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Technical Data

innovaphone IP811

VoIP-PBX and gateway for five ISDN BRI interfaces plus reverse proxy and SBC functionalities


Device operated with Version 11r2sr10 or higher


Size: 210 x 134 x 32 mm

one height unit (HU) for 19” systems

Weight: 1050 g


5 x ISDN-BRI-interface (S0): for connection of ISDN-BRI-trunklines or extensions, RJ-45 (modular Jack 8P8C), TE or NT mode operation, Loop-In operation, Clock accuracy 5 ppm

2 x Gigabit Ethernet: 1000-BASE-T (auto negotiation), RJ-45 (modular Jack 8P8C)

„Power over Ethernet“ according to IEEE 802.3af, Class 3

Energy Efficient according to IEEE 802.3az


  • internal slot for mSATA SSD
  • Power consumption up to 2.5W
  • compatible to JEDEC MO-300 standard, dimension 50,8 x 29,85 mm


Power supply: Power over Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3af, Class 3

800 MHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 32 MB Flash, 1 GB Flash Disk (NAND)

recommended ambient working temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C

Humidity: 10% to 90% (not condensed)

Storage temperature: -10 °C to +70 °C

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for up to 10 voice/audio conference channels

10 HDLC channels

Two channels for the innovaphone faxserver using T.38 or via G.711. In case of G.711, each faxtransmission consumes 2 DSP channels.

Voice Codecs

G.711 A-law / µ-law,


G.723.1 (5.3),

G.729A and


incl. VAD (Voice Activity Detection), CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)

Dynamic Jitter Buffering

Echo Compensation according to G.168


innovaphone PBX

Platform capacity at max. 50% CPU-load

  • 25.000 User
    • incl. H.323/TLS, 10 Calls/Hour/User
    • excl. myPBX, CDRs, Voicemail, Favorites, Partnerkeys
  • 1.600 User
    • incl. H.323/TLS, 10 Calls/Hour/User, Dual CDR/HTTPS, mypbx/HTTPS, 5% Voicemail encrypted, 10 Favorites/User, 10 Partnerkeys/User

In individual cases, the number of supported extensions depends on the exact configuration, in particular on the use of various value-added services.

In a decidacted use case, these values have to be evaluated by means of further information .

Generic Features

generic features V11 innovaphone gateways

generic features V12 innovaphone gateways

Device specific licenses

  • IP29-x & IP38: includes appropriate amount of a/b and channel licenses
  • IP311: includes 6 a/b and 6 channel licenses
  • IP411: includes 2 a/b, 2 BRI and 6 channel licenses
  • IP811: must be combined with up to 5 BRI (01-00500-002) and 10 channel licenses (01-00500-004)
  • IP1130 & IP3011: must be combined with up to 1 PRI (01-00500-003) and 30 channel licenses (01-00500-004)
  • IP6010: must be combined with up to 4 PRI (01-00500-003), 1 BRI (01-00500-002) and 60 channel licenses (01-00500-004)
  • IPVA: can be operated with up to 60 channel licenses (01-00500-004) (since V13r1)

Order number




Applies to IP6010:

  • EN 55022/AC:2011-10
  • EN 55024:2010-11
  • EN 60950-1:2006-04 + A1:2010-03 + A11:2009-03 + A12:2011-02

Applies to IP38:

  • EN 55022:2010 + AC:2011(Class B)
  • EN 55024:2010
  • EN 61000-3-2:2006 + A1:09+A2:09
  • EN 61000-3-3:2008
  • EN 60950-1:2006/A11:2009/A1:2010/A12:2011

Applies to IP311, IP411, IP811, IP0011, IP1130, IP3011, IP29-x:

  • EN 55022:2010 + AC:2011(Class B)
  • EN 55024:2010
  • EN 60950-1:2006/A11:2009/A1:2010/A12:2011/A2:2013

Applies to IP811-maritime, IP29-8-maritime, IP111-maritime:


DE 31703754


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