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The Partner function is divided into three states.

  • Idle: In the Idle state, this key performs a direct dial.
  • Alerting: This state indicates that the partner's telephone is ringing; the call can be picked up with this key.
  • Busy: In the Busy state, the function key is used only to display the partner state.

With the following functions, you can use the Partner function as described.

Partner identification

  • You define the partner telephone with the corresponding number and name.

Send intrusion call to busy partner

  • If the partner’s line is already active, an intrusion call is sent with a preceding alert signal. The current call is automatically put on hold.

Hide calling party in alerting state

  • The number of the incoming call is hidden for the partner.

Show connected party in busy state

  • Unlike with the preceding function, the number of the active line is visible only to the partner.

Note: The functions shown here can only be used if both users (the one setting up and the one to be set up) belong to the same group. The same group is selected in the innovaphone PBX under “Group indications” in the configuration menu of the respective user.


If you want to see the status of some users just put these users in the same group (member only) for which you have Group Indication configured.

If in turn you want those users to monitor your status then add your extension to the same group for which they have Group Indication configured.

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