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Priority Telecom is a publicly listed telecommunications company that offers comprehensive solutions to businesses and governments in the Netherlands, Austria and Norway. Besides governmental organisations, they target the healthcare, educational, financial services, utilities, security and retail markets. To serve these organisations in the best possible way, Priority Telecom exploits its own, resilient fibre network of over 9000 km length.

Innovaphone has tested the connectivity between the Proiority Telecom Gateway and a innovaphone IP800 gateway.


Applies To

This information applies to

  • all innovaphone Gateways

More Information

Problem Details

How to establish a H.323 connection between innovaphone gateways and Priority Telecom?

System Requirements

An innovaphone gateway and a IP Phone are needed, we have tested with an IP800 and an IP200. Both devices had a public IP address to avoid NAT problems.


The IP200 was registered at the IP800 PBX as a H.323 User. In the IP800 a VoIP Interface was adjusted as “gateway (w.o. registration)” directly to the Priority Gateway.

All calls are routed over the registered VoIP Interface. Codec settings can be ignored because it’s done by the codec negotiating, if there is no exclusive setting! If you need to set the codec parameters select G.711Alaw with 20 ms packet size, it’s preferred by the Priority Gateway.

The voice quality of calls over this gateway was equal with normal PSTN calls.

Known Problems

Disabling Faststart won’t work with the Priority Gateway. Only one media channel will be established if faststart is disabled!

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