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Product Name

FrontStage Omni-channel Contact Centre platform

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized 25th January, 2022.


Inbound-/Outbound Contact Center Applications, incl. Automated Call Distribution and IVR


Image:FrontStage-logo-200px.png FrontStage Technologies

Our FrontStage team combines many years of expertise in developing, implementing, and product distribution of business telephony, Unified Communications, and Contact Centres. We are fascinated by modern human communications and state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, we have brought together experts in these fields who are motivated with the common goal to develop innovative technologies that will help our customers be successful, increase the productivity of their staff and enhance relationships with customers.

We strive to build the best possible product to make our customers more competitive, helping them grow and be evermore successful in what we do.

Product Description

We are the first Contact Center solution built initially based on the new APIs delivered with the V13 SDK. These new libraries provide everything we need for deep integration with the innovaphone solution. A state-of-the-art integration via Websocket interface is future proof and keeps all options for more features and even deeper integration in the future.

FrontStage brings the flexibility of a single point of control for all the communication channels of your Omni-Channel communication strategy. You can replace your existing heterogeneous environment compounded by single-purpose applications with just one platform. FrontStage can integrate with all critical enterprise information systems. It will smoothly merge with your business processes and specific line-of-business applications. Suppose any specific applications or workflows are missing. In that case, you can add them as a custom module to ensure that there is not a single link absent from your overall communication strategy and business processes. By using progressive technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we will automate recurrent processes and improve the quality of your comprehensive customer care. FrontStage will play a key role in enhancing the customer experience (CX) and collating invaluable data on customer interactions and requirements. The next-generation FrontStage solution will improve your customers' loyalty, your knowledge of their behaviour and dramatically reduce your operating expenses. Using these tools, you can individually impact your most valuable customers and enhance their customer experience.

FrontStage is an Omni-Channel contact centre for the digital era, fully integrated with key business processes and enterprise information systems, which will attract customers to you.


A detailed set of FrontStage features is available at our FrontStage Product Features Page

Short summary of the most important components/features:

  • Voice Channel
  • In-Bound Module
  • Out-Bound Module
  • Video
  • E-mail Channel
  • WebChat, IM
  • Social Networks Module
  • SMS
  • Fax Channel
  • IVR Module
  • Campaign Module
  • Quality Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • HelpDesk Module (Case Module)
  • Call Recording Module (SmartRecord)
  • Reporting
  • WorkForce Management

Use Cases

FrontStage with innovaphone PBX - On-Premise Architecture

The FrontStage platform is based on a three-layer architecture. The client part of FrontStage, with which operators, back-office staff, and supervisors work, uses a standard web browser or dedicate thick client applications for the Microsoft Windows OS (FrontStage Desktop Client) or mobile app. The server part of the FrontStage instance is operated on application servers, and all the data are stored on a database server. The FrontStage application runs on the Linux-based or Microsoft-based servers as an application or as Docker containers (container image) with, e.g. Kubernetes for orchestration. A connected Database platform can be Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Oracle DB. All of its components support standard virtualization platforms, such as VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XEN and Cisco VXI.

Image:Schema On-prem.png

All FrontStage components can be operated in a duplex architecture to ensure its high availability. Optionally, FrontStage can also include a native call and screen recording application, which supports passive and active recording (the feature availability depends on the specific PBX respectively IP terminal model). An IVR server is another optional component linked to the call server or PBX. All these instances fully support duplex (redundant) configurations. FrontStage uses an open interface for the call server to connect various communication system platforms from major vendors (Innovaphone, Microsoft Teams, Mitel, Cisco, Unify/Siemens, Alcatel, and others). Suppose the customer does not require FrontStage to be connected to their existing communication system. In that case, we can also supply an integrated carrier-grade call (SIP) server based on a single or multitenant architecture.

FrontStage’s application server is mainly integrated with the domain and then connected using standard means to an e-mail server and, if relevant, a fax server and other enterprise information systems (ERP, CRM etc.). The communication system or call server is then connected to the voice connectivity provider and, optionally, to a provider of virtual international telephone numbers. Besides standard telephony and e-mail, FrontStage can also be integrated with other communication channels within a corporate omni-channel strategy. These include webchat including a co-browsing feature, SMS, social networks module (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Twitter, Telegram etc.) and their native messaging platforms. FrontStage can also be connected to internal/private or external/public (cloud) services that support artificial intelligence algorithms (e.g., Microsoft, Amazon, IBM Watson, and many other local providers). The scope of a contact centre implementation may also include information panels and screens connected, for example, using Intel Compute Stick (WiFi connectivity). This technology displays modifiable reports with information about the traffic handled by FrontStage and its operation.

Also consult ‎the datasheet.

FrontStage for innovaphone myApps Cloud

innovaphone myApps Cloud is a state-of-the-art solution that perfectly matches business communication needs: all-in-one, modular, for any device and across platforms. The commercial flexibility and technological ease of innovaphone myApps Cloud solution allow for the full spectrum of functions of universal work and communication platform without having to make significant investments and worry about operation and maintenance. What's best: all functions come from European data centres. Updates are included, and there are no restrictions compared to the rent and buy models.

Image:Schema Cloud.png

When launching FrontStage in combination with innovaphone myApps Cloud, customers can choose their preferred sales partners and PSTN connectivity providers (SIP trunks, ISDN or analogue). Installation size has unlimited scalability, a specific update strategy, and a free selection of SIP terminals (phones, door intercoms, etc.). Such an integrated solution will flexibly adapt to customers' actual requirements and current circumstances. It allows gradual and quick expansion, users reduction and features with smooth integration of new locations, branches or home office workplaces. As the "Software as a Service" model (SaaS), it brings a flexible pay-per-use pricing model with no fixed term (can be terminated any time)(1). Moreover, users could individually choose a cloud service "á la carte" that exactly covers their actual needs. That is why there are no predefined service packages – this is the next generation of "private" cloud services that bring more Individuality.

FrontStage, together with innovaphone myApps Cloud deliver the complete package in terms of security:

  • Financial security – no long-term investment and capital commitment
  • Security for the future – regular software updates included
  • Reliable and fail-safe – operation in highly secure European data centres
  • Data security – utmost data security according to European data protection

Note 1: Dependent on the offers of your innovaphone sales partner. Please seek more detailed information about the parameters offers.

Also refer to the cloud archtectural overview‎.


Product versions used for interop testing:

  • FrontStage Omni-channel Version 3.16 (V4.6)
  • innovaphone PBX 13r1 sr22


Refer to the administration guide on how to connect FrontStage with Innovaphone PBX.


Request live demonstration here.

For pricing information or any other questions, please contact our sales team or technical support using the contact form below or call us directly. We are here for you!

FrontStage Technologies s.r.o.
Sterboholska 1427/55
102 00 Prague 10, Czechia
Tel: +420 271 004 241

Please visit our website to get more information.

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