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Config account

Here you can enter and save your authorization credentials.

Download licenses

Here you can make the IPxxx download pre-generated licenses from Only licenses that match the serial number of the device will be downloaded.

After successful download the licenses are displayed for inspection. You can verify the licenses and save permanently on the device.

Download Certificate

If your device has no hardware certificate, you can't invalidated licenses, until you download one from my.innovaphone.
The device must have access to the internet.
After a successful download, you just have to reset the device and you can invalidate your licenses.

Invalidate licenses

Here you can invalidate your current licenses irrevocably in order to re-create new PBX licenses for this or another hardware. The license invalidation is a two-step process:

  • In a first step the installed licenses and the device certificate are invalidated.
  • In a second step the invalidation document in transferred to

Upon successful transfer the returned PBX licenses are booked to your account balance. The gateway licenses remain to be assigned to the device, since it is not possible to return gateway licenses back to the balance.

If you invalidate licenses prior V8 or licenses, which you already downloaded unencrypted from my.innovaphone,
downgrading to versions prior V8 won't be possible any more!

Error codes

DNS failed

Your IPxxx failed to resolve the license manager's domain name. Check the IP configuration of your IPxxx.

Server unreachable

DNS lookup for license manager's domain name was successful, but connection establishment failed anyway. Check the IP configuration of your IPxxx.

Server certificate rejected

Server has been connected, but server's certificated has been rejected. Open the certificate manager on your IPxxx and make the server's certificated trusted.

You do not have access rights to this device

Add your device to one of your my.innovaphone projects!

No licenses available

No licenses have been prepared for your IPxxx. Visit the license manager web interface and prepare licenses for your IPxxx.

Invalid user credentials

Check your login information.

Transport Error

No NTP time set.

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