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This book describes the role and functions of the setup wizard.


The innovaphone wizard is an automated configuration utility. It allows you to configure the settings needed to deploy an innovaphone device as PBX and/or media-gateway. Using the wizard you are able to configure basic setting like the IP address or upload licenses. However it can also be used to implement advanced scenarios like master/slave installations or soft migrations.

The wizard is developed as a tool for the initial setup of installations. Its great for avoiding configuration mistakes (e.g. typos) and guarantees a good start configuration which can be adjusted afterwards for the specific requirements needed in the project. It also helps speeding up the time for debugging and supporting the installation, since all gateways will have a similar configuration. However you must keep in mind to not use it to reconfigure an existing PBX/Gateway, since it will overwrite existing settings.


When a device is booting with factory default setting (see Pressing Button to factory reset in seconds ca. in fish-help.png How to Reset IPXXX on how to reset to factory defaults), the devices home page will launch the wizard. Once you ran through the wizard and reset the box, the normal home page will appear again.

You can also fish-help.png Bypass the setup wizard, if its not needed for the current configuration. You may have noticed that when you use the device links in the upper left box on the course homepage, the bypass-URL is used.


The wizard can be used to configure basic settings and advanced settings. Here an overview of the possibilities of this tool:

Basic Functions

  • configure IP settings
  • set administrator login credentials
  • upload licenses

Advanced Functions

  • configure PBX mode as master or slave PBX
You can setup a master/slave installation using the wizard. When configuring the master PBX, you can create up to 3 PBX users and one trunkline object. This objects can be used for initial testing of the installation. When a slave PBX is configured, you also automatically activate the LDAP replication to the master.
  • configure ISDN interface
When using innovaphone gateways you have two possibilities to setup the ISDN interfaces.
The first scenario is the soft migration of an old PBX. In this case the gateway uses its ISDN interfaces to connect between the old PBX and the PSTN. The soft migration scenario usually results in a complicated configuration on innovaphone side and it is highly recommended to use the wizard for this setup.
The secondary scenario is a simple scenario with an innovaphone PBX having ISDN trunkline to the PSTN.
In both cases the ISDN interfaces are fully configured including the physical settings as well as the CGPN/CDPN mappings and the routing logic.
  • configure IP1200 for singlecell and multicell installations
  • configure IP1202
  • configure analog interface
  • configure SIP trunk
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