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Product name

Quescom 400 IP/GSM Gateway

Certification Status

Image:Recprod.PNG The tests for this product have been completed and it has been approved as a recommended product (Certification document).

Testing of this product has been finalized November 25th, 2004.



Quescom 400 connects an VoIP environment to a GSM network.




Quescom SA 80 Route des Lucioles F-06560 Valbonne France Tel. +33-4-9723-4848 Robert Urban, VP Sales


Up to 50 % cost savings with Quescom

QuesCom 400 IP/GSM is revolutionary solution designed to reduce the cost of calling GSM networks in an IP telephony environment by up to 50 per cent. It also includes an SMS gateway, which enables access to text services – allowing users to communicate in a quick and cost effective manner from their PCs.

How it works ?

QuesCom 400 IP/GSM is connected directly onto the IPPBX using the existing IP network. This enables calls to be routed over the GSM network, and allows fixed-line-to-mobile calls to be automatically converted into mobile-to-mobile calls. QuesCom 400 IP/GSM also ensures that IP-PBX services such as call holding, call forwarding, call transfer and conference call capabilities are provided for calls made to mobile phones in the same manner as calls to landlines.

Powerful and flexible management

QuesCom 400 IP/GSM has an administration console accessible via Microsoft®

Management Console. It is used to control GSM parameters and to view:

  • the number of successful calls,
  • the number of failed calls,
  • the status of ports used for each GSM module,
  • the level of the radio signal reception.

Digital Sound Quality

All calls made to GSM networks via QuesCom 400 IP/GSM are digital. This ensures the signal is not degraded, and also eliminates interference and feedback.


QuesCom 400 IP/GSM is available with configurations starting from 2 up to 60 GSM channels per stack. Each GSM module is dual band and supports both the GSM 900 and DCS 1800 standards.


Starting at about 3700 Euro.



Les Espaces de Sophia Bât. C

80 route des Lucioles

BP 327

06906 Sophia Antipolis


Phone +33(0) 4 97 23 48 48

Fax +33 (0)4 97 23 48 49

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