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Product Name

Serinus Alarm-Mediagateway Serinus Hybrid

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized May 2nd, 2019.


Alarm system/server solutions


Serinus has its roots in the Ruhr area and was founded with the aim of providing an alert, information and collaboration platform that is simple, fast and reliable at the same time. This is a solution that can be intuitively operated by decision-makers even under enormous pressure. To develop this solution, the three founders could fall back on their together over 40 years of experience in the fields of IT, telecommunications, security technology as well as alarm and crisis management. Serinus is already one of the world’s leading providers in the field of smart event communication, shortly after its foundation.

Serinus GmbH


Combine the benefits of the server and cloud-based solutions with Serinus Hybrid. This version provides you the versatility and low-maintenance operation typical of Serinus SaaS combined with the individual capabilities and interface connection of Serinus On-premises. Using the local alarm media gateway, you can link not only standard but also manufacturer-specific interfaces and transmit all the notifications directly to your existing communication infrastructure.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Independence from the infrastructure: web-based alert and crisis management platform
  • Failover protection: geo-redundant cluster operation
  • Ease of integration: alarm media gateway with redundant network connection (LTE backup)

Available Languages

  • German
  • English


A lightning strike in the data centre, flooding in your region, an emergency case in the production line – whenever the worst case scenario occurs, it is important to be prepared. According to a defined set of rules, Serinus transmits alarms using all the available communication channels, while informing users about certain events and which responses are expected from them. Through the confirmation function, Serinus receives a qualified feedback on the availability and response times of your teams. All alerting operations are logged in detail and can be used for process improvement.

Key features in combination with Innovaphone:

  • Display text on Deskphones and Dect-Phones
  • Confirmation via DTMF ( positive, negative, PIN-based, Time)
  • Textmessage via SOAP Interface
  • Loudspeaker broadcast
  • Control call forwarding
  • Call intrusion
  • Call recording
  • LDAP Integration Innovaphone to import User
  • Localisation

Offered Interfaces

  • Digital contact inputs and outputs
  • Serial connections via ESPA 4.4.4
  • IP integration via ESPA-X, KNX, Modbus, BACnet
  • Connection through OPC
  • REST API Interface
  • Email
  • SMS

Use Cases


Crisis management

Technical Monitoring


Product versions used for interop testing:

  • Serinus MG Version 2.2.16/2.2.13/2.2.8/2.1.x/2.0.x/1.1
  • innovaphone V13 R1 SR5 IPVA 13.2075 / V12 R2 SR17 IPVAC


SIP configuration with Mediagateway Version 2.2.x

There are two ways how to connect the serinus Mediagateway to a innovaphone telephone system:

- The connection as an (SIP-) object will be easy and fast but does not have many configuration possibilitys.
- connecting as an gateway trunk has much more possibilities like codec selection, routings,,...

In both ways calling the mediagateway through an range of numbers is possible (e.g. 99 000-999).

Which way to choose should be the decission of the technician that supports the telephone system.

Here the best way as an gateway trunk is described

SIP configuration

overview of the sip connector in the Mediagateway (example)


this example shows how the mediagateway can be connected

Here we used the following configuration examples:

Serinus Mediagateway:

Innovaphone PBX:

TelNbr Mediagateway: 71-xxxx

Gateway trunk connection

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product_1_EN.PNG

These image shows the gateway object Serinus_Mediagateway71 No 71

As soon as all configuration steps are made in the innovaphone pbx, the gateway object and the GW from the menue GK will connect to each other

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 2 EN.PNG Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 3 EN.PNG

Create a new gateway object

On the innovaphone configuration page go to: Gateway - GK - GW1

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 4 EN.PNG

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 5 EN.PNG

Enter the details as shown above. Use Protocol TCP, Remote Domain is this own PBX (!). For autorization use the credentials of the prior created Gateway object. Under "Alias List", enter the name and the number of the above created gateway object. Select the codec G722. Use no encryption.

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 16 EN.png

If more than one pbx system or Mediagateways are connected, you can add a route to allow calls between them.

To create a new sip connector on the Serinus Mediagateway go to Menue - connectors - new SIP Connector

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 6 EN.PNG

Add a connection name, the serveradress of the innovaphone pbx, the portnumber, the protocoll and the authentication details

After adding the connection details you can start a testcall to a telephonenumber through entereing the phone number and pressing the button "call".

The "send message" button can be used with some pbx systems to send a SIP-textmessage

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 18 EN 1.0.22.x.PNG

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 19 EN 1.0.22.x.PNG

The extended sip logging can be activated already at the beginning to have a better overview through the logfiles if connection problems may occure. It must be deactivated afterwards to prevent the system to becoming slow.

"Take incoming call before reject or go further" can optionally be activated if the function "silent alerting" will be used. This can prevent the telephone from playing a short dialtone when the silent alert key is pressed.

The pbx-prefixes:

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 7 EN.PNG

SOAP connection

The SOAP connection is used for forced release or loudspeaker announcements

Create a new user in the innovaphone pbx

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 9 EN.PNG

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 11 EN.PNG

It should have the rights to control all affected system phones

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 10 EN.PNG

Once done, go back to the mediagateway SIP connector and add the credentials

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 8 EN.PNG

When all settings are correct, the test button will show up a positive confirmation.

If it always fails, please try a password with less than 16 signs.

Enter an not as telephone entry already configured number for intruded incoming calls. This number will be called by phones. The Prefix in the SIP connector will be dialed before that.

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 24 EN 1.0.22.x.PNG

Settings for automatic call answer on system phones

Image:Serinus - Serinus GmbH - 3rd Party Product 25 EN 1.0.22.x.PNG

Settings for forced release on nearly all phones (system phones, sip phones and also system dect phones)


Test Report Serinus


Remark innovaphone AG:

  • above listed "certificates" and test reports have been created by manufacturer itself and not by innovaphone itself.
  • innovaphone has not conducted any tests nor can confirm functionality as indicated by manufacturer.


Serinus GmbH
Benjamin Lieber
Albrechtstraße 52
58089 Hagen
Tel: +49 2331 97642 20
Mobile: +49 176 610 93 462
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