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The Voicemail object is is a script interpreter. It targets IVR solutions and offers a set of call control mechanisms by means of an innovaphone-proprietary script language. The Voicemail object is capable of retrieving script files either from a remote WebDAV server or from the local CompactFlash card. The interpretation starts for calls destined for the configured Number of a Voicemail object.

Innovaphone offers a few localized script files as a separate product - the innovaphone Voicemail. Those scripts implement an answering machine, including MWI, for every PBX user. See How to Configure the innovaphone Voicemail for further configuration information of that product.

The following specifications are made in the Voicemail section:

  • Script URL: The HTTP URL of the script file that is to be interpreted. URLs towards a script file on the local CompactFlash card contain a box-local IP address and must be entered alike Hint: Copy the URL into the clipboard by means of Diagnostics/CF/Browse CF content. Afterwards paste the URL into this edit field. Note: URLs with box-local IP addresses will be processed internally without using the HTTP transport mechanism. I.e. HTTP passwords must not be considered.
  • Backup URL (from on SR2):A fallback- or backup script URL can be configured here. If the read operation for the first Script URL does not succeed within 5s, then the Backup URL will be tried. The Backup URL provides a means for an emergency script. Such an emergency script could be used to play an out-of-order announcement.
  • Trace: Enables some trace output. See also the chapter entitled "Administration/Diagnostics/Tracing".

Note: Pressing on OK,Apply,Delete causes a disconnection of all voicemail calls being currently active at the affected voicemail object.

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