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This document will describe the basic principles of the innovaphone licensing system.


General Concept

For a description of the innovaphone license model please read the documentation available on the web (German: link_intern.png innovaphone Lizenzleitfaden V11, English: link_intern.png innovaphone Licensing model V11, more languages are available).


When ordering licenses you will get an activation key. This activation key is needed by the link_intern.png portal to activate your ordered licenses.

If you have difficulties with the portal, read fish-help.png My Innovaphone, our wiki article on this topic.

As already mentioned the license is bound to a specific Hardware - ID. You cannot install it on a different device. In case that the innovaphone device is defect or must be replaced for some other reasons, you must fish-help.png move the license to another device.

Adding licenses to a device

The General / License page allows administrators to manage(add, delete, download) device licenses. Any changes on the licenses installed on a device, have effect only after a reset of the device.

Also on the license page you will find the option It enables the device to download or invalidate licenses directly from the portal. Therefore the device must be able to reach the server via the Internet. For the fish-help.png invalidation of licenses the device must have a valid device certificate.

Assigining PBX licenses to a user

The PBX license model allows to activate PBX features (e.g. Mobility) for just a part of the PBX users and by this doesn't force the customer to choose between buying the license for all users or for none.

The PBX-Administrator can give selected users the screenshot.png permission to use certain PBX features/licenses. This is done by using the license sub-menu at the PBX-user object. Of course, you can use also fish-help.png Config-Templates to automatically configure license settings for a group of users.

Test Mode and Test License

innovaphone devices offer a test license. A V11 test license is valid for three months after the first download. After three months, these test licenses will stop working. Moreover you won't be able to download new test licenses for this device from for this particular device. The idea is to allow customers to fully trial run a PBX.

For downloading the test licenses you need to have an account at the link_intern.png portal. From you create and download the test licenses.

In this course, we will work without licenses, using the so-called test mode. This mode is also new in V11. It can be turned screenshot.png on and screenshot.png off for any device that needs licenses in General / License. When in test mode, the device is fully licensed with no limits. However, the test mode will automatically be turned of and the device rebooted after 8 hours. The idea is to have an easy-to-use mode for lab Testing. It can be activated as many times needed and also doesn't require the admin to use my.innovaphone to download and install test - licenses.


To see if the license on your device is properly installed, please go through the following check-up routine:

  1. In the web-interface of your innovaphone device, refresh the browser display. (i.e. F5)
  2. Go to General / License menu and check if the licenses are installed.
  3. Go to Gateway / General and check the Licenses Tab. It will show you what type of licenses are installed and how many of them are already used.
  4. Go to PBX / General and check the Licenses Tab. It will show you what type of licenses are installed and how many of them are already used.
  5. Check that the PBX User object hast the correct License settings. Open the administration menu for a specific User object (PBX / Objects -> Show) and verify the settings in the License - tab of this object.
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