Howto:How to use an existing MS-SQL Server for SAMWin

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SAMwin stores call detail records in anSQL database.


Applies To

  • SAMwin

More Information

SAMwin stores call detail records in anSQL database. By default, a MSDE is default with SAMwin, however, you can also use an existingMS-SQL (Version 7 or 8) database.


SAMwin is using the localSQL engine by default. However, all SAMwin programs accept the /db:’servername’ option which will redirect them to the given DB host instead of the local host.

The database is actually created when SAMMGR.exe is called for the first time. So calling it with the /db option will initialize the SAMwin database in the remote database server.

Known Problems

OnlyMS-SQL Version 7 or 8 is supported, no other databases (such as MySQL, Oracle, Informix etc.)

The SAMwin setup will always install the MSDE database on the local host. If you don’t need it, you will have to de-install it through the system’s software control panel.

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