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Applies To

This information applies to

  • All PBX’s running version 13 with an Application Platform (AP)

More Information

Sometimes customers want to record dynamic announcements using a phone for announcing public holidays or special on-the-fly messages. This can be achieved easily by adding some scripts and objects. Voicemail licenses are mandatory as the script uses audio files of the innovaphone voicemail packages. When the announcements are replaced by own recordings, no voicemail licenses are needed.


Download the files

The script and the announcements can be downloaded in the download-section and include the prompts in the following languages:

  • Czech (cz)
  • Danish (dk)
  • Dutch (nl)
  • English (en; default language)
  • Finnish (fi)
  • French (fr)
  • German (de)
  • Italian (it)
  • Norwegian (no)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Portuguese (pt)
  • Spanish (es)
  • Swedish (se)

If other languages are required, please follow the instructions in the Use other languages-section below.

Copy the files

Upload the content of the downloaded zip-file with the Files-app to the Application Platform. In the example below we first created the ‘/Scripts/Record’-directory.

The directory of the script will contain the following content:

  • The ‘Record.xml’-file containing the logic.
  • A directory where the announcements will be stored: ‘RecordedMessages’. Please do not delete this directory, or change the name.
  • Multiple language-directories, for each language one (eg: ‘en’). Languages which are not needed can be deleted safely.


Share the Record-directory

  • As the script must be available for the PBX, we need to share the ‘Record’-directory with a username and a password (strong password advised):

  • After sharing the folder, we need to know the path of the directory. So we open this directory and click on the upper-right ‘i’-icon and copy the URL (we will need it later on):

Copied URL: This can be used together with the username and (strong) password to reach the XML-(voicemail)script.

Share the RecordMessages-directory

  • The ‘RecordMessages’-directory must be shared too, but now we share this folder with a filekey, which makes the recorded files in this folder available for easy selecting audio files with the Waiting Queue Plugin in the PBX Manager:

  • After sharing the folder we can also copy the path of the URL, but this is only needed if you want to configure the waiting queue via the Advanced UI instead of the Waiting Queue Plugin in the PBX Manager:

Create ‘Voicemail’-object to reach the script

Open the Advanced UI of the PBX and navigate to the objects of the PBX: ‘PBX -> Objects’.

Create a new ‘Voicemail’-object:

  • General -> Long Name: ‘Record Holiday’
  • General -> Name: ‘’
  • General -> Number: ##1
  • Voicemail -> URL: ‘‘. The previously copied URL has be appended with '/Record.xml'.
  • Voicemail -> User: ‘record_script’
  • Voicemail -> Password: (the_strong_password_set_earlier)

Options to the URL:

  • $_lang: specifies the folder and the prefix of the prompts being used by the script (if omitted: ‘en’ is supposed).
  • $_fileName: specifies the name of the file of the recorded message (if omitted: 'RecordedMessage' is supposed).

By creating multiple Voicemail-objects pointing to the same script, but with a different filename, you can record multiple dynamic announcements.

Example: if we want to record an announcement named ‘Holiday’ with Dutch prompts, we can change the URL above to:$_lang=nl&$_filename=Holiday

Record an announcement

Call the number of the voicemail-script pointing to the Record-script just created and follow the instructions:

  • “To record a new personal announcement, press 1. To listen to the current personal announcement: press 2. To delete the current personal announcement: press 3. To return to the main menu: press star”: press 1.
  • “Please speak after the signal. To finish press any key + “: Record your announcement + press a key.
  • “The message is being played “ + “To save: press 2. To cancel: press *”: Press 2.
  • “The message have been saved.’.

Result in the Files-app:


Create ‘Waiting Queue’ to use the announcement

  • Open the ‘PBX Manager’-app, click on the ‘Waiting Queues’-app and add a new waiting queue:

  • Configure an announcement. Because the 'RecordedMessages'-folder is shared with a filekey, we can simply select the recorded announcement:

  • After the correct announcement has been selected, adjustments are still possible, so we can add the '&repeat=true'-option, to play the announcement in a loop:

  • Configure the ‘Time to announcement(s)’:

Now the Waiting Queue can be tested by dialling the number. If all went well, this announcement can be used in the call flow :-)

Use other languages

Each language-directory contains the necessary prompts needed by the script. The script needs the following files from the voicemail-scripts provided by innovaphone:

  • beep.g711a
  • xx_cancel.g711a
  • xx_menu_voicebox_greetings_personal.g711a
  • xx_message_deleted.g711a
  • xx_message_saved.g711a
  • xx_not_available.g711a
  • xx_please_speak_after_the_signal.g711a
  • xx_press_key_to_end.g711a
  • xx_save_2_cancel_star.g711a
  • silence_g711a

These files can be found in the (old) innovaphone download-site under ‘Version 6 Releases’ - > apps. Different language can be found there.

Example if we would like to add the Spanish prompts too:


Please note: the Files-app is case-sensitive and the folder (‘xx’), must have the same name as the file-prefix above.


Download the complete file package of scripts and files described in this article.

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