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Applies To

This information applies to

  • v13r1 and up

More Information

This article documents how to access voicemail related files such as personal announcements and voicemail-xml-scripts used in the V13-VoicemailAPP.

File Types

Personal Data

Personal voicemail data such as announcements are located within the VoicemailAPP-filesystem and are accessible via WebDAV by use of an appropriate client (e.g. WinSCP).

Here's a step-by-step guidance how to access those data by use of WinSCP:

  • open WinSCP webav client
  • create a new network connection
  • use protocol: webdav
  • use encryption: TLS
  • use Host: AppPlatform (e.g. "apps.system.tld")
  • step to Advanced section
  • at environment/directories add: <system>/voicemail_<country>/vm_files
  • Save access profile and connect with the credentials "instance_name" and "instance_password"


  • If unknown, "instance_password" may be changed at the vm-instance AND also at the vm-object AND services:


Now one can find the user directories with the corresponding sub-directories (personal, store) and copy encoded personal greetings to these locations.

Global Data

Global voicemail data such as voicemail-xml-scripts and announcement are located within the AppPlatform-filesystem. Access is possible by a combination of WebDAV and SSH.

Here's a step-by-step guidance how to access those data:

  • To exchange the VM-package or parts of it, first download a country-specific voicemail-package from the download page.
  • Unpack the file. Inside another file called is contained. Unpack this too.
  • Inside the directory httpfiles, one can find language specific announcements and voicemail-xml-files
  • Edit/change/replace with your own xml data
  • Zip directory httpfiles again

Since 13r1sr4:

  • Step to Apps-App
  • In main menu bar select "Settings" and enable "Developer Mode"
  • Select the installed voicemail app and choose "App-Upload" in top menu bar
  • In new window, select "+Add Files", choose the changed and store to upload


Remark: upon VoicemailAPP-update via AppStore, any above made changes are lost.

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