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The Call-Lists service can store call lists on the local CF card, or on a webdav folder. The use of this service by myPBX can be configured on the myPBX configuration page by selecting LOCAL-CF as Call-List Service Type.

Please note that this feature is intended for small PBXs only (less than 100 users). Use of this feature in high call load PBX systems can degrade system performance substantially. Use innovaphone reporting instead to provide the call list service.

Reminder: Don't forget to activate the "Generate CDRs" on the PBX config tab.


The folder on the local CF card (e.g. call-list, this is interpreted as subdirectory to DRIVE/CF0/, so no full path is required). For the local FLASH drive the complete path has to be provided (e.g. /DRIVE/FLASH/call-lists). If a full http or https URI is specified as folder (e.g., a webdav destination is used instead of a local CF card folder
Max Calls
The maximum number of calls, stored for a single user, when the max value it's reached the newer CDRs replace the previous ones on the call list.


  • This call-lists service does not support LDAP name resolution.
  • Fowarded calls are shown without details about the further call flow.
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