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innovaphone provides a CTI Test PBX. This system allows partners to do a quick test of their CTI software easily without the need to set up their own system.



The CTI Test PBX is available at .

To view the PBX administration user interface, use the viewer account

User: viewer
Password: viewer

To access SOAP, use the _TAPI_ user

User: _TAPI_
Password: soap

Here is how your TAPI configuration should look like:


To look at the PBX's administration user interface, open in your browser and user viewer as both user name and password when you are asked for:


Available Users / Lines

The following users are available for CTI:

User Short Name Extension Device Remark
CTI10 cti10 10 cti10 no registration
IP200A-10-06-bb phone registered
CTI20 cti20 20 cti20 no registration
IP200A-10-2e-2e phone registered
CTI30 cti30 30 cti30 no registration
IP200A-10-38-51 phone registered
Always-Busy Always-Busy 90 cti10 no CTI-capable device. This user is will reject all incoming calls with a user busy cause code
Amt amt 0 amt simulated trunk line. Access number +49 7031 73009

Here is the corresponding PBX user list:


With a V8 TSP with Map PBX Devices to Lines enabled, your choice of available TAPI lines looks like this:


With a V7 TSP or with a V8 TSP with Map PBX Devices to Lines disabled, your choice of available TAPI lines looks like this:



The PBX currently runs V8.00 hotfix5 but will be update to the then-current version once in a while. Please note that although this is a version 8 firmware you can run wsdl501, wsdl700 and wsdl800 based SOAP applications against it (that is, V5, V7 or V8 TSP).

Monitoring CTI Scenarions

There are 2 places which are useful to see what is going on.

A) The PBX calls screen. Click on Administration / PBX / Calls to see a real time view of current calls:


B) A more precise picture can be obtained using the log screen. Click on Administration / Diagnostic / Logging to get to the log screen. The click on syslog to see a listing of all call events in your test scenario:


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