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Product name

NetAlly VoIP

Certification Status

Image:Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized February 2nd, 2004.



VoIP-specific Network Readiness Assessment and trouble-shooting


Version 3.2


Fluke Networks (former called Viola Networks Ltd.)


Before reaping the benefits that VoIP has to offer, a corporate must be certain that its intranet/VPN has sufficient bandwidth to deliver high-quality voice calls without adversely affecting existing data services. They need to know in advance how many voice calls their current network can safely support.

NetAlly VoIP enables to answer these questions without the cost of pilot deployments or the risk and time demands of a trial-and-error approach.

NetAlly VoIP is a network assessment tool, primarily packaged for an IPT specialist/integrator/service provider.

The product incorporates a smart automatic pre-deployment assessment facility, that performs that task in two steps (the "preliminary" and "comprehensive" stages) - and automatically produces a Crystal-based report ready-to-deliver to the customer.

In addition, it allows comprehensive network trouble-shooting to help pinpoint where the network needs improvement before successfully deploying VoIP, as well as support the actual IP Telephony field implementation process.

NetAlly VoIP is a scalable solution, supporting both small-scale and large-scale operations, including the ability to run several assessment session from one centralized test server in parallel.

Competitive Analysis

NetAlly VoIP is a state-of-the-art software-based, distributed solution. It is easy to install, activate and control, and due to its automatic assessment facility - a very simple-to-use tool for IPT resellers average field engineers.

As an integral part of Viola's NetAlly® product line, it incorporates a "holistic-network" methodology - a combined active and passive testing and monitoring scheme - which significantly improves the network professional's ability to maintain reliable, high-performance networks and networked applications.

NetAlly emphasizes the user perspective: with distributed software-based test agents (running under Windows, Linux, Unix or even as a java-applet under any web-browser) that are usually put at the users' environment, the network manager has real-time end-to-end measurements of the network performance as experienced by the end user.

Beyond being a scalable product for itself, NetAlly VoIP offers a smooth migration path to the Viola post-deployment full-blown NetAlly RealTime solution, thus covering all aspects of a modern converged network performance assurance solution, i.e., pre-deployment assessment, trouble-shooting and on-going monitoring.


For more information, please contact the vendor directly.

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