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With the Call Broadcast PBX object, it is to possible to distribute all calls arriving on this object to all member of a group that this Call Broadcast object belongs to. Here, it is possible to allocate a call number to this object, enabling in turn a call diversion, if say the subscribers of the Broadcast group are busy or cannot be reached.

The following specifications are made in the Broadcast section:

  • Execute Group Member Diversions: In the case of a call to a subscriber of a Broadcast group with enabled call forwarding, no call forwarding is evaluated as standard. With a checked check box, the call forwarding of the subscriber is evaluated in the case of a call to the Broadcast group.
  • Round Robin Timeout (s): With the Round Robin Timer (RRT), an algorithm can be enabled which, after the specified interval has elapsed, signals incoming calls additionally to the next subscriber of the Call Broadcast group. All previously called phones ring, until a user takes the call.
    A case example would be the support department of a company created as the Call Broadcast object. Several support staff belong to this object. By specifying the RRT, call distribution to the support staff can be automated. Here, the RRT is so intelligent that it makes a note of the last phoning subscriber and misses this subscriber out in the next signalling.
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