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Product name

novomind iAGENT CALL

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.


Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication

Inbound-/Outbound Contact Center Applications, incl. Automated Call Distribution and IVR


novomind AG


  • Your new dimension of customer contact: novomind iAGENT is the intelligent customer service software for optimal multichannel management – from chatbots through email management, chat and video chat up to social media. Always available – just like a friend.
  • novomind iAGENT CALL is an optional module that allows also to handle calls with novomind iAGENT using Innovaphone PBX systems. All Channel will be routed with the novomind iAGENT OmniChannel routing and handled by the integrated IVR. novomind iAGENT will also integrate all your back office user within your contact center. With novomind iAGENT CALL and Innovphone we also can make complex setups with 3rd party PBX Systems.
  • novomind iAGENT CALL addresses all contact centers with more than 10 seats up to enterprise organisations with more than 1000 seats.


  • OmniChannel Contact Center for all Channels: Call, Mail, Messenger (incl. Whatsapp), Web Video-/Audio-Chat, Documents, Fax, Chatbot and Web FAQ-System
  • Web-based Supervisor and Agent Desktop
  • IVR
  • Skill- und Service Level Based Routing
  • Realtime Monitoring and Reporting
  • A simple user interface to keep training and processing times low
  • High scalability
  • Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud or On-Premises
  • App API for individual integrations and features


  • novomind iAGENT Version 11 with novomind iAGENT CALL Option
  • Innovaphone Firmware Version 12


Create a Sip Trunk

Step to the admin-ui Gateway/SIP configuration page to define a new unregistered UDP SIP trunk.

In general, you have 16 SIP trunks available, though this depends also on the innovaphone device.

Typically, the first set of trunks will be used by the connections to the (different) provider(s).

It could be a good habit to start with the SIP trunks for the IVR from the last position (one could have multiple IVRs for multiple purposes connected).


In the properties of the sip trunk,

  • proivde a name,
  • set type to provider,
  • make sure to select UDP and check the without registration checkbox
  • set the proxy IP address to the IP address where the IVR will be running


In the lower part of the screen, select for the Internal Registration:

  • Protocol to H.323
  • set the gatekeeper to (unles you would register this sip trunk into another PBX object, but this is a more advanced scenario that is not covered here)
  • Provide a unique name for the internal registration. This name will have to be used for the trunk line object that will be created in the PBX of innovaphone


Validate the gateway routes

Normally, when you created the SIP trunk as illustrated above, the gateway routing table should look similar to the below image with respect to the SIP trunk that you just added


Create a PBX trunk line object

To refer to the SIP trunk, it is advised to make a new trunk line object in the PBX


The name of the trunk line object should be identical to the name provided for the internal registration when creating the SIP Trunk in the gateway configuration. This is very important!

The number of the trunk line is the number people can dial internally to call with the IVR, sometimes also referred to as the IVR extension, which is needed in the connector configuration.


When the trunk line object is created, you should see that there is an internal registration made on the object (coming from the SIP trunk). Also in the PBX registrations overview this should be visible.




novomind offers cloud or on-premises license. The cloud license includes a hybrid option to run the call connector in a local data center with a local Innovaphone PBX.


novomind iAGENT CALL offers a high end Omnichannel contact center solution for every kind of communication scenario.


Please visit our website to find out more about us and our products.

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