RTP timestamps from remote peers

Remote video was not shown if RTP packets arrived out of order. 

Keep original timestamps in RTP packets.

13r2 Service Release 2 (136146)

113313 - AP Manager: prevent trap if websocket session is closed while disk full test mail is sent

113049 - App Store: Open more information url not working on iframe

Now it is opened on a new tab

113027 - App Switchboard: Add dialog info on small icons

110371 - App Switchboard: Display phone app favorites to BLF (read-only)

114100 - App SwitchboardAdmin: Allow to configure BLF for users

It should be possible on the Admin UI to:

- duplicate the BLF from other users

- configure/edit the BLF from other users

113698 - App Users: h323_email was being ignored

If h323_email was true, the h323 should be included on the emails list.

114004 - App Voicemail: Hanging Get Requests causes small leak

113244 - Conference-Web-Access Preview: Mute problem on MacOS

On MacOS 'mute' did not work.

When muting audio, microphone is released and immediately re-opened. But client still displayed as 'muted'.

113680 - Conference-Web-Access Preview: Open web links in new tab (chat)

When clicking links in chat messages the link will open in new browser tab. Instead of replacing the conference session.

113592 - DECT: Restart caused by LDAP user attrib read error

The buffer for the LDAP user attrib read is too small and causes a device restart. The buffer is dynamically increased now.

114217 - DNS resolver: Fixed incorrect precedence of some IPv6 results

113591 - Fax App: E-mail notifications can't be set

The notifications can't be enabled if the e-mail address is "user name"@"system domain" and it isn't configured with the flag in the PBX configuration or configured twice.

Additional, the e-mail addresses are always shown in lower case now.

113695 - Fixed a possible rare exception in the DNS resolver

114005 - myApps Android/iOS/Windows: Fixed a trap if TURN server credentials but no TURN server URL was set in the PBX.

114008 - myApps Android: Fixed a trap if a mailto link was klicked but no mail application existed.

113544 - myApps Windows: Update headset SDKs

The following headset SDKs have been updated:

  • Jabra
  • Poly
  • Epos

114219 - myapps: sennheiser does not start after first time installation

missing config file prevents the start of the sennheiser sdk module

113696 - myPBX / myApps Android: Fixed missing icon on the permanent notification

114106 - myPBX/myApps Android: Couldn't query local IPv6 addresses any more since Android 10

113105 - myPBX/myApps Android: Use SHA1 instead of MD5 to sign the apk for compatibility with MDM systems

113944 - myPBX/myApps iOS: Fixed music player control left on the lock screen after an incoming call.

113324 - Phone-App: Added texts for additional cause codes

114167 - Phone-App: Bug in list of recent contacts

If different callers have same "Send Number" configured, the Phone-App joined all incoming calls into one contact. (Identity of the first caller.)

113699 - Phone-App: Bug when changing profile

When changing profile from one to another some favorites from the old profile remain in UI.

114214 - Phones: Cannot add international phone number to favorites

Cannot add an international phone number (starting with '+' sign) to favorites.

113665 - Phones: Fix for small memory leak in automated tests

Fix for non-critical memory leak.

113030 - Queues Plugin: Cannot be opened

Remove cross-domain login from AppGeneric

112955 - SDK replicator: Fixed rare access to a deleted object.

113509 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-HFO-NGN_Connec

New SIP Provider Profile

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

113891 - SIP: Don't accept INVITE from unknown sources

If proxy is configured at a SIP interface all signaling is send to that proxy.

Only signaling from that proxy should be accepted.

All signaling from other sources should be discarded.

This change only affects interfaces without registration.

113753 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Unexpected restart caused by SIP stack when re-INVITE is received before call was accepted by application.

E.g.  Assertion failed line 16935 in common/protocol/sip/sip.cpp, No channel!

113971 - SIP: Response without Reason-Phrase not accepted

A SIP-Response without Reason-Phrase was not accepted.

113529 - Softphone-App: Enhance interface for automated testing

Add channel state as DOM attribute for automated testing.

113622 - Softphone-App: Support for acquire/release hook device

Required to avoid conflict with other applications (e.g. Teams) on access to headset device.

112785 - TURN-TCP: Fixed an inconsistency in TURN-TCP IPv4/IPv6 socket use.

113890 - Webserver could crash when digest auth response comes without host header field

13r2 Service Release 3 (136155)

114637 - Add "subscriber" attribute to dialing location

Attribute "subscriber" was missing in dialing location information provided by PBX.

API's: "RCC", "EpSignal" and "PbxSignal"

114493 - AP Manager: added hint to make a backup before updating the underlying AP image

The hint inside the wiki might be not enough, the AP Manager should also show this hint.

114481 - App Devices: fixed "invalid licensing" message with certain project discounts

A rounding issue in javascript caused the incorrectly shown message.

114620 - App Devices: prevent trap if history API is used without required parameter

114459 - App Devices: start automatic iSC reloading check at once if last check hasn't been done since 24 hours

This covers the case, that an AP or the Devices App is restarted every night which may prevent the random timed automatic iSC check.

114243 - AppStore: Allow to edit the devices array on linux.json

On the App Platform tab, it should be possible to modify the devices array.

114266 - Fax: Send number without extension after object update

If the PBX object is changed, the send number is used without the user extension. This is fixed now.

114156 - IPVA: Evaluating Boot Flag 'M'

Experimental multicore-support activateable only by boot flag 'M'.

Shelveset 'config-bootflags' by jfr

#changed ipva/ipva.cpp, ipva/ia32_env.cpp, common/box/cpu.cpp

114261 - myApps macOS: Fixed application crash with Yealink headsets.

114624 - myApps macOS: Fixed delayed audio switch through with some audio devices

114385 - myPBX/myApps Android: Support for Huawei push notifications was missing

114348 - PBX Manager: Generic SIP Profile - Improve CDPN-IN Mappings

Improve carrier support by creating two additonal CDPN-IN mappings.

- international w/o prefix

- national w/o prefix

114350 - PBX Manager: Generic SIP Profile - Prevent duplicate numbers on editing

If the same number was entered multiple times the number was duplicated in the configuration. This will grow up the configuration 

114353 - PBX Manager: Generic SIP Profile - Prevent saving duplicate numbers

Numbers entered twice are no longer saved

114629 - Rare authentication related webserver crash

If an second request to a resource arrived after some digest authentication stuff was cleand up, the webserver crashed

114223 - Reverse-Proxy: Must not add Record-Route header to a keep-alive packet

Reverse-Proxy must not add Record-Route header to a keep-alive packet (double-CRLF).

114166 - SMTP: Limit size chunk to 999 characters

Some servers return the error:

SMTP Error 500 Line too long

114638 - Softphone-App: Fix for false error message on console

Fix for false error message on console.

114371 - Softphone-App: Some headsets did not work with myApps

Headsets other than Jabra, Plantronics or Sennheiser did not work with Softphone-App.

114257 - UI fixes for DECT devices

There are several problems, if the UI of DECT devices are accessed with the Devices App.

114436 - Webserver access after free if Websocket connection init failed

114429 - Webserver graceful shutdown didn't work

13r2 Service Release 4 (136164)

114778 - Allow same external number for many users

This is possible for make dialin possible only with special config. For dialin a unique number is needed

115018 - App Profile: Add precedence parameter to replicator

To avoid that "Takes Precedence" will be always set to false when the user is updated.

114635 - App Switchboard: Fixes on callback emails

- On the search results the wrong name and phone number was written on the email

- Send callback email should also be available not only for contacts on the calls history

114690 - App SwitchboardAdmin: "-- none --" as primary group should not be considered as a group

On SwitchboardAdmin and switch on a WQ with "-- none --" as primary group other WQs with also "-- none --" as primary group are automatically switched too.

114961 - App Users: Node prefix not displayed if user was on a slave PBX

The node prefix of an user located on another PBX was not displayed on Users App. The PBXs were not replicated to the Users Service, so this information was not available on the DB.

114683 - App Yealink: Closed sysclient prevent updating STUN and TURN servers

In one case the sysclient was closed, preventing the update of phone configurations.

114881 - configuration field for syslog-tls server address was missing in GUI

the configuration field for the syslog-tls server address was missing in GUI

114985 - IP-DECT potential unexpected restart on call to non operational PBX destination

An assert happend

114661 - More diagnostic info for "Catch trace on Event"

Show full event in trace

114824 - Name Id was sent to softphone before SETUP

In case of media-relay and quick response to reverse lookup

114770 - PBX Manager: Additional push objects where displayed

In case there where users, without push config, which used templates with push config

114929 - PBX user publisher: Call forward precedence added

The missing precedence broke the editing of call forward in Users

114930 - PBX waiting queue, primary group "-- none --" was written to the config

If -- none -- was selected, no group should be written

114968 - phone USB headset detection did not work for all supported headsets

Only  some of the supoorted headsets were detected as supported and thus did work as audio device only :-(

113014 - phone USB: add new product ID for EPOS (aka Sennheiser) SC 135 headset

Sennheiser is now EPOS. Some existing products now have different product IDs.

114780 - Rare restart, which could happen on unusual messge sequence on EpSignal or PbxSignal

114928 - RCC blind transfer of a mobility call as a waiting queue operator does not work

Was prohibited by accident

114726 - Replicator: SendUpdate buffer was too small

When replicating an user which data length is larger than the buffer length, a segmentation fault happened.

114655 - SIP: Video negotiation failed sometimes

Video was rejected on a call to Softphone-App.

Only audio was accepted.

114632 - SMTP: Apple Mail on MacOS not showing attachments

"Content-Type: multipart/alternative;" must be replaced with "Content-Type: multipart/mixed;".

115072 - Update translations

13r2 Service Release 5

115073 - AP Manager: enforce shutdown even if an internal task is still not completed

A hanging task prevented a restart/shutdown of the AP Manager which caused a not working AP after an update sometimes.

Now the task list is cleared after 2 minutes waiting to continue the shutdown process.

It's not yet clear which kind of task doesn't finish.

115813 - AP Manager: fixed not working statistics on arm64 AP

The websocket connection broke down when opening the AP statistics on arm64 platforms due to a malformed JSON.

115918 - App Devices: added support for new TLS profile strict

115470 - App Profile: Do not show CFx with marked Takes precedence

If Takes precedence has been marked for a CFx, then it is an administrative CFx and if should not be displayed on Profile. 

114854 - App Store: Apps are not sorted alphabetically by title

They should be sorted by Title and not ID. So the sorting will look consistent.

115491 - App Switchboard: Allow to display LDAP search results

The LDAP Object  rights must be given to the Switchboard App. Now the searched results prototype should be also compatible with data from the LDAP.

114922 - App Switchboard: Set all buttons corners rounded for consistency

115274 - App SwitchboardAdmin: Groups with duplicated group names will be overwritten on clone BLF from other user

A popup will be displayed informing that the duplicated groups will be overwritten.

114633 - App SwitchboardAdmin: Improvements when editing the BLF

- When configuring the BLF for the users, a search field can be used if the username is not known.

- Display Popup before deleting items.

- Duplicate BLF: only show users with already configured BLF

115329 - App UserAdmin: Label was displayed on error messages instead of the translation

115590 - App Voicemail: Badge Count is not cleared after deleting voicemail message

115261 - Apps SMTP Client: fixed buffer overflow which may corrupted the stack

115517 - Calendar: admin UI sometimes shows two entries per user

115526 - Calendar: assert when parsing Exchange SOAP due race condition

115530 - Calendar: PBX domain will be used for Exchange name resolving, too.

115518 - Calendar: possible crash when the sync system restarted

115520 - Calendar: reset button in calendar admin didn't work due latest graceful-shutdown changes

115529 - Calendar: resolved crash problems with graceful shutdown

115525 - Calendar: Sync will no longer stop if resolving a user failed with an unkown error.

115521 - Calendar: sync won't stop anymore when getting user settings reports an invalid user error

115137 - crash reading application list for applicationSharing

115106 - false alarm "LDAP Flash Usage above 85%" on devices with large flash

The 85% flash usage limit was computed too small for large flash provided with IPVA or ip6013

115312 - Fix for unexpected restart

Fix for unexpected restart

115016 - IP28: Fix for trap related to analog signaling

IP28 reboots when calling from analog to voip to a user with a call forwarding.

115272 - ipx11/x13 Watchdog in ac_dsp5

ip6013 showed watchdog in btree function

115645 - JavaScript Runtime: Additional libraries for app services

With this update for the JavaScript Runtime, we are adding a number of additional libararies for app services:
  • Websocket client
  • AppWebsocket client
  • Crypto library
  • DNS
  • Network (Sockets)
  • Random
  • Encoding

115875 - myApps macOS: Fixed delayed audio switch through for devices that implement voice processing themself

115548 - myAppsOutlookSearch: International calls cannot be resolved

115656 - myPBX Android: Fixed a crash on some smartphones if the ringtone selection dialog was opened.

115869 - PBX unexpected restart on WQ CFNR loop

A CFNR on a WQ operator back to the WQ could cause a restart

115341 - PBX Waiting queue caused restart on collision of call-forward with call disconnect

Missing null-pointer check

115348 - Phone-App: Hanging calls in UI

Hanging calls in UI due to code loop.

115516 - Remove PhoneCallStatusInfo on undock/redock

Remove PhoneCallStatusInfo on undock/redock.

115282 - SIP: Do not send illegal global phone number in PAI or PPI header

According to RFC-3261 a 'global-phone-number' (starting with plus sign) must not contains start (*) or hash (#).

115500 - SIP: re-INVITE not always re-tried after 491 response

re-INVITE not always re-tried after 491 response, but only on reliable transport (TCP/TLS).

No problem on SIP/UDP.

116014 - SIP: Sometimes interface does not refresh registration

Sometimes SIP interface does not refresh registration due to internal DNS problems.

115283 - Window position not properly restored if window is snapped

WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_RESTORE not properly working. 

Apparently Windows does not consider new coordinates after snapping the window and places the window at the old position.

13r2 Service Release 6

115124 - Allow H323/TLS registrations with mixed case HW-IDs

Some IP11x phone have this kind of hardware ids

115138 - CAS: announce DTMF support in setup ack

114882 - Connected number wrong in case of overlapping node and users numbers

115740 - Duplicate messages on chat to group

115490 - Fix unexpected restart on config upload

Restart happened if right after config upload, before regular restart a config changed was received on the PBX

114799 - Incomplete CDRs for calls to mobility user

In case the mobility destination has a call forward configured to a not operational destination

115808 - ip6013: store trap dumps in flash memory

store trap dumps in flash memory to permit access even after a power cycle or a hard watchdog reset where RAM debug buffer lost. Up to 5 dumps are kept and can be listed with "!mod cmd CPU crash-list" and inspected with  "!mod cmd CPU crash-load".  Storing the complete trace buffer in 2 flash segments requires about 1 microsecond. 

115720 - PBX potential restart when changing devices at user object

Unclear what special circumstances cause this restart

115262 - PBX Waiting Queue potential trap on collision of CFNR and call clearing

115837 - Phones: Keep PICKUP fkey in idle state (un-highlighted) when there's no call to pick

PICKUP fkey was highlighted when there was a connected call in user-group.

115708 - Potential H.323 hanging call

Related to keep RTP sessions in case of PBX restart

115792 - Recording does not work on trunks without a h323 name configured

support anonymous trunks also

115788 - recordings service license not recognized in advanced user mode

13r2: the license name  changed during time from recordings to recording and back. So the extraction of the app name to match the license name from the url needed to be adjusted

Main improvements in 13r2

103169 - App Generic and JavaScriptEnvironment for app services

The App Generic can be used to run apps on the app platform that are written in JavaScript, only.

  • Web Apps can be hosted on the innovaphone App Platform without developing and compiling a specific app service.
  • If the app needs a specific app service the JavaScriptEnvironment can be used to code the app service in JavaScript, as an alternative to C++.

103239 - Application sharing using video streams

Improved image quality and refresh rate when using application sharing in myApps.

103181 - Brute force protection in myApps

If the PBX detects a brute force attack on a users myApps password, it slows down the attackers login attempts.

Also the user gets notified about possible attacks inside myApps.

106999 - Call list: Filtering (all, missed, incoming, outgoing)

The call list app now has four different views:

  • all calls
  • missed calls
  • incoming calls
  • outgoing calls

103180 - Do not disturb in myApps

If the presence "DND" is set, myApps will prevent the Phone and Softphone App from starting.

103182 - Fax2Mail

The Fax App can now send incoming faxes via email.

103175 - Improved App Store

The App Store inside the App Platform Manager got a new UI with improvements needed for third-party apps.

103178 - Improved echo cancellation for Softphone App, IP10x and IP11x

To improve audio quality in speaker phone mode we added a new echo canceler to myApps for Windows and the IP10x and IP11x phone series.

103177 - Initial integration of myApps into MS Teams

myApps can now be added to MS Teams as an app.

For now, the web application is opened inside teams without any further integrations.

This is our starting point for a possible deep integration in the future.

103170 - myApps for macOS

myApps is now available for macOS.

So it can now be used on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and in the browser.

103173 - myApps Tutorials

The hamburger menu of myApps can now display a link to user tutorials that can be configured by the customer.

By default it points to a website hosted by innovaphone containing video tutorials about myApps.

103172 - New features in the Recordings App

106637 - PBX Manager Explorer

Tool to search and modify PBX object configuration

103179 - Reverse lookup in Outlook contacts in myApps for Windows

On incoming calls the phone apps do a reverse phone number lookup in the local Outlook address book.

103174 - Reverse Proxy IPv6 support

103171 - Switchboard App

First version of our new Switchboard App, that will replace the innovaphone Operator in the long term.

104771 - TLS: Support for GCM cipher suites

For details see: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

103183 - Wake Softphone App by CTI

Starting outgoing calls using CTI (SOAP or RCC) now autostarts the controlled Softphone App of the user.

Other improvements in 13r2

108098 - Added IWebsocket::GetHeaderFieldValue function

Headers can be now retrieved from websocket connection inside apps.

103875 - Added UDP socket to the SDK and added broadcast support

110259 - Advanced UI - 13r1 SIP profiles missing

109177 - Advanced UI: Session timeout inconsistent

Fix for the brute force protection for the login on the advanced UI.

109208 - Advanced Web UI: Password not fullfilling complexity leads to malformed xml.

Only 13r2, only for IP160/IP1203

105203 - Allow creation of certificates for IPVAs

105852 - Allow opening of dyn PBXes through the Devices App

Changed the absolute href to a relative href which can be used within the Devices App.

107478 - AP Manager: add image version to UI and coredump filenames

109225 - AP Manager: copy webserver logs to crash log if an App crashes

The webserver log is now prepended to the log of a crashed app.

108282 - AP Manager: hand DNS name as app argument

The app platform DNS name wasn't correctly handed as command line argument.

105204 - AP Manager: prevent trap on deleting logfiles if log directory doesn't exist

107612 - AP Manager: send alarm email and stop apps if disk is too full

An email address can be now configured in the Alarms&Events settings which will receive an email if the disk gets too full.

The disk full threshold can be configured too.

If this threshold is reached, all apps will be stopped to prevent apps from writing to their database.

102140 - App Devices: devices can be auto reprovisioned with a different category

107394 - App Devices: do not show apply button again after applying new update job URLs

If the URLs has been changed and the new files have been applied, the apply button was shown again.

105921 - App Devices: fixed crash during shutdown under certain conditions

In certain conditions, the App might trap during shutdown.

107170 - App Devices: fixed crash in rare cases if a client looses its connection to the App

The Devices App might have trapped in rare cases if a client lost the connection to the Devices App.

102101 - App Devices: fixed sporadic trap if device restarts during update job

109196 - App Devices: renaming a domain without setting a new password breaks the old password

If a domain is renamed and no new password has been given, the old password was broken after a restart of the Devices app.

106256 - App Devices: support large apps.json files

The Devices App can now handle apps.json files larger than 64kb for update job handling.

108160 - App Events: Do not send password if it has not been changed

On the config tab whenever a change was made, the password was always updated on the Config Library and set as empty even if it has not been edited.

108099 - App Events: Reduce number of logs saved by default

Now the last 100000 logs are saved by default on the DB.

107652 - App object: Explicit configuration of app icon URL for plain websites

In version 13r1, myApps did not display an app icon for external websites.

In 13r2 we added a field "Icon URL" at the app object that can be used to configure an explicit icon URL. If configured, myApps uses the icon behind that URL.

Note: you can also configure data URLs, like:


103754 - App Profile: Added config item to allow to edit name and display name

So the administrator can allow the users to edit the name and the display name on Profile. By default is allowed.

103350 - App Profile: Call diversions hints (based on presence) not displayed

The text hints con the call diversions that must be displayed when "Depends on the Presence status" is active, were not displayed.

103339 - App Profile: Call diversions input field is sometimes disabled

104991 - App Profile: Diversions - on search results only telephonenumber was displayed

Homephone and mobile were been ignored.

105039 - App Profile: Diversions - when setting a number from contacts () and whitespaces should be removed

105981 - App Store: Add Platform date sorting and hints about versions

- Fix app platform versions sorting (latest on top)

- Add tooltips over the app versions:

* arm -> "Installation on innovaphone gateway with arm CPUs, e.g. IP811"

* arm64 -> "Installation on innovaphone gateways with arm64 CPUs, e.g. IP6013"

* x86_64 -> "Installation on virtual environments, e.g. IPVA"

64774 - App Store: allow to download binaries without packing them into a ZIP file

For Android it would be more practical if the apk file could be downloaded unzipped. So it could be easily updated on the Smartphones.

104606 - App Store: App binaries could be downloaded duplicated

When clicking on the download button on the App UI, the binaries could be downloaded twice. On the array of files to download some filenames could be duplicated.

105910 - App Store: Do not update timestamp if build is uploaded twice

104660 - App Store: EULAs input field should not be limited to 45 characters

Only an UI limitation, not a DB one.

108100 - App Store: Wrong URL to download x86_64 App Platform on download.htm

The URL should not contain /app-platform/[build]/...

102264 - App Users: Remove duplicated provisioning codes

Now the duplicates are deleted when the provisioning is started.

108599 - App UsersAdmin: Softphone not deleted

The customer creates an user in Usersadmin in root node and master pbx. Afterwards he goes to the Advanced GUI and change the Node to the master pbx. Then he goes back to Usersadmin and assigns a Softphone to the User. If he then deletes the Softphone in Usersadmin it isn't deleted in the Advanced GUI.

110592 - App Voicemail: Encryption Key has to contain 32 Bytes of length

111154 - App Voicemail: Trap if pbx session is not online and awsClient is triggered

102944 - App Yealink: "Use Outbound Proxy in Dialog" must enabled

This parameter must be enabled on the config to avoid issues on the Cloud:

sip.use_out_bound_in_dialog = 1

106574 - App Yealink: Added rfc2543_hold to the phone configuration file

sip.rfc2543_hold = 1

Otherwise our music on hold will not be played

107595 - Apps/Unix clients: webserver might not start if IPv6/IPv4 interface is not available

If a socket open failed on creating a new TCP/UDP/LDS socket, a Bind or Connect call didn't trigger the SocketShutdown callback, so e.g. the Webserver didn't start correctly.

This might happen if  IPv4 or IPv6 is disabled completely.

108030 - AppSharing license did not work for Video AppSharing

105794 - Avatar API: Rework Avatar API logic (DN/CN)

- User found: DN(DB) and if no DN(DB) then CN(DB)

- User not found: DN(API) and if no DN(API) then "..."

110233 - Avoid RTPTP routing loop

On server side, don't send packet back to the interface it was received from

107247 - Blind transfer to international number did not work

Adding the prefixes was missing

104204 - Call Forward from WQ Operator to Voicemail failed

Announcements from Voicemail stopped

110202 - Call thru broadcast could not tranfered back to broadcast

A loop detection blocked a blind transfer

103519 - Calling Name was not forwarded by PBX Multicast object

103168 - Calls from fixed phone to softphone with media-relay fail sometimes

In case Opus is used

106033 - Change naming of ICE failed event

Changed the title of the event for clarification:

old: "ICE failed"

new: "ICE: No network connection between endpoints"

106094 - Chat badge count was some times not cleared

The badge count on received chats should be cleared whenever the user has seen the message

107881 - Chat: Any user could change group admin rights of any other member

Only group admins should be able to do this

108196 - Chat: Paste into chat did result in strange format sometimes

108197 - Chat: Scroll into view on enter did not work correctly

107446 - Contacts: Altered Attribute List Processing

Allow the PBX's Quickdial object to interwork with the Contacts App.

The attributes metaSearchText, metaSearchNumber are no longer passed on into database queries, because those do not exist as SQL columns.

108932 - Crash in SNMP at duplicate free

Trap Dest '::' caused a crash

102652 - Create another DB connection to delete the logs

The task to clean the logs table must be done with another DB connection, so deleting the logs will not block the DB.

105994 - Dect IP1202: LDAP tracing into debug.xml

LDAPSRV, LDAPDIR, FLASHDIR checkmarks into debug.xml, resp. trace.xsl

103503 - Do not generate events for relay CDRs with POST

If you get many events with malformed XML CDRs, you may consider to switch to GET inside the gateway CDR configuration until this fix is published.

106486 - Firmware: create push object during install

107798 - Firmware: do not prompt install for release updates within one major version

Install shouldn't be shown for updates from 13r1 to 13r2.

105872 - Firmware: fixed Maintenance->Update after changing URL and added error message

The wrong URL was correctly used after changing it and if the update fails (e.g. file not found) no error was shown.

104680 - Firmware: fixed possible traps when navigating on App Platform -> General

Depending on the state of the internal App Platform and on the timing of browser requests, the gateway might have trapped in rare occasions.

105942 - Firmware: HTTP and Websocket clients now send SNI on TLS connections

The server name identification extension in the ClientHello message is now used to transmit the DNS name of the server.

This can information be used by reverse proxies, firewalls, etc.

106440 - Firmware: new Push PBX Manager plugin

This new plugin provides the configuration for a new Push app which doesn't require a separate authentication, just MTLS towards the

108317 - Fix for "DTLS failed with error code 1"

a=setup attribute missing in SDP answer given to brwoser (WebRTC).

104877 - Fix for trap when getting trace data

Possible trap when getting trace data from device.

104024 - Fixed bug with chunked decoding of JSON structures

If the incomplete JSON structure contained special combinations of nested arrays / objects, the chunked/incomplete decoding failed.

103119 - Gateway Route 'Add #' did not work for enbloc calls

  1. should be added in any case

105049 - GIT migration: rename folder "update" to "up"

update is a dirty word in GIT :-(

103640 - H.323 Media Negotiation did not work with reverse media together with early media in call-proc

This cause a problem for calls initiated with RCC for a mobility endpoint thru a SIP trunk with early media

108293 - ICE: silently discard messages without MESSAGE_INTEGRITY

BINDING_REQUEST and BINDING_RESPONSE messages shouldn't be accepted during the ICE handshake, if the MESSAGE_INTEGRITY attribute is missing.

104141 - Incomplete CDR if call is redirected from WQ with SOAP/RCC

102419 - IP111/IP112/IP101/IP102: Improved the speakerphone echo canceller performance

105920 - IP111/IP112/IP101/IP102: Level limitation in headset and speakerphone mode was imprecise

109897 - IP222/232: Config option use DISC key as HEADSET key

New config file option to re-define function of disconnect key on older phone models:

config change KEYS0 /disc-as-headset

104161 - IP24 linker warning entfernen

Files. ip24.mak

103679 - IP241: Support for config option /show-own-name

Support for config option /show-own-name on IP241

105067 - IP29: Fix Ethernet link setting for 100M-fdx-fixed

UI was selecting the wrong choice 

108307 - ip6013 - simplified set_level(), reduced irq backlog

set GIC priority level directly in set_level(), an extra function call is not required. don't save hppir, contains no usable info.

105425 - ip6013: count only acknowlegded BMAN/FMAN/QMAN error interrupts

there is only one common error interrupt for BMAN/FMAN/QMAN errors which is sent to all handlers but must be counted only for the handler  which acknowledges the  error   

111746 - IP6013: Fix sporadic cleared config after bootcode update

106147 - ip6013: prevent reordering of received ethernet frames

when FMAN distibutes received frames over multiple PCD queues the sequence of frames passed to the portal may have been changed. When working on a single CPU only PCD queues are not required at all and thus disabled now.

FMAN = frame manger

PCD = Parse Classify Distribute

portal = final destination of frame

105428 - ip6013: reduce the number of buffers asssigned to ethernet interfaces

Initially 416 buffers per ETH interface and 128 buffers for DSP interface were assigned but it seems to work better with less buffers for the ETH interfaces and some more for the DSP interface 

108933 - ip6013: support 2 ethernet ports on evaluation board

to run IP6013 tests also on the LS1046AFRWY evaluation board both ethernet interfaces must work there

105812 - ip6013: support TDM data recording

make TDM data recording working

108370 - ipxx11/ip29-20, ip2x2: set LLDP power request according to device type

some switches don't provide enough power over ethernet when the power request is too low. 

106815 - LDAP object: support for multiple LDAP attributes per type

In the configuration of the LDAP object, the admin can now specify a comma-separated list of up to 4 items, instead of a single value:

  • telephonenumber
  • mobile
  • homephone
  • facsimiletelephonenumber
  • sip
  • email

For example this is useful for directories that don't return multi-valued results, but have many single-valued attributes for the same thing.

104246 - myApps Android/iOS: Avoid a crash if the operating system failed to create a TCP connection socket.

102221 - myApps Android/iOS: phone number and SIP links of WebApps inside myApps not working

104247 - myApps Android/iOS: Sometimes the CallKit call was not ended if a call failed.

104681 - myApps Android: Fixed a race condition trap from camera streaming

110396 - myApps Android: if available provide the contact display name as "dn" in directory search and reverse lookup.

104769 - myApps Android: Incoming calls were not signaled if connection service was not available

108242 - myApps Android: White screen on start of myApps on certain smartphones

104907 - myApps iOS: Fixed a crash on web content download if the link didn't suggest a file name

107144 - myApps iOS: Fixed a crash related to video accessing a dangling pointer

104585 - myApps iOS: Navigation to embedded text content incorrectly triggered download

107386 - myApps Windows: External applications didn't start if a sip was dialed rather than a number

110799 - myApps Windows: The update notification service didn't Handle HTTP failure responses

111656 - myApps: contact folder cannot be opened causes a trap

104164 - myPBX / myApps Android: Fixed audio playout stuttering with some Bluetooth headsets.

103297 - myPBX Android/iOS: CallKit clashed with parked calls and PBX mobility calls

105198 - myPBX Android/iOS: Callthrough was not always going through the PBX if myPBX was not registered

105080 - myPBX/myApps Android/iOS: Report a call not as missed if it was answered at another device

106970 - myPBX/myApps Android: Calls initiated from contacts were not reliably dialed

104105 - myPBX/myApps Android: failed to play the ringtone on certain devices

108308 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a resource leak on every call if audio API "Java" was selected.

109048 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed an exception on incoming call on Samsung devices with Android 11

104051 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed UI operation done from non UI-thread which caused a crash on certain smartphones

102102 - myPBX/myApps Android: Present the phone account enable dialog during installation

109186 - myPBX/myApps Android: Vibrate according to system settings and only if no other call exists

110800 - NAT: dynamic TCP maps displayed erroneously as static maps in GUI

NAT: dynamic TCP maps werde displayed erroneously as static maps in GUI

110127 - No audio when calling Softphone from media-relay endpoint with reverse media

Happens when softphone is second registration

110434 - No media calling from myPBX/WebRtc to SIP phone with media-relay

109959 - Not possible to send Chat if presence subscription to destination did not provide connected name/number

This was the case for interworking with SFB

104202 - pass on "destination unreachable, frag needed & don't frag" ICMPs

ICMP packets of type  "destination unreachable, frag needed & don't frag" must be passed on when a box is capable of routing

111124 - PBX App Object: Undocumented checkmark "Local Presence" removed

110475 - PBX Manager: Executive users did not show up in groups

108608 - PBX Push Object: Potential restart, because of duplicate free

103244 - PBX Reverse Lookup did not work on delayed registration

If there was one active registration and one dynamically added softphone registration by wake to the myApps client, no reverse lookup was performed on the call to the dynamic registration.

103229 - PBX should execute CFNR on "No User Responding" even for calls on a Gateway Object

107826 - PBX Trunk did not forward delayed name id to No Response destination

107880 - PBX Voicemail: Malformed mwiInterrogate.Result PDU

The PBX Voicemail encoded a malformed H.450 mwiInterrogate.Result PDU for unknown users.

291342: Voicemail-MWI-Interrogation: connect [Malformed Packet]        

111499 - PBX: No number was sent with Softphone App call thru trunk with Name as Number feature

In general this happened when an endpoint did not supply a calling party number with the call. This number is replaced anyway by the PBX

108527 - PBX: Potential trap on Mobility configuration without Device

103357 - PbxApi: Presence subscriptions without src attribute could cause a trap

If no src attribute was specified in the SubscribePresence message, there could be a trap in the PBX.

108607 - Phone must not modify presence note from calendar

When editing the presence on the phone, the phone should check if the note was changed. If not, it should store the original note (not the translated text).

103613 - phone USB Headset: additional product ID for Jabra EVOLVE 40

add product ID 0x307 to HID table for EVOLVE headsets

102286 - Phone-App: Assign display name of favorite to call

Assign display name of favorite to call did not work if call was created before profile (list of favorites) was loaded.

E.g. when Phone-App is auto-started upon call activity.

107603 - Phone-App: Cannot initiate international calls with IP62

Workaround for bug in IP62.

108298 - Phone-App: Display appsharing as ended

Appsharing receiver may close video channel.

The appsharing sender should handle that.

Mark shared app as no longer shared.

110387 - Phone-App: Fix for directory search (filtering)

When searching for 2 strings (e.g. "bob boston") no results were displayed even if a "Bob" was found living in "Boston" (city).

104123 - Phone-App: Fix for hanging calls on Yealink phones

Problem on call control with Yealink phones.

Initial dummy call not released after call transfer.

101305 - Phone-App: Fixing external application link with parameter $N

Fixing external applications link.

When $N is used the phone number still has the external line prefix.

External line prefix must be removed from phone number.

108648 - Phone-App: Hide camera preview when camera is removed

If camera was unplugged while camera test is running (Phone-App's config menu) the video player was not removed from UI.

Showing freezed video frame.

110137 - Phone-App: Incoming calls can not be connected sometimes

UserA with Phone-App calls userB with Phone-App.

While alerting UserA closes its Phone-App.

UserB answers the call.

UserA never receives connect message.

106607 - Phone-App: Link to external application was opened with wrong context information

Link to external application was opened with number and name of active (speaking) call. Even of clicked on held call. Better open with information of clicked call.

107482 - Phone-App: Name from local phonenumber lookup not displayed

Lookup in local outlook was performed, but name information was not displayed in call.

111354 - Phone-App: Sorting of favorites list wrong after changing favorite's display name

Sorting of favorites list was wrong after changing favorite's display name.

Sometimes the changed favorite even disappears from list after changing display name.

Restart of Phone-App helps to workaround.

106130 - Phone-App: Status string 'Offline' can now be translated

Status string 'Offline' can now be translated into different languages.

Applies to Phone-App, Softphone-App, Rcc-App.

111658 - Phone-App: Video camera not stopped sometimes

Video camera not stopped when call attempt is cancelled while camera starting still ongoing.

Camera starting completes when call is already gone.

109497 - Phones: Call intrusion did not work in some cases

Call intrusion could not be performed.

104663 - Phones: Cannot start local 3-pty-conference while PCAP recording

No need to keep user from local-3pty-conf while PCAP recording, because no DSP channel occupied by recording.

102328 - Phones: Fix for trap when configuring protection

Unexpected restart of phones when enabling option

"Protect Configuration at Phone"

while already having enabled option

"Fine grained Function Hiding"

106720 - Phones: Retry fetching the logo picture

105998 - Phones: Semi-attended transfer did not work

Could not execute transfer (R-4) while consultation call in alerting state.

109717 - Phones: Wrong remote party name displayed

A wrong remote party name is displayed when call is initiated from directory search.

103069 - Potential unexpected restart on abnormal SOAP connection close

Together with collions with some other operations on SOAP

110473 - Potential unexpected restart when initiating calls with RCC

If the call to the user failed anormaly

108635 - protect against loss of flash records when a trap happens inmidst an update operation

when the content of a flash record is updated the old content must not be invalidated before the new content is completely written. otherwise a trap in writing the new content results in an incomplete new record and an invalid old record

102124 - RCC: srce164 did not work for calls from a Waiting Queue

109824 - recordings: search bar does not show result some recordings

In some recordings the users names are not kept properly resulting in that they are not found during search

107222 - Reverse-Proxy: Fix for SIP/TLS

Matching registration-Id like "IP111-28-00-6e" against client certificate did not work. 

109322 - SDK DBFiles: invalid memory reads in DbFilesPathInfo/DbFilesList::Get with enabled logging

109949 - SDK: IHTTPClient: Support for getting HTTP status code

The function IHTTPClient::GetResponseCode has been added. It can be used to retreive the status code after the header of the response has been received.

109213 - SDK: new FileSystem::SetLastWriteTime function

A new function to set the last modifed/access time of a file.

107143 - SDK: PbxAdminApi: Return email addresses in GetObjectResult


  • h323-email (telling if the SIP URI can be used as an email address)
  • emails (an array of email addresses)

103176 - SDK: The HTTP client now supports the DELETE method

101225 - SIP/SDP: Use "UDP/TLS/RTP/SAVP" when offering DTLS encryption

Use "UDP/TLS/RTP/SAVP" when offering DTLS encryption with fingerprint.

Use "RTP/SAVP" when offering SDES encryption with crypto-lines.

When both types of encryption are offered, "RTP/SAVP" is used for backward compatibility.

108143 - SIP/TCP: Fix for port in Via header

Fix for port in sent-by parameter in Via header.


110219 - SIP: Don't take incoming TLS connections as trusted without trusted client certificate

Don't take incoming TLS connections as 'trusted' if client certificate is not trusted.

103997 - SIP: Filter different H.264 codecs

Filter different H.264 codecs if multiple offered.

Most prefered variant is:

  • packetization-mode=1
  • profile-level-id=42e01f

108055 - SIP: Fix for dialog-info handling

Handle same dialog-info sent to several endpoints

108372 - SIP: Fix for DNS handling

Fix for problems with Telekom trunks.

SIP interface changes from one Telekom proxy to another due to expired information in local DNS cache.

110088 - SIP: Fix for failed DNS refresh

SIP interface looses registration after a DNS query left unanswered.

Better re-register to current ip address and re-try DNS on next registration refresh.

106259 - SIP: Fix for non-random branch parameter in Via header

ASCOM shelveset.

107433 - SIP: Fix for rare trap during transport problems

Out of memory or stack overflow if too many messages are enqueued while waiting for transport to connect.

108062 - SIP: Fix for small memory leak

Queued (un-sent) packets not freed and not send sometimes.

109268 - SIP: Fix for TCP keep-alive timer (RFC-5626)

106258 - SIP: Fix for ua-profile subscription

ASCOM shelveset:

Fix - digest authentication with ua-profile subscription

Fix - version info in ua-profile subscription

110338 - SIP: Get alternative registrar address from Contact list

Contact header of redirect response may contain list of registrars. Pick one for re-try. Don't pick just-tried registrar.

107154 - SIP: Handle dialog-info without tags

103595 - SIP: Ignore Session-Expires if not "timer" in Supported or Required header

SIP stack may receive an INVITE with Session-Expires header field. Ignore this if Supported/Required header field doe not include "timer" extension.

107572 - SIP: Increase buffer size for REGISTER response

1024 bytes are too less sometimes.

Depends on user-id's, domain names and authorization data etc.

110213 - SIP: Support for DNS name in Contact-URI of redirect response

Handling of 305 Use Proxy

103642 - SIP: Use 80% ~ 100% of the provided Flow-Timer value

RFC-5626: If the

  UA uses the server-recommended keep-alive frequency it SHOULD send
  its keep-alives so that the interval between each keep-alive is
  randomly distributed between 80% and 100% of the server-provided

103764 - SIP: Wrong IP address in c-line of video description

In case of media-relay the c-line was filled with local IP address although video is not covered by media-relay (transit).

108639 - SMTP: Allow to set Mime Type for attachments

If not set, the file extension is checked as it was done until now.

AddAttachment(const char* attachmentUrl, const char * mimeType = nullptr)

110363 - Softphone call to SIP phone with Phone App no media in case of media relay

107884 - Softphone call with Media-Relay to Audio/Video endpoint did not work

Video Relay is not done in the PBX, but Video should still work if direct RTP is possible

103402 - Softphone-App does not normalize number when using hotkey

When using hotkey with a number like 0049(0)7031730090 it is turned into 0004907031730090.

External line prefix is added, but "0" between country code and area code is not removed.

102761 - Softphone-App: Automated DTMF's sometimes got lost

Dont' send DTMF's before ICE connect.

110036 - Softphone-App: Don't display "undefined" if directory information does not contain attributes "company" or "city"

Don't display "undefined" if directory information does not contain (optional) attributes "company" or "city"

109961 - Softphone-App: Failed to transfer call to decorated number

No blind transfer possible to number from directory search containing decoration marks.

107069 - Softphone-App: New text string for release cause 20

q931_cause_20_subscriber_absent:"Nicht erreichbar"

102912 - Softphone-App: No busy signaling on calls to busy destinations

Call disappears immediately without any user interaction when call failed (busy, wrong number, etc).

110887 - Softphone-App: Sometimes no audio when calling voicemail

No audio from voicemail system.

107464 - SoftwarePhone: removed possibility to add the windows SoftwarePhone to the Devices App

As the MAC address of this SoftwarePhone is not fixed, it cannot be handled by the Devices App.

It's technically not possible anymore now to add the SoftwarePhone to the Devices App.

111168 - Some special media renegotiation scenarios could result in no audio

The DTLS setup-role was not forwarded on H.323

102122 - Standby PBX showed wrong license count

This happened when after a failover has happened the active came back and licenses where changed on the active. A reset of the standby was needed in this case.

104773 - TLS: Changes in TLS profiles

  • Removed SHA1 cipher suites from profile "secure"
  • Added a new profile "strict"

For details see: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

110251 - Trap if iLap is started

Problem from build 135585, fixed in 136041

103145 - Unexpected restart while using webdav

Trap when MOVE is used with long filenames.

Buffer overflow.

107955 - Voicemail App: Alarm is not cleared if encryption key is deleted

108636 - Webdavservice: Hanging Recv Requests causes leaks after stopping app

104167 - WebRTC DTMF did not work sometimes

WebRTC uses DTMF definitions with different sampling rates and payload types. Must be matched to the selected coders

108297 - Webserver: Fixed a crash on start if required directories were not present or accessible

110366 - Websocket client handles HTTP header fields case sensitive

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