Howto:How to monitor configuration changes in the SOAP Api interface

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The SOAP interface allows you to query updates to the busy status of users.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • PBX SOAP API, V5.01 and V6

More Information

The SOAP interface allows you to query updates to the busy status of users. There is also a way to query configuration changes. Here is how.

Problem Details

To get notified about user busy status updates, you would subscribe for UserInfo updates using the Initialize() method and retrieve those using Poll(). Unfortunately, the UserInfo record does not include full configuration data. For example, call forwarding information is missing. However, when such data changes, a UserInfo is still sent to all subscribers. To obtain the current configuration, you would use the Admin() function with an XML argument of

<show><user cn=”….”/></show>

The result includes the full configuration as storein the PBX’s LDAP database.

You don't need to use Admin() each time you receive an UserInfo record. Instead, you do this only if the cfg flag is set in the UserInfo .

Known Problems

No UserInfo is sent when a diversion is cleared from a phone using SIP/H.323 methods. You will learn about the change only when an UserInfo is generated due to other reasons (e.g. because of an incoming call).

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