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Product Name

Interfusion ZenPBX

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Vendor test report and configuration hints were received July, 2018.


Call Accounting, Call Billing, Call Management Systems

Inbound-/Outbound Call Center Applications, incl. Automated Call Distribution and IVR


ZenPBX is an integration application that connects Zendesk Support and different customers’ specific systems - PBX and call center systems, call recording systems, customer databases, etc.

Communications can be in both directions. For example, incoming call triggers ticket creation into Zendesk with proper information – call waiting time, talking time, agent, calling number, etc.

Including links that can invoke inquiry for call recording and customer data from CRM, etc.

There is no need to „open integrated systems for cloud“, i.e. integrated systems can be located either in cloud or strictly in-prem – ZenPBX enables communication with Zendesk cloud service.

ZenPBX runs on Linux and can be installed into the customer infrastructure. This is an open platform and new „connections“ can always be added to the new systems.




Following some samples of working features:

Incoming call

Every incoming and answered call creates a ticket into Zendesk. Ticket will be automatically assigned to the agent who answered to the call and it opens in agent PC. Fields like alerting time, call duration, Waiting queue specific tag will be filled automatically as well as customer data based on calling number. Also link for click-to call is there.


Abandonded call

Every abandoned call can create a ticket depending on hang up reason – missed call, callback request has been activated, customer left voicemail etc. Call alerting time and customer data is there as well as waiting queue specific tag to diversify calls from different queues.


Outbound call

Every outbound call creates a ticket. It can be also optional chosen by agent is the ticket need for particular call or not.


Ticket creation

Every „call ticket“ may contain link for voice recording.


Applies To

Tested innovaphone version on V12r2sr15


For setting up Zenpbx application just create a dummy SOAP object to PBX:



Pay attention to Rights of SOAP object! Create a special group and put SOAP object into group as „active“. Put all other related objects ie WQ and users into same group as „non-active“


When Zenpbx works, you can see a SOAP connection here:


Contact Details

Interfusion contact office Germany
Im Neurott 14
69181 Leimen
Attn: Claudia Herzog
Marketing & Business Development Manager Germany
Tel: +49 (0)6226-99 33 545
Mobile: +49 (0)160-93 49 36 20
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