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Product Name


VoiceDirector Operator and/or Personal

Certification Status

Image:Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized July 1st, 2008.



Short summary of the most important features:

  • General : interactive voice response system
  • Function Operator : automated attendant for call distribution
  • Function Personal : mobile and stationary CTI, driven by voice




VoiceCom Solutions GmbH


  • General expression : interactive voice response system, speaker independent speech recognition, made in Germany.

VoiceDirector is a simplified voice response system, adding or embeddding a voice command functionality to any PBX system. The product line provides pre-configured or scalable solutions, designed for almost instant usage out of the box. Due its nature, an installation is close to a plug'n play event.

Each function described below may run on one dedicated, single system or concurrently on one system, depending on requirements or customer demands. Available is a set of eight (8) preconfigured system and a open, modular system, which may combine both functions in bigger size as needed (modular system = up to 2000 targets(Operator) and/or 2000 user (Personal).

Function Operator - represents a company switchboard:

  • Features:
    • automated call distribution
    • automated attendant
    • answering machine
    • VoiceMail system
    • german oder english systems available

Announce records are imported as wav-files, planned and created by the Vendor. In alternation, VoiceDirector Operator is the function-base for various Soundstudios for a high quality Audio Branding for individual Corporate Identity requirements.

  • related pre-configured systems :

VoiceDirector Operator20, Operator35, Operator50, Operator100.

(the number represents the included licences, i.e., Operator20 = 20 keywords being recognized)

  • related modular systems :

VoiceDirector VD1 or VD2 with scalable licence pack Operator up to 2000 keywords

  • Operator Demo : For a interactive demonstration call vendor's demoline +49 911 2526 7 555 (german announcing)

Function Personal - voice operated contact management - voice enabled Outlook:

  • Features:
    • unified usage of all phones
    • contact data feeded by MS Outlook, Lotus, LDAP, CRM, etc.
    • personal or common databases
    • no analog recording, no training, no learn modus
    • sending e-mails from any phone
    • Call-Back Function - significant cost savings especially for cellphones

VoiceDirector Personal delivers a seamless usage of all kind of phones to a user, where ever he may be. Calling the centered VoiceDirector from any phone allows the user to re-route his calls allways outbound via the PBX - simply by saying a name, a nickname or else. Up to 15 different phonenumbers of one contact can be selected. In addition, the user can send VoiceMails to any contact's mailadresses.

  • related systems :

VoiceDirector Personal20, Personal35, Personal50, Personal100.

(the number represents the included licences, i.e., Personal20 = 20 users can use the system)

  • related modular systems :

VoiceDirector VD1 or VD2 with scalable licence pack Personal up to 2000 users

  • Demo : For potential customers, VoiceCom offers a full featured Demo Account at its public system to evaluate the performance and functionality on an individual base - this offer is free of charge and requires no commitments.

News June 2008 :

Newest Feature of VoiceDirector Personal is Call Back - providing a efficient way to center all communication costs to the PBX :

A user initiates a call either from homeoffice, private phones, cellphones with or w/o PrePaid card or while under roaming conditions without established a real connection, the centered VoiceDirector calls back instantly after the initial call. In example, calling a contact in China from a german carphone while being in Switzerland runs at the fractions of the costs as of today without VoiceDirector Personal. By the way : This is all done by pushing one single button, eyes-free and in the final consequence street legal while driving.


VoiceDirector enables you to lookup phone numbers in a corporate directory or LDAP via an IVR interface, using only voice as user input.

The key feature tested was call transfer on BRI interface performed by VoiceDirector. From the large range of possible call transfer methods supported by VoiceDirector two of them, Explicit Call Transfer (ECT) and Call Transfer on Disconnect (DCT), were tested. DCT was successfully tested with no restrictions. ECT was tested with some restrictions: ECT is supported by innovaphone only in V7, DCT can be used on V6 installations as workaround.

For a detailed analysis of the product please have a look at the VoiceDirector Personal 20/35 - VoiceCom Solutions - Testreport.


VoiceCom Solutions GmbH
Südwestpark 70
D-90449 Nürnberg
Tel: +49 (0) 911 25 26 70
Fax: +49 (0) 911 25 26 711
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