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innovaphone firmware/software downloads can be found on Currently, you need a valid download account and password (which you will learn when you do the training).

The overall structure is very simple and explained on the server's home page. Essentially, download pages are structured by firmware version. However, there are multiple packages, not only firmware. You will find all those packages listed with their most recent build on the individual version pages (e.g. has packages exchange, faxserver, firmware, linux and reporting). Different version pages can have different packages (the version 8 page for example has apps, firmware and iqm). While most of the package names should be self-explaining, the apps page might not be. It is simply a container for everything left over which did not fit in the other packages :-)

Unfortunately, some of the downloads do not fit in to this scheme nicely. Consider for example the downloadable voice mail. It is part of the apps package. This software will certainly run on the current firmware (V10 as of this writing), so why is there no apps package in the V10 download page? The reason is that all non-firmware products (such as voice mail, iqm, tapi, ...) are published on the download page for the oldest firmware version they run with. As the voicemail (as of this writing) runs down to firmware version 6, it can be found in the version 6 download page's apps package! Likewise, the current TAPI driver is compatible down to version 8 firmware, so it can be found in the version 8 apps package.

So to locate a desired download:

  • if it is firmware, just download the firmware package from the appropriate version page
  • otherwise find out the oldest version your desired software product runs with
  • go to the appropriate download page and look for a matching package
  • if there is none, look in to the content of the apps package

As of Jan 2014, here are the software downloads with their oldest firmware

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