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The ICP object will be mainly used in scandivia for presence information. ICP stands for Interception Computer Protocol, which is used to transfer presence information about users between different applications. One scenerio is an operator with trio software and an ip6000, which connects to the trio server to exchange presence information.



The configuration interface looks like this:

icp object

As each object, the icp object must have a name.


The number to call, if presence should be activated for a user.

Canceling e164

The number to call, if presence should be deactivated for a user.

Deactivation Type

There are two options: Meridian and MD110. The protocol differences between two deactivation messages. One for Meridian (message type 57) and one for MD110 (message type 58). You have to determine, which type your icp system uses.

icp diversion e164

The number to which callers are diverted to, if a user has activated presence information.

Present System

If an ip is given here (dns is not supported), the box tries to connect to this icp present system. If no ip is given, the box awaits connection on the specified port.


The port, on which the connection gets established.

Terminal ID Len

The maximum terminal ID Len. Must be the same as in your ICP system.

Directory Number Len

The maximum directory number len (e164). Must be the same as in your ICP system.

Fill Character

The fill character for shorter directory/terminal numbers. Must be the same as in your ICP system.

Send Heartbeat

Some ICP systems wait for heartbeats and other send heartbeats. You have to determine, what your system awaits.

Heartbeat Interval

The interval between two heartbeats.

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