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These release notes describe the IP111 Hardware Builds starting at 500

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!


Hardware IP111

IP111 HW500

8382 - IP111: Diode in POE converter changed to 100V type for improved reliability

IP111 HW501

8336 - ip111-pcba build 500

D620 Suppressor Diode added

IP111 HW600

8334 - imx6l-modul build 500

first 500 pcs reworked R570=10k instead of 220k

8338 - imx6l-modul build 500

thicker raw PCB (560um between inner layers) to ensure better MPCIe connectivity

8586 - speaker change


IP111 HW601

8585 - power sequencing changed

R510=10k R520=100k R550=100k R560=0R R570=10k; solves startup problem

IP111 HW602

8614 - new display glass

Glass change in Display module FS-TST350MTQV-01B

IP111 HW700

8362 - IMX6L-MODUL HW600

Manufacturing programming with the Micron SPI flash sometimes doesnt work because the CS line is initially floating. With IMX66L-Modul HW600 pullup R231 keeps CS inactive.

8563 - IP111 PCB HW600 Larger copper area for U601

Improved heatflow

IP111 HW701

18069 - hook switch spring with lower force

Drawing for IN-MECH-SPRING1-IP111 updated.

IP111 HW702

18297 - changed switch point of hook switch pedal

dimensional change of IN-MECH-PEDAL-IP111

IP111 HW703

30590 - Display change from TSLCD to CMI

IP111 HW704

39147 - update of IN-MECH-LCD-FR-IP111

New construction of IN-MECH-LCD-FR-IP111 to ease the assembly of the CMI display.
Ab 00-90-33-4c-6d-69

IP111 HW800

33398 - ip11x-pcb layout change for LM5161PWP

Buckconverter AX3162 changed to LM5161PWP

--> ip112-pcb-800

IP111A HW1000

71694 - Start IP11xA

IP111A HW1100

58899 - IP111A/IP112A: C612 changed from 0402 to 0603 package

58898 - IP111A/IP112A: Move S401 4mm right

IP111A HW1200

65655 - DFM Update

IMX6UL-MODUL: Solder mask at gold connector removed
IMX6UL-MODUL: Layer stackup definition updated
IMX6UL-MODUL: Chamfer definition updated

IP111 RGMII_CLK: GND shield improved
IP111 Vias at SMD moved:
Pin52 mpcie

IP112 RGMII_CLK: GND shield improved
IP112 Vias at SMD moved:
Pin48 mpcie

IP111A HW1210

75889 - Change of display panel

(TN (LQ035NC111) --> IPS (LMMA05035EQN1))

IPS (LMMA05035EQN1))

IP111A HW1300

74763 - ip111-pcb build 1300

see #73230 - EMI Update

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