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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IPXXX, V13r2

PBX-Build 135779 and later. VM-Build 135xxx

More Information

A comma-separated list of MWI destinations/recipients can be configured by means of a variable $_m within the script URL's query string. This article outlines a configuration scheme for group voicemail functionality.

Problem Details

A group voicemail acts as single point of storage and multiple point of access for several PBX endpoints. MWI-updates are expected to be delivered to all group members.

System Requirements

A standard voicemail script vm.xml is expected to be installed underneath /drive/CF0/vm/vm.xml.

A PBX-VoicemailUser13 license is required for each group voicemail.


Users redirect their calls to the voicemail object via call forwarding. The number of the VM object is appended as the destination number for the call forwarding and for the MWI button, e.g. if the VM object has the number 803, then the call forwarding and the MWI button use 803803 as the destination. In the URL of the vm.xml script, use the $m variable to configure the recipients of the MWI notification. The voicebox's directory on the mass-storage will be named like the Name of the Voicemail-Object.

To activate each group voicemail there may be an initial call needed from any user with "Send Number" of the group voicemail number, e.g. set "Send Number" at the user 101 to 803, call 803803 and enter the PIN.

Configuration Example

  • Assume following objects exist in your PBX:
    • User 101(Number):endeavour(Name):Endeavour(LongName)
    • User 102(Number):atlantis(Name):Atlantis(LongName)
    • Voicemail 803(Number):vm-group(Name):Vm-group(LongName)
      • Script URL$_m=101,102
      • E-Mail if desired configure a destination email address serving as a group email address
        • Note: The email is sent only once to the destination configured as PBX/Objects/"vm-group"/General/E-Mail. It is up to an admin of the receiving mail server for how to distribute the email towards all potential group members.
  • Configure Function-Keys at phones Endeavour, Atlantis
    • Type Message Waiting
    • Message Center Account
      • Number 803803
      • Append Own Number inactive/not checked
      • Name vm-group - needed if multiple MWI-keys (e.g. own Voicemail and Group Voicemail) are configured on the phone.
  • Configure source email address and mail server
    • Edit the settings underneath PBX/Config/Authentication/Email Verification accordingly. Those are the settings being considered by the sub-script email.xml.

Configuration App Platform

If using app platform the configuration can done by PBX Manager. There is a new button "add Voicemail group app". This configures the new variable "$_m" and a second one for the app "$_group" which is the name of the VM Object. It is only necessary for the voicemail app.

The voicemail app works with sip names[1][2] so that it is mandatory to configure the Message Waiting Keys and the $_m with names instead of numbers.

Script URL$_m=endeavour,atlantis&$_group=vm_group&$app=on

The group voicemail app can be activated for every user by checkmark the group voicemail object in the tab "PBX/User/Apps"

Known Problems


  1. sip name: the dialable name, within a user's PBX-UI the edit field name
  2. A comma within a sip name must be URL-escaped within the comma-separated list $_m.. E.g. Doe, John => Doe%2C John
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