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In Version 5, there were PBX test licenses available for a limited scenario.

Unfortunately, these have been used in questionable ways sometimes so they have been removed starting from V6.

Also, the V6 licensing scheme is much more versatile, so a new scheme has been implemented.

Here is how Test Licenses in V6 and newer Versions do work.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, V11 devices

Build 07-6040041 and later

More Information

Problem Details

To satisfy the need for test licenses for the innovaphone devices, a new web based scheme has been implemented. As opposed to Version 5 firmware, where there were test licenses for PBX Registration licenses only, starting from V6 there are test licenses for any license type. From V6 on, all licenses are bound to a specific mac address. Test licenses – as all others - thus must be bound to a specific device. No “wildcard” licenses are available. As a result, each test license must be requested individually for each device.

V6/V7 test license is requested via a web page found on the innovaphone download area.

For V8 test licenses (and later) the portal is used. You can also download V7 and V6 licenses at this portal.

It will contain any possible license type with virtually no limitations in number (e.g. a test license will allow up to 10k PBX registrations). The only limitation of the test license is that the device will stop functioning after 100 hours. You can extend the test period though by confirming the test usage on the devices web interface.

The test licenses is structured as a set of multiple, additive licenses. You are encouraged to tailor the licenses for your test such that it reflect the actual type and number of licenses you intend to purchase later on. This will ensure that the system will behave as you expect and experienced during the trial! For convenience, you can select to download V6, V7 or V8 licenses. Also, you can select to download stand-alone or floating licenses (which require a master to get V7 floating licenses].

To obtain a test license for V6 and V7, go to the V6/V7 download site and click the respective link on the upper right corner (you cannot link to this page directly, as it will only work once you are authenticated using your ice password).

To obtain a V8/V9/V... or V6/V7 license at please read Reference:My Innovaphone

Working with a Test License

A box running with a test license will show a special message on the info screen, indicating the remaining test period:


To extend the period, follow the link, accept the test agreement and click OK.

When the test period expires, the box will reset with all test licenses disabled and show the following message on the info screen:


You can restart the test period by following the link and proceed as described above.

When your tests are completed, you should remove the test licenses from the configuration and replace them with “real” licenses as needed.

The test licenses will look someting like


that is, the devices mac address wil be prefixed with "test-".

V11 and later

In addition to the test period a V11 (and later) test license is valid for three months after the first download. If three months are over, you won't be able to use these test licenses anymore and you won't be able to download new valid test licenses from!
It is not recommended to mix test licenses and regular licenses. If you want to use a test license, delete all licenses from your device and upload the license file including your test licenses afterwards. If you decided to end the test period, you have to delete all test licenses from the device and upload the license file with regular licenses.


A new test mode is also available. See Reference11r1:General/License for more information.

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