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Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized October 2019.


Hotel / Accommodation solutions


PSE Group Ltd Rakuševa 22, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Hotel communication solution for small hotels and guest houses

HSC Entry provides invoicing of room charges, guest telephone and Internet usage, and provides a solution for handling reservations and room occupancy.

The room grid is your starting point and from there on you can handle invoices for telephone and Internet charges.

Context-sensitive menus show meaningful functions. Just mark a span of time for a room and HSC Entry asks for the reservation or checkin. Other functions can be accessed using dedicated function keys on the keyboard or by clicking on the grid. It is so simple, anybody who can use a mouse can use HSC Entry.


Check-in/check-out with class-of-service changeover

All guest data is sent from the front GUI to PBX when guests check in/out. The guest telephone is automatically enabled when this is done and all relevant call data (date, time, destination number and cost of each call) is logged for invoicing purposes whenever calls are made.

Entry of name for caller identification

The guest's name is also stored in the system on check-in and is displayed on digital telephones when the guest calls reception, for instance. The guest's name is deleted on checkout.

Determining call costs

Call costs are calculated in HSC Entry using configurable charge rate tables, time tariffs, and tariff assignments. The call costs are determined on the basis of the destination number, call duration, and time of day, and transferred to the front office system.


This room telephone class-of-service can be preconfigured in PBX and set by the front office personnel as and when required.

Message waiting

Messages that arrive during a guest's absence can be signaled over the front office system by "setting" the Message Waiting lamp on the guest telephone.

Room status

Room status entries from the guest room telephone are supported by voice prompting. The VoiceMail system then forwards the entries to the front office system

Minibar Posting

If items are found to have been consumed from the minibar in a guest's room, the room staff can enter the details directly on the guest telephone. Minibar entries from the guest telephone are supported by voice prompting

Hotel Voicemail

HSC Entry has an optional VoiceMail module specifically tailored to hotel applications. Since this VoiceMail module supports several languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish) in parallel it can be tailored to each hotel's individual requirements. When a guest checks in, "his/her" language is registered at HSC Entry.

Wakeup system

To carry out the wake-up orders, HSC Entry constantly checks its internal wake-up order file and calls the guest when they entered wake-up time has been reached. If a guest does not lift the handset after a certain number of wake-up calls, renewed ringing is activated after a time that can be set. All wake-up attempts, whether positive or negative, are transmitted to the front office system and logged. Any still active wake-up orders will be cancelled when the guest checks out.

Use Cases

HSC Entry:

HSC Entry is the hotel communication solution for small hotels and guest houses (up to 50 rooms). HSC Entry provides invoicing of guest telephone and Internet usage, and provides a solution for handling reservations and room occupancy.

HSC Connect:

The HSC Connect hotel application server is an intelligent communication solution that brings a PBX system's performance scope to the hotel front office domain. This relieves the work load on hotel personnel and increases guests' convenience. The gateway function setting up the connection between PBX and a front office (F/O) system serves as the basic application. HSC Connect is universal middleware connecting PBX and the front office system. This provides F/O system manufacturers with a simple, standardized hotel interface.


Product versions used for interop testing:

  • HSC Entry Version or higher
  • innovaphone V12r2sr24



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