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Product Name

ROMICO 1A Client

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.


Computer - Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication

Product Description

  • All-in-One UC/CTI/CC-Client
  • Easy Management of UC-Users, CC-Agents, CC-Supervisors
  • No further installation needed - Functions are simply activated by rights
  • Multimedia Routing
  • Last-Agent-Routing with personalized IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Integration of every datasource to create intelligent Callflows

Feature Summary

Telephony functions

  • Dial, Answer, Hold, Drop, Knock, Swap, Transfer, Pickup, Conference
  • Hotkey-Management
  • Tandem-Functions including one complete Journal
  • VoiceBox-Manager for individual announcements
  • detailed Call-Protocol
  • unlimited Taping
  • deligate calls using Drag&Drop
  • suggested contact alternatives in case of not reaching the customer on his main number
  • Eventfilter (incoming, outgoing, intern, extern, Phonecalls, Voicebox, WaitingQueue, Fax, etc.)
  • Teamfilter
  • Datefilter
  • Historyfilter


  • Team- and Shortcut-Container
  • Live-Coaching Opportunity
  • Full Integration of several Collaboration functions at the same time
  • Planning- and CallBack-Options
  • Presencemanagement
  • Desk- and Application-Sharing
  • Settlement plan for the oraganization
  • User status (free, busy, available, not-available including individual reasons)
  • Container-Management
  • Manager-Assistant-Function
  • Substitutefunction
  • Teamprotocol
  • Messenger- and Direct-Chat-function


  • Calendar-Integration with Outlook, Notes, etc.
  • Ruleassistant for Redirectionmanagement
  • Integration of Plenom Busylight
  • Automatic redirections based on personal availability


  • Integration of all 3rd-Party-Apps (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • Rapidsearch functions in all 3rd-Party-Apps
  • Priorization of datasources for Caller identification
  • Caller identification on-/offline including Application-Popup
  • Providing TAPI to 3rd-Party-Apps
  • Skype4Business presence and call integration
  • unlimited Integration of datasources
  • Easy shortcut management out of datasources
  • Dial out of any application with any number format.
  • Clipboard-Detection
  • EasyConnect


  • ACD-Management - Skillbased, Longest Idle, Equally, Linear
  • „Birdview“-Monitoring
  • Agent-, ACD- and Skill-Group-Management using Drag&Drop
  • VIP-Routing and VIP-Management
  • Agent status (free, busy, not-available including current status duration)
  • Waitingqueue-Management
  • Overview of all waiting customers including the customers names
  • Deligate using Drag&Drop even to non group Agents
  • Waitingqueue Dashboard
  • Automatic Customer-Survey (including Net Promotor Score)
  • Call classification with easily designed individual grids
  • Wallboard
  • Comfortable functions for Intraday management
  • Traffic-Analyzing und Realtime-Monitoring

Tested versions

  • ROMICO 1A-Versions: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • innovaphone-Firmwares: V10, V11r1/11r2, V12r1/12r2

Connection to innovaphone

  • TAPI (for Call-functions, CC-light-functions, etc.)
  • XCAPI (for Contact-Center-Functions, Taping, Survey, etc.)

Competitive Analysis

ROMICO products are used by over 150.000 Users each day. The main advantages companies enjoy with ROMICO, are less support and configuration calls, because it is only one application they need to know.

It's not only the 1A Client that is easy to handle and gives the Users all functions they need, at the time they need them most. ROMICO offers also a bunch of useful add-ons e.g.

  • Intuitive to use, easy to manage
  • Massive increase of Callflow intelligence with smart data integration
  • Accurate technical statistics in real time
  • Auto-Message-Server, automatic handling of problem calls in case of mass malfunctions.
  • TeliClassify, for call classification, no more tallies!
  • TeliRemote, for integrating any external number to your company. Home-Agents, Mobile-Agents.
  • Skype4Business presence and call integration.
  • etc.

With ROMICO companies only have one application and can manage UC-Users, CC-Agents, CC-Supervisors at once.


Christoph Rademacher
Werner-Reimers-Strasse 2-4
61352 Bad Homburg
Tel: +49 6172 76420 0
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