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SIP Provider: Winitu

The provider does not support all required innovaphone features.
However, this provider has achieved 79% of all possible test points and some remarks have to be made.


  • G711U is not supported offnet(calls to PSTN) since within Europe this is not a custom codec. Onnet(calls within provider network) Winitu is codec independent, User Agents are free to use any available codec.
  • Winitu does not provide an early media message like This number is incomplete. Instead it provides a 404 error code when a dialled number is incomplete.

Supported Codecs by the provider:

  • G711A
  • G729
  • T.38


  • Direct Dial In
  • Fax over IP (T.38) (NOT TESTED!)
  • DTMF
  • NAT Detection (NOT TESTED!)
  • Hold/Retrieve
  • Transfer with-and without consultation
  • Blind Transfer
  • Broadcast Group & Waiting Queue

Current test state

The tests for this product have been completed.

Testing of this product has been performed by Com8 and has been finalized March, 2011.

Testing Environment

Scenario NAT


This scenario describes a setup where the PBX and phones are in a private network. The IP800 must use a stun server, in order to send correct SIP - messages. The IP800 works as media relay, all RTP - streams go through the PBX.

Test Results

For more information on the test procedure, please read the following wiki article: SIP Interop Test Description. Bold lines in the test results indicate a KO-criteria.

Basic Call

Tested feature Result
call using g711a Yes
call using g711u No
call using g723 No
call using g729 Yes
Overlapped sending No
early media channel No*
Fax using T.38 Not tested
Reverse Media Negotiation Yes
CGPN can be suppressed No
CLIP no screening No
Long time call possible(>30 min) Yes
External Transfer Yes
NAT Detection Not Tested
Voice Quality OK? Yes

Direct Dial In

Tested feature Result
Inbound(Provider -> Innovaphone) Yes
Outbound(Innovaphone -> Provider) Yes


Tested feature Result
DTMF tones sent correctly Yes
DTMF tones received correctly Yes


Tested feature Result
Call can be put on hold Yes
Held end hears music on hold / announcement from PBX Yes

Transfer with consultation

Tested feature Result
Call can be transferred Yes
Held end hears music on hold Yes

Transfer with consultation (alerting only)

Tested feature Result
Call can be transferred Yes
Held end hears music on hold or dialling tone Yes
Call returns to transferring device if the third

Endpoint is not available


Blind Transfer

Tested feature Result
Call can be transferred Yes
Held end hears dialling tone Yes

Broadcast Group & Waiting Queue

Tested feature Result
Caller can make a call to a Broadcast Group Yes
Caller can make a call to a Waiting Queue Yes
Announcement if nobody picks up the call Yes


Firmware version

All innovaphone devices within this SIP Interop testing used V8.00 build hotfix 11 as firmware.

SIP - Trunk


Number Mapping

Primary Number


Secondary Number


Within number mappings, CGPN-Out must be configured. When CGPN-Out is not configured, busy tone follows when starting calls.

The following CGPN-Out configurations are not accepted:

Route Settings

Since Winitu does not support Overlapped Sending, force enblock needs to enabled in for special telephone numbers.

Media Relay

Media-Relay has been activated in the SIP-Trunk configuration‎


No fax tests have been performed.

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