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This is the Firmware 14r1 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second Monday each month. For each of the service release, the complete set of tests is executed. If problems show up during the tests, the problems are fixed. This may cause a delay. The tests are started early, so that some delay is covered, but it still may happen that the patchday has to be moved. In this case it is hard to predict when the service release is good. It may be any day, so it would not be good to move the patchday by a fixed number of days, it still should be released as early as possible.

Please see:

Firmware 14r1

14r1 Service Release 1 (1410485)

159317 - Advanced UI: Prevent XSL injection

The servlets for the advanced UI accept an "xsl" URL paramter that

specifies the XSLT file for displaying the corresponding page.

Before this fix it was possible to specify a URL containing a colon represented in XML entity encoding.


159392 - App Devices: exclude category name was missing after editing device configuration in UI

If a device configuration was added/edited and directly edited again (without closing Devices), the exclude category name was missing inside the input field.

159398 - App Devices: fixed missing certificates if more than one certificate configuration exists

More than one certificate configuration in a Devices instance with the same certificates in the list caused missing certificates due to a wrong UNIQUE database index.

160325 - App Devices: ignore port in hostname comparison for sysclient connections

If a client connects to the Devices App, the client host name is compared against the host name of the Devices App URL.

​Here one side contained the port so the comparison failed and a new URL was wrongly configured on the sysclient.

159389 - App Devices: show prominent success hint on domain/project link

159321 - App Platform Manager: allow to continue App Platform update if settings are closed during update

or if the websocket connections is closed or the browser etc.

159262 - App Platform Manager: fixed leak on wrong statistics live update usage

If a live update was requested multiple times without stopping it before, a leak occurred.

159763 - App Store: Check for new available versions not returning the greatest build

On Firmware and Software the check for available new versions on a source store was only checking the first entry of the array on the JSON but the greatest build is not always on the first entry of the array.

159791 - App Store: Display app title on the source store selection menu

Instead the ID, the title should be displayed for the apps and software. The user cannot always find the app looking for the ID.

159294 - App Store: Error on decoding apps.json if DB is empty

If apps.json is empty or includes just "{}" an error was show that the file could not be decoded, but the file content should still be valid and just no apps will be uploaded.

159762 - App Store: Firmware, software and app platform selection on source store empty after reopening the app

Unlike the apps, the selection of firmware, software and app platform is not retained.

159308 - App Switchboard: Calls from the WQ that where alerting before the app started may not be displayed on the UI

If the CallInfo "update" message was received with state 132, the call was not added to the WQs calls list.

147575 - App UsersAdmin: Allow to set DN when adding a new user

159540 - App UsersAdmin: Do not allow to click on the buttons without login

Do not allow to click on the buttons if the login has not been successful.

160055 - App Voicemail: CFx is not displayed in the app and cannot be deleted by app

159542 - App Voicemail: No country information for phone lookup is send

159264 - App Working Manager: Add search field to filter the users' list

This allows to find the target user without scrolling the list.

159687 - App Working: Clicking on the start button very fast added many working intervals without stop time

The read latest query checked only the timestamp but on the same minute the timestamp is the same, so the returned entry could not be the latest one. Now also the ID is checked.

159670 - App Working: Do not allow to submit vacation day after the working hours have beed submitted

The submit button on the absences section should only be available for "Sick leave", "1/2 vacation day", when there are not working hours or when working on vacation is allowed. 

​Otherwise if the user could submit the working hours first and mark it as vacation day afterwards.

159263 - App Working: It was possible to submit > 10 hours per day

On the unsubmitted dialog it was possible to submit more than 10 hours per day because the total worked hours per day was only counting the already submitted hours.

160634 - Contact Widgets: Fix for call hold

Call got lost (released) when called agent put the call on hold.

160088 - Contact Widgets: Fix for master/standby-environments

In environments with master/standby PBX the widgets app service could loose connection.

159505 - Contact Widgets: Improvement for devices without camera

Widget users starts video call, but has no local camera.

​Now an error is displayed.


NotFoundError: Requested device not found


NotFoundError: The object can not be found here.

160723 - Contact Widgets: Support for slow STUN/TURN servers

Give gathering of ICE candidates more time if config option "Slow STUN/TURN Server" is set on the PBX.

159849 - Contact Widgets: Updated text translations

Updated text translations and added new languages:

  • ​Português

160313 - Contact-Widgets: Protection against including more than one widget per webpage

Embedding two widgets on the same website resulted in both widgets not working.

​Now only the first widget is loaded.

160382 - DHCP-server: fix option assignment after upgrade

After an upgrade  to 14r1final 

from  13r3 or an older version the assignment of values stored in "DHCP /

/offer" config to DHCP option values sent by server was wrong. 

160383 - Dialpad can now also be used to send DTMF

While there is an active connected call the Dialpad transcends into DTMF mode.

159320 - Firmware Let's Encrypt: fixed DNS names limitation

The total length of all DNS names was limited to 1024, which was wrong.

159606 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Master Pbx Connection is displayed wrong

If the Pbx name and the configuration of the master Pbx in the connector match the entire length of the Pbx name, it is displayed in green, even if the configuration is incorrect.

159148 - Install: do not configure DHCP1 during install

158043 - IP29: remove ETH1 from Advanced GUI

The IP29 has not physical ETH1 interface and thus this is better not shown as a configurable interface.

160864 - myApps Android: switch to app icon with white background.

159313 - myApps iOS: Fixed missing audio if mobile data provided only IPv6 addresses.

159690 - myApps macOS: Fixed striped video with H.264 peers.

159306 - myApps Windows/macOS: Could not accept call with headset button if no ringtone was set.

159666 - myApps Windows: Fixed a state where myApps crashed on start and thus didn't open.

159395 - myApps: Avoid showing notifications without title and text

Notifications that don't contain a title or a text are silently discarded now.

159413 - myApps: Show QR codes for smartphone apps in myApps client

The myApps client now has a new item in the hamburger menu "Get the app" that leads to the QR codes for installing the smartphone apps.

160772 - myPBX iOS: Fixed crackling audio from the microphone on iPhone 15 pro

159310 - PBX: Add QR codes for downloading myApps smartphone apps

We added pictures containing a QR code that can be used for downloading the mobile app for the version of the PBX.

The corresponding URLs are:

  • <a href="https://<host>/PBX0/APPCLIENT/myapps_qr_android.png" target="_blank">https://<host>/PBX0/APPCLIENT/myapps_qr_android.png</a>
  • <a href="https://<host>/PBX0/APPCLIENT/myapps_qr_ios_macos.png" target="_blank">https://<host>/PBX0/APPCLIENT/myapps_qr_ios_macos.png</a>

159699 - PBX: Unexpected restart when opening an App, if PBX not well maintained

Happened if there where references to non-existing templates left.

160520 - Phone-App: Could not create favorite with identical names

Could not add a new favorite with a display name identical ot an already existing favorite.

159454 - Phone-App: Wrong release cause displayed

Wrong release cause displayed in Phone-App, but only when running without Calllist-Service.

159296 - Phones: Images from some Webcams not displayed

Images from some Webcams not displayed, if download size of image frame exceeds 0,5MB.

Allow up to 2MB download size per frame.

159614 - Readd Devices Tab in IP16x

159765 - SIP: Authentication fails in some cases

Authentication fails if server offers algorithm "md5" instead of "MD5".

159814 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

159724 - SIP: Fix for missing DNS refresh on interfaces without registration

Interfaces without registration did not refresh DNS information.

Now DNS information is checked on every outgoing call. If stale a new DNS query is performed.

160381 - SIP: Fix for sporadic registration problems on SIP trunk (e.g. Telekom)

Fix for sporadic registration problems on SIP trunk (e.g. Telekom).

159289 - SIP: Must send ACK for final response even after CANCEL

Must send ACK for final response even if INVITE transaction was canceled before.

159825 - Softphone app: Fixed false alarm "ICE: No network connection between endpoints"

159581 - Softphone-App: Fix for disabled (grayed) connect-button

In some cases the connect-button remained in disabled state (grayed not clickable).

​May happen on a collision of local call-connect and remote call-cancel.

159333 - Start external apps from calllist

160575 - TechAssist: Add test for v12 Push Concept

157796 - TechAssist: Date display in tests shifted by 1 month

160524 - TechAssist: Websocket chunk reassamble failed

14r1 Service Release 2 (1410489)

161007 - #160633 - Fix crash when a to old recordings request is removed from the queue (list)

When recordings asks for the call meta data and recordings doesn't find these datas the reordings app tries for 8 hours before deleting the request. This caused a crash and is now fixed

160904 - AP Manager: Add EditService msg to set service title tag

160412 - App Contacts: Adding to Global Directory Not Working

160922 - App Devices: fixed translation identifier of physical location flag in phone configuration

161277 - App Fax: Mail forward of old documents

The fax service sends mails for old incoming documents despite the age limit of two days. This occurs after the update from V13 and is fixed now.

160671 - App Store: Allow to select SR when updating cascaded items

By default when updating a cascaded item (i.e. apps, firmware or software), only the higher build can be selected. Now it is possible to select the the major release.

161244 - App Voicemail: No Scroll bar for small displays to see voicemails instead of header

160891 - App Working Admin: Errors on dates could be duplicated

When an user has more than one working interval on sundays or vacation days, the error will be displayed more than once.

160633 - Fix crash when old recordings requests are removed

Recordings make request to the reporting app in order to find the meta data for a recorded call. These requests are stored in a list and processed one after another. In very rare cases, when a request was not processed for over 8 hours that request is removed from the list. This caused a crash and is fixed now. 

160646 - Get Statistics from database request instead of collecting them on the fly

160886 - H.323: No audio on Media-Relay from SIP no encryption to H323 DTLS only destination

A Softphone is a DTLS only destination

162138 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: New Try if License Check gets no response from PBX

162137 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: New Try if subscription request is send but no response is received

160636 - IP-DECT: OEM license change

There is a change for OEM licenses for users configured with administrator rights.

161582 - IP1203: Echo cancellation was not as precise as it should.

161832 - IP120x: Central phonebook search on handsets doesn't work

After Upgrading to 14r1 firmware, the central phonebook search performed on handsets didn't work anymore.

161505 - myApps Android/iOS/macOS: Use a distinct Web Server TCP Ports to avoid collision if different myApps versions are simultaneously used

Please note that after the update the user needs to enter the server name and to re-login to myApps once again.

161779 - myApps for Windows: session wrongly disconnected

myApps registers to receive session changes notifications but that was done for all the sessions, not for the current one and myApps then disconnected the virtual channel when another user disconnected its session.

160865 - myApps: fixed missing audio in call flows where a new call was accepted while busy tone of a previous call still played

162139 - New PBX config: Chat no Attachment

This checkmark can be set to disallow file attachments for all users

159807 - PBX Manager Plugin: Fix security issue when adding a new AP

  • ​Use AP password instead of the email registration.
  • ​Further operations are restricted to own domain

160410 - PBX Manager Voicemail: Option to show password not available

161625 - recordings app: call info pdf shows the creation date of the wave file instead of the call

159179 - recordings: check reportings for unobtained cdr

when the link between recordings and reporting is broken, the recordings are stored without the metadata. when the link comes up again while recordings is still running this info is retrieved. If recordings is restarted the missing info is never retrieved

160715 - Reports: Change help tooltip to popup

This might be necessary when using smartphones as there is no hover.

160877 - Reports: Entries of more than 16 characters in search field fail

​When a report for a certain SIP/Cn was filtered for in the Quick filter section, then SIP/Cn with more than 16 characters were converted to undefined data.  The resulting query obtained no CDRs. This is now solved.

160701 - Reports: Remove "-" from filter drop-down

160867 - SIP/TLS: Exclude SNI when using IP address

Literal IP addresses are not permitted as SNI HostName according to RFC 6066.

161224 - SIP: Close unused TCP connections

Close TCP connection when registering at a different server. Keep the number of TCP connections low.

161235 - SIP: Support Avaya AlertInfo

Proprietary AlertInfo to set internal or external ringtone.

160905 - SIP: Trap when receiving request after failover

Unexpected restart when receiving request after failover.

160866 - Softphone-App: Phone number not displayed in history panel

Sometimes the phone number is not displayed in history panel.

Only happens on entries where the display-name is retrieved from local Outlook directory.

160844 - Softphone-App: Redirect of waiting call did not work

Redirecting an incoming did not work in Softphone-App while having an active call.

14r1 Service Release 3 (1410509)

158643 - Adjust local number to international for reverse lookup

In case none of the prefixes match

163045 - AP Manager: Fix hanging session when a service fails to start on upload

162931 - App Contacts: mt:StatisticsResult Failed on Import

After an Import, the number of entries within the database didn't show up anymore.

163247 - App Fax: DB error with latest SQL-DB version

There is a DB error with the latest PostgreSQL version. This occurs during sending a mail by the service and is fixed now.

162999 - App Fax: PBX Manager Plugin External Resources

The existing external resources are not completly available in the selection. This is fixed now.

164561 - App Files: Announcements paths do not begin with https

161504 - App Manager Plugin: Send updates to all plugin sessions

  • ​Message updates to be sent to all plugin sessions.
  • ​Removing potential error messages and keep the plugin management smooth.

163129 - App Manager: Fix "Select All" in Manager App Store

163164 - App Platform Manager: check shared library existence on App installation

To prevent uploading of Apps which are linked to libraries which do not exist on the system, the manager now checks all linked shared libraries before the install.

163123 - App Platform Manager: fixed App compatibility checks in the App Store

163832 - App Platform Manager: fixed backup download in native clients

The backup download was not started in native clients.

162904 - App Platform Manager: fixed database reconnect if database server isn't available longer than 9s

The reconnect mechanism was broken if the database server was not available longer than 9s as another timeout interrupted the mechanism.

162902 - App Platform Manager: preparation for PostgreSQL 16 compatibility

PostgreSQL 16 changed the way how to switch from standby to primary mode on a replication server.

​This change ensures compatibility with both PostgreSQL 14 and 16.

163046 - App Profile: Do not allow to enter an empty privacy filter

162112 - App Switchboard: Contacts with SIP cannot be added to the BLF

161756 - App Switchboard: Decrease timeout on search input and trigger search with enter

There is a delay when the user writes on the search field to avoid starting a search with every change and wait until the user stops to write. Some users need more time to finish tiping the phone number and others want a fast search. So now this delay can be configured on the hamburger menu.

159470 - App Switchboard: Disable autostart softphone

By default the softphone is autostarted if the device is selected on the hamburger menu. A new setting stored on the browser can disable the autostart.

161508 - App Switchboard: When a call is rejected with "User busy" it could not be removed from the UI with disconnect

If a call is rejected with "User busy", then it could not be removed from the UI when the agent clicks on the disconnect button.

162839 - App Switchboard: With "Operator connect for SOAP" selected connected calls where not removed from the Queues section

If "Operator connect for SOAP" was selected on the WQ configuration, the calls were not removed from the "In the waiting queue" container because the "CallInfo" message with delete is not sent if the call is connected by another agent.

164083 - App WordGuess: added popup for company statistics

This explains players that their guessed words are visible for colleagues if they are in today's Top 10.

164055 - App WordGuess: removed more profanity words

Another filter was used to remove more profanity words in all languages.

162771 - App Working Manager: Target monthly hours wrong with non-integer values

If the daily target hours values are a non-interger, the target monthly hours values are wrong.

162236 - App Yealink: Provisioning user changes not shown on UI

When the provisioning user/password were edited on the hamburger menu the old value was displayed on the input field after saving the changes.

164579 - Calendar: Various fixes and improvements

  • Added App-only authentication of Exchange 365 to get rid of the need of an impersonation user
  • Removed support for Exchange 2010
  • Fixed a problem with autodiscover server and not sent SOAP support message from Exchange Online
  • Optimized name resolving by caching results to speed up restart and reduce messages send to Exchange
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed the "too many connections" exchange error
  • Fixed and improved retry mechanics to recover from most failures (failed user sync, lost http connection). Failed usres will be retried later.
  • Fixed and improved support for dynamic PBX user database changes
  • Updated admin UI to show added / removed usres
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to a freeze o the app when shutting it down
  • Limit number of appointments to get from Exchange when getting the list of upcoming appointments
  • Fixed crash in case of redirect-request during auto detection of server settings

133796 - Connector for kuando: MacOS green default light not working

156477 - Connector for kuando: MacOS version error in config

162953 - Contact Widgets: Fix for audio echo

There was local audio echo on the side of widget user.

163170 - Contact Widgets: Fix for Diagnostics

Diagnostics did not work if many Client-Sessions.

​JS Error:

02-27 13:02:09.026 AppInstance::onMessage(20) mt=Diagnostics

02-27 13:02:09.033 JS: JsonApiConnection.send: message with 76402 bytes exceeds max websocket message size of 65535

162209 - Contact Widgets: Problem when changing the PBX name attribute

Problem when changing the PBX name attribute.

​A restart of the PBX is necessary to recover.

162518 - Contact Widgets: Rename "Cardset" into "Business Cards"

So there is "Sidebar Widgets" and "Business Cards Widgets".

162364 - Contact Widgets: Show failed registration in Diagnostics

Registration at PBX mail fail (e.g. missing port license).

​Can be seen in Diagnostics now.

165290 - Contact-Widgets-App: Add help for config option "Acquire license"

Add help for config option "Acquire license".

165212 - Contact-Widgets: Fix for audio device handling

Fix for problems on Firefox browser.

  • Selected audio-output device was not used sometimes.
  • Browser displayed "playing" after call was ended.

165454 - Firmware Let's Encrypt: fixed CSR with more than 16 DNS names

The CSR creation was limited to 16 instead of 100.

164904 - Firmware OAuth2: compatibility with Okta

Okta doesn't send a typ="jwt" in the id_token response.

​We now assume that a missing typ field means "jwt" ...

162934 - Firmware OAuth2: support custom https port

The redirect URI didn't contain a non standard https port.

165326 - Fix for user's profile config in pbx web ui

Profiles (lists of favourites) could not be assigned to phone or extension module when using the pbx's web ui.

162619 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Long Pbx calls could not be synchronized to teams over the time

PBX calls which are longer than 15 minutes could not synchronized with teams over the time. The first 10 minutes Teams will show you InACall but after that it can happen that teams show you the last presence which was configured.

161726 - IP-DECT: Call Pickup for OEM

Call pickup in the DECT base station for an OEM PBX is fixed.

163566 - IP-DECT: Lower user rights for adding unassigned handsets

Now, all user admin rights except of cf group only are accepted for adding unassigned handsets to the system. Previously, the user admin right full was necessary.

162652 - IPVA: Test-Mode Not Activateable

Test-Mode wasn't activateable on VMware. An internal command "!ireset" led into a crash.

162249 - IPxx11: modify linux kernel upload for 6.x.x kernels

the compressed linux kernel is now loaded to a higher address in linux RAM area. This speeds up  kernel start a little bit because the kernel must not shift itself to a higher address before uncompress .


163151 - IPxx11: Tracing must not be stopped after a reboot command

After a reset triggered by a reboot command tracing was stopped and the real reset reason had to be discovered in the trace text.

​Now tracing is not stopped anymore and the reset reason is explicitely noted:

reset-source=WATCHDOG(2) triggered by reboot command

162585 - JS Exception when canceling a websocket connection

JS Exception when closing a websocket connection before the connection is established.

161762 - Kerberos: remove legacy config option for additional ciphers

Fix for OEM:

The legacy config option "General / Admin / Additional Kerberos encryption types" has been removed. The modern ciphers are now always enabled.

163013 - Media: Fixed a sporadic trap on race condition during media channel close

164455 - myApps Android/iOS: Waiting queue information was not shown on incoming calls.

163126 - myApps Android: Diverting information was not shown on incoming call

164419 - myApps Android: Fixed missing video with error "MediaCodec encode no buffer"

161791 - myApps for Windows: crash disabling Outlook search

165910 - myApps iOS/macOS: Links to a php resource were not opened via browser

163025 - myApps macOS: Improved Jabra and Yealink headset SDK tracing

161736 - myApps macOS: Updated the Sennheiser headset SDK to

161735 - myApps Windows/macOS: Updated Yealink headset SDK to

164275 - myApps Windows: prevent crash if http client connection during update download closes unexpectedly

163150 - myApps: Always show "Get the app"

The menu entry should also appear inside the mobile app, so users can help other users to install the app on their phone.

​This fix also contains minor improvements in the layout of the dialog.

162616 - myApps: Sometimes an app could not be started offline due to missing main HTML file

164270 - PBX empty filter overwriting template could get lost

e.g. by myApps Login/Logout

164271 - PBX Exec: Call from extern could call directly if secretary had CFU to extern

163061 - PBX SOAP messages potentially broken

164437 - PBX SOAP/RCC UserRedirect option to not follow CF

Argument: nocf

164269 - PBX Waiting: A user with disabled mobility should be regarded unregistered

161969 - PBX: For CFx configuration 32 numbers to filter for should be possible

All CF configured disappeared from UI if more then between 10 or 20 numbers were entered

162005 - PBX: Reset required shown on every config change

Was caused by trying to start a non-existent module

164268 - PBX: Wrong handling of reroute loop

The rerouting call should be disconnected, not the calling. Result is the same except, if the call was sent to multiple destinations

164668 - Phone-App: Button "Add to favorites" not displayed on iOS and MacOS

Button "Add to favorites" not displayed on iOS and MacOS.

162861 - Phone-App: Fix for app-restart during conference

Restarting the Phone-App while being connected to a conference may leave the user invisible in the conference.

​The "videoOffByUser" indication is set when closing the Phone-App.

The "videoOffByUser" indication was not withdrawed at restart.

165335 - Push: Exponential backoff for connection retry

from 10s to 42min

165902 - SDK: On Android smartphones stated "myApps for Linux"

162497 - SIP-IF: Allow long sip addresses (AOR)

Allow long sip addresses (AOR) longer than 32 characters.

163088 - SIP: Change proxy when priority changes in DNS/SRV record

Register with the proxy with the best priority.

Change proxy when priority changes in DNS.

165897 - SIP: Changed handling of CANCEL

Changed handling of CANCEL in case the final resonse was already sent (race-condition).

​Instead of terminating the call just send 200/OK for CANCEL.

​Client will detect the race condition and send BYE. The BYE will clear the call and gets 200/OK.

162734 - SIP: Deliver display-name with UPDATE before connect

Deliver display-name with UPDATE before initial INVITE is complete

162772 - SIP: Deliver party-change with UPDATE before connect

Deliver display-name with UPDATE before initial INVITE is complete

165900 - SIP: Fix for BYE handling

Reject incoming BYE request if Request header  field contains an unsupported options-tag.

165665 - SIP: Fix for handling of Require header

Unknown tags must not be ignored. Calls must be rejected with "420 Bad Extension". Response must contain 'Unsupported" header listing the unsupported tag.

165661 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Unexpected restart may occur if a SIP interface is stopped while DNS query is pending.

162203 - SIP: Wrong ACK message was sent

​Outbound INVITE without SDP:

When receiving a re-transmission of 200/OK an ACK without SDP was sent in some cases.

161788 - Softphone-App: Do not allow to answer incoming call while initiating an outbound call

Do not allow to answer incoming call while initiating an outbound call

165141 - Softphone-App: Pay attention to own DND status

Reject inbound calls or do silent ringing (depending on configuration).

161624 - Softphone-App: Ringback tone stops if inbound call is received

Ringback tone of outbound call stops if another inbound call is received.

157469 - TechAssist: Add test for detecting user objects with duplicated CFx

161178 - TechAssist: Add test if Linux is enabled but not used

The test checks if the App-Platform support is enabled but not installed to prevent unnecessary memory usage

164530 - TechAssist: XML Parser not work on self closing closing tags without childs

It happens for example if WH2/WiFi Phones in the PBX registration are parsed.

162555 - Update manifest of appclient.htm


  • ​appclient.htm
  • ​myapps_qr_android.png
  • ​myapps_qr_ios_macos.png

163336 - Updated translations

14r1 Service Release 4

165133 - App Platform Manager: Fix "Requirement" field display in app store

  • ​Fix missing translation
  • ​Fix display order

167926 - App Platform Manager: fix hanging statistic task on shutdown

166346 - App Switchboard: Limit the height of the calls containers

If there are many calls in the waiting queue, the UI is not very user friendly. Now the size the calls containers (i.e. "in the waiting queue" or "incoming calls" has a max height and a scrollbar is displayed if exceeded.

166354 - App Switchboard: Small menu not displayed on BLF items

166965 - App Voicemail: If Voicemail Object is not assigned to a PBX the voicemail app is not working properly

165109 - App Working: Start/stop audio played also on locking iPhone

167009 - CDR missing for call to User without registration but Push config

167705 - Conference-Web-Access: Fix for colors

Chat messages hardly readable due to lack of color contrast between foreground and background.

165956 - Connector for kuando: Prevent startup in linux launcher

168487 - Contact Widgets: Fix for too-small symbols on MAC-OS

Some symbols were too small (only on MAC-OS).

167173 - Contact Widgets: Sometimes call could not be cancelled

Sometimes call could not be cancelled.

168494 - Contact Widgets: Updated link in claim

Updated link in innovaphone claim.

166556 - Contact-Widgets: Add claim to non-open sidebar widget

Small claim below sidebar.

167005 - Fast Renegotiations one after the other could fail

Happend on transfer to a conference

167160 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: App is crashing if Microsoft sends empty activities

165988 - IP-DECT: Memory leak with OEM module notification

There are out of memory traps caused by a notification of an OEM module.

163768 - IP-DECT: New DECT system configuration option

There is a new internal OEM configuration option for the DECT system sent to the DECT radios. (DMS) 

168479 - IP1x2 USB Headsets: support Yealink BTD51, Jabra Link 390

These bluetooth dongles require special handling when directly connected to the root port of a IP1x2 phone. On phones with a HUB (IP2x2, IP222A) this is done in the HUB.

167520 - IP240A: trap with pickup key and braodcast group

In a special constellation of pickup key and call braadcast group a trap happened when the phone received and accepted  a call via the broadcast group and another call to the  the broadcast group  was indicated to the phone.

167161 - IPxx11: Trap when starting LinuxApplication Platform V10

The Linux V4 kernels did not start and this resulted in a trap. This is fixed now.

165943 - IPxx13: limit time to wait for start of secondary CPUs

A watchdog assertion was raised when the start of  secondary CPU  failed. Now an error is logged when the  CPU did not start within 5 seconds

165042 - IPxx13: prevent trap when reading crash dumps from flash

The IPxx13 stores up to 5 trap dumps which can be read by "!mod cmd CPU crash-load [/resolve-names][dump-number]" .  "/resolve-names" requests resolving of event and object names  for dumps created by the currently running firmware.

In rare cases this may trap and thus it isn't done by default anymore.

163953 - IPxx13: Tracing must not be stopped after a reboot command

When an IPxx13  was restarted after a reboot command tracing was stopped. 

 ​Now the reboot command is handled like a normal reset command, trace is started and the last line of a trace taken shows:  

reset-source=WATCHDOG(2)   triggered by reboot command

164553 - myApps Android: Fixed a NULL pointer exception when writing Java Script console message traces.

167204 - myApps Android: Notifications disappeared quickly from notification center

168084 - myApps for Windows: check if myApps is running at terminal server

Some PCs contain the Citrix library wfapi.dll which is supposed to only exist in terminal services environments.

​It has been changed how myApps checks if it is running in a Citrix terminal server.

161230 - myApps for Windows: Chromium update 121.0.6167.75

167780 - myApps iOS/macOS: HTTP proxy setup script was not used yet.

168248 - myApps iOS: Fixed sporadic incoming call ignore

166614 - myApps Windows: allow longer titles in certain notifications

E.g. missed call notifications can now have titles with up to 3 lines which allows longer display names of the caller.

165466 - myApps Windows: HTTP proxy setup script was not used if auto detection was off

167317 - myPBX iOS: The smartphone country code was not taken into account

163030 - PBX: Reverse Lookup By WQ To App Contacts Didn't Hit

An LDAP reverse lookup triggered by a waiting queue object towards App Contacts could fail to retrieve  a search result.

​If targeting a personal directory with access limited by a group membership the search request did not include the required context allowing access to the directory.

163952 - Phone USB Headsets: additional Product ID for Jabra Link 400

For the  Jabra Link 400 USB Dect Dongle an alternative  product ID was  reported. The ID is added to the whitelist now. 

168485 - phone USB Headsets: support Jabra EVOLVE2 40 SE

add support for the Jabra Evolve2 40 SE Mono & Stereo headsets

166651 - Phone USB Headsets: additional Product ID 1136 for Jabra Link 400

The third product ID for the Jabra Link 400 dongle seen in the field is added to the whitelist. No functional changes required.

167924 - Phone USB Headsets: support EPOS IMPACT 760T , IMPACT 860T

add support for the EPOS IMPACT 760T & 860T headsets

164342 - Phone-App: Allow higher bitrate when sharing screen

Increase maximum bitrate limit from 500 kbit/s to 1000 kbit/s for better quality.

167067 - Phone-App: Fix for conference calls

When receiving another call while being in a conferecnce the display gets jumbled up.

163762 - Phone-App: Optimize Dialpad for small devices

Optimize Dialpad for devices with small display

167983 - Phone-App: Show "Presence with Alert"

165309 - Phones: Energy Saving Mode

  • ​Night time: Turn OFF phone display from 10pm to 6am (time can be adjusted).
  • ​Day time: Use dark background pattern in idle state.

165345 - Rcc-App: Allow to unpark a call

Allow to unpark a call in Rcc-App.

166317 - Reports Statistics are not consistent - Mantis 383235

When clicking on the "Show Results" Button of the Reports App the statistics are fetched using a database query. That query gave different results on long reports when filters were applied. 

167632 - Reverse-Proxy: Add Via header to outbound ACK (SIP)

Reverse-Proxy must add Via header also to ACK message as for any other outbound requests.

164336 - Search API (Users Service): Wrong extension if search string contains more than 3 words

The query when the search string contains more than 2 words was different to the ones applied when the search string contained only 1 or 2 words.

166507 - Signaling: call cannot be terminated with the headset during busy tone

165044 - Signaling: presence from teams or calendar was sometimes ignored

168480 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Backbone_Solutions_AG-sipcall_SIP_Trunk

- Update SIP Profile

167288 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Nexphone-Nexphone business trunk

New SIP Profile

167001 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-CompanyFlex_TLS

Update SIP Profile - Add CDPN-Out map for 11xx short numbers.

166164 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-NETELIP-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Profile

163967 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-Sewan-Trunk_SIP

- New SIP Profile for ES-Sewan-Trunk_SIP

165315 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Dstny-Sip_Trunk_Touch

New SIP Profile

166163 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-KONVERTO-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Profile

167927 - SIP-Provider Profile PL-Suder-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

167809 - SIP: Fix for out of memory condition

Unexpected restart (Out Of Memory) due to inbound INVITE transactions accumulated over time.

168661 - SIP: Fix for potential trap

Trap was observed in unit-test environment only.

168608 - SIP: Fix for sporadic "Digest replay attack detected" rejections

Only happens in case of request re-transmissions.

161574 - SIP: New advanced option /installed-certificate

New interop-tweak /installed-certificate

C​an be used to use user-installed certificate for TLS.

168301 - SIP: Sometimes no RTP was sent

No RTP was sent if SDP offer was received where SAVP contains a zero-port.

167026 - SIP: Support for P-RTP-Stat header

Read P-RTP-Stat header from BYE request.

167735 - Softphone-App: Fix for 3pty-Conference with screen sharing

If screen sharing was started BEFORE 3pty conference, the screen sharing was not visible.

Was necessary to re-start screen sharing after 3pty conference has been started.

167002 - Softphone-App: Longer timeout on directory search

Do not cancel directory search after 2,5 seconds.

​Display spinner while search is ongoing.

163001 - Techassist: License Overview - Allow "all" items on one page

161177 - Techassist: New Test: Active Alarms

161181 - Techassist: New Test: Calls in disconnecting state

161167 - Techassist: New Test: Invalid Recording CDR configuration

161174 - Techassist: New Test: IP29-20 - Missing PoE+ Power Input

161173 - Techassist: New Test: PoE+ Power Input

149299 - Techassist: Test: VM Object as App in User config

168087 - Updated translations

168547 - Video in conferences did not work with Firefox browser

Video in conferences did not work with Firefox browser.

​Softphone-App, Phone-App and Webaccess-Client.

167978 - Web1: New library for parsing presence notes

Location: web1/presence/innovaphone.presence.js
The library can be used to generate a translated string for a (calendar) presence containing hashtags.

14r1 Service Release 5

168242 - myApps Windows: fixed sporadically not working toast notification actions

168606 - PBX Cloud install: do not show Let's Encrypt certificate option

168254 - Phones: New UI language "Catalan"

New UI language "Catalan"

167731 - Reports App: Fix Callflow of broadcast object shows no connected party

​For calls of broadcast objects there was a supplemental line in the call flow showing the calling party as forwarding party. That line is now removed.


​Also for external calls without sip the callflow of the broadcast object didn't show the connected party. This is also fixed now.

Main improvements in 14r1

158312 - App Installer PBX Manager Plugin

The new App Platform PBX Manager plugin allows end customers (admins with access to the PBX Manager) to install new apps in a simplified way.

  • These apps can be installed from our innovaphone release store including Partner Apps.
  • The plugin is automatically available with existing app platforms or after adding a new one in the PBX Manager.
  • It offers the view to the App Platform Manager‘s App Store with all the available functionalities and allows to install, update and uninstall apps. Therefore it is using the new App Platform Manager UI.
  • When an app is installed, a default instance is implicitly added with the associated domain and then started. This facilitates the configuration of the instance through its respective PBX Manager plugin.

158168 - App notifications and Web Push

  • ​App Services can now send push notifications to users. In 14r1 those notifications are used by Chat and the Working App.
  • ​New config option "App notifications" in the hamburger menu of myApps.
  • ​Push notifications are now also available in the browser (Web Push)

158311 - App Platform Manager UI

  • New responsive UI
  • Providing better user experience on different devices.
  • Replacing the existing (V13) App Platform Manager UI.

158524 - Calllist App Improvements

When a caller calls a waiting queue and no one answers that call, then all members of the waiting queue will see a "missed call" in their call list. 

​When somebody of these members calls that missed call back, then all the other members will see, that that has happend. Instead of seeing a missed call in their call list, they will see who has made the callback.

158250 - Contact Widgets

The Contact Widgets App can be used to create and manage Contact Widgets (Sidebar and Cardset).

Contact Widgets can be integrated into Webpages in order to offer direct communication channels like:

  • Audio-Calls
  • Video-Calls
  • Chat-Sessions
  • ​Email

​For details see: Reference14r1:Concept Contact Widgets

153852 - Devices App: new certificate configuration to rollout certificates to trust lists of devices

Rollout manually uploaded certificates or certificates retrieved from up to five URLs which are polled every 24 hours.

This will also help to poll the * certificate which is e.g. used for push and which is changed once per year.

158212 - Fax App improvements

New features in the Fax App:

  • Cover page
  • Support for 400dpi for sending
  • Number conversion into international format for incoming fax calls
  • Number resolution by PBX
  • New configuration options in the Fax PBX object:
    • Modem speed
    • ECM
    • Append user number
    • 400dpi support for incoming documents
  • New configuration options in the Fax PBX Manager Plugin:
    • 400dpi support for outgoing documents
    • Header line

153309 - IPVA, Several Improvements

  • Basic support for the hypervisor type KVM+QEMU

    * Support for the Proxmox Virtual Environment

    * Driver for the VirtIO network adapter

    * Driver for VMware's vmxnet3 network adapter

    * Hardware acceleration for the AES algorithm (Advanced Encryption Standard)

156789 - Let's Encrypt support

A new Let's Encrypt App communicates with Let's Encrypt and allows gateways and app platforms to create certificates issued by Let's Encrypt.

158262 - Messages App Service provides the new App Connect

Social Media like tool for internal communication

149926 - MyApps iOS: appsharing can be used to capture any app, not only myApps

149927 - MyApps iOS: Siri support "Hi Siri, dial... with myApps"

155105 - myApps Plugin for Virtual Desktops

A softphone running at a terminal server (Citrix, Windows, ...) has the problem that audio and video streams start and terminate at the server.

It means media received at the terminal server must be transmitted to the local client for playback and media delivered by audio or webcams devices must be transmitted to the terminal server for transmission to the remote peer.

This media transmission between server and local client adds a delay in the media stream which complicates the communication.

The myApps Plugin provides a solution for this problem offloading the media data and the management of the audio and video devices to the local client.

149925 - MyApps Windows/macOS appsharing shows the mouse cursor

149928 - myApps: open permalinks

158315 - Notes App

Simple app for personal notes.

156212 - Recordings App improvements

New Features:

- Hide recording URL in SoftphoneApp

- WebDav-Authentication for the Record-to-URL

- User is not allowed to delete recordings

154583 - Reports App Improvements

  • Filter reports by advanced configurable filters
  • Automatically send reports by e-mail (dayly, weekly, monthly)
  • Provide an external interface enabling report requests for external apps

149876 - Search App

The Search App adds a global search to myApps. It displays results from all available search providers in a single place.


* open item

* attach item to home

* copy http link to item

* for contacts: display presence, start call, start chat, send email

For details see: Reference14r1:Concept App Search

158316 - Softphone App improvements

Several UI improvements.

Which are:

  • ​Tab bar at the bottom end on hand-held devices
  • New designed dialpad with bigger buttons and integrated dial button
  • ​Show search input as top-most search result with dial button and make-favorite button

158207 - Software removals in 14r1

The following components have been removed in 14r1:

  • myPBX
  • Widgets
  • WebRTC toolkit
  • Windows Softwarephone
  • PBX Object Settings
  • PBX Object ICP
  • Service Call-Lists

​For details and migration hints see Howto14r1:Firmware_Upgrade_V13r3_V14r1#Removed_in_14r1

153881 - TechAssist App

The TechAssist app is a tool for administrators and integrators to self-test the system and identify common misconfigurations.

Furthermore, the app brings functionality to periodically execute own own javascript based test-scripts (like a kind of cronjob) and a license overview (which replace the old V12 PHP Script) of the PBX users.

For details, see: Reference14r1:Concept_App_Service_TechAssist

149890 - Voicemail App improvements

* Automatic deletion of old voicemail

* Display own voicemail number

* Call voicemail

* Configure CFx to voicemail

​* Configuration of PIN

158248 - Working App: auto start/stop of working hours


start/stop if the working time can be configured on the hamburger menu of the Working User App. This is configured per device and it could be for example enable on the myApps client for Windows but not on your smartphone. If the setting is enabled, when the myApps session starts a new start time is added to the database and when the session is closed a stop time is also added. This time can always be edited afterwards on the Working User App. The new Working Api App must be configured as a hidden app to monitor the myApps session.

Other improvements in 14r1

156302 - Add performance/security information about key length of certificates

Advanced UI

App Platform Manager settings


148332 - Added innovaphone.ui1.Table

New HTML table implementation which has a responsive layout.

156844 - Adjust search provider a relevance values

Give LDAP search provider a relevance value: 2500

Change CONF room search to  relevance value: 1500

153099 - Advanced UI: Show deprecation warning for External UC

We want to deprecate the External UC feature in the PBX.

  • Hide External UC field at user object, if not configured.
  • Show External UC field at user object with a deprecation warning, if configured.

157823 - AP Manager Login: Fix for brute force attacks


156532 - App Devices: add option to configure an exclude category on device configurations

This allows to exclude certain devices by an explicit category from device configurations.

156700 - App Devices: added "overwrite DHCP" option for NTP configurations

Allows to overwrite NTP servers distributes by DHCP servers.

155712 - App Devices: improved handling of certificates in certificates configuration UI

- Clear trustlist now just removes manual uploaded certificates (text updated too).

- Removing  a URL removes the corresponding certificates from the UI too.

- Added text that a configuration change polls certificate URLs at once.

- Removed delete button for certificates retrieved by URLs.

- Increased URL input width.

143679 - App Devices: opening Devices through com.innovaphone.devicesui api didn't always showed Devices

This didn't work in mobile views.

157991 - App Fax/App Reports PBX Manager Plugin: Radio button UI

If more than one Plugins are opened and a config radio button is changed, other active radio buttons on other plugins loose the value. This is fixed now.

151764 - App Modes as new feature for rights management

Modes can be configured at an App. In the Apps section of the user configuration, theses modes can be assigned to users. These modes can be used App specific to make functionality available.

This feature can be used with templates.

150497 - App Platform Manager alarm client: prevent possible trap during shutdown

A race condition could cause a trap of the App Platform manager during a shutdown if an alarm client timeout triggered at a specific point.

157410 - App Platform Manager: show current webserver certificate in settings UI

Show a list of the currently installed chain and allow to download the certificate.

157050 - App Profile: Check nested config templates to show t-cfon on Call Diversions

157471 - App Profile: Do not allow to change CN and DN with UpdateProfile

If con UsersAdmin is sent "Allow to edit the name and the display name on the app profile" to false, on the Profile UI CN and DN cannot be changed but it still can be done with the UpdateProfile JSON message.

149419 - App Store: Categories and Languages missing after new build uploaded

149405 - App Store: Integrated apps descriptions always in EN on download site

154186 - App Store: Update categories

  • "Social Networking" is now just "Networking".
  • New "Social" category.

154093 - App Store: users_files not found on download.htm

When clicking on the arrow button to download the Users App on the download website, the users_files file was not found because the app ID and does not match (users != usersapp) the file name.

155799 - App Switchboard: Loading all users takes too long

Do not load all the users per default. The search must be triggered to display users.

144565 - App Switchboard: Send DTMF digits for the active call

149767 - App Switchboard: Store the device with different names on localstorage for different users

If different users use the Switchboard App on same device, the device is never preconfigured, because it is always looking for the device from the previous user.

156999 - App Users: Prevent account enumerate


151008 - App Users: User details not displayed when clicking a homescreen item

JSON was sent to read the user before the app websocket connection was set.

156672 - App Working: 24 hours must be added to the end date on CSV export

To the end date, 24 hours must be added to the timestamp. So if the admin selects the times to export from 17.11 to 17.11, the exported times must be from 00:00 to 23:59.

156262 - App Working: Feedback when there are errors on CSV import

146644 - Calendar: changed internals to dynamically add and remove users without making a whole restart every time.

142466 - Calendar: Fixed memory leaks

157090 - Chat: Click on App Notification/Push for incoming message opens related chat

147118 - Conference-Web-Access: Display more helpful information

Display more helpful information.

E.g. when video camera could not be started.

147126 - Conference-Web-Access: Save console trace with CTRL-S

Save console trace to local disk with CTRL-S.

156064 - DHCP4/DHCP6 : add Timezone Options for Linux Clients

Linux clients expect timezone info in either option 100 (POSIX Timezone String)  or option 101 (Timezone Name) which refers to an entry in the Timzone Database.

155711 - Firmware install: add a second URL for innovaphone CA certificates to certificates configuration

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

155747 - Firmware Install: check store for missing apps

An error is now given if the used store doesn't offer an app which is required for the install.

154553 - Firmware: do not enforce authentication for /.well-known/acme-authentication

153887 - Firmware: do not redirect to install page if a previous 13/14 install was done before

Just open the installer if the var does not exist at all.

157768 - Firmware: fixed wrong timestamps in "Write PCAP to URL" feature

There have been wrong timestamps in PCAP files with many traces where some traces where at the end of a single second which caused a timestamp which was wrong about one second.

155614 - Firmware: reverse proxy support for Let's Encrypt certificates on non innovaphone devices

157525 - Firmware: show "Let's Encrypt" correctly spelled in advanced UI

150695 - Fit 100x100 image into 50x50 rectangle

Png image must be scaled to fit container.

142108 - Fix Appproxy array sizes

157434 - Gateway: New placeholder "{internalnumber}" for config option "add uui"

Config option "Add UUI" on gateway route now supports placeholder "{internalnumber}".

157087 - Harmonize search provider names

The names of the search providers displayed in the Search App have been simplified.​

​"innovaphone myApps" => "myApps"

"OutlookSearch" => "Outlook"

​"Conference (Search)" => "Conference"

146645 - HTTPClient: print HTTP header to log file if LOG_HTTP_CLIENT is enabled.

148764 - ICE: Support for longer ufrag values

ICE handshake failed when ufrag value was 32 bytes or longer.

154785 - Increase maximum number of trusted certificates

Old value was 100.

New value is 200.

159181 - increase system time accuracy

the device system time was updated to the current NTP time on a difference of  3 seconds and it may be hard hard to find matching information in logs of different deviceses.

Now the system time is updated on a difference of 1 second already.

155658 - IP4001: Fix IPBL crash upon config restoration

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

158042 - IP6000: increase LLDP power request

Some switches do not provide more power than requested and thus a device may not boot completely. Now 13 W are requested.

138291 - IPxx13 - add power consumption counter

the power consumption of the ipxx13 is rather high, specially when the SSDs are heavily used, but should not reach the PoE+ limit of 25W . An alarm should be raised when this limit is rached .

150834 - ipxx13: add "dbg-out"command to send text to serial port

in test scenarios where a serial logger or a serial/USB adapter is connected to the serial port  a command to send a line of text to the port was missinng.

"!mod cmd CPU dbg-out <text>"

sends <text> followed by a newline to srial port. 

153985 - Jitter buffer: track a timestamp jump with minimum audio gap

143439 - LDAP Replication: Reducing Write Op's

During Push-Phase write op's are submitted only for objects deteted at master.

155613 - myApps Android: Reduced the audio playback latency by using the AAudio API.

158057 - myApps iOS/macOS: A myApps deep link could not be opened.

150986 - myApps iOS/macOS: Update to openSSL 1.1.1v

150479 - myApps iOS: Added option to hide myApps calls from the native call list

157439 - myApps iOS: Fixed media connectivity problems in conjunction with an eSIM.

149423 - myApps launcher: Improved the precision of timers to make the ICE mechanisms more reliable

150037 - myApps: After re-login the home screen was shown instead of focus app

If the user had a focus app and logged out and logged in again, the home screen was shown, instead of the focus app.

142958 - myApps: Avoid showing hamburger menu when navigating using tab

If the off-canvas menu had a scrollbar the browser brought it into view in unwanted situations when navigating using tab.

150171 - myApps: Improved auto-configuration for new logins

On logins on a new device myApps selects a standard phone app depending on the platform. With 14r1 the behaviour of the auto-configuration has changed:

  • myApps for Windows and macOS
    • first app of type "phone"
    • first app of any type (new in 14r1)
  • myApps for iOS or Android
    • first app of type "softphone"
    • first app of any type (new in 14r1)
  • Browser
    • none

137006 - myApps: Trim server and user name

Remove leading and trailing white space from entered server name and user name.

154045 - New symbols unencrypted, encrypted and verified calls

Colored symbols:

  • red: unencrypted media
  • yellow: encrypted media
  • green: verified end-to-end media encryption

157160 - No break between vertical axis and graph

No break between vertical axis and graph.

158249 - Non-integer numbers on target working hours per day

Non-integer numbers can now be

configured as target working hours per day. So now not only integer values (full hours) can be used to define the hours that every user should work every

day of the week.

155271 - OEM fix for callback deactivation

142144 - PBX-Advanced-UI: Fix for console error

Fix for console error in PBX-Advanced-UI ("set_mode is not defined").

When editing objects of type "App".

148944 - PBX: Configuration changes on App Object will reconnect AppWebsocket in Test-Mode

To enable Service License testing in a Test-Mode, any changes on an App object will trigger a reconnect of the AppWebsocket to the App Service.

156267 - PBX: Raise alarm if websocket connection of app object is down

If an app object can't establish its websocket connection, after 20 retries an alarm is created.

143402 - Phone IP222A: upload IP2x2x firmware after each reset of IP222A

After an IP222A firmware upload the IP2x2x extension module kept running the firmware uploaded at the last powercycle. now on an IP222A reset the IP2x2x is reset via command too and receives a firmware upload after restart.    

150867 - phone IP240A,IP101,IP102: indicate broken gatekeeper or network connection in active call

On IP240A  and on all other phones based on INCA chip  and also on IP101 and IP102 a broken network or gatekeeper connection was not indicated while a call was active.

Now the call duration counter is replaced by the corresponding "network down" or "gatekeeper not connected" icon in this case. 

153735 - Phone-App: Give feedback if no search-provider available

Show "No search results" if no search-provider available.

137272 - Phone-App: Improving PhoneBigAvatar

157812 - Phone-App: Keep presence-info single-lined

Keep presence-info of a search-result from line-break.

​Keep it on one line to avoid flicker if presence changes between short and long text.

150837 - Phone-App: Normalize phone number from directory when adding as favorite

Turn +49 (0) 7031 73009 - 0

Into +497031730090 

157967 - Phone-App: Some in-call text-messages arrived truncated

Due to bug in character encoding on the sender side some texts where truncated on their way to receiver.

​Phone-App and Softphone-App.

141396 - Phone-App: Use <button> for buttons

Use <button> for buttons instead of <div>.

New innovaphone logo with new claim "more then communication".

158223 - phone: USB headsets - support Yealink UH34, UH36, UH37, UH38

support for wired yealink headset models 

154736 - phone: USB headsets - support Yealink WH62, WH63, WDD60, WH66, WH67, BH71, BH72, BH76, BT51

Support Yealink DECT and Bluetooth headsets

148722 - phone: USB Headsets -additional product ID for Jabra Evolve2 40

The Jabra Evolve2 40 headset is now sold with product ID 0x0e43 instead of 0x0e41. The additional ID is added to driver.

143588 - Phones: Fix for call park

When a call was parked by the user the phone played disconnect tone for 2 seconds.

142940 - Phones: Fix for input mode on search screen

When pressing [*] button on different phone screens the search screen appears.

Sometimes the input control was in numeric-mode and sometimes in text-mode. Depending on previous active screen.

155612 - recordings: avoid deadlock when wrong pbx configuration

139116 - recordings: webdav access not working

152392 - SIP: Fix for problems when calls are diverted to SIP phones

No audio when calls are diverted to SIP phones.

154889 - SIP: Indicate when network is unavailable

Indicate when network is unplugged

157852 - SIP: Initialize system time based on received Date header

If Date header is received with 200/OK for REGISTER, the local system time is checked. If unset yet, the system time is initialized.

157328 - SIP: New interop-tweak /tgrp

New interop-tweak to add trunk-group-label to Request-URI.
E.g. /tgrp anytrunkgrouplabel

156963 - SIP: Passing through AMR-WB codec

Default behaviour was changed:

​Before we did not support AMR-WB codec and had a config option /amr-wb.

Now we do support AMR-WB codec and have a config option /no-amr-wb.

157165 - SIP: Support for uaCSTA "as-feature-event"

Add support for event package "as-feature-event".

140110 - SIP: Support for URN for Emergency and Other Well-Known Services (RFC-5031)

Support for Uniform Resource Name (URN) for Emergency and Other Well-Known Services (RFC-5031)

158111 - SIP: Support SIP-URI's longer than 256 bytes

SIP-URI's are rarely longer than 256 bytes.

​But if longer they have been truncated.

Now SIP-URI's are handled up to 512 bytes length.

150974 - Softphone-App: Avoid unnecessary "SelectDevice" messages

Avoid unnecessary "SelectDevice" messages for already selected device.

156969 - Softphone-App: Clear search-input when starting a call

Clear search-input when starting a call by clicking dial-button on any search-result.

152113 - Softphone-App: Fix for timestamps

Sometime timestamps were not in configured language.

148834 - Softphone-App: Keep call history in chronological order

Keep call history in chronological order

156242 - Softphone-App: Leave gallery mode on end of conference

When remote party starts 3-pty-conference the Gallery-Mode is entered automatically.

When remote party ends 3-pty-conference the Gallery-Mode is left automatically.

156300 - Support audio ringtone on busylight

140114 - Support for "Next-Generation Pan-European eCall" (RFC-8147)

Added support for "Next-Generation Pan-European eCall" (RFC-8147).

156596 - Translation updates of firmware and apps

150402 - Upgrade to new version of ECC library

148688 - Webserver: fixed handling of access to unkown resource

There had been a problem that lead to an error message like "Unkown method Connection: upgrade" and a socket close when a resource was requested that didn't exist.