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Product Name

AlwinPro UC-Edition - Call Accounting & Billing

All call data generated by the innovaphone is captured by AlwinPro UC-Edition. Additional to the costs for phone calls itself, costs for manpower, equipment (devices) and services can also be considered in the reports. AlwinPro UC-Edition is perfect for calculating internal costs or third-party billing. All data will be generated and processed with regard for data protection requirements. Use AlwinPro to identify saving potentials, or to turn your IT-department into a profit centre.

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UC-Analytics by aurenz - Call Analytics

Based on the call data generated in the innovaphone, UC-Analytics by aurenz offers a wide range of reporting options. User-friendly and easy to understand dashboards provide a deep insight into your corporate communications. Use the web frontend to display your personal dashboards with your favourite charts of corporate communication. Ensure your service quality and use the reports and analyses to optimize your processes. Peak time reports are excellent for planning resources. The UC-Analytics includes the Accounting Module AlwinPro UC-Edition.

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AlwinPro Hotel - Middleware Software for Front Office Systems

Connect your hotel front office system to the innovaphone and enable check-in, check-out through the front office system.

For more details see here:

AlwinPro Care - Billing Solution for Hospitals

AlwinPro Care is the reliable and cost-saving option for today's requirements when it comes to billing of entertainment services in hospitals.

DynamicTeams - Monitoring and Self-Management of Call Queues and Hunt Groups

Agents of hunt groups or call queues can log themselves into and out of individual groups. the agents can see the presence status of the all the members of the group and can thus decide for themselves whether it is the right time to leave the group, for example. DynamicTeams also provides a list of lost calls to the agents and the possibility to track the call back actions. In addition to the functional enhancements of hunt groups and waiting queues, DynamicTeams provides detailed monitoring. With meaningful dashboards, supervisors can keep an eye on reachability, group utilization, and call volume. It is also possible for supervisors to maintain the grops (adding/removing users as agents). DynamicTeams can be loaded as MyApp-App and runs within the MyApp.

Certification Status

Image:Referralprod.PNGThis product is listed due to a customer testimonial. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Testing of this product has been finalized May , 2013.

Testing was done using the product versions mentioned below. Feature descriptions above may be part of later product versions.


Call Accounting, Call Billing, Call Management Systems


  • Call Analytics
  • Call Billing
  • Call Management
  • PIN code solution for private calls
  • PIN code solution for project calls


  • innovaphone PBX v9 HF 23:

AlwinPro/Anna4 Release 8.1 or later

  • innovaphone PBX v11:

AlwinPro/Anna4 Release 8.4.01 Hf4 or later

  • innovaphone PBX v12:

AlwinPro/Anna4 Release 9.3.06 or later



Aurenz software & consulting


AlwinPro UC-Edition - Billing & Accounting

  • Collection of data from the telephone systems
  • Import function for digital invoices (mobile communication and landlines)
  • All ICT costs taken into account (write-offs,fixed costs, maintenance costs etc.)
  • Source-based allocation of ICT costs (e.g. LDAP connection, XIE connection)
  • Allocation of various cost types: business, private, project, mobile phone costs
  • Freely configurable reports
  • Pin code solution for private calls
  • Individual report display via:
    • Email
    • WebServer
    • Printer
    • Export possibilities (e.g. SAP, Navision)
    • Various export formats (e.g. CSV, SEPA etc.)
  • Relieve the IT department's workload through automatization
    • Scheduling series
    • Creation and sending of reports
    • Data backup and deletion

UC-Analytics by aurenz - Call Analytics

  • Collection of data from the telephone systems
  • Analysis of telephone performance
  • Lost/Busy calls
  • Duration until call is answered
  • Customer contact analysis
  • Call statistics
  • Trunk line utilization
  • Analysis of internal calls
  • Calls to an hunt groups/waiting queues
  • Cost statistics
  • Comparison of network carriers
  • Reporting via Web
  • Data export

AlwinPro Hotel

  • Interface to most of the hotel management systems. AlwinPro Hotel is acting as middleware, controlling the TC system, TV and Internet guest access.

AlwinPro Care

​*Integrated patient management

  • Billing of patient entertainment such as TV, Internet and telephone (basic charges and consumption)
  • HIS integration


​*Add/Remove agents to/from a hunt group or call queue by the supervisor

  • Agents can login/logout to/from a particular group
  • Agents can see the presence status of the members of the group
  • Call list and call back tracking
  • MyApp integrated
  • Dashboards for monitoring group status and call traffic

Competitive Analysis

AlwinPro UC-Edition

AlwinPro collects all ICT costs and accurately assigns them to employees, departments and locations. Fixed costs, amortization costs and even work time costs can be collected, if desired. Additionally, business calls can be separated from private calls, whereby data privacy regulations are complied with, without infringing on anyone's privacy. With the AlwinPro module "XML Services" it is possible to initiate private calls by using PINs.

UC-Analytics by aurenz

The UC-Analytics shows you what time usually your customers calls, how often it rings without anyone answering and how often your team’s line is busy. This way you can plan customer satisfaction before the first ring of the phone.


This solution has been tested by the vendor.

UC-Analytics by aurenz on

AlwinPro UC-Edition on

Link to innovaphone relevant documentation in aurenz Wiki


The license price depends on the amount of extensions that are involved. Please contact aurenz for a specific price offer.


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