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Converting wave files to G7xxx with the innovaphone tool softcod.exe

This method is deprecated - rather use the innovaphone audio converter located at


Applies To

This information applies to

  • softcod.exe

More Information

For a waiting queue or a self made Music on Hold it is necessary to create sound file which could directly be used by the announcement interface.

Problem Details

System Requirements

To create G723, G729, G711a or G711m files, you will need standard 8kHz, 16bit, mono wave files. In the product release package, you will find the softcod.exe command line utility which will convert such a wave file to the required coder files.

Due to licensing issues, the conversion process requires access to an innovaphone gateway. The tool will thus ask for a valid gatekeeper/PBX alias. Note that the tool must be able to register with this alias. Therefore, you cannot use an account which is currently in use. The tool will locate the gatekeeper/PBX using gatekeeper discovery. Note that this currently will not work on multi-homed hosts.


To convert a wave file announcement.wav, call

softcod announcement.wav

this will create announcement.g723, announcement .g729, announcement.g711a and announcement.g711u files in same directory.

Since V6 SR1 it is possible to convert WAV-Files by copying it to Compact Flash installed on IP302/IP305/IP800/IP6000(see related article).

Known Problems

Will not work on hosts with multiple network interfaces (multi homed hosts). This is a limitation of the implementation.

Since softcod uses gatekeeper discovery, the softcod host and the gatekeeper must be in the same multicast domain. In practice, this implies that both are in the same physical subnet.

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