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This is the Firmware 12r2 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second Monday each month. For each of the service release, the complete set of tests is executed. If problems show up during the tests, the problems are fixed. This may cause a delay. The tests are started early, so that some delay is covered, but it still may happen that the patchday has to be moved. In this case it is hard to predict when the service release is good. It may be any day, so it would not be good to move the patchday by a fixed number of days, it still should be released as early as possible.

Please see:

Firmware 12r2

12r2 Final (125149)

22761 - _snprintf() must not prematurely stop when an argument does not fit completely into the buffer

currently _snprintf() stops when an argument does not fit completely into the buffer. It's better to copy as much of the argument as fits in the buffer..

23327 - Add registration name to recording file name

Currently a recording file name consists of <conference-id>-<mac-address>-<seq-no>.pcap. We need to identify if a given call was recorded on the device, which was registered for a given user, so -<reg-nam> is added to the filename.

24262 - CAS: Local event not working

23108 - Change titillium font file

  • Change format to TTF
    * Improved webfont reducing glitches in numbers

23181 - DHCP: VLAN configuration via DHCP did not work

Deploying a VLAN-ID for voice VLAN via DHCP Options by a DHCP Server running in native VLAN did not work anymore in V12r2


23117 - DNS resolver: memory leak

In some particular situations the DNS resolver exhibited a memory leak.

23672 - External-UC: PUBLISH request may contain illegal To-URI

PUBLISH request may contain illegal To-URI if PBX user has name alias containing blank. Escaping of userpart was missing.

22860 - Fax license did not work in active standby

If the standby was active, the fax server did not get a license

18584 - Fix for trap when using ping on web ui

Fix for trap when using ping on web ui with Destination

24079 - Fixed trap if more than 64GB are used in a FAT32 partition

Writing more than 64 GB of files on a FAT32 partition caused a trap.

22866 - Gateway: Remote Address lost, when changing mappings on an interface, if DNS name used

A check to verify that it is an IP address was done here, which was wrong.

22877 - Gateway: Rerouting could fail with CGPN mismatch, if CGPN verified ist used and CGPN mapping

If a CGPN was changed by a mapping, it could happen, that CGPN verify failed on rerouting.

22869 - H.323 calls without media in case of special rerouting in PBX

The rerouting szenario which failed was a call which was routed to the master, rejected and then routed to the destination for the no-master case. But this could also happen in other situations.

23103 - H.323 Media negotiation problem with ICE

In case multiple media answers (selects) are forwarded from a media-relay interface, the ICE credentials could get corrupted

22765 - H.323 potential hanging registrations after reboot together with RP

Special timing could result in registrations not being deleted

22741 - H.323 uninitialized variable could cause media problem

Only seen on IP-DECT and handover

22880 - H.323: Use of non-standard port for federation did not work

The service port from DNS has to be used for the outgoing TLS

23121 - ip111,ip112: TRAP type displayed on red screen after trap incorrect

On the red screen displayed at phone after a trap the type of trap is wrong

22772 - IP111/IP112: Jitter buffer corrections not suitable with OPUS

With OPUS jitter buffer corrections happened more frequent and using finer grain than with other codecs.

22829 - IP111/IP112: Packet loss concealment not working with OPUS

With OPUS packet loss was not concealed as expected and introduced clicks.

22387 - ip112 - USB headset - clean notification signal for inbound call

an inbound call is indicated in the headset by a sequence of notification signals but the first signal was somehow disturbed.

22560 - IP112: Fixed noise burst at the beginning of a call with USB headset

At the beginning of a call a noise burst may be heard if USB headset is used on the telephone.

22708 - IP112: Noise burst if accepting a call via headset

A short noise burst was heard if a call was accepted in speakerphone mode.

23194 - IP241: Cannot enter some special character (e.g. colon and semicolon)

Cannot enter some special character (e.g. semicolon)

24374 - IP241: Diagnostics of UI implementation can be turned on with /trace now

Config file line:
config change PHONE FORMS /trace
turns on extensive debug information about UI rendering.

23198 - IP241: Selected built-in background image is not loaded at boot time

Selected built-in background image is not loaded at boot time.
After reboot the default built-in background image is displayed.

22931 - IP38 IP311: CallProgress tones on FXO not detected if level too high

CallProgress tones with levels above -3dB (==0dBm) were regarded as illegal in the DSP driver

24680 - ip38, ip311, ip411 FXO: Brazil callprogress tones also use 440Hz

Brazil callprogress tones are defined as 425Hz +/-25Hz. We therefore add a 440Hz based pattern Brazil_440Hz.

23695 - IP6010, IPxx11: Dial pause via comma not working any more

A comma in the dial string didn't cause sending of pause any more.

23822 - IPVA: Set virtualhw.version = "11"

IPVA didn't start on Host with AMD Ryzen.
Modify the manifest file ipva.vmx. The old setting was virtualhw.version = "7".

23338 - Memory leak if an invalid "Write PCAP to" URL is configured

Every second a new file was opened and not closed when the open failed.

22671 - myPBX 4K support: Desktop noficiations too small

The desktop notifications did not scale with the windows font scaling. Therefore they appeared way too small on displays with font scalings of 200% and more.

22648 - myPBX Android/iOS: Trap if too many ringtones

A trap could occur if the size of the ring tones description exceeded a certain limit.

22948 - myPBX iOS: Call accept without unlocking the phone didn't take effect

With certain iOS versions nothing happened if a call was accepted via the button of the notification.

22949 - myPBX iOS: Processing load peaks if connectivity ceases

With certain iOS versions there might be a high processing load peak if network connectivity ceases.

23111 - myPBX iOS: Ringing stopped prematurely on incoming calls

With iOS 10 the ring melody stopped prematurely on incoming calls.

23109 - myPBX launcher: Add context menu for embedded browser

New features added to the context menu:
* Copy
* Paste
* Open link in external browser
* Inspect element
* Reload page

22878 - myPBX Launcher: Fix docking mode on high resolution displays

When using a display with high resolution the launcher appeared in a wrong size in docking mode.

23066 - myPBX launcher: Fix problem with focusing of popup windows

For the embedded Chromium browser a workaround was needed to bring popup windows (chat, apps, video, app sharing) to front when a link was clicked in the main window.

22952 - myPBX launcher: Scale popup windows based on DPI settings

On monitors with different DPI the popups need to have different physical pixel sizes.

23871 - myPBX Launcher: Support TLS 1.2 in remote media websocket

Activate newer TLS versions for the websocket connections of the remote media codecs.

23114 - myPBX: Close desktop notifications when a chat session is closed

In some special cases desktop notifications were not removed when closing the chat window for an ended chat session.

24451 - myPBX: Duplication of window messages from apps after login/logout

The event listener for window messages was not removed on logout. On login a second event listener was added.

24503 - myPBX: New translations

24772 - myPBX: Updated translations

Improved french translations for myPBX launcher

22664 - myPBX: Usernames truncated on session page when using netlogon

When a user logged in to myPBX using the windows account, the username was displayed truncated on page PBX/myPBX:

23156 - myPBX: Workaround for cut presence texts in Chrome

After hovering favourites the presence text was cut.

22865 - New ISDN Interop switch: Discard Connected number

Discards any received connected number. Needed because some Cisco devices send illegal content.

22710 - New: Support for RTCP-MUX

Support for RTCP-MUX, since this soon becomes mandatory for interop with WebRTC endpoints.

22861 - No PBX CDR was generated for Number Map object

Reporting licenses can be configured, so a CDR should be generated as well

22859 - PBX CDRs for calls to mobile user wrong in case of configuration with nodes

The previous fix for this only covered the setup-to and not alert-from event in the CDRs

22864 - PBX Config Template: DND and Hide Connected Endpoint was missing

Do not disturb and Hide Connected Endpoint could not be configured in PBX config template

22863 - PBX e.164: Call to different node, with unknown number should be routed to local trunk

This did not work in case the destination node was in a different branch from the root

23106 - PBX potential trap when configuring an App object without name

btree assert

24511 - pbx_app_user::app_is_websocket_enabled not initialized

Missing intialization

23151 - Phone UI: Trap if the registration was toggled between H.323 and SIP

If the primary registration was toggled from H.323 to SIP and back two times, the phone trapped.

23147 - Phone UI: TURN password at SIP registration lost

If the TURN password was entered for a SIP registration, it was not stored and shown empty when entering the user settings again.

24771 - Phone USB Headset: support Jabra EVOLVE 20 MS Stereo

support Jabra EVOLVE 20 MS Stereo

22762 - phone: USB headsets: log the headset audio parameters each time an audio connection is set up

For analysis of PCM captures the type of the headsets audio endpoints (mono/stereo, sampling rate must be known.

22649 - Phones: CC-Exec-Possible gets lost while in another call

CC-Exec-Possible gets lost while in another call.

22757 - Phones: Complete user config may get lost when configuring a big fkey

Complete user config may get lost when configuring a big fkey.
An CF fkey may exceed a limit of 512 bytes.
This results into non-well-formed XML.

Collateral damage of #18072 - Phones: User-1 looses complete user-config including fkeys

23849 - Phones: Could not configure DIAL fkey with destination number containing a comma

Could not configure DIAL fkey with destination number containing a comma.
Comma is used separate dial digits and DTMF digits.
IP222/232/111/112 only.

24449 - Phones: Make phones support G.729

Make phones support G.729 without License

24598 - Phones: redirection without physical location

A customer needs to send all registrations via Master which will redirect them to the appropriate Slave. The redirection must be performed without the physical location to prevent that certain calls could be directed to the master itself

22972 - Phones: Ringtone settings on the phone did not work

Ringtone settings page on the phone does not show current values of Volume and Speed.

22640 - Phones: When uploading CSV file into local phone book, the last entry may get lost

When uploading CSV file into local phone book,
the last entry may get lost if it is not terminated with "new-line".

24687 - RTCP Mux not initialized for Video in h323

In der Funktion h323_channel::select_accepted_channels fehlen zwei Zeilen:

channels_data_in.get_video_ice()->common.rtcp_mux = channels_data_in.get_video_ice()->common.rtcp_mux && channel_init.rtcp_mux;
channels_data_out.get_video_ice()->common.rtcp_mux = channels_data_in.get_video_ice()->common.rtcp_mux;

innerhalb von dieser Bedingung: (Zeile 4626)

if(video_out) {
next = next->add_next(h245_write_faststart_openLogicalChannel_xmit(true,video_in->coder,video_out->number,video_out->xmit_packet,video_out->flags,false,video_out->addr,video_out->port,ip_anyaddr,0,channels_data_out.get_id(),*channels_data_out.get_guid(),mode==H323_MODE_LOCAL_MEDIA?video_in->pt:video_out->pt,0,0,h245_trace));
next = next->add_next(h245_write_faststart_openLogicalChannel_recv(true,video_in->coder,video_in->number,video_out->recv_packet,video_out->flags,false,video_in->addr,video_in->port,channels_data_out.get_id(),*channels_data_out.get_guid(),video_in->pt,0,0,h245_trace));

22882 - SIP: Bug in media negotiation (wrong RTP payload type used)

Bug in media negotiation (wrong RTP payload type used).
On outbound calls with media-relay.
Interop with PolycomSoundStationIP.

23405 - SIP: Change behaviour of interop tweak /send-deprecated-diversion-header

If option /send-deprecated-diversion-header is set, Diversion header is sent in addition to History-Info header (not instead of History-Info header).
Make version 12 work like version 11 or earlier.

22670 - SIP: Fix for media-negotiation (no-audio problem)

Fix for media-negotiation (no-audio problem).

24594 - SIP: Fix for trap

Fix for rare trap.

23102 - SIP: Try to keep RTP payload type assignments throughout the call

Interop with Deutsche Telekom.
Better not change RTP payload type assignments during a call.

22922 - SIP: Update for config option "Identity Header when Sending INVITE"

Update for config option "Identity Header when Sending INVITE".
When "UUI" is selected as value, the UUI can contain placeholder:

24118 - SIP: Used wrong RTP payload type for telephone-event

RTP payload type 101 for telephone-event used which was also used for G726.

23107 - SIP: Wrong local RTP address selected

Wrong local RTP address selected.
IP address of ETH0 used instead of ETH1.
Must select local RTP address based on remote proxy address.

23927 - SMTP protocol error CRLF instead of LF should be used

Bare LFs are changed to CRLF

24143 - softwarephone: nat detection does not work and can lead to dropped tls registrations

24142 - softwarephone: when starting swphone via mypbx a space in h323 name does not work

11r2 and up: The h323 name is passed fom mypbx url encoded. this is erronously decoded by swphone so that a space is inserted between name segments. example: Lothar%20Burkhardt results in config string: /h323 Lothar Burkhardt. only the first part is then evaluated.

22665 - softwarephone:when started by mypbx passwords containing special chars do not work

the login values passed from mypbx to swphone are url encoded, must be decoded by swphone before processing

23337 - TLS: Prevent traps if device has no certificate

Boxes that have no certificate, create one on the first startup.
If TLS connections were started before that certificate was finished, there could be a trap. Now the TLS connection just fails.

23828 - TURN: Wrong message coding caused interoperability problem

An incorrect length value in a TURN message affected interoperability with some public TURN servers.

23760 - UI: Give packet count on overview of TURN-Sessions

Give packet count on overview of active TURN-Sessions to see which session is really used.

24136 - USB headsets: limit jitter on output to headset speaker

if DSP output data rate does not match USB bus data rate some data has to be discarded/inserted

23217 - USB headsets: support Plantonics Blackwire C325.1, Jabra Evolve 75

Add support for Plantonics Blackwire C325.1 and Jabra Evolve 75

12r2 Service Release 1 (125154)

24944 - Conferening App: Websocket connection fixed

The websocket of the conferening app doesn't connect. This is fixed now.

25029 - Gateway: New option at route "No DGPN mapping"

Usually the DGPN is mapped with the CGPN mapping as well. Sometimes this is not wanted, esspecially if the DGPN is used for special purposes, like setting PAI/PPI on a SIP Trunk.

25120 - IPVA: Rework Of License Serial Filtering

Now every serial, but 009033, is allowed.

25031 - IPxx11: Static memory overwritten

Static memory was overwritten but didn't cause problems in released builds.

25044 - IPxx11: Trap with CAS protocols

With CAS protocols T1, E1_R2D, E1_3BIT a trap occured.

25125 - myPBX for Windows did not work if Outlook was not installed

An exception happend when Outlook was contacted

25121 - Netlogon: Support fragmentation of authentication message

Fragmented responses from the Windows Server are now supported for user login.

25088 - Outlook contact search did not work without LDAP Configuration

Outlook contacts are only searchable if a LDAP Server is configured.

24878 - PBX: Chat did not work on some standby scenarios

A chat session could not be established to a user, which was defined on a slave if the user was actually registered to the master, because the slave was down.

24879 - Phones: Cannot retrieve held call after consultation

If a consultation call is terminated by remote side, the local user hears a "disconnect" tone. Instinctively the user hangs up.
But this does not only removes the disconnected consultation call, but also the held call is dropped.

25030 - Phones: New flag for "Fine grained function locking/hiding"

New flag for "Fine grained function locking/hiding":
IP2x2 and IP11x only.

24951 - Phones: Ring filter config did not work in a config-template scenario

Ring filter config did not work in a config-template scenario.
Could not over-write volume value of template.

25131 - Possible trap during RSA signature validation

Trap traces show "x509 free error" with the following events pending:

6: x509 2b08

Collateral damage from #160354: TLS: Verifying of RSA signatures didn't always work

24873 - SIP: Interface may loose registration from time to time

Interface may loose registration from time to time, but only if server protects against digest replay.

25171 - Some LDAP attributes causes trap in OutlookSearch

If Number Attributes of LDAP Config has no colon the LDAP configuration causes a Trap in OutlookSearch

12r2 Service Release 2 (125179)

26274 - AD-Replication: Increased LDAP/ASN.1 Decoding Buffer

AD-Replication: Increased LDAP/ASN.1 Decoding Buffer
Now 24KB. Was 8KB. Active Directory entries with many groups easily exceeded the 8KB size barrier.

26275 - apply changes of DNS Server configuration immediately without reset

When the DNS Server configuration was changed via WEB-GUI the changes were applied only after a reset but the GUI did not indicate this.

25350 - Check option VOIP_OPTION_AOR_AS_IDENTITY also for INVITE responses

Check option VOIP_OPTION_AOR_AS_IDENTITY also for INVITE responses

26838 - Collaboration: sctp handshake fails if Init Ack message gets lost

AppSharing will not work if the SCTP handshake fails which could happen if this message gets lost. I did not accept a second INIT Message which indicates that the Acknowledge got lost.
Only reported by Sebastian.

25089 - DHCPv4 restart in LLDP provided VLAN did not configure the new IP address

When the DHCPv4-client holds a lease in native (untagged) VLAN and later a tagged VLAN configuration is provided by LLDP the DHCPv4-client is restarted and requests a lease in the tagged VLAN.
But when the DHCPv4-client got a lease in tagged VLAN the IP-stack was not configured with the from this lease IPv4 address but with the address assigned in native VLAN..

26701 - Don't remove leading zeros from Congolese phone numbers

Like in Italy, area codes in the Republic of the Congo (+242) can start with a zero digit. So the phone number normalization should not remove it.
The fix applies to the phones and to myPBX.

25523 - Fixed space calculation of CF cards/SSDs

The calculation under General->Compact Flash->Info returned wrong values for huge directories with many files.

25229 - Gateway: Config option "No RTCP-MUX" for Gateway interfaces

Config option "No RTCP-MUX" for Gateway interfaces.
Some SIP carriers are rejecting every INVITE with "a=rtcp-mux" in SDP body.

25459 - HTTP redirect does not work with IPv6

HTTP redirect does not work with IPv6.
Client side: Host header misses brackets around IPv6 address
Server side: Location header carries truncated IPv6 address

25460 - IP110, IP240: Fixed sporadic traps related to timers

On IP110 and IP240 telephones sporadic traps related to timers could occur.

26592 - IP111/112/222/232: Bug in "Fine grained Function Locking"

Could not lock "Diversion Override" (0x04000000) in "Fine grained Function Locking".

26634 - IP111/112/222/232: Bug in config option "Function keys not modifiable on the phone"

The fine grained function locking mask did not work as expected/documented.
This mask is intended to protect specified fkeys from being re-configure on the phone's ui.
This mask erroneously controlled the offered fkey-types instead in earlier versions.
Fixed now.

26914 - IP111/112/222/232: Bug in config option "Function keys not modifiable on the phone"

The fine grained function locking mask did not work as expected/documented.
This mask is intended to protect specified fkeys-types from being re-configure on the phone's ui.
Fixed now.

26754 - IP111/112/222: Show call related status message

In special scenarios a call may receive a status message which is displayed in old phones (b/w display) and on IP232.
But was not on IP111/112/222.

25968 - IP150 - reduce number of flash segments reserved for local directory

The 12r2 firmware/minifirmware needs more flash space than available when 6 segments (128 kB) are reserved for the local directory. Thus the number of reserved segments is reduced to 4.

25893 - IP150 bootcode which enables bigger flash

OP150 bootcode which enables bigger flash The IP150 hardware has a 16MB flash, but only 4MB are currently usable. The bootcode should be changed to support the full size

25228 - IP200/230/240/110: No ringtone at exec-possible on call completion

When call completion was requested and exec-possible notification is received, the phone displayes a notification to the user, but the ringtone was missing.

26167 - IP22, IP24, IP38 and IP150 were missing from the firmware download

IP22, IP24, IP38 and IP150 builds are now added to the firmware download page again. See V12r2 Hardware Restrictions for details.

25032 - IPv6: trap when processing icmp6 neighbour discovery redirect info

IPv6 trapped when processing icmp6 neighbour discovery redirect info

25894 - Make PBX apps accessible with "password protect all pages"

The settings, boolean and conferencing app were not accessible, if the "password protect all pages" option was enabled.

24900 - Mobility: DTMF Features did not work if mobile endpoint was called as WQ operator

Disabling RTP-DTMF did not work in a special media-renegotiation scenarion

24877 - Mobility: On-the-phone presence did not work for calls initiated by a mobile endpoint

On-the-phone presence was not indicated if a user initiated a call from his mobile device thru mobility

25462 - myPBX Android/iOS: Internal numbers longer than 3 digits not recognized

The max internal number length configuration was not considered and only numbers with up to 3 digits assumed to be internal.

26755 - myPBX Android/iOS: Name resolution via smartphone contacts incomplete

Name resolution was implemented for display of a call but not for calls in the call list. Add resolution for the call list entries.

25516 - myPBX Android/iOS: Text messages not working properly

Text messages were ringing like phone calls and on Android the message was not displayed on the phone screen.

25720 - myPBX: Outlook Contact Search looks for number name and detail attributes

Outlook Contact Search now looks only for number or name attributes to avoid empty contacts as results.

25715 - myPBX: Outlook Search should only show results if a name is included

Currently the search results include entries without a name.

25717 - myPBX: Outlook Search will support more LDAP Attributes

Outlook Search will support more LDAP Attributes

25180 - PBX Conferencing: Avoid too many traces

Avoid unnecessary traces during a conference.

26686 - PBX Confernce could not be opened from other PBX

The redirect to the PBX did not work

25028 - PBX Trunk: New option "Set Diverting=Calling No"

This can be used so that the internal extension is always sent as DGPN. In the Gateway the DGPN can be used to set PAI/PPI

24874 - PBX Waiting: Sometimes presence of an operator was cleared unexpectedly

This happend if the features
- Presence disables Operator
- Set Operator Presence
were used and the operator received a call not from the WQ after a call to the operator thru the WQ was rejected because of the presence

25500 - PBX: Fixed possible memory leak with WebRTC

Fixed a memory leak that occured based on timing when closing WebRTC instances.

25515 - Phones: Cannot download logo image file from PBX through RP

Cannot download logo image file from PBX through Reverse Proxy.

26839 - Phones: Config file options /name-display-in and /name-display-out did not work as expected

Config file options /name-display-in and /name-display-out did not work as described in reference article:
Old behaviour: "1" always selected "surname"; "2" always selected "givenname"; "3" always selected "organization";
Correct behaviour: "1" selects first configured name attribute; "2" selects second configured name attribute; "3" selects third configured name attribute;

25197 - Phones: Start ringer when call is left on hold

Start ringer when call is left on hold after anding consultation by going onhook.

25335 - Phones: Trap when configuring CF fkey on the phone UI

Trap when configuring CF (call forwarding) fkey on the phone UI.

26163 - Phones: Trap when receiving text messages while HOME-APP is disabled

Trap when receiving text messages while HOME-APP is disabled via "Fine grained Function Hiding"

25235 - Potential unexpected restart when playing announcements

Under some unlikely timing conditions

24835 - Reverse Proxy LDAP: Concatenation of domain components does not work correctly

From a user name with the dn=<user>,dc=<doman-component1>,dc=<domain-component2> representation, the domain was not build correctly. Some random characters were added

26695 - SBC: Memory leak with SIP devices

There could be memory leaks in some situations on SIP calls

25322 - Set the RTCP-Mux flag for offer inside media endpoint

In order to support RTCP mux inside webmedia and conference.

26801 - SIP-Provider Profile BE-Proximus-Business_Trunking and BE-Proximus-Wireless_Office_Extended

fixed display issue with chrome browser

26800 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-MagentaZuhause

change framesize to 20ms and disable ice

25473 - SIP-Provider Profiles ES-LCRcom-Voz_IP

25511 - SIP: New interop tweak /send-no-historyinfo for Vodafone

Vodafone rejects INVITE with History-Info headers fully compliant to RFC-7044 and RFC-7131.
New interop tweak /send-no-historyinfo will suppress all History-Info headers.

25630 - SIP: SDP offer may contain duplicated payload types

Payload type for OPUS codec may appear twice in media description.

25318 - SIP: To-URI was wrong in an INVITE after REFER

To-URI was wrong in an INVITE after REFER.
Send INVITE with "To: sip:abc@
Recv REFER with "Refer-To: sip:def@
Send INVITE with "To: sip:def@
(Userpart was updated but hostpart not)
Now INVITE is sent with "To: sip:def@

26164 - Softwarephone should not set PATH variable

swphone sets users PATH environment variable each time it starts due to accessibility of the icollect tool. this caused problems. Now instead add a shortcut to icollect in start menu

25522 - Trap if CF card/SSD is full

If the card is full, the box might trap.

23316 - Unexpected restart if changing PBX user type from user to trunk, while phone is registred

The subscription calls were handled before the initialization was complete

25440 - USB headsets: reduced output delay, improved DSP/USB synchronization

on long lasting calls it could happen that the voice from remote party was sent with a growing delay to the headset speaker

25339 - VLAN setting via LLDP did not work for ip112

Since V12r2 received LLDP frames are tagged by the switch of the IP112. This tag was not correctly removed before the frame was passed to the LLDP protocol.

25480 - Voicemail: Append Opus to coder list

Modify hard-coded default list from

25514 - Webmedia: File OPUS-NB/OPUS-WB not according to call

Announcement files OPUS-NB/OPUS-WB were not taken in line with the codec of the call.

26796 - WebRTC Firefox compatibility: Add a=setup:actpass to offer SDP

Firefox 55 requires offers to contain the a=setup attribute for DTLS-SRTP. So this fix adds the attribute to the offer presented to the browser.

25458 - WebRTC: Avoid javascript error in Chrome when playing ringback tones

This fix avoids the following error shown in the developer console of Chrome:
"The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause()"

The error could lead to missing ringback tones during WebRTC calls.

The fix is inside the Javascript code for WebRTC. For myPBX the PBX needs to be updated. For widgets and toolbox applications the new version of the javascript code needs to be copied to the webserver.

12r2 Service Release 3 (125210)

27005 - "Config Cmds" tracing duplicates request arguments

Only used for testing.

28945 - Admin UI: Tab "Apps" missing on executive object

The tab should appear like on regular user objects.

27260 - don't wait for pending log messages or CDRs at end of test period

a box operated in test mode is automatically reset after 8 hours. This reset must not be delayed because of unsent log messages or CDRs

26915 - Fax: Accept bad frames after correctly received document

If an incoming document is correctly and completely received and a bad frame instead of a disconnect is received after this, no protocol error should be reported. This error prevents from converting and forwarding the document. This is fixed now.

26663 - Gateway CDRs new parameter ts

This is a timestamp indicating the uptime of the gateway wrintung the CDRs. the Format is <Seconds>.<Milliseconds>
Aus communote, Projekt TCC Provider der Abbrechnung Zehntelsekunden genau machen muss.
Risiko minimal, 3 Zeiler in relay.cpp

28466 - IP-DECT: Air sync remains in "Not Init"

The air sync module in the IP-DECT device remains in the state "Not Init" after rebbot and the base station isn't useable. This is fixed now.

27656 - IP200/230/240/110: No ringtone at exec-possible on call completion

When call completion was requested and exec-possible notification is received, the phone displayes a notification to the user, but the ringtone was missing.

27109 - IP2x2x: Fixed touch behaviour

Touch events were not verified sufficiently.

27898 - logging WEB UI - permit shadow server configuration only when logging is enabled

When "Services/Logging/Log Server/Type" is set to "off" the Log Server Shadow cannot be configured and thus the input fields shall be hidden

27048 - Make PBX BC conf app accessible with "password protect all pages"

The BC conferencing app isn't accessible, if the "password protect all pages" option was enabled.

25497 - More info on out-of-memory restarts

Show who allocated the suspicous buffers

27062 - myPBX iOS: Keypad "4" showed letters "GFHI" instead of "GHI"

Letters "GHI" must be associated with keypad "4" and "XYZ" with keypad "9".

27004 - myPBX: Outlook Search uses standard Name or Number Attributes if no valid Name or Number Attributes are given

myPBX: Outlook Search uses standard Name or Number Attributes if no valid Name or Number Attributes are given

25501 - PBX location incomplete destination was only used for calls from root node

The incomplete destination should be used for any call from a different node

28934 - PBX Mobility: Calls to mobility object failed, if forced encryption was set

The mobility object did not offer encryption for the call progress tones

28856 - PBX Waiting Queue: Call picked by another user, was still counted as call to the queue

This was a problem with the "Max Call/Operator(%)" option of the PBX. The queue was potentially regarded as busy even if all operator were available.

28861 - PBX Waiting: Pickup of call from operator did not work

Call was disconnected

28860 - PBX Waiting: Round robin config could result in calls not sent to operators

In case a call was picked from operator

28932 - PBX: Allow configuration of H.323/TCP and H.323/TLS for standby registration

Configuration option added

26738 - PBX: Calls were disconnected after SOAP blind transfer to Waiting Queue

Operator phones were alerting, but when a operator answered the call, the call was disconnected

27937 - phone USB headset: special mode for USB speakerphones

When a USB speakerphone is only occasionally used for ad hoc conferences but not for normal calls it's not desired that calls initiated or accepted via CTI are routed to the USB-speakerphone.
With "Phone/Preferences/Headset used ad hoc only" checked calls initiated or accepted via CTI are routed to the phone in handsfree mode. The phones headset key and the USB-speakerpones talk-button remain active, i.e. a ringing call can be accepted on the USB-speakerpone and a connected call call can be moved to the USB-speakerphone.

28549 - phone USB Headsets: support Jabra SPEAK 710 MS & Jabra LINK 370 MS

SPEAK 710 MS / LINK 370 MS are the 'Designed for Lync' variants of the already supported SPEAK 710 UC / LINK 370 UC

28457 - phone USB Headsets: support Jabra Speak 710 USB Speakerphone

add support for Jabra Speak 710 USB Speakerphone

27976 - phone USB Headsets: support Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless Conference System

add support for the Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless Conference System, a system of 4 Speakerphones coupled via bluetooth

26949 - Phones: Dial fkey with option "Send as Control Call" always reported error

Dial fkey with option "Send as Control Call" always reported "Operation failed".
Even if operation was successful.

24593 - Phones: Dialing did not work in some cases

Entering dialing digits did not work on some devices (e.g. IP200).

28003 - Phones: Failure of diversion activation was not handled

Diversion activation may fail.
E.g. PBX may reject with "notAuthorized" if diversion filter is configured for this user.
Failure was not detected and diversion was displayed as "active" on the phone.

27277 - Services/Logging UI - hide Log Server Shadow configuration when Log Server is off

When Services/Logging/Log Server/Type is set to off there can be no Shadow and thus the configuration makes no sense

28918 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-swissnet_telecommunication_ag-swissnet_NxT_pro

28116 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-DeutschlandLAN_SIP_Trunk

Provider added support for Call Redirection.
Activate "No Ice", "No Video" bc. of customer feedback

28428 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-M_net-Business_Telefonie

28921 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-peoplefone-SIP_TRUNK_PBX

28456 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss

new profile

28465 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-Vozelia-Telefonia_IP

28496 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-Vozelia-Telefonia_IP

28542 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-Redworks-SIP_Trunk

new profile

27921 - SIP: Call remains in "sendonly" mode when calling into conference

Call remains in "sendonly" mode when calling into conference due to very fast sequence of HOLD-NOTIFY, CT-COMPLETE, RETRIEVE-NOTIFY.

28708 - SIP: Calls dropped if Session-Expires was configured, but remote party ignores it

Calls dropped if Session-Expires was configured, but remote party ignores it

27664 - SIP: SDP answer with two telephone-event entries sent sometimes

SDP answer with two telephone-event entries sent with different payload-types.

27006 - softwarephone: remove reference to vs2008 redistributable

softwarephone version 12r2 wrongly requires the installation of vs2008 runtimes. removed

27657 - USB Headset: disabling a plugged headset via fuction key or telephone GUI does not disable the Talk-Button

When an USB-headset should be disabled via a fuction key Headset(Mode-Enable) or the switch "Setup/Phone Setup/Device Settings/Headset" in telefone GUI the Talk-Button of the headset was not disabled but did not work properly

12r2 Service Release 4 (125223)

29585 - CCBS/CCNR: Don't let "Exec Possible" ring forever

Since fix #22649 - Phones: CC-Exec-Possible gets lost while in another call
"Exec Possible" indication rings forever (instead of disappearing after 30 seconds).
Better keep the "Exec Possible" indication active as long as the phone is busy in another call and 30 more seconds after the phone went idle.

29631 - IP111/IP112: Support for new LCD display version

29632 - IP232: Support for touch controller version

28911 - IPVA avoid unnecessary "reset needed"

Config lines were not grouped correctly

29360 - IPVA: the update client provided firmware filenames in wrong character case

If the URL leading to the firmware or bootcode file ends with '/ the update client did append "IPVA.BIN" but the delivered files are named "ipva.bin". This did not work with http servers on a case sensitive system like lighttpd on linux.

16409 - IPxx11: DSP code update

29240 - ipxx11: Support for new SPI Flash, Bootcodeupdate

new Winbond W25Q256J has a different JedecID compared to the old W25Q256F.

29054 - myPBX iOS: Email configuration did not work with older IOS

The e-mail configuration requires // after the scheme on new iOS versions. This messes up the first command on old iOS versions.

28956 - Netlogon: Trap on fragmented messages

Collateral damage from the following fix:
#25121 - Netlogon: Support fragmentation of authentication message

25492 - PBX restart when changing Boolean object, together with config templates and many users

Many users could cause a delayed deletion of an object, which did not work, but caused a restart instead.

28857 - PBX Waiting Queue: Take operators with mobility only into account when counting operators

For features like "CFNR on no Operators"

28855 - PBX: Pickup did not work accross PBX with e164 configuration

In case of a e164 configuration, meaning nodes with escapes are configured, a call could not be picked from another PBX/Node even if it was displayed on the pickup key

28770 - PBX: Transfer of connected call to conference did not work

The media was not connected, but ringback was played.

29219 - phone ip112: new config options - accept only known devices at USB port, disable USB port,

Configured in WEB-GUI under "Phone/Protect/USB"
- config add USB-HOST /disable
o applied after reset only
o no USB function block (PHY, VBUS, Controller) is powered/started
o "USB disabled" popup on phone display when pressing the phone headset key
- config add USB-HOST /secure
o serve only USB devices with audio and (optionally) HID interface(s)
o trigger alarm when another device is plugged

29070 - phone: notification tone missing in headset after automatic call connection

When "Redial" (aka powerdial) is requested after a failing call and the remote side accepts the redialled call a notification tone is sent to inform the user about the connected call.
This tone could not be heared in most wirelesss headsets because it was sent before the media channel between headset and base was established. A delay of one second helps.

29141 - phone: recording to http server stopped prematurely when the currently recorded call was released by remote party

recording to http server was stopped when the currently recorded call was released by the remote party. even if there was another call on hold. when the held call was retrieved it was not recorded anymore.

29694 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-swissnet_telecommunication_ag-swissnet_NxT_pro

Updated SIP Provider Profile

29574 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-CITEC_AG-Universe_SIP_Trunk

29369 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-VSE_NET-EASY_PHONE_NGN_SIP_Trunk

29136 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-Vozelia-Telefonia_IP

29378 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-KPN-Vast_bellen_Dienst_VoIP_Connect

29565 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-MOTTO-SIP_TRUNK

29714 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-X2com-X2VoIP

29116 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-XENOSITE-SIP_TRUNK

29191 - softwarephone: crash if password long

When password was longer than 16 characters, the swphone crashed.

29189 - softwarephone: install did not set the configuration link anymore

During installation the configuration url is determined and stored in the "configuration" link in the start menu. This did not work anymore.

29190 - softwarephone: MOH did not play when remote goes on hold

Due to a bug in the socket layer in some cases the local ports changed during ICE handshake. This could lead to broken TURN connections.
For example when remote party went on hold, softwarephone sometimes did not play the hold music.

29192 - softwarephone: No DTMF detection does not work

Softwarephone sends now DTMF as tones if "no DTMF detection" is configured. In the default case DTMFs are sent as events.

28931 - Write PCAP to URL could cause restart

In case an invalid URL was configured. Also other strange things could happen.

12r2 Service Release 5 (125232)

29807 - Fix RTP timestamp in dummy CN packet

Dummy CN packets are sent prior real media packets in order to overcome NAT.
RTP timestamp in dummy CN packets did not match the real media stream.

29816 - Forwarding Alarms and Events from a Gateway/PBX to Sylog Server did not work

A Gateway/PBX can be configured to forward all alarms and events to one ore two SYSLOG Server. This did not work anymore.

29762 - IP111/IP112: Fixed small inconsistency in the handset echo canceller

Fixed a small inconsistency in the handset echo canceller that could affect the echo suppression a tiny bit.

29808 - IP112: Attention tone for ringing pickup call not played on the speaker

If a headset was plugged the attention tone if a call on a pickup group was ringing didn't play out from the telephone speaker. It only played out on the headset.

28997 - IP112: Notify tone also via speaker if headset plugged

On other phones (IP2x2) the notify tone is also played on the speaker if a headset is plugged.

29745 - myPBX Android: App crash with java audio API

If java was selected as audio API, the app crashed at the beginning of the call on new Android versions.

29765 - myPBX Android: Debug traces not written on some Smartphone Brands (e.g. Huawei)

On Huawei devices debug traces were not written.

29815 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-MDCC_Magdeburg_City_Com-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

29797 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-LCRcom-Voz_IP

Updated SIP Provider Profile
Provider changed the siptrunk from siptrunk1 to siptrunk2

29841 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-SOLLIE_COMM-SIP_TRUNK

New SIP Provider Profile

29804 - SRTP Profile SRTP_AES128_CM_SHA1_32 not implemented

This profile was offered but not implemented. Latest Chrome Version is using this profile...

29802 - Video not working with Chrome if rtcp_mux is set

Variant variable was not correctly set with VARIANT_TRUE but with TRUE.

12r2 Service Release 6 (125236)

30059 - IP111/IP112: DTMF feedback played too loud

When DTMF keys were pressed the feedback into the handset was rather loud.

30069 - myPBX Android/iOS: Ringtone change set Ringtone volume to 0 and thus off

If the ringtone was changed on myPBX Android/iOS the volume changed to 0 at the PBX user object. A desktop phone registered for the same user then didn't ring any more until the volume was restored there again.

29412 - myPBX Android: Appropriate Audio API default for Huawei P8 Lite

Echo cancellation on this smartphone is only available with audio API "RTP". Therefore make this the default for it.

30208 - NTP service may produce heavy CPU load while awaiting DNS results for statically configured NTP server addresses

The NTP service produced heavy CPU load under the following conditions:
- statically configured primary AND secondary NTP server address
- DNS server addresses configured via DHCP
The CPU load went down as soon as a DNS server address was received.

30070 - phone_imx6: provide more info in case of watchdog traps

In case of a watchdog trap the trap frame was stored just below the current stack pointer which will either override some interesting 'before trap' info on stack.or raise another trap if the stack pointer itself is invalid. Now an extra stack area is used also for watchdog trap handling.

30326 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-QUICKLINE-Office_Voice

New SIP Provider Profile

29989 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-CITEC_AG-Universe_SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile, disabled T.38 and encryption

29991 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-M_net-Business_Telefonie

Updated SIP Provider Profile: disabled T.38

29993 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-MK_Network-VoiceConnect

Updated SIP Provider Profile: disabled T.38 and video

30018 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-VIPRO-SIP_TRUNK

New SIP Provider Profile

30220 - SIP-Provider Profile PL-Peoplefone-SIP_Trunk

12r2 Service Release 7 (125256)

31131 - DHCP/DHCP6 WEB-UI: Help reference incorrect

The Help reference for the 'Server' and 'Custom' pages was wrong

30789 - do not log calls to dialup recorder in local call list

when in manual or optional recording mode recording was stopped manually before the end of the recorded call a call list entry was created for the recording call to dialup recorder.

30373 - Don't send unnecessary re-INVITE

re-INVITE was sent on an outgoing call right after connect.
But only if provisional response was received with unclear SDP answer with multiple audio codecs listed.
If final 200/OK response has SDP answer with single audio codec, no additional re-INVITE needs to be send to pinpoint to single audio codec.

31029 - Fix for "automatic" domain if no domain is configured

Prior this fix:
If no domain is configured on an interface the AOR for registration is constructed using the proxy name/addr as host part.
If two different proxies are configured (primary and fallback) the primary proxy's name/addr is used for primary registration and also for fallback registration.
In some environments the fallback proxy does not accept a registration where AOR contains name/addr of primary proxy.

From now on:
- The AOR is constructed using primary proxy's name/addr on the primary registration
- The AOR is constructed using fallback proxy's name/addr on the fallback registration

If the old behaviour is required (same AOR on both registrations (primary and fallback))
the domain part for the AOR needs to be configured on the interface explicitely.

This patch only affects interfaces where NO domain is configured!

31243 - IP-DECT: Configuration option "Advanced Administration" removed

The unused config option was removed from the page General Admin.

30801 - ip111,ip112: protect device memory and read only text and data

protect device memory and read only text and data to find errors caused by illegal memory accesses earlier

31039 - ip111/112: egress filtering of voice VLAN frames on PC port

By default there is no egress filtering on the PC port, i.e. non-VLAN and VLAN multicast frames received at the LAN port will be seen at the PC port. Checking "ETH0/Link/Isolate VLAN" enables egress filtering of all frames tagged with the VLAN-ID configured for the Link either manually or via DHCP or LLDP.

30325 - ip111/112: prevent spurious traps probably caused by location of checksum in firmware image

Spurious traps were observed with certain firmware builds. The builds could be healed by postprocessing when the checksum was stored to another (unused) location in firmware. Thus checksum location is changed now.

31042 - ip11x: Support for new SPI Flash, Bootcodeupdate

new Winbond W25Q128JM has a different JedecID compared to the old W25Q128F.

31043 - IP222 IP232: Support for new backlight LED driver

IP222 IP232 HW2000 uses a AX2012 LED driver instead of AKROS, this needs new parameters for backlight control.

30911 - myPBX Android: App crash on ringtone configuration dialog

On some devices the app crashed if the ringtone configuration dialog was entered.

30408 - myPBX Android: Use audio API "Java" on HTC Nexus 9

Audio from the microphone is not properly captured with default settings. Need to use the audio API "Java".

30866 - myPBX iOS: AUN tone not delayed according to config

The notification tone on non-answered call to a pickup group appeared immediately instead of delayed according to the pickup fkey Audible Signal after alerting [sec] parameter.

30409 - myPBX-Video: DTLS Handshake may not work if rtcp_mux is used

rtcp_mux option is set too late

31075 - phone: USB headsets - support more Sennheiser headsets

Add support for a couple of newer Sennheiser headsets, see

31012 - Phones: Fix for trap

Devices: IP222/232/111/112
Trap caused by null pointer.

30969 - SDP pass-through did not work on too-big SDP

SDP got truncated on transparent pass-through.

31038 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Backbone_Solutions_AG-sipcall_SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

30377 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-equada-VoIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

30670 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-LCRcom-Voz_IP

Updated SIP Provider Profile

31014 - SIP: New interop tweak /fixed-remote-address

New interop tweak /fixed-remote-address
If set the gateway will send all SIP messages belonging to one call to the same remote IP address.
Any Route headers will be ignored.

30667 - SIP: Timeout on HOLD transaction was not reported to application

An re-INVITE(inactive) may fail with no-response.
Failure should be reported to application.

29821 - SRTCP should always use 80-bit authentication tag

We used the same hash length as for SRTP.
But the RFCs tell that SRTCP should never use less than 80-bit.

31024 - TURN client not switching to alternate server for TURN/TCP

If alternate TURN servers were specified via two IP addresses or multiple DNS response records TURN/TCP didn't switch to an alternative.

30554 - Voicemail: Pass conferenceID into api_forward_setup()

Voicemail-forwarded calls appeared multiple times within myPBX. Happened in case of multi-registrations at the forward destination.

12r2 Service Release 8 (125285)

31457 - Analog adapters: DTMF facilities did not work together with block dialing

The dialed feature codes were evaluated only after block-dial timeout and # was removed.

31455 - App licenses were acquired even on PBXs the user was not configured for

App licenses as all user licenses should be used only the the PBX the user is configured for

31250 - Config option "No RTCP-MUX" did not work in transit mode

Config option "No RTCP-MUX" did not work in transit mode.
Only in Media-Relay and Local-Media mode.

31836 - Do myPBX restart just for updates

RegisterApplicationRestart just for updates, nothing else.
This will prevent a myPBX restart on crashes.

31285 - Gateway interface config gets damaged when changing number map

When changing number map on an interface,
other parts of the interface config got lost:
Fields "Gatekeeper Address (primary)" and "Gatekeeper Address (secondary)".
But only if domain names have been configured there.

31928 - Gateway: Problem with media negotiation

Problem with media negotiation may occur when call is routed over TONE interface and TONE interface has a exclusive-coder config.

31887 - Gateway: Transfering Party Number not mapped

Transfering Party Number not mapped when a call is transferred to an external destination.

31834 - HTTP recording failed to start sometimes

HTTP recording did not start if the media configuration was completed too late

31306 - IP-DECT: Wrong Mobility Master passwords saved

caused by a missed URL decode.

31296 - IP-DECT: Wrong system password saved

if the signs '+' or '%' are used caused by a duplicate URL decode.

31835 - IP111/IP112: Whisling noise at start of speakerphone mode

A call between two IP111/IP112 telephones in speakerphone mode likely started with a short period of whisling oscillation that calmed down slowly.

31737 - IP222/IP232: Noise in handsfree connection between these two

A connection in speakerphone mode between two of these devices initiated via myPBX exhibited some background noise that disappeared after mute/un-mute.

31992 - IPVA: Calibrate TSC

On VMware the time stamp counter will be calibrated by reading the frequency from the hypervisor or by measuring against the PIT.

32170 - Memory leak on HTTP redirect with digest authentication

The memory leak occured when the myPBX launcher with video enabled was redirected to a slave PBX.

31581 - Mobility pickup with myPBX did not work anymore

Collateral damage from fix 19234 - PBX: A call initiated thru pickup was sent to forking destination as well

32336 - myPBX Android/iOS: No call list entry for callthrough

PBX mobility call through via registration and with DTMF doesn't create a suitable call list entry.

31956 - myPBX Android/iOS: On call through wait longer before sending DTMF

Until now the GSM dialer was instructed just to wait a moment before sending the call through destination number to the mobility object. This wait time was not long enough in some environments.

31983 - myPBX Android/iOS: RTP packets with PCM data trace samples malformed

The RTP packets with PCM samples created on trace option "DSP data messages" were malformed for one direction. They could not be decoded afterwards.

32011 - myPBX Android: Some traces not written on some smartphones

Some important trace messages do not appear in the logs. They need to be deferred from the audio API callback.

31594 - myPBX Android: Trap on e-mail configuration

31829 - myPBX iOS: Web configuration on the smartphone didn't work anymore

Since 12r2 sr4 the button "Config/Web configuration" resulted in a "404 Not Found" message in the browser window.

31999 - myPBX launcher: Autostart softwarephone didn't work with non-standard port

When determining the gatekeeper host for the gatekeeper from the myPBX URL, it did not strip the port number.
Therefore the softwarephone could not register, if a port number was specified.

31491 - myPBX launcher: Catch and display exceptions during initialization of chromium browser

If there was an exception during the initialization of the embedded browser, the application crashed.
Now the exception is catched and displayed in a popup window.

31729 - myPBX launcher: Initialize browser only if no other instance is running

On startup the myPBX launcher checks, if another instance is running. If so, the startup of the new instance is prevented.

The embedded browser should only be initialized if no other instance is running.

32014 - myPBX launcher: Update chromium browser library

Update from CefSharp 53 to CefSharp 57.
In some cases the browser window stayed white. This bug seems to be fixed in the new version of the library.

31492 - PBX Administration link did not work anymore

The link for administration the PBX only created some XML error.

31451 - PBX Exec object, call exec called wrong user in case nodes are used

The number to call the exec was not generated correctly. This only worked in case of a flat numbering plan, or if caller and exec were in the same node.

31499 - PBX Gateway object "No Presence/Dialog Subscribe" did not work, if used as extern

The subscribe was forwarded to the registered device

31458 - PBX Mobility: Call waiting tone did not work anymore

This was a collateral damage of fix 14904 - Webmedia: Fix for inband ringback tone from Oct. 6, 2016. The tone used by mobility did not work anymore, since it now correctly starts with a delay.

31882 - phone USB headsets:: support Sennheiser SC45/75

support the latest Sennheiser SC45/75 headsets

31996 - phone: do not block call intrusion when URL-recording is configured

Call intrusion requires two DSP channels at the intruding side..
URL recording doesn't need an extra channel and thus URL-recording can work together with call intrusion.
Dialup recording requires an extra DSP-channel. A call intrusion can not be performed while dialup-recording is active and thus it is blocked as before dependent on current state and configuration.

31704 - Phones: The option "No physical location" did not work with Reverse Proxy

This option ignored the Gatekeeper Id, to which the redirection was done. With the Reverse Proxy just the physical location should be removed.

31452 - Potential very unlikely trap in timer handling

Locking missing

32018 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-tele_tec-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

31923 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-DOKOM-DOKOM21

New SIP Provider Profile

31608 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss

Updated SIP Provider Profile: h323-name for internal registration did not work when it contained special characters (e.g. blank)

31905 - SIP: Connected Party Update was not send out in some scenarios

A connected party may change during call.
Re-INVITE with updated identity header is sent.
But sometimes this was missed.

31470 - SIP: Do not change nonce during call (digest authentication)

To workaround an interop problem with XCAPI.
Do not change the nonce during call (digest authentication).

31833 - SIP: Don't take REGISTER as refresh if Call-ID is different

REGISTER requests with different Call-ID are not refresh for existing registrations.
Even if Contact-URI is the same as in earlier REGISTER requests.
RFC-3261 "10.2.4 Refreshing Bindings" says:
A UA SHOULD use the same Call-ID for all registrations during a single boot cycle.

31776 - SIP: Fallback to primary server may be delayed

Fallback from secondary to primary server may be delayed.
Should register at primary server immediately after successful polling.

31604 - SIP: Illegal encoding of s-line in SDP answer

Illegal encoding of s-line in SDP answer, but only in case the received s-line in SDP offer had nothing but whitespace as value.
s= <crlf/>

31699 - SIP: Interface did not register due to bug in DNS resolver

Interface did not register due to bug in DNS resolver.
Introduced with 12r2 sr7 (#31246 - SIP: Not all IP addresses were gathered from DNS)

31321 - SIP: Interop tweaks did not work when set globally on module

Interop tweaks (e.g. /send-no-historyinfo) only had effect when set on interface, not when set globally on SIP module.

31246 - SIP: Not all IP addresses were gathered from DNS

In cases where DNS returns multiple SRV records along with additional A records,
but the number of additional A records is less then the number of SRV records,
the missing A records were not gathered.
From now on the missing A records are gathered with additional A queries.

31924 - SIP: Registration refresh interval sometimes not decoded from REGISTER response

Registration refresh interval not decoded from REGISTER response,
if the Contact-URI in the response does not exactly match
the Contact-URI in the request.

Contact in REGISTER:
Contact in 200/OK:

31648 - Softwarephone: Install mfc120.dll if missing

The runtime merge module included in the softwarephone installation does not install mfc120.dll which is needed for the user configuration started from the tray icon. This module is now statically linked and does not require the dll anymore

31955 - softwarephone: intermittend crash

intermittend crash of swphone when a socket bind on a rtp port fails

31655 - Support supernetting in DHCP Server

The DHCP Server did permit only subnetting, i.e. the maintained address range was limited by the class of the interface address. For the interface address the maintained range was to
Now the limits are defined by the network mask configured for the interface and may be larger than the address class limits.

31590 - TURN server: Lifetime response not correct

Lifetime 0 was responded to allocate and refresh requests if they asked for a lifetime.

31692 - Unexpected restart on group pickup with *0# from Waiting queue

31459 - Unexpected restart on Mobility loop

A loop could for example be a mobility destination, which is a Waiting Queue, which has the same user as operator configured.

31614 - Video conference not forwarding important RTCP events

On a packet loss WebRTC requests a full video picture from the peer via RTCP. This request was not forwarded on a conference and caused frozen video for extended periods.

31698 - Waiting queue CFNR after announcement did not work for calls thru Mobility

Call was disconnected instead

29610 - Waiting Queue: Call count wrong for operator calls initiated with myPBX

The call sent to the operator telefone initially was wrongly counted as member call.

12r2 Service Release 9 (125318)

32830 - Add local time to first wireshark packet

The first wireshark packet, which contains the firmware version etc., could also contain the current local time, which can be used as reference for the further trace.

33052 - Analog adapters: Trap when using DTMF facilities together with block dialing

Fix for trap when using DTMF facilities together with block dialing.

33117 - DNS: Fixed a rare trap on delayed DNS responses

A trap could occur if a DNS response was received only after very long time while the socket was closing already.

32853 - IP-DECT: Hide Reverse-Proxy menu item

32808 - IP232: Support for touch controller version, fix for last fix

With the last fix touch controller Version M09 didnt work.

32992 - LDAP directory lookup node number support

used by IP-DECT phonebook.

32418 - myPBX Android/iOS: PBX mobility callback calls shown infinitely

PBX mobility callback calls do not disappear from the active calls shown in myPBX Android/iOS.

32475 - myPBX Android: Allow disabling of sync with GSM call list

Allow to disable the Synchronisation with the call list of the smartphone's GSM dialer since this might not be desired in some cases.

32723 - myPBX Android: Fixed trap if smartphone call list access is denied

Fixed a trap if the smartphone call list access is denied. In this case myPBX traps on start.

32897 - phone USB headsets: support some more Jabra Headsets

Add some new variants of already supported devices

33224 - Phones: Manually entered account settings corrupt

Account settings entered on the phone manually were not stored correctly.

33046 - Phones: Trap if account parameters configured on the phone were long

If long strings were entered as account parameters name, domain or some others the phone could trap.

32755 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-R.KOM-R_FON_Voip_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

32807 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Synelyans-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

33053 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-KPN-Vast_bellen_Dienst_VoIP_Connect

Updated SIP Provider Profile: MediaRelay now optional, Exlusive codec not set.

33259 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-XENOSITE-SIP_TRUNK

Updated SIP Provider Profile: disabled T.38

32457 - SIP-Provider Profile PL-Peoplefone-SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile, profile includes now hint that provider profile is deprecated as we cannot do regularly tests any more (last firmware tested: 12r2 Service Release 6)

32444 - SIP-Provider Profiles LI-Telecom_Liechtenstein_AG-Convoip_Trunk and CH-Telecom_Liechtenstein_AG-Convoip_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profiles

32988 - SIP: Add interop tweak to increase "Max-Forwards" header field

Add interop tweak to increase "Max-Forwards" header field.
Inbound call arrives from carrier with "Max-Forwards: 11".
Is forwarded to PBX.
Is diverted back to Gateway.
Is forwarded to carrier with "Max-Forwards: 8".
Not enough for the carrier to deliver the call.

32456 - SIP: New interop tweak /keep-tcp-connection

Some SIP devices rely on a permanent TCP connection for signaling.
By default, TCP connections are closed when idle.
By default, TLS connections are kept alive even when idle.
With this option TCP connections are kept alive even when idle.
This config option is for interfaces without registration.
Registered interfaces already keep their TCP connection permanentely open without this config option anyway.

32343 - SIP: Send audio offer after t38 offer has been rejected

Fix for Versatel.
Call is established as audio (coder=g711a).
Innovaphone tries to switch to fax (coder=t38) what is rejected by Versatel.
According to RFC3264 the session remains in the prior state (coder=g711a).
But for Versatel the session remains in an undefined state.
Innovaphoner should send another re-INVITE for Audio (coder=g711a) to re-establish audio.

33282 - Trap while using "Write PCAP to URL"

It may trap when the TCP connection is unexpectedly closed by remote side.

32412 - Webmedia: Problems playing prompts and tone for voicemail

Sometimes a tone instead of silence was played.
But only in configurations with fixed coder.

12r2 Service Release 10 (125340)

35041 - AppSharing: packets may be delivered in wrong order to SCTP module

I was locking the access to the sequence variable but I was not making sure that the packets were also delivered in the right order to the SCTP module.
Receiving side was dropping out of order packets.

34921 - Chrome rejected SDP offers on WebRTC calls

Chrome gave the following error message:
"Abort call: Could not set remote description: Failed to set remote offer sdp: Session error code: ERROR_CONTENT. Session error description: Cryptos must be empty when DTLS is active.."

34285 - Fkey config gets spoiled during hotdesking

When a user registers via another user's hotdesk fkey, the user automatically gets a "Logout" fkey where the hotdesk fkey was.
This "Logout" fkey is not part of the users fkey config.
This "Logout" fkey is 'overlayed' on users fkey config.
But if user does any change to its config during hotdesking, this "Logout" fkey is persistentely written into users fkey config.
Problem only in case of centralized storage of phone-config.

34264 - IP111/IP112: Reduce the crackling background noise in speakerphone mode

Reduce the crackling quantisation noise in speakerphone mode.

33366 - ip112 USB headsets: increase connect debounce timeout for slow booting USB devces

when a USB device plugin is detected a reset must be sent to the device after a certain timout to set the device to default state. A timeout of ~100 milliseconds was sufficient for all headsets tested so far. But the Plantroncs BT600 dongle needs at least 300 milliseconds before reset. Now a timeout of 300 milliseconds is used by default. It can be changed by
config add USB-HOST /connect-debounce <20-ms-ticks>
The default setting is
config add USB-HOST /connect-debounce 16

!-- jfr
Ja, das ist aber aufwändiger als nur das timeout zu verlängern und ich wollt nicht soviel Aufwand treiben (zumindest jetz) .
Wenn ich das Reset nach 100ms mache meldet der controller ja daß das device im default state ist (connected+enabled). aber danach bleibt ein get-descriptor hängen oder der controller meldet daß der default state nicht mehr besteht.

34316 - myPBX Android/iOS: Possible trap due to read beyond array bounds

This could cause a sporadic crash of the app.

33377 - myPBX Android: Option "Use myPBX to dial": "Always ask" not working on Android 6.0 up

On Android 6.0 and higher option "Use myPBX to dial" set to "Always ask" didn't present the selection of apps any more and moreover interfered with dialing via the GSM dialer.

34596 - myPBX crashes if VP8 video could not be initialized

34286 - myPBX iOS: Add microphone gain

Compared to the GSM dialer of the iPhone the microphone sensitivity of myPBX is lower. Therefore add gain.

34538 - myPBX launcher: Special characters did not work in usernames and password from command line

The parameters need to be URL encoded before passing them to the web client.

33396 - myPBX Windows: Possible duplicate entries in search result

Depending on the timing of presence requests and search results, it could happen that internal users were displayed twice.

33500 - myPBX: Delete browser cache on shutdown

In order to save disk space, myPBX for windows now deletes the browser cache on shutdown.
The local storage is kept persistent for storing app settings.

33285 - myPBX: Hide fragement identifiers of URLs in traces

The fragment identifiers may contain sensitive information.

33356 - myPBX: IPv6 did not work with websocket connections for video and appsharing

The launcher connects to the PBX and phones using Websocket for video and application sharing. This didn't work when IPv6 addresses were used.

33286 - myPBX: Try connecting video and collab only if the device supports it

If a device was selected that didn't support video (e.g. DECT) the launcher kept trying to connect to the device. This could cause load on the PBX.

Now the remote media services are only started when mypbx already knows that video is supported.

An update of the PBX and the myPBX launcher is needed.

34765 - phone - USB Headsets: add signature for Jabra Biz 2400 II Mono USB UC

Add signature for Jabra Biz 2400 II Mono USB UC

33389 - phone ip110/200a/230/240: trap when very long function key labels are configured

function key labels longer than the display line could lead to a trap because of a buffer overrun

33834 - phone ip222/232 USB: headset may go mute in a call lasting more than 3 hours

in calls via an USB headset lasting more than 3 hours it sometimes happened that the isochronous transfer from/to headset stopped because the host controller stopped interrupting.
now isochronous transfer is restarted if there are no interrupts for more than 200 milliseconds.

34737 - Phones: MWI status may get lost due to unnecessary config-update

Sometimes the phone config of a user may be re-written although unchanged (entering and leaving phone settings menu).
If phone config of a user is re-written it is going to be re-loaded also.
During this the MWI fkey interrogates the current MWI state.
In some scenarios the message center does not deliver the same MWI state.

33360 - Phones: Presence monitoring does not work in some special configurations

In PBX-Node scenarios you reach another node-local user via two phone numbers.
Direct extension (without node-prefix) and prefixed extension (with node-prefix).
You may configure partner fkey with direct extension and also a favourite with prefixed extension.
Two presence subscriptions will be established.
Phone receives presence updates on both presence subscriptions,
but only one of the two receivers will show the presence (either fkey or favourite).

34156 - Phones: Wrong display-name for external favorites

An external favorite (SIP-URI) is configured.
Presence suscription is established.
Display-Name and phone-number are received on this suscription.
If the received phone-number of this external contact matches the phone-number of a local PBX object, the display-name of the local PBX object is displayed on the favorite.

33279 - SDP: a=sendonly not decoded if received as session attribute

a=sendonly not decoded if received before m-line (outside media description)

32894 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Colt-SIP_Trunking

New SIP Provider Profile

34818 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-DeutschlandLAN_SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile: use of /no-fork to prevent audio issues when calling mobile phones with VoLTE support

33659 - SIP: Better get CDPN from To-URI if Request-URI matches local Contact-URI

NAT detection did not work for SIP/TCP.
That's why Request-URI was considered to be different from local Contact-URI (only hostpart was different).

34189 - SIP: Display name with quotes was not unescaped

A display name received with provisional response (e.g. 180/Ringing) was not un-escaped.
Only a problem if the display name itself contains double-quotes or a back-slash.

33816 - SIP: Fix for asymmetric codec problem

Follow-up to fix #16000 - SIP: Fix for asymmetric codec problem
If SDP answer is received with more than one audio codec we take the top-most codec as the selected one.
We send and receive this codec.
But the remote endpoint may send other codec.
Our endpoints can only send/receive one codec at a time.
In order to pinpoint the selected codec to only one, we now send a re-INVITE with a single-coder-offer right after negotiation (RFC-4317).
In case of late Offer/Answer exchange (200/OK and ACK) this pinpointing was missing.
From now on pinpointing is also done here.

34749 - SIP: Fix for DNS lookup flooding

If a DNS name is configured that cannot successfully be resolved into an IP address, SIP stack starts sending DNS requests in a loop.

34341 - SIP: Media negotiation issue in forking scenario

Media negotiation issue in forking scenario seen on Telekom trunk line.
An outbound call to mobile number may be forked due to VoLTE.
Telekom sends multiple progress responses with different RTP port.
Telekom sends final 200/OK without SDP answer.
innovaphone gateway sends RTP to last received RTP port, but that may not be the right one.

34436 - SIP: New interop tweak /no-fork

New interop tweak /no-fork to put "Request-Disposition: no-fork" into INVITE request.
According to RFC 3841 "Caller Preferences for SIP"

34508 - softwarephone: crash when no secondary dns server is provided by system

if no secondary dns server is provided by the system call the then undefined value lead to a crash

33288 - trap when enabling/disabling test mode while logging to LOCAL-AP

a trap could happen when test mode was enabled/disabled while logging to LOCAL-AP

34280 - UDP: upper limit of RTP port range was exceeded by 2

With a configuration "First UDP-RTP Port: 50000 Number of Ports: 999 First/Last 50000/50999" the last allocated pair should be 50998/50999 but it was 51000/51001.

33644 - Websocket: Send ping every 2 minutes

The boxes now send a ping every 2 minutes over websocket connections, in order to prevent timeouts in some NATs and Firewalls.

34863 - Widgets: Enable console logs for WebRTC

In support cases it is useful if we have the WebRTC logs in the console.

12r2 Service Release 11 (125363)

35094 - Config: Moving fkeys does not work when logged in as PBX user with restricted rights

Moving fkeys does not work when logged in as PBX user with restricted rights. Forbidden while creating and deleting fkeys is possible.

35197 - Fix for trap in Gateway

Introduced with 12r2 sr9
May happen on diverted and/or transferred calls.

35538 - Gateway: Discard existing UUI if UUI is configured at route

If UUI is configured at the route it always replaces an already existing UUI on the call.
Also: Configuring "-" as UUI at the route makes any UUI being deleted from the call.

35828 - Incomplete CDRs for calls initiated by voicemail

35243 - IP-DECT: Wrong password for Mobility Master saved

caused by a missed URL decode.

35379 - IP111/IP112/IP222/IP232: Increase the two highest handset volume levels

Increase the handset volume gain for the two highest levels to improve the capability to compensate weak peers.

35241 - IP111/IP112: Reduce the noise floor in handset mode

Decrease the microphone AGC gain a bit for very small levels to reduce the noise floor.

35702 - IP112: Reduced the headset microphone sensitivity

Some headsets are picking up too much environmental noise. Therefore reduced the microphone gain.

35864 - IPVA: Added G.722 to coder list on gateway interfaces

On a gateway interface you can set the preferred coder from a list of codecs.
This list of codecs is usually defined by the built-in DSP hardware.
On a IPVA (no built-in DSP hardware) this list is statically defined (G711A, G711u, G729A, Clearmode).
From now on G.722 is also listed.

35323 - Media: Set RTP marker bit on first media packet after dummy CN

Sometimes it is necessary to send dummy RTP packets (payload type 13) to overcome NAT problems.
First audio packet after dummy packets should have the marker bit set.

35374 - myPBX Android/iOS: Do not write beyond buffers on too long phone numbers

Too long phone numbers from the Android/iOS call list must not crash the app.

35806 - myPBX Android: Fixed a crash on start of the app on specific devices

Fixed a crash that happened on Huawei Honor 9 running Android 7.0 immediately on start of the app.

35826 - myPBX Android: Improved touch insensitivity during a call.

During a call the smartphone is held to the ear. It must be set into a touch insensitive state. This was done already but needed improvement.

35681 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a trap that could occurr on strong packet loss

On packet loss memory allocation within the app could become inconsistent.

35478 - myPBX launcher: Add configuration for softwarephone device postfix

The autostart softwarephone feature used the username as device name. This led to problems if that device was already used for a different phone.

Now a postfix can be configured that is appended to the user name.
* In the config dialog in tab "Softwarephone"

35604 - myPBX launcher: Wrong URL encoding of softwarephone parameters

The plus sign was encoded as "+". It should be encoded as "%2B".

This led to failing softwarephone registrations if the password contained a plus sign.

35488 - myPBX: Delete "CR LF" in result from Outlook

It seems to be possible that some Outlook Results Strings contains "CRLF". If there are encoded to json the json decoder in myPBX throws an exception and no results are shown.

35107 - myPBX: MTU for Video

Set MTU size of 1360 instead of 1492.

35096 - PBX Conference: handle disconnect event

to prevent playing a busy tone to the remaining conference members.

35377 - Phones: Camera image was not periodically reloaded

The 'refresh' parameter can be used to make a camera image being reloaded periodically.
Refresh is stopped when leaving the phone's camera app.
Refresh is restarted when activating the phone's camera app.
Refresh was not restarted when phone's camera app was activated via SOAP command.

35644 - Phones: Diagnostic information in case of unsupported PNG format

Show diagnostic information in case of unsupported PNG format.
E.g. "Interlaced data order not supported (PNG)"

34625 - Phones: Fkey "prepare override" does not work in some scenarios

Fkey "prepare override" without any config option should open the indirect dialing menu when pressed.
But it did not work.

34622 - Phones: Fkey 'Transfer' does not work on a connected call

Fkey 'Transfer' does not work on a connected call.
Only worked on a inbound ringing call
and worked when having two calls.

35498 - Phones: Hide call intrusion from context menu

New flag for "Fine grained Function Hiding":
to hide call-intrusion in context-menus.

35202 - Phones: LDAP lookup sometimes interrupted (no results)

If phone config is stored at the PBX, the phone may receive a config update just when the user is about to do LDAP lookup.
The LDAP lookup is canceled and the user gets no results.

35398 - Phones: Missing LDAP information on failed calls

LDAP query is started on every call (inbound and outbound).
LDAP information is written into call list.
But in case a call attempt fails (e.g. user busy) or an inbound call is rejected due to busy condition, the corresponding call list item does not contain LDAP information.

35438 - Phones: PHONE_HIDE_CALL_PARK should hide "park" buttons in dir-app and fav-app

PHONE_HIDE_CALL_PARK should hide "park" buttons in dir-app and fav-app.
Not only in phone-app.

35378 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-swissnet_telecommunication_ag-swissnet_NxT_pro

Updated SIP Provider Profile, media-relay checkbox now deactivated (media-relay is always needed). Additionally T.38 deactivated bc. of non-working AudioFax fallback

35462 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Versatel-VT_voice_flexible_ngn

New SIP Provider Profile

35204 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Keyyo-SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile: disabled Interworking bc. of interop problems with external transfer

35246 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-X2com-X2VoIP

Updated SIP Provider Profile: disabled ICE and encryption bc. of interop problems with onnet calls

35109 - SIP: RTP is sent to wrong port in some cases

Remote peer may change its RTP port during call (e.g. Mitel-3300-ICP).
New RTP port is received in SDP answer in 200/OK for reINVITE.
Changed port in SDP answer was ignored.

35161 - SIP: Sending REGISTER requests at high rate under some conditions

If wrong password configured on a SIP interface server rejectes with 401.
If server changes its nonce on every 401 response, REGISTER is re-tried immediately thinking auth has failed due to wrong nonce used.

35777 - SIP: Trap while reading un-initialized data

Trap while reading un-initialized data.

35306 - Spurious IRQ 99 trap

A trap of the firmware can occur caused by a spurious interrupt 99 if the Linux is manually stopped and restarted.

35618 - Webdav: Sometimes files cannot be deleted (e.g. Voicemail)

Sometimes a file cannot be deleted because the file left open when a long read operation was cancelled by the webdav client before completion.

12r2 Service Release 12 (125375)

36670 - Do not start TURN procedures if RTP sockets could not be allocated.

STUN procedures were already prevented in this case but TURN still started.

36587 - IP-DECT: Filter undesirable LDAP result items for caller id look-up

There are additional LDAP result attributes which must be filtered. This is caused by fix #32992 - LDAP directory lookup node number support

35911 - IP-DECT: Result limit for phone book search

Some LDAP directories send an error instead of search results if the results exceed a limit. The phone book sets a search limit of 25 now.

36653 - IP241: Allow text color of CFU banner to be changed

Allow text color of diversion information to be changed.
In header of IP241

36256 - myPBX Android: Fixed more crashes reported throught the store

Fixed more crashes reported throught the store.

36387 - PBX Conference: Count of reserved Channels in dialled Number

if an innovaphone conference device is used.

36633 - phone USB: add Sennheiser Headset adapters SC6x5 USB , USB-ED CC 01, USB-ED CC 01 MS

add the Headset adapters SC6x5 USB , USB-ED CC 01, USB-ED CC 01 MS used as adapter for different monaral and binaural headsets.

36654 - phone USB: support Plantronics Blackwire C5210/C5220, Voyager 8200 UC

support Plantronics Blackwire C5210/C5220, Voyager 8200 UC

35926 - Phones: Pickup with PARK fkey on extension module does not work

Subscriptions for "dialog-info" are not established.
Not when phone has booted nor when extension module has booted.

36744 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-CITEC_AG-Universe_SIP_Trunk

Update of CDPN-Out maps for special numbers (ex: 112,118,etc)

36169 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-innovaphoneAG-Funnel_SIP_Trunk

New generic SIP Provider Profile for Funnel-PBX concept

36553 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-CloudItalia-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

35930 - SIP-Provider Profile PT-ONI-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

36385 - SIP: Fix for trap during call transfer

Fix for trap during call transfer

36666 - SNMP: Trap on GET

An SMMP Get request caused a trap.

12r2 Service Release 13 (125410)

37554 - Avoid trap because of stack overflow, if many Apps are configured

Trap could happen, when the Admin UI to configure Apps for a user was opened.

37660 - Call intrusion did not work together with "Send Number" and multiple locations

A 3pty conference is established on the intruding phone. For this a call has to be sent to this phone. For this call the number was used, which failed if it was a fake number. Now the sip uri is used instead.

37252 - Exclusive coder MediaRelay trunk did not work if call contained AMR coders

An AMR coder was added to the SDP even if it did not work

37661 - H.323: Wrong signaling address was used in case of pre-granted ARQ

Interop problem with OEM

37092 - H323: Direct IP signaling does not work

Direct IP signaling without PBX does not work on phones.

37561 - ICE: Wait 20ms on controlled side before first check

This fix increases the chance that the path with the best priority is selected (e.g. HOST to HOST instead of RELAY to RELAY).

37874 - IP111/IP112/myPBX iOS: Fixes a numeric problem in the tone generator


37609 - IP222/IP232: Eliminated weak whistling noise in the handset if peer mutes

On some IP222/IP232 a very weak whistling noise was emitted from the handset speaker if the peer muted.

38114 - ipva: segments out of the initial allocation boundaries were not cleared before reuse

The ipva permits dynamic extension of the flash area above the initial limits. When segments from this extension were not cleared before reuse some misleading trace messages were printed.

37065 - IPxx11: Config option for uncached stack to allow analysis after watchdog traps

For debugging special problems

37927 - Ldap Client: Trap on Session Disconnect

The internal quickdb_ldap library caused a trap while handling a session termination.

37436 - myPBX Android: Fix integer division by zero

37036 - myPBX Android: Fixed a crash on start of the app

Access to an uninitialized system variable caused a crash on some smartphones.

38111 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap seen in the store

Fixed a null pointer trap seen in the crash reports of the play store.

37861 - myPBX iOS: Only show phone numbers of smartphone contacts

In particular do not show the FAX number in the list of phone numbers to dial.

38430 - myPBX iOS: Percent character not displayed in incoming call notifications

If the display name of a person calling contained a %, this character was not shown in the notification text.

37555 - myPBX iOS: Web config not opened on smartphone if the admin password contained # or @

If the admin password configured for myPBX iOS contained special characters like # or @ the web configuration on the smartphone could not be opened.

37584 - myPBX setup: MSI Parameter SOFTWAREPHONEDEVICEPOSTFIX did not work

The MSI parameter SOFTWAREPHONEDEVICEPOSTFIX had no effect. This is fixed now.

36979 - myPBX: if no ldap configuration is set, standard search attributes are used

myPBX: if no ldap configuration is set, standard search attributes are used

36971 - nand-flash: reset timing after power cycle

After power cycle of a box wait time of nand reset is too short

37251 - Netlogon: Add session key check to Service/Netlogon/Test

In the admin UI on page Service/Netlogon/Test, administrators can test the netlogon authentication against a windows domain. Before this fix, only the authentication itself was tested.

Now we also check the session key returned by the windows server. If it doesn't match the expected value the following result is displayed:

"authentication ok, invalid session key"

Additionally there is a new trace message showing the two values:

NETLOGON: unexpected session key: windows(xxxxxxxx) expected(yyyyyyyy)

31777 - Park did not work accross PBXes

The call was disconnected

36949 - phone USB: switch to correct phone mode when a plain audio hedset is unplugged inmidst a call

In case of an USB error or an unplug in an active call via the headset the further handling of the call is defined by configuration but it was only applied to USB headsets with call control (HID) function
"config add KEYS0 /unplug-action <action>". The actions are::
0 - disconnect call
1 - ignore
2 - switch call to speakerphone
3 - switch call to handset
4 - switch call to handset and back to headset after successful restart (default).

37581 - Phone: An fkey label may get damaged when truncated

A too-long fkey label gets truncated.
Truncation was not utf-8-aware and the last character could get damaged in some cases where non-ASCII text was used as label (e.g. greek).

37842 - Phone: Presence cannot be configured in some scenarios

Own presence cannot be configured in some scenarios.
When pressing the "Presence" button the phone displays "Operation failed" instead of opening the presence configuration screen.

37237 - Phone: Web config of fkey 'pickup' misses parameter 'group name'

Web config of fkey 'pickup' misses parameter 'group name'.
This is required to start a dialog-subscription to specified group.

38112 - Phones: Background image is not reloaded if failed once

Background image is not reloaded if failed once even if refresh interval has been configured.

37576 - Phones: Cannot activate diversion to a phone number containing blanks

Cannot activate diversion to a phone number containing blanks (e.g. 00 7031 730 09 0)

37183 - Quickdial Object: Forward Call with Option Sending Complete

Quickdial-forwarded calls are now marked with the signaling information "Sending Complete".

38115 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-VoipVoice-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

36843 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation with 3rd party equipment

Fix for media negotiation with 3rd party equipment that offers AVP and SAVP on different ports.
m=audio 5004 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 96 13
m=audio 5006 RTP/SAVP 8 0 18 96 13
a=crypto:1 AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 inline:xsG497HuJN+OUKzKdXn3PLBC5prWUS3mHMTKjy2e

SAVP was accepted (AVP rejected) but SRTP was sent to remote RTP port.

37532 - SIP: In-dialog requests sent to wrong proxy address (Telekom SIP Trunk)

Re-INVITE was sent to wrong proxy address (Telekom SIP Trunk).
Inbound call from Proxy A acepted.
Following requests (re-INVITE, BYE, etc) were sent to Proxy B.

37412 - SIP: Media channel remains in "sendonly" mode if re-INVITE(sendonly) has been rejected

A call may temporarily switched from to "sendonly" and back to "sendrecv" during lifetime (hold/transfer).
Media channel may remain in "sendonly" mode. No re-INVITE(sendrecv) is sent.
But only if re-INVITE(sendonly) has been rejected.

37394 - SIP: Negotiation problem with "vbd=yes" in SDP

If "a=gpmd" was before the "a=rtpmap" for a specific payload type, the decoding was wrong.
m=audio 40770 RTP/AVP 8 0 125 101
c=IN IP4
a=gpmd:125 vbd=yes
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:125 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:101 0-15

37589 - SIP: New interoperability option /ignore-called-party-id

New interoperability option "/ignore-called-party-id" in order to ignore P-Called-Party-ID header on incoming INVITE.

37607 - SIP: Not accepting calls from alternative proxy

Calls from alternative Proxy have been rejected.
Scenario: Being registered at Proxy A but receiving INVITE from Proxy B. INVITE from Proxy B was rejected.
But only on special DNS configurations where SRV record contains IP addresses as 'target'.

37838 - SIP: Use SIPS URIs when using SIP/TLS (RFC5630)

A SIP endpoint (e.g. phone) may use TLS as transport.
Using SIP URIs (not SIPS) to address a call destination DOES NOT force the signaling path to be nothing but TLS. Proxies may decide to forward the call using non-secure transport protocols ("best-effort TLS").
If SIPS URIs are used on the other hand, the signaling infrastructure MUST deliver the call securely to the destination endpoint (or reject if not possible).
If required this config file option forces SIPS URIs to be used:

config change SIPS /uri-scheme sips

37846 - SIP: Wrong Crypto Suite Name used in SDP

Wrong Crypto Suite Name used in SDP.
We used these names:
But correct names are:
According to

37405 - softwarephone: when sennheiser headset configured as preferd no dial and ringtone is applied

12r2: When a sennheiser headset is configured under "USB" as preferred headset, then the dial and ringtones are not applied

37488 - softwarephone:update paras lost after restart

12r2: update url and poll paras set with orca are lost after swphone is restartet

37556 - Trap because of null pointer access in Mobility

In case Mobility was configured without device name and callthru was attempted

37662 - Trap on pickup with myPBX in case forking is configured at destination

Null pointer check missing for forking without Mobility and Device name

35812 - Use cause "user busy" to reject call to mobility object, if same mobile device has a call already

A general cause "service not available" was used for all rejects

37533 - Use prefix of . to indicate that Send Number should be within user node

Normally the Send Number is within root node

33116 - Write reset source to first rpcap packet

The reset source is not yet visible in wireshark traces.
It could be added to the first rpcap packet which already contains firmware version etc.

12r2 Service Release 14 (125414)

39165 - fix trap caused by a buffer overrun when pentesting HTTP server

A buffer overrun occured when pentesting the HTTP server with OWASP ZAP

39206 - H323: Trap on very long Gatekeeper Identifier

Trap on very long Gatekeeper Identifier, but only if logging option "H.323 Registrations" is enabled.

38577 - IP-DECT: Idle display of anonymous devices

should show 'please login' instead of 'PBX not avaliable'.

39085 - IP-DECT: New configuration option to disable wideband audio

The configuration option 'Disable Wideband Audio' is added on DECT System.

38584 - IP-DECT: Trap with multiple configuration changes

of the DECT Master PARI option.

39290 - IP222/IP232: No audio if changing speakerphone mode while in 3-pty conference

If changing to speakerphone mode while in a three party conference there is no audio to one of the peers.

38627 - myPBX for Windows: Allow hiding Softwarephone tab

New value for MSI-Parameter CONFIGHIDEMASK.
64 - Tab "Softwarephone"

39169 - phone USB: support Jabra Engage 65/75

The new Jabra Engage 65/75 DECT headsets are supported now.

38504 - Quickdial: myPBX Call Dispatching wasn't possible

MyPBX didn't show call control elements for Quickdial-forwarded calls. The reason was PBX/Calls displaying call state "Complete" instead of "Connected".

39160 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss

Updated SIP Provider Profile: Disabled Encryption(SRTP) bc. of reported interop problems. Changed internal registration to H323-TLS.

38525 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-POCOS-SIP_TRUNK

39163 - SIP: Disconnect cause was missing in case of time-out

When an outbound call is started it waits 3 minutes to enter state "Connected". If this timer expires all call resources are released.
But the caller got no error code.

39291 - softwarephone: crash when password exceeds 16 char

12r2: when swphone is started via mypbx and the password length is > 16 it does not start. Note: special characters like @ are epanded to %40

38922 - softwarephone:crash when 3pty conference with opus wb and other

12r2: when an opus wb call is conferenced to g711 or g729

39177 - sometimes trap info (registers, stack) was missing when contigous tracing was active

Sometimes the trap info (registers, stack) was missing when contigous tracing was active. This could happen when the tracing app (wireshark, browser) stopped reading the trace buffer.

38623 - TLS: Prevent bleichenbacher / ROBOT attack

Test tools reported that the TLS in our firmware was vulnerable.

"VULNERABLE! Oracle (weak) The oracle is weak, the attack would take too long"

Now our TLS implementation is protected against the attack, even when using RSA.

12r2 Service Release 15 (125422)

39446 - dhcpv6: display of current 'Wait for selected Server' value wrong

The current 'Wait for selected Server' was not displayed correctly

40119 - False duplicate IP address detection for DHCP leases on Linux

40362 - ICE: Trace flag was ignored for some trace messages

The ICE trace flag was ignored the following messages:
* ICE.x: Ignore invalid candidate pair (duplicate RTCP port)
* ICE.x: Wait 20ms on controlled side

39693 - IP29 autoneg problem with EN switch Summit X430-8p

IP29 did not work with switches that negotiate 1000M half duplex

<!- Ausserdem wurde bei 1000M fix nur 1000M FDX und nicht 1000M HDX angeschaltet. Habe ich auch gefixt aber nicht probiert. -->

39447 - IPv6: Trap - Buffer overrun when displaying IP6 settings in the GUI

A buffer overrun could happen when displaying IP6 settings in the GUI

39748 - Linux: Forwarded DHCP Request paket

Forwarded DHCP request pakets from the LAP to an external DHCP server are wrongly truncated after 300 Bytes. This is fixed now.

39362 - PBX Conference: No UI restriction for the channel number input length

The restriction for maximal two digits of the UI channel number input is removed.

39344 - phone IP2x2: a call connected via operator may be mute when there is an earlier call ringing

this happens when an USB headset is plugged and there are two calls pending on the phone and the operator picks the call which arrived last on the phone

39410 - phone: trap may happen when a USB headset is unplugged

In rare cases a trap could happen when a busy USB headset was unplugged

39640 - phone: USB Headset - disconnecting an consultation call before dialling could freeze the phone

A Jabra 510 Speaker connected to the phone via the Jabra Link 360 USB/Bluetooth dongle generates a FLASH signal when the Offhook key is pressed while a call is active. This opens a consultation call. When the OnHook key is pressed a HOOK signal is generated.
When this happened before a number is dialled the phone entered a loop which could be stopped only by unplugging the dongle.

40186 - possible memory leak in http client - tftp_get

a premature termination of a TFTP session may result in a memory leak

39780 - Possible trap in netlogon

There could be a trap when logging-in with a very long username.

39533 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Synelyans-SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile : RTCP-MUX, ICE and encryption options has been deactivated, provider accept the SDP with both options but in rare case, it can cause call failure

39704 - SIP/SDP: If no 'annexb' line was in SDP, value "yes" is implied

RFC-4856 says about 'annexb' parameter: "yes" is implied if this parameter is omitted.
Same thing for 'annexa' parameter.
We took "no" as default.

39480 - TONE-IF: Missing support for G.722

If an endpoint calls to TONE if but offers G722-only, the call is dropped.

39507 - UDP: false error message when more than one socket is bound to the same multicast address/port

It is no error to bind more than one socket to the same multicast address and port.

38434 - Webmedia channels sometimes not freed

Webmedia channels sometimes not freed

39306 - Webmedia: Playing a MOH file with zero-length causing high load and wastes TCP ports

Playing an irregular MOH file with zero-length causing high load and wastes local TCP ports until ALL local TCP ports are exhausted.
Local TCP ports are left in TIMEWAIT state for a while.
From now on loading of zero-length files will not be repeated.

12r2 Service Release 16 (125443)

43614 - Fixed a trap in the DNS server

If the DNS server included in the firmware was enabled, it caused a trap if the name resolution response contained special characters like german umlauts.

43370 - IP111/IP112: Better compensate the microphone frequency response

Try to better compensate the microphone frequency response for clearer sound.

46818 - ipxx11: trap after timeout in ethernet driver reset handling

On a reset the ethernet driver tries to flush all pending transmit buffers. the trap happened when flushing did not complete in one second.

40858 - LOG module stops sending logs to HTTP server

HTTP transfer gets stuck and does not recover.

40816 - myPBX Android: The icon to unlock the phone didn't disappear on some devices

If a call was received while the phone was locked myPBX showed a button to unlock the phone. This button didn't disappear after unlocking the phone.

47134 - myPBX iOS: Make obvious that no ui api is called on a background thread

The application behaviour is not affected but false alarms were thrown during debug runs.

47195 - myPBX: Escaping in LDAP number resolution

Needed for numbers that contain *.
For example customers use that with the quickdial feature.

46810 - myPBX: Obfuscate password in the command line parameters of softwarephone

Using the autostart softwarephone feature the password was given to the softwarephone in the plain. Now it is obfuscated.

Note: The softwarephone must be updated to the same version as the myPBX launcher.

46249 - New config option for From header on SIP interfaces

New value "UUI" for config choice "From Header when Sending INVITE".
Similar to value "UUI" for config choice "Identity Header when Sending INVITE".

41535 - Phone USB: add flag to disable ambigous Flash Reports from certain USB Devices

Some USB Headsets/Speakerphones generate a 'Flash' report when the talk button is double tapped or pressed for about 2 seconds while there is a call connected to the headset already. If there is another call ringing "Flash" accepts the ringing call, otherwise a new call is opened.
For certain combinations of an USB/Bluetoth dongle with a speakerphone this does not work correctly and thus the 'Flash' report must be ignored.

"config add KEYS0 /hid-no-flash"

41534 - Phone USB: support Plantronics CALISTO P7200

support Plantronics CALISTO P7200 speakerphone

46832 - Phone: Bug in handling of connected number

If name information was gathered from LDAP for the dialed number and the connected number received is different from dialed number, the name information is wrongly assigned to the connected number.

47156 - Phones: Automatic redial does not start when handset is put down

When automatic redialing is activated while handset lifted, the automatic redialing is cancelled when handset is put down.

41250 - Phones: Partner fkeys with incomplete configuration may show spooky information

Fkeys configured with type "partner" and presence subscription 'on' show presence information from other users (randomly).
<f id='8'>
<p pr='1' di='1'></p>

40322 - Problem when uploading huge license files

Happened only when all licenses were not cleared before upload.

46153 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-EWE-business_DSL_voice_plus

Updated SIP Provider Profile

43338 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-M_net-Business_Telefonie

Updated SIP Provider Profile : Change of the hints of profile and of wiki regarding trusted certificate. Now it is recommended to install Root CA and Intermediate CA. The renew of M-net certificate of the SBC, will no longer require a manual add into the trust list

40695 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Versatel-VT_voice_flexible_ngn

Updated SIP Provider Profile: Enabled Interworking and add SIP-tweak no-hr-notify. By this Call-Redirection using "302 Moved Temporarily" is possible.

41284 - SIP: Add rport and received to Via header to reject responses if requested

Add rport and received to Via header to all reject responses (407,etc.) if requested by 'rport' attribute.

40446 - SIP: Calling quickdial object did not work

Call got stuck.
No 200/OK was sent to calling SIP phone.

41261 - SIP: Do not add "received" parameter to Via header if not required

Do not add "received" parameter to Via header if not required.
Add only if:
the host portion of the "sent-by" parameter contains a domain name,
or if it contains an IP address that differs from the packet source address.

46847 - SIP: Potential out of memory trap on constant high load

Problem introduced by fix #31470
To workaround problems with XCAPI the SIP stack slightly expanded the life-time of its nonce for Digest Authentication by 5 seconds.
If authentications are performed at a higher rate than every 5 seconds, the server nonce is never re-newed.
During a nonce's life-time all used Digest Responses are saved to fight replay attacs.
Storage of used Digest Responses may cause OOM trap.

12r2 Service Release 17 (125471)

48034 - IP-DECT: User data is saved in the LDAP in reverse

If the IP-DECT basestation changes user data, the user PBX data is arranged in reverse and conditional CFUs are modified.

47232 - IP241/222/232: Light UI scheme based on old phone-implentation

Build IP222 and IP232 based on old phone-implentation.
Add light UI scheme for all three phone models based on version 10.00.

47197 - ipv6 trap with large ping packets when MTU is increased per router advertisement

a ping with a paylod longer 1280 bytes traps the target if the link MTU on the target was increased by a router advertisement

47456 - LDAP Client: Encoding of LDAP Extensible Filter Wrong

A non-specified Matching Rule was encoded with zero-length. The component must be skipped, since the ASN.1 element is optional.

40817 - LDAP Replicator: Bracket-Handling for IP6 Address Incorrect

When activating the TLS checkmark for an IP6 host address , a port configuration was derived internally without bracketizing the address.

43339 - LDAP Server: IP6 Support

The LDAP Server now listens for IP6 connections.

47982 - myPBX iOS: Reaction on user interface not promptly

Reaction on user interface manipulation was sometimes not promptly.

47653 - myPBX: Escaping in LDAP number resolution did not work

The following fix from SR16 did not work.

#47195 - myPBX: Escaping in LDAP number resolution

47464 - myPBX: Outlook Search sometimes provides wrong results

myPBX: Outlook Search sometimes provides wrong results if Outlook too much time to find results and the user searches foranother contact.

47515 - PBX LDAP Replication: IP6 Support

IP6 address wasn't processed correctly, if configured under PBX/Config/General/Slave PBX/Master + Replication

47908 - PBX SOAP Admin function: apps-my attribute not supported

It gets lost when a user is modified

47782 - Phones: Trap when loading background image or doorcam image

Phone traps when image is loaded from HTTP Server (e.g. door camera).

48156 - SIP: INVITE rejected due to unexpected 'realm' in Authorization

INVITE rejected due to unexpected 'realm' parameter.
Problem only occurs if INVITE has different Contact-URI than REGISTER.

47405 - SIP: Unexpected restart if RTP allocation fails

Trap if call is terminated while RTP allocation got stuck in STUN.

47477 - softwarephone: enable filetrace by default

trace output into a file is automatically on, file limit is 100000 lines (approx. 6-7 MBytes). The traces are appended after restarts, a total of 5 files: trace.txt (current), trace-1..4.txt is writen round robin

47473 - softwarephone: intermittend empty swphone_commands.cfg

the swphone_commands.cfg is updated when swphone terminates/restarts. on some occasions the file is of zero length

47476 - softwarephone: recognizes ip changes

when an ip change occurs (vpn, wlan, etc) swphone is performing an idle reset to regain the topology and reregister on the pbx

47686 - TURN TCP could fail due to a mistake in TCP data stream parsing

A mistake in TCP stream parsing could cause TURN TCP to fail during the negotiation or relay phase.

47997 - Unexpected restart due to bad SIP message

Trap in SIP stack while processing of malicious SIP message.

12r2 Service Release 18 (125487)

48539 - Cleanup missing for slave/standby registrations on PBX shutdown

Could possibly cause unexpected restarts when switching on and off PBXs

48723 - Hotdesking: Could not register by name that contains umlaute

Hotdesking did not work when trying to register by name that contains umlaute.
IP222/232/111/112 only.

48677 - IP232: Support for new Displaycontroller

IP232 Hardwarebuild 130020 and 20020 and IP2x2x Hardwarebuild 420 has a new display with a new displaycontroller. The firmwareupdate detects the new controller.

48948 - ip2x2,ip241: conference tone missing at start of conference

The tone infoming the parties of a 3pty conference that the conference is established was not played.

48241 - ipv6: do not truncate ping responses

ping responses should return the complete request (otherwise wireshark complains: no response found)

48240 - ipv6: permit for fragmented packets up to 64 kB

the maximum number of fragments of udp/icmp packets was 16 (ping packets > 22 kB were silently discarded )

48872 - IPxx11: New DSP Firmware to fix sporadic problems

DSP Firmware update to version 721.64 from 12.08.2018 should fix sporadic DSP timeouts

49345 - myPBX iOS: try to avoid registration loss on locked phone

Build for deployment target iOS 6.0 again hoping that the signaling link stays up on most iPhones again if the phone is locked.

48636 - myPBX: Escaping of single quotation mark in outlook search

Escaping of single quotation mark

48488 - PBX outgoing registrations from Gateway/Trunk objects not in standby

As long as the PBX is standingby, there should be no registration. When the active PBX is not available anymore the outgoing registration should be done

48900 - Presence updates not displayed (sometimes)

Sometimes the phones stop updating the presence-display.

49219 - Sendnumber prefix '.' gets lost in admin UI

A prefix of '.' is used to indicate that the Send Number is set inside the node of the user. This prefix is not displayed in the UI and thus reset, when pressing ok

49044 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-QSC-IPFonie_Extended_Connect_TCP_RTP

Updated SIP Provider Profile:
- Set exclusive coder G711a to avoid issues of codec negotiation with some Carriers (Telefonica).

48310 - SIP: New config file option /no-identity-header-in-responses

New config file option /no-identity-header-in-responses
If set, neither P-Asserted-Identity header nor P-Preferred-Identity header are written into INVITE repsonses (provisional or final).

48602 - SIP: Unexpected restart when parsing SIP-URI

Unexpected restart when parsing SIP-URI

49096 - SIP: Wrong PT for telephone-event in SDP answer

Inbound call with mix of sample rates (16000 and 8000).
AMR-WB/16000 is acked along with telephone-event/8000.
Must ack telephone-event/16000 along with AMR-WB/16000.

49287 - USB headset: fix Sennheiser CEHS-CI 02 (USB/DHSG adapter) handling

releasing a call via headset button could cause an offhook/onhook loop

12r2 Service Release 19 (12549400)

50301 - dhcp: use the mac address provided by the mac driver (required for IPVA)

the IPVA host assigns the mac address to the ethernet interfaces. for ETH2 a generic address was used instead of the assigned address.

49384 - IP111/IP112: notify tone not played in some situations

On IP111 and IP112 no notify tone was played e.g. if an outgoing call was not answered and automatic redial had been put in place via "C" and "Redial". A notify tone should have occurred once the peer answered. This was missing.

49469 - IP222/111/112: Disconnect cause not displayed in some cases

Disconnect cause not displayed in cases where the outbound call was disconnected (not released).
Phone has displayed remote display name.
Now the cause is displayed (e.g. user busy).

50035 - IP2x2x: Support for new displaycontroller

IP2x2x Hardwarebuild 420 has a new display with a new displaycontroller. The firmwareupdate detects the new controller.

49969 - myPBXDial didn't work as expected on terminal servers

myPBXDial caused quite a delay on terminal servers when iterating over all existing myPBX processes.

49994 - Phone gets out of sync on call diversions

User's call diversion is set via SOAP API.
PBX receives a sequence of "del-attrib" and "add-attrib".
PBX triggers the phone to interrogate on both events.
Phone starts diversion interrogation on first trigger.
Phone does not start diversion interrogation on second trigger,
because the first interrogation has not finished yet.
Now the second interrogation is startet after the first has finished.

48683 - RP: LDAP Reverse Function caused Memory Leak

Fuzzing the Reverse Proxy's LDAP functionality caused memory leaks.

50417 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Telecom_Liechtenstein_AG-Convoip_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile: Enabled Interworking in Routingtable since provider supports CallRerouting using "302 Moved Temporarily"

50272 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-LCRcom-Voz_IP

Updated SIP Provider Profile. Fixed issue with generated config line not being xml-wellformed, which resulted in the Maintenance/Logging page not being displayed.

50418 - SIP-Provider Profile LI-Telecom_Liechtenstein_AG-Convoip_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile: Corrected error in interface number maps

49457 - SIP: Bug in handling of redirect response

Bug in handling of redirect response if no IP address but DNS name is given in Contact-URI.

49406 - SIP: Bug on parsing of Refer-To header field

Attended transfer from snom phones didn't work due to a bug in parsing of the Refer-To header field.
The "Replaces" parameter got lost, because URI was not enclosed in angle brackets.

49940 - SIP: Interoperability issue with SIP provider Easybell

Receiving SDP with two PCMA offers:

o=- 3555447966 1 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 32320 RTP/AVP 8 100 118
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=fmtp:8 vad=no
a=rtpmap:100 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:100 0-15
a=rtpmap:118 PCMA/8000

PT 8 is acked, but RTP packets with PT 118 are sent.

49913 - SIP: Interoperability issue with certain PBX on re-INVITE collision.

Interoperability issue with certain PBX on re-INVITE collision.

50495 - WebRTC/Firefox requires "a=mid" attribute in SDP now

The "a=mid" attribute is now mandatory for Firefox. So we add it to any offer or answer in the WebRTC endpoint.

50579 - WebRTC: Avoid deprecated onaddstream and addStream

Use ontrack and addTrack instead.
Needed for future browser compatibility

50580 - WebRTC: Avoid deprecated rtcpMuxPolicy

In the past that option was needed for backward compatiblity.
Now the browsers deprecate it and we should remove it in order to avoid browser warnings.

50574 - WebRTC: Replace deprecated createObjectURL

Replace by srcObject to be compatible with latest and future browser versions.

12r2 Service Release 20 (125501)

50891 - myPBX iOS: Disclaimer text not visible.

Only the links contained in the text appeared.

50885 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-TSystems-Corporate_SIP_Germany

New SIP Provider Profile

50727 - SIP: Media negotiation issue when interworking WebRTC call

Outgoing call initiated with WebRTC client.
ICE fails.

50655 - SIP: re-INVITE(t38) was not rejected when t38 was disabled

Interop issue with Telekom SIP-Trunk.
Interface with T.38 disabled.
Carrier tries to switch to T.38.
T.38 is not only rejected, but call is also dropped.

50504 - Support for push notifications for myPBX iOS / Android

Needed for waking up the app on incoming calls.

50980 - Trap on unknown registrations

Collateral damage from push support

12r2 Service Release 21 (125517)

52163 - Call from Mobility to WQ was disconnected when the operator answered

When the second announcement was complete

52646 - Changing 'Fine grained Function Hiding/Locking' requires reset

Changing 'Fine grained Function Hiding/Locking' options require reset.
Need to indicate to user on Web-UI.

52616 - DHCP-Server: check special client identifiers by headmatch

some devices provide an extended OID as client identifier

52644 - Fixed double free of webdav_backend

Happened in SSD stress test with webdav requests.

50872 - FXS traps while executing clip_stop()

52253 - H.323 turned silence compression on even if locally disabled

If the other side signaled support of silence suppression, the local endpoint did silence suppression. Should only do it if locally enabled

52250 - IP222/232/111/112: Wrong status message on inbound calls

Status message "Ziel erreicht" sometimes displayed on inbound calls.

51836 - myPBX Android: Avoid crash "no such column: is_ringtone_theme " on certain tablet

The app crashed when starting on a certain tablet device.

52392 - myPBX for Windows: Disable HTML5 databases to avoid vulnerability in Chromium

Currently there is no CefSharp version with a fix, so we disable the HTML5 database feature completely that is not needed for myPBX.

Vulnerability details:

51454 - myPBX Launcher: Upgrade to CefSharp 69

We upgraded the integrated Chromium browser from version 57 to version 69.
* Needed to be compatible with lastest WebRTC APIs
* Enables ringtones and ringback tones for myPBX WebRTC

51043 - myPBX: Disable logout

51128 - myPBX: Javascript error when opening inline apps from the PBX

mypbx.js (4842,25) - startsWith
only with IE

52319 - phone ip2x2: don't stop sending RTP data when generating local calling tones

RTP data was not sent for the time a local calling tone was played

52071 - Phone traps when trying to access HTTP server

Phone traps when trying to access HTTP Server (e.g. update script).
But only on URL's with domain name and if path starts with /drive.

52498 - phone USB: add command to show plugged devices, log plugin event

permits to check which USB devices are currently plugged and which devices were plugged previously (requested by a security sensitive customer)

50946 - phone: IP241 display may freeze after long time of operation

Sometimes the IP241 display freezes after a long uptime because a timer got lost

51344 - Phones: Dont switch to phone-app during call after FTY_REMOTE_CONTROL_ACTIVATE_APP_CAMERA

Do no auto-switch to phone-app during a call when FTY_REMOTE_CONTROL_ACTIVATE_APP_CAMERA has been received on this call.
Stay on camera-app

51458 - Phones: If PHONE_HIDE_APP_CONFIG is set, Web-UI is not working

If PHONE_HIDE_APP_CONFIG is set, the config-App on the Phone-UI is hidden.
But the Web-UI of the phone does not work anymore.

51849 - Phones: Recording fails sporadically

Recording over WebDAV into PCAP file fails sometimes.
If file opening takes too long (FILE_OPEN/RESULT) the file is closed immediately without anything written.

52499 - prevent trap when parsing malformed xml data

add a check to prevent a prevent a trap when parsing malformed xml data

53561 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-DeutschlandLAN_SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile
- Set of UUI for Identity Header

51145 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-Made_in_Lab-VoIP_In_Lab

Updated SIP Provider Profile, fixed xml parsing error

52541 - SIP/TCP: Timeout INVITE client transaction after 5sec if not even Trying is received

Do not wait 32 seconds for a response.

52214 - SIP: New interop tweak /take-source-addr-as-contact-addr

Fixing interoperability issue with Motto Mobile.
New interop tweak /take-source-addr-as-contact-addr
Wehn receiving REGISTER the contact address in Contact header is ignored.
Instead the source address and port of the received REGISTER request is taken as contact address.

51584 - SIP: Registration not closed in some cases

An outbound registration not closed when there is a failed outbound subscription waiting for re-try.

52538 - SIP: Telekom SIP trunk stops accepting INVITE

INVITE is rejected with "404 Not Found".
Src IP address is not trusted sometimes due to changes in DNS.

51791 - softwarephone userconfig handsfree selection not working

handsfree device selection always stays at "none"

51789 - softwarephone: correct buildnumber should be displayed in installed tab

in windows installed software softwarephone always shows version

52049 - softwarephone: micro always on during incoming announcement call

51221 - Storm of REGISTER requests sent when authorization fails

1. REGISTER without Auth is sent.
2. 401 with nonce is received.
3. REGISTER with Auth is sent.
4. 401 with same nonce is received, but no stale=false parameter.
Steps 3 and 4 repeat at a very high rate.

Must no repeat immediately authorization id server nonce has not changed.

52553 - TCP: protect against malicious tcp SYN frames

A tcp SYN frame with malformed option data could cause a loop

51301 - TURN: Fixed a rare null pointer trap with TURN TCP

A connection establishment with TURN TCP that was canceled early in the establishment phase could cause a trap.

50894 - Unwanted local audio conference on IP222/232/111/112


A calls B
B accepts the call and presses R Key to call C
B receives in the meantime a call from D (C has not accepted yet the call)
B accepts the call from D (C is still ringing on background) -> so B hears both the dialing tone of C and talking to D simultaneously (!)
C finally accepts the call from B and they are immediately connected to a three way conference (B, C and D) -> We did not request this (!)

51858 - Webdav-servlet: Damaged file names in directory listings

Damaged file names in webdav directory listings in PROPFIND responses.

52317 - WebRTC: Allow H264 video for chrome browsers

Chrome did not support H264 in the past, so we removed if from offers.
This is not needed any more, as Chrome has added support for the codec.

12r2 Service Release 22 (125548)

53817 - Add "*" certificate to trust list

Needed for push notifications and firmware updates.
The certificate is added to the trust list once after firmware update. If you do not like to have it in the trust list, you can remove it manually.

53366 - Allow configuration of url for updates

To be able to update from local server, or install beta

53126 - Fix for trap when using voicemail

Fix for trap when using voicemail (or other webmedia scenarios).

55065 - IP111/IP112: Allow adjustment of the call progress tone volume

54119 - ipxx11::use separate stack for trap handler

when the pointer to the general stack is invalid on entry to a trap handler the general stack cannot be used bey the trap handler itself. thus it's better to provide an own small stack to the trap handler

53827 - myPBX Android/iOS: Eventually didn't ring if multiple incoming calls appeared at the same time

If multiple incoming calls and thus push requests appeared at the same time myPBX eventually didn't ring.

55071 - myPBX Android: Ask for permissions only once on first start.

On some smartphones the permissions query appeared on every start of the app but should only appear on first start.

54212 - myPBX Android: Call list empty on start if no permission to read the GSM call log.

If permission to read the GSM call log was not given the call list was empty on every start of myPBX.

54208 - myPBX Android: DNS server addresses not available on Android 8 and later

In some situations the DNS server addresses were not available for the name resolution in myPBX.

54693 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap on start that appeared since the new permission requesting procedure

54210 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap when sending logs by e-mail

On the settings screen in app settings the function to send logs via e-mail caused a trap.

53439 - myPBX Android: Fixed possibly late delivery of a forms request to the UI

53843 - myPBX Android: Make adaptations to get listed on the Play Store again.

53341 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a plain trap at start if a GSM call happened to be active at that moment

This could occurr if mobility was used and myPBX iOS was shut down. The GSM call could then be ringing at the moment where myPBX iOS was beeing started.

53039 - phone ip110/110a/200a/230/240/240a: prevent freezing of DSP after long silence periods

On a G711 connection with silence compression the DSP freezes when the remote peer does not send for more than 8 Minutes.

<!- statt dem DSP Pakete mit Datenlänge 0 zu liefern wenn keine Daten vom Netz vorhanden sind, bekommt er jetzt ein dummy paket mit G711 silence -->

53385 - phone USB headsets: support Jabra Engage 50 MS/UC Mono/Stereo & Engage Link

add the descriptions for the new Engage 50 wired headset connected to Engage LINK (call control & busy light)

53462 - phone: permit individual configuration of call-waiting tone for special environments

in some countries the default call waiting tone pattern is a sequence of one or more short tones repeated after a longer pause (4 seconds or so). This may be changed by
config add PHONE SIG /call-waiting-count <count>
to a single sequence of 1 to 4 200 millisecond tones with a 200 millisecond pause:

53417 - Port SMB licenses to 12r2

53075 - RP: Trap in reverse LDAP functionality

Processing of LDAP Bind failed.

52893 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Codepi-TRUNK_SIP

New SIP Provider Profile
update : product name changed.

53060 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-OpenIP-SIP_Trunk_Touch

New SIP Provider Profile

54553 - SIP-Provider- Profile NL-Vodafone-Vodafone_One_Fixed

53557 - softwarephone: trace file gets to big

12r2: the trace.txt file does not cycle after a default of 100.000 lines

53556 - softwarephone:crash when config file empty and network changes

12r2: When network changes occur (for instance undocking a notebook/laptop) and switching to wifi or vice versa) a crash could occur, resulting in the destruction of the swphone:commands.cfg configuration file (0 length). This subsequently could lead to crashes even in idle mode

12r2 Service Release 23 (125560)

55417 - apps and apps-my could not be set by XML user config

Problem with SOAP Admin function as with XML export/import

55415 - Avoid restart by connecting a call to itself

In the PBX a call consists of two legs, e.g an incoming an an outgoing leg, which are connected. It could happen that a leg was connected to itself, which caused a restart later.

55459 - Fix for read-after-free bug

Read garbage from buffer that was already freed.

55441 - Fix for spanish call waiting tone

Call waiting tone in tone scheme for SPAIN was wrong.
After initial short beep-beep a endless beep was played into ongoing connection.

55462 - IP111/112/222/232: Fix for UI when there are 4 or more calls

Fix for UI when there are 4 or more calls

55636 - ip2x2 USB: host controller restart traps when a call via USB headset is active

when the USB host controller reports an error the controller is automatically restarted. If this happens when a call via USB is active the phone reboots because of a memory free error.

55642 - IPVA: Page-Fault Handler printed Register EBX wrong

A copy operation was missing. The generated crash dump always claimed register ebx to contain the value 0x0.


55474 - ipxx11: potential trap when reading debug info after a trap restart

when debug info is read after a spurious watchdog trap some data left back in RAM is printed. The data address is validated against generic limits by arm.cpp:read_checked() but these limits don't match the limits of ipxx11

55088 - ISDN: Workaround for Telekom Notrufanschluss

Workaround for illegal bytes LegInfo2 in SETUP message.
Telekom sends 0x3C ('<') where 0x23 ('#') is expected to be.

55419 - Missing null pointer check in SBC object could cause restart

55456 - myPBX Android/iOS: Allow volume=0 in the ring filters to support templates with silent call indications.

55685 - myPBX Android: Remove everything related to the forbidden permissions

55528 - myPBX Android: Use targetSdkLevel 28 in sight of the upcoming requirement for this in fall 2019.

55483 - myPBX iOS: Fixed the misaligned tab bar at the bottom on iPhone X

Layout rules on iPhones with notch caused the tab bar at the bottom to appear misaligned.

55746 - myPBX: Support for the webcam of ASUS Zenbook

55495 - NAT: after deleting a port specific forwarding the TURN Passwords are changed

After deleting a port specific forwarding the TURN Passwords were stored URL-encoded in the config file

55490 - PBX: Random routing error fixed

In rare conditions under high load the PBX routing could fail

55421 - Possible trap with PBX sessions

There could be a trap when the PBX read user sessions from FLASHDIR.

55458 - Problems with incoming calls to users with active smartphone push sessions

- No busy was signaled with twin-phone configuration
- push was sent to smartphone even call was sent to another phone already with twin-phone configuration
- Call did not show up as missed call, if call was ringing for less the 10s

55611 - Remove WebRTC licenses

WebRTC does not require any licenses anymore

55444 - Reporting password was deleted when clicking "Cancel"

When clicking "Cancel" on PBX/Config/myPBX the reporting password was deleted.

55633 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-peoplefone-SIP_TRUNK_PBX

New SIP Provider Profile

55856 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Codepi-TRUNK_SIP

Updated SIP Provider Profile, remove of exclusive coder and edition of test parameter to get audio fax support description in wiki and including them to nightly test

55338 - SIP: New interop tweak /get-cdpn-from-to-uri

SIP interfaces without registration get the called party number from Request-URI by default.
If this new config option is set, CDPN is extracted from To-URI instead.

55282 - SIP: Trap when cancelling a disconnected call

Trap when caller tries to cancel a call that received DISCONNECT.
When calling out to ISDN.

55407 - trace sometimes not started after upload DRAM

- firmware traps into minifirmware
- trace buffer is read while in minifirmware
- firmware is started via upload DRAM and traps once more
--> the trace contains only the trap info, the preceeding traces from firmware are lost

the trace contains only the trap info, the preceeding traces from firmware are lost

55420 - UI broken if PCAP URL beginning with / was configured

URL encoding was missing when setting parameters

56172 - Users on slaves did not acquire licenses automatically, when more licenses became available from master

Users remained in a unlicensed state even if licenses were available

55634 - Wrong encoded URL from CONF interface

causes a writing stop of CDRs.

12r2 Service Release 24 (125590)

56753 - Admin UI: Remove myPBX calllist option "Reporting App"

Makes only sense to have it in 13r1. So we removed the option in 12r2.

#changed pbx.cpp
#changed pbx_client.xml

57771 - Allow ?<args> be configured at user objects for external number id

A ?<<external> number can be added to the name of a user. In a Trunk object this information can be used to set the calling line id.

56242 - Allow combination of multiple licenses in my-inno into a single license on the device

To avoid long licenses files

55915 - Broadcast round robin timer not stopped on connect, if broadcast was called thru mobility

Useful functionality if round robin from broadcast shall be combined with announcement from waiting queue

55854 - Calldiversion was sometimes not executed on call by name

56176 - Calldiversions not displayed on myPBX controling Mobility

Useful is myPBX is used together with a mobile operator on a waiting queue

57098 - Change Update URL to

55837 - CLI_OVERRIDE did not work in e.164 setup

The number used for CLI_OVERRIDE should be interpreted as a number relative to the calling node.

55849 - Display update missing after transfer on calls thru Broadcast

If a user receives two calls thru broadcast and hangs up to transfer these calls, the display on the calling phone keep showing this user.

55993 - Empty external uc configuration should be the same as no config

Empty config is needed to overwrite an non-empty config from template to configure no external uc

56000 - Executive should be able to call him/herself

To transfer a call from one phone to another

57850 - Fixed a sporadic trap if the details of a call list entry were viewed

57827 - H.323 bad handling of slow DNS

On smartphones it could take a long time to re-register. This was a problem that re-registration was not fast enough to answer a call in time after push.

57744 - Handling of media recording error

Media recorder now notifies phone application about failure.
E.g. WebDAV server not available.
Create ERROR-LOG "Media recording failed".
New recording config option: "Terminate call on error"
If set, current call will be terminated if recording fails.

57386 - ip10x, ip11x: ethernet statistics incorrect

the statics counters were displayed as signed numbers, the ip101 statistics did not work at all (set page works only via phy 0)

56040 - IP222/232: Backlight out-of-sync if extension module attached

Backlight (wake-up and dimm-down) was out of sync on phone device and extension module.

56177 - IP29 IP811 IP111: Maritime Versions

Change long name to IPxx-maritime.
Adjust DSP clock.

56312 - IPVA: decreased virtual hardware version from 11 to 9 for compatibility with older vSpheres

55896 - Missing rel-to in CDR on CFNR from WQ operator

57736 - myPBX Android / myApps Android: Include code for 64 bit architectures

From 1.8.2019 it will become mandatory for Android Apps to include code for 64 bit architectures.

57860 - myPBX Android/iOS: Fixed a trap if the app was idle for a long period.

57905 - myPBX Android: Accomodate if the permission to access contacts are not granted.

56839 - myPBX Android: Delayed registration due to missing or late DHCP information

In some situations no DHCP information was available on start and no local address for H.323. Then the registration came up only on the retry 30 seconds later.

57857 - myPBX Android: Fixed a sporadic trap when the app went to idle or quit.

57856 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap on start of the app for Android 6.0 and below

57900 - myPBX Android: Fixed an illegal state exception if the push service is not yet up during startup.

56302 - myPBX Android: On recent smartphones the registration didn't go up if the app was brought from background to foreground.

57819 - myPBX Android: PBX callthrough working again

Push token was sent to PBX even if not changed

56379 - myPBX Android: Sometimes the registration didn't come up immediately.

Sometimes the first attempt to gain registration ran into timeout and only the second attempt after 30 seconds (10 seconds before 12r2 sr20) succeeded.

56147 - myPBX Android: The dial keypad was not shown on some recent smartphone models

57851 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a sporadic trap on incoming text messages.

56179 - myPBX: Deny number attributes in name attributes in Outlook contact search

57379 - myPBX: Don't normalize internal numbers for outlook integration

If the number is shorter than the max subscriber number length from the dialing location, the number is not normalized any more.

A PBX update is needed to deploy that fix.

57195 - Phones: Cannot enter latin letters X,W,Y in slovenian mode

Only letter Z can be entered with key [9].
Letters X,W,Y are not part of slovenian alphabet, but customer needs them also.

56156 - Phones: New interop tweak "disable-prack" for SIP

New interop tweak "disable-prack" for SIP on phones.

55847 - Pickup did not work after Park in e.164 configuration

The parked-to number in the dialog information was wrong

56289 - rare false positive assert "MEM-SANE: chain broken at obj 0x..."

In products using the os_mem_sane() function false positive asserts could happen in rare cases.

56385 - Restart because of buffer overrun in command

55867 - Restart when changing "Write PCAP to URL" config

Memory allocation error

55936 - Send number prefix '.' was lost on other updates of user config (e.g. CF)

The leading . was removed

56187 - Sendnumber did not work when controling a mobile device with myPBX

When an outgoing call was initiated for a mobile device of a user with a Sendnumber configured, still the original number of the user was sent with the call.

55988 - Setting call forward with feature codes on DECT did not work

Wrong message coding

57833 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Plusnet-IPFonie_Extended_Connect_TCP_RTP

- Updated SIP Provider Profile
- Change of QSC to Plusnet Name
- Update of profile domain

56565 - SIP-Provider Profile IT-Bellnet-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

57155 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-infopact-SIP_Trunk

V12r2 sowie V13r1

57333 - SIP/TCP: Response not sent through existing inbound TCP connection

In some cases the repspone is not sent throught TCP connection where request was received.
No problem if SIP stack can open outbound TCP connection to remote peer.
But if outbound TCP connection cannot be opened, the response is not delivered.

57513 - SIP: Interoperability with Deutsche Telekom trunk

No audio after call Establishment.

Innovaphone sends SDP offer m=audio 16450 RTP/AVP 8 0 101 13 (Session Version 1)
Telekom sends SDP answer m=audio 53080 RTP/AVP 8 101 (Session Version 3856620036)

Telekom sends SDP offer m=audio 53080 RTP/AVP 8 101 (Session Version 3856620036)
Innovaphone sends SDP answer m=audio 16402 RTP/AVP 8 101 13 (Session Version 1)

Since Telekom's offer is no modification (unchanged version) we answer with unchanged version.
But we change the SDP slightly to match the received offer (olly the selected audio codec).
Telekom wants inkremented version field in answer in case there are any changes in SDP.
No matter if the offer was a no-change SDP.

57145 - SIP: Trap when unregistration fails

If REGISTER(Expires: 0) is rejected with 401 it is retried immediately.
If server changes nonce with every 401 it ends up in endless retry loop.

55999 - Waiting queue: Multiple calls to a single operator should count as one call

For Max Call/Operator(%) calculation

12r2 Service Release 25 (125598)

56245 - Delete old licenses on upload of XML file or download from my.innovaphone

Old licenses are now deleted on uploading new licenses to prevent collisions between summarized license types.

56942 - IP241: Call list does not show all hops of a call

In case of a double forwarding or a combination of forwarding and broadcasting only one hop is displayed in call list entry.
Diverting party of legInfo2 is displayed.
Original called party of legInfo2 is NOT displayed.

58295 - ip38 : Startup Issue of FXO Driver

si3050 driver startup after short time power-off fails. For some reasons the pinstrapping to high level of signal SLIC_CLK (pin PCLK) does not work. Therefore the reset of the si3050 SLICs is repeated after startup of the SPI driver.

58287 - Missing check for buffer overrun in some cases with very long called numbers

Could result in a trap

58606 - myPBX Android: Didn't re-open itself after update or reset any more since Android 8.

57989 - myPBX Android: On some devices the app trapped during shutdown due to timeout.

58655 - myPBX Android: Starting the phone specific autostart settings app crashed myPBX

58613 - phone: USB headsets - support latest Sennheiser headsets

Add support for a couple of latest Sennheiser headsets, see

58340 - Phones: Cannot enter latin letter Q in slovenian mode

Only letters P,R,S can be entered with key [7].
Letter Q is not part of slovenian alphabet, but customer needs it also.

58482 - Phones: Direct (automatic) dialing should not apply to consultation call

DD is configured.
When going offhook, DD should start dialing after configured timeout.
But when pressing R-key to put a call on HOLD, no automatic dialing should happen after timeout.

58607 - SIP Profile QSC-IPFonie edit not possible

UI open a blank page

58455 - SIP/TCP: Fix for connection re-use

Do not try to send on closing TCP connection.

12r2 Service Release 26 (125619)

59311 - CDRs from Broadcast incomplete

Did not show if the calls where connected by a destination or if the call was forwarded before the broadcast group

61242 - Fix for trap when handling STUN/TURN response

Null-Pointer trap while handling STUN/TURN response.

60042 - FXS: Transfer did not work for calls established with myApps or myPBX

If the original call for an analog interface (FXS) was initiated by myApps or myPBX and then a consultation call was created, there was no transfer on hanging up the analog phone, but both calls were disconnected.

59406 - IP240a,IP241: no calling party info on partner fkey when a pickup fkey is configured

when a partner function key is configured for a member of a pickup group together with a pickup function key for this group calling party info is displayed only on the the pickup key.

60249 - myPBX Android: Fixed a sporadic crash during shutdown of the app.

59035 - myPBX Android: Fixed delayed re-registration if the network changed

59889 - myPBX Android: Prevent myPBX from starting if "Autostart" is "never" and myPBX was closed via "Shutdown".

58761 - myPBX Android: Trace flags cleared if phone locked for more than 10 seconds

59624 - myPBX call pickup does not work with analog device

Der anklopfende Ruf mit FTY_REMOTE_CONTROL_CONNECT wird jetzt connected. Beide Rufe können nun mit MyPBX miteinander verbunden werden.
Wenn stattdessen aufgelegt wird, erfolgt kein Verbinden - das muß man noch untersuchen.

59217 - myPBX iOS: Fixed delayed re-registration if the network changed

59276 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a trap when starting the device specific auto start manager

59378 - myPBX/myApps Android: Follow the global auto-rotate setting

59094 - myPBX: Log username for failed login attempts

The myPBX logs now contain the username that was used for the login.

59086 - PBX Broadcast: A group member was displayed as alerting destination on caller

When calling a broadcast group, the caller should get the broadcast group displayed as alerting destination, not one of the called group members

59080 - PBX restart when configuring hw-id with '?'

If the hw-id up to the '?' generates an conflict with an existing hw-id.
Collateral damage of fix 57771 - Allow ?<args> be configured at user objects for external number id

59109 - PBX SBC Object: Registration broken after config change

If a SBC object is changed while there were active registrations, these registrations did not work anymore. Deleting the SBC object and recreating it, could help.

59090 - PBX: Precedence of personal call forward over admin call forward did not work for CFNR

A call forward set by a user, should always work

59913 - phone: USB headsets - support additional product IDs of Jabra Engage 65

Jabra Engage 65 come with defferent product IDs but no changes in the HID functions we support

59216 - Push: Android push notifications didn't wake up the smartphone if it was in doze mode.

Push messages need to be sent to Google with "priority":"high" to get them delivered instantaneously on smartphones that are in doze mode.

60134 - RTP: Do not set marker bit in Comfort Noise packets (PT=13)

Comfort Noise packets (PT=13) are sent prior any audio RTP in order to overcome NAT.
Some receivers don't like CN packets with marker bit set.

59268 - SIP: New interop tweak /rem-silence-supp

Thier interop tweak suppresses the "a=silenceSupp" in SDP
Neither a=silenceSupp:on - - - -
nor a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
is sent.

59401 - Support for TLS 1.2

Added support for TLS 1.2 to version 12r2 that is identical to 13r1.

12r2 Service Release 27 (125637)

60579 - 802.1X: Re-Authentication failed

Side-effect of changes for support of TLS 1.2.

60555 - Fix for trap when handling STUN/TURN response

Null-Pointer trap while handling STUN/TURN response.

60937 - FXS calls cannot be controlled by myPBX

FXS calls initiated by myPBX can now be switched in either direction with myPBX functionality.

60616 - IP111/IP112: Improved the microphone AGC to reduce clipping with loud voices

60922 - IPVA: Manufacturer Setting for RAM-Size 256MB

was 64MB
#changed ipva.vmx

60867 - IPVA: Size of Stack 2MB

was 1MB(13r1), 0.5MB(12r2)
#changed ipva.cpp

57146 - Media: Send audio silence packets instead of comfort noise packets to overcome NAT

To indicate remote endpoint where to send RTP to,
we send RTP packets with payload type 13 (comfort noise).
Some 3rd party equipment simply ignore payload type 13.
Better send real audio packets containing silence.

60785 - myPBX Android/iOS: Timers could fire too late. This could cause keepalive expiries.

60543 - myPBX: Webcams in Windows Surface Pro6 deliver NV12 video format.

add support in myPBX for webcams that delivers NV12 video format

61259 - Phones: Reverse-lookup in LDAP did not work on some configurations

Phonenumber look-up in LDAP did not work if too many number attributes where specified.

60652 - remove obsolete route " -> localif" from default configuration

this route was intended for maintenance dialin via ISDN and is not needed anymore

60651 - Rollback of 55999 - Waiting queue: Multiple calls to a single operator should count as one call

Looks like it caused the feature Max call per operator feature to not work anymore

60859 - SIP: Interop tweak /ignore-nat-type did not work when set on interface

Interop tweak /ignore-nat-type did not work when set on interface.
Only did work when set on SIP module in config file.

60923 - SIP: Wrong address type in SDP

Wrong loopback address in SDP dummy answer.
Address type IP6 was used instead of IP4.

61267 - TLS: Potiential trap with Logging over HTTPS proxy server

When a HTTPS-Tunnel proxy was configured on page Services/HTTP/Client and the proxy was unreachable, there was a trap in the TLS module.

60778 - TURN TCP: Fixed a trap at the end of a connection if TURN TCP was involved.

60741 - TURN TCP: Fixed delayed release of allocations

60911 - TURN/TCP: Unreachable TURN server was not excluded from DNS resolution result.

60866 - TURN: Not working properly with waiting queues

12r2 Service Release 28 (125644)

62676 - don't try to convert non-utf8 strings to latin1

when a string containing non utf8 codes is converted to latin1 a trace message is written. to prevent this the string must be validated before conversion.

62049 - Don't wait for mobile phones waking up, if no push is configured

If no push is configured for the user, we can reject a call directly, if the call cannot be sent to any registered endpoint.

62210 - IP-DECT: Crypto Master not synchronized

The Crypto Master isn't synchronized because an unsplit message exceeds the decode buffer size and isn't handled.

57013 - IP111/112: Cannot accept second incoming call

When there are 2 inbound ringing calls (no connected call yet), the first inbound call be be accepted, but not the second inbound call.

62873 - myPBX/WebRTC no ringing if other calls without media existed to the same user

This could have happend, if there where subscriptions or group indications. In this case the new call was handled as waiting call.

60735 - prevent trap on decoding oversized xml data structures

A trap happened in decoding of oversized xml data structures

61540 - Removed sysclient/sysadmin modules

The sysclient and sysadmin modules in 12r2 were just a prototypes and not meant for usage.

61234 - SIP-Provider Profile DK-Telenor-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

62472 - SIP: Fix order of payload types on m-line in SDP answer

Workaround for Telekom SIP trunk.
Do not send:
m=audio 19732 RTP/AVP 111 8 13
a=rtpmap:111 telephone-event/8000

Even if the remote offer had this codecs in this order:
m=audio 23012 RTP/AVP 116 107 9 118 96 111 110 8 0

61407 - SIP: Interop issue with OpenStage endpoints on Remote Call Control

Must add Alert-Info header to INVITE with parameter "info=alert-autoanswer".

61733 - TURN client: Out of memory trap after long calls with many renegotiations.

62152 - USB headsets: add more product IDs for Jabre Engage 65/75

After a headset firmware update some of the many Jabra Engage 65/75 Variations come up with a new prodct ID although the hardware did not change at all.

61492 - WebRTC: Update for compatibility with recent Firefox and Safari versions

Use promise interfaces for RtcPeerConnection.
The change applies for myPBX and the WebRTC toolkit.

12r2 Service Release 29 (125659)

55895 - CFNR on Trunk/Gateway should be executed for a forked call also

Even if the original call is still ringing and without disconnecting the original call.

63498 - CPU load peak every 10min on PBX slave

A license update from the master caused stored phone config to be sent to every phone. Which may have cause additional actions on the phones.

63257 - Fixed install/update of IP29-2/IP29-4/IP29-20

The install and update of the variants IP29-2, IP29-4 and IP29-20 were not properly working.

63275 - Gateway coder selection should allow not only locally available coders

E.g. for exclusive coder configurations for calls not terminated locally

23157 - ip112: USB headset: check for missing host controller interrupts

In some rare cases it was seen that the Host controller did not interrupt anymore after ESD

63029 - Maintenance/Update suggests update even if up to date

63343 - myApps/myPBX Android: Didn't act as dialer for calls from within contacts any more.

63331 - myApps/myPBX Android: False crashdump file written if the app was running during smartphone shutdown.

63877 - myPBX for Windows: Additional option to start external application on calls immediately (before connect)

With the enabled autostart option, the external application was triggered when calls were connected. Now the behaviour can be configured.
* No autostart
* Autostart on connected call
* Autostart on each call

This can also be configured using MSI Parameters.
APPAUTOSTART=1 (connected)
APPAUTOSTART=2 (each call)

For this fix the PBX and the myPBX launcher needs to be updated.

63303 - myPBX iOS: Editing a smartphone contact from within the myPBX dictionary messed up the user interface

myPBX even crashed if a contact was edited a second time. This functionality has been removed. Please edit contacts in the contacts app of the smartphone.

63310 - myPBX iOS: The search icon on the favorite screen was shown too big on iOS 13.

63240 - myPBX iOS: User interface not responding any more on iOS 13 after leaving any submenu

63332 - myPBX may crash if no suitable webcam format is found

Variable was not initialized

63913 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed an exception at the end of a call on some smartphones

63335 - myPBX: Don't normalize internal numbers with the maximum subscriber number length for outlook integration

That previous fix only worked if the number was shorter than the configured maximum subscriber number length. But not if the number had the same length.

#57379 - myPBX: Don't normalize internal numbers for outlook integration

The PBX needs to be updated to apply the fix.

63313 - Netlogon: Connection to windows server was terminated if the authenticating user was disabled

The SamLogonExResponse message could not be decoded for such users. This was due to a wrong check of the encoding of the message.

63981 - No media if very fast hold/retrieve

There was a problem in H.323 when the new media negotiation was started when the local RTP for music on Hold was not yet initialized

63847 - Partnerkey pickup did not work in some e.164 scenarios

Fix merged from 13r1

63126 - PBX Waiting Queue: Potential trap on some complex call sequences

Something like operator forwards call to another, which connects at the same time as another operator

63776 - PBX: OEM Standby licenses did not work anymore

Collateral damage from implementig SMB lics

63672 - Quickdial: Late DTMF tearing down call

A DTMF received after a call was forwarded could tear down the call.
#changed pbx_dirsearch.cpp, .h

63243 - SIP: No REGISTER message sent after being out of Wifi converage

No REGISTER message sent after after being out of Wifi converage for a while.

63381 - SIP: Fix for DNS problems on Telekom SIP line

There are several IP addresses for "" available in DNS.
If a call has been started towards one of theses many IP addresses, all in-dialog requests must be sent to that single IP address.
Bug was that PRACK/ACK/BYE was sent to one of the other IP addresses.

63436 - SIP: New interop-tweak /sig-disc-on-cancel

63662 - SOAP Admin "modify" deleted sessions at user object

The modify now keeps the sessions, unless a sessions tag is given. So the sessions can be explicitly deleted using <sessions/>

Merge of fix to 12r2: #60940 - SOAP Admin "modify" deleted sessions at user object.

63071 - softwarephone: crash when ip address change

when an ip address change is detected softwarephone restarted with a delay of 10 sec. this could lead to ras doing a reregistration request which leads to a crash since other modules are down.immediate restart now implemented

63489 - support for IMTRADEX push to talk headset

12r2 Service Release 30 (125671)

65058 - IP-DECT: LDAP replication XML decode error

If LDAP replication is used, the user PBX XML data could exceed the buffer size and the decoding fails. The buffer is increased.

64222 - IP241: Display text for presence "DND" was missing

A question mark was displayed where "Do not disturb" was expected.

65073 - Media: RTP sent to wrong destination in some rare non-ICE cases

RTP was sent to wrong destination in some rare non-ICE cases.

64991 - myPBX iOS: Failed to dial outgoing calls initiated from contacts

64990 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a freeze in some network conditions when initiating a call.

65416 - myPBX/myApps Android: Added a link to the Oneplus autostart settings app

65010 - Phone USB headsets: add 2nd PID for Plantronics Blackwire C435

Plantronics Blackwire C435 headsets sold with identical P/N can have different signatures (product IDs)

64116 - Phones: Clear input field after entered phone number have been dialed

Clear input field after entered phone number have been dialed.
Phone types: IP222, IP232, IP111, IP112

64521 - Phones: List of emergency numbers does not work

Cannot dial all emergency numbers in locked state.
Only first emergency number can be dialed if multiple numbers are listed.

63912 - Phones: Pickup fkey displayed one call as multiple calls

If a multi-registered user is called, PBX will broadcast call to all registered devices.
If another user has a pickup fkey this fkey should display the call as ONE call (not as many).

65094 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-tele_tec-SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile:
- removed the t.38 option
- set the option No-Video

62756 - SIP: Disabled SDP tunneling

Fix for SDP tunneling.
It turned out to cause problems in signaling of hold and retrieve.
Can be enabled with config option /sdp-tunneling

65159 - SIP: Fix for small memory leak

Fix for small memory leak when INVITE is received with History-Info header or Diversion header.

64469 - SIP: Fixing problems on presence interop with external UC

Fixing problems on presence interop with external UC (ESTOS)

64728 - SIP: Make direct IP address dialing work on phones

Configure phone as 'standalone' and dial IP4 addresses (e.g. 172*16*19*202) to call another 'standalone' phone.
Did work with with H.323, but not with SIP yet.

64109 - SIP: Memory leak when response could not be sent due to insufficient buffer

SIP stack failed to construct reject response to some incoming SUBSCRIBE messages. Leaving memory leak.

64259 - SIP: Send UPDATE on change of user identity (not re-INVITE)

Since RFC-5876 it is allowed to send PAI/PPI in UPDATE method.
No longer required to use re-INVITE to update the identity of a peer.

65463 - TLS: Decode error in handshake when the remote side uses SHA224 signatures

Happened when the remote side used SHA224 for signing key exchanges.
Fix: Do not offer / negotiate SHA224.

12r2 Service Release 31 (125687)

66867 - Admin-UI: Sometimes no error displayed if download of update script failed

No was error display if the download of update script failed in a special way.
"not polled" was wrongly indicated instead.

65803 - Fix for trap in SIP stack

Introduced by earlier fix: #36385 - SIP: Fix for trap during call transfer

65847 - Gateway: Trap when reading config

Trap when reading config

66623 - HTTP: Add cache-control and pragma header for resources that shall not be cached

expires: Friday, 25-Jul-97 00:00:00 GMT

Now it is:
Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store
expires: Friday, 25-Jul-97 00:00:00 GMT
Pragma: no-cache

66324 - LDAP replication required reboot of all PBX on change of PBX password

If the PBX password was changed on the master and then a slave was rebooted, the LDAP replication failed unless the master was restarted as well.

67016 - myPBX/myApps Android: Avoid that the permission prompts are preempted to the background

66541 - myPBX/myApps Android: On MIUI based devices the user must grant appearance on the lock screen

myApps even doesn't ring if this permission is not granted.

65327 - Netlogon: Reconnect in case of: error Authentication Failed with Error 0xc0000022

Create a workaround where we reconnect when we get the error STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.. So it would only fail once and then run again.

Preliminary fix until we know what is the excact problem on the windows side.

65448 - PBX soap methods didn't always respond correctly

If a PBX soap answer was too large, the HTTP answer was incomplete.

64127 - PBX: Cropped conference announcements

No media renegotiation between two conference announcements is done now.

66940 - phone ip230/240/240a: fix DHSG headset port timing issue

Since v2sr2 the DHSG headset port does not work on some phones because of a hardware timing issue.

66914 - phone USB headsets: add new product IDs for existing Sennheiser Headsets

A lot of Sennheiser USB Headsets may come up with a new product ID after an update of the headse/base firmware.

66223 - phone USB-headset: add one more signature for Plantronics BT600 Dongle

Plantronics changed the signature of this dongle the third time, so we have to add it too

65460 - Phones: Assign LDAP name to outbound calls

Entering a phone number (local PBX user).
Find directory entry and dial directory entry.
If call is diverted before ALERT (CFU) the calling phone displays no DN for the originally dialed number in call list.
Now the DN from LDAP is displayed in call list.

65802 - Phones: Cannot answer 2nd ringing call

If there are incound calls ringing at the same time,
you can answer the first call before the second,
but not the second call before the first.

66946 - Phones: Cannot send text message to names containing non-ascii

Cannot send text message to names containig german umlauts or other non-ascii character.

64891 - Phones: Show own display name on display

There's a new config file option for phone devices with monochrome display (e.g. IP230, IP240, IP241, IP101).
config change PHONE FORMS /show-own-name
If set, the phone show the user's own display-name on idle screen.

67003 - Restart when changing the SBC object

65713 - SIP: Call did not return to 'sendrecv' state

First re-INVITE was sent with 'sendonly' and incremented SDP version.
Later re-INVITE was sent with 'sendrecv' but wihtout incremented SDP version.
SDP version needs to be incremented to indicate a modification.

66815 - SIP: New interop tweak /no-early-sdp-answer

Affects inbound SIP calls.
If set, no SDP is sent in any provisional response.

66764 - SIP: Registration lost on Telekom SIP trunk

Problem with SIP provider that provide multiple IP addresses in DNS.
SIP stack jumps between different IP addresses resulting in instable link.

66909 - SIP: Trap on SIP over TLS if remote certificate is refused

Trap trace looks like this:

0:0133:809:0 - sip_transport::serial_event(SOCKET_CONNECT_COMPLETE) Remote server certificate mismatch: expected-cert-name-here (�)
0:0133:821:5 - Assertion failed line 546 in box/arm/arm.cpp, DELETE caller=0xc1740
0:0133:821:6 - assert-ep 0001ac58 called from 0001b230

65055 - Softwarephone: support for SDK headsets without button functionality

12r2: headsets without button functionality are sometimes not reported by the SDKs and were thus not visible. Now handled as audio devices as well

12r2 Service Release 32 (125691)

68020 - Media: Fix for channels offers with multiple DTMF payload types

Offers may contain multiple DTMF (telephone-event) playload types for different clockrates. One for every occuring audio clockrate.
Clockrate of selected DTMF payload-type must match the clockrate of the selected audio codec.

66776 - PBX option to add '+' to PBX number from LDAP

For e.164 configurations so that the numbers from LDAP are provided as international numbers

67883 - PBX: Limit length of input field PBX/Config/Music on hold URL

Length of MOH URL is limited to 126 characters.

68019 - PBX: Possible trap in PBX Gateway object

68142 - Phones: Fav-list not loaded to phone if display-name of a fav contains special characters

Fav-list not loaded to phone if display-name of a fav contains special characters like double-quotes or angle-brackets.

68197 - Support Wireshark 3.x with npcap driver

The npcap driver in newer wireshark versions checks the length field of a protocol message which was incorrectly set inside the firmware.

12r2 Service Release 33

69831 - Call List App did not work, if reporting was checked at the user without reporting license

reporting attribute was missing in the CDR in this case

68741 - Command to set encrypted VARs with clear hex data

This fix allows !vars create with a combination of the x and b flag.

Example: !vars create TEST pbx 010203040506

Before only text data could be stored with the x flag and an additional b flag was ignored.

69383 - DHCP: Custom Vendor Options were not delivered to devices with standard vendor ID

The vendor ID provided in DISCOVER or a REQUEST was first matched against the builtin standard vendor IDs and only if there was no match the vendor IDs given in the "Custom" settings" were tried. Now the vendor IDs in the custom settings are tried first, thus permitting to overload the the default vendor specific options.

68459 - DHCP: vendor option "NTP Update Interval" did not work

The vendor option "NTP Update Interval" could be configured at server side but was not propagated to client

68206 - Fix for potential trap with waiting queues

68382 - H.323: Support checking of device certificates for future product

69150 - HTTP-Client: Support for Location header containing up-link

Support for Location header containing up-link.
E.g. Location: ../../13A119/voicemail_de/vm.xml

68424 - Httpclient: Possible leak with connection: keep-alive

If one connection was reused for subsequent requests there could be a leak. This happened always but not exclusively with chunked encoding.

68145 - IP111A/IP112A: Support version 12r2 12r1 11r2

70157 - IP11x: Sometimes the display orientation is upside down

65804 - IPxx11: Allow fixed ethernet speed settings

Needed for specific DSL Modem that dont support autoneg.

71017 - myApps/myPBX: No video when using Firefox browser

ICE candidates missing for video (WebRTC only).
Video was missing during call.

69942 - myPBX Android: Fixed too low microphone gain

69909 - myPBX/myApps Android: Boost the speaker volume as well for the Audio APIs with boosted volume

69520 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a crash on start with Android 6.0

69077 - myPBX: Support for international numbers from PBX LDAP

Support for a new PBX config option introduced in 12r2 SR32 and 13r1 SR10.

#66776 - PBX option to add '+' to PBX number from LDAP

69389 - PBX call forward loop detection could block forked calls

The loop detection should not affect forked calls

69818 - PBX CDRs: Changed conference ID was missing in conn-to event

The conference ID may have been changed because of pickup

126749 - PBX/H323 potential unexpected restart when receiving a H323 registration thru RP

Buffer overrun on XFF added by RP

69499 - PBX: Call forward in e164 scenario did not work sometimes

This bug could result also in all kinds of other problems together with call forward. Worked in versions before 13r1 just by accident

68454 - phone USB: wait longer for completion of control commands

completion of control comands sent to a headset is controlled by a timer. For a certain headset the timeout was too short.

119385 - phone: USB Headset - add EPOS product IDs for already supported Sennheiser devices

Sennheiser is now EPOS and the otherwise unchanged Sennheiser Devices got new names and USB product IDs (but fortunately kept the old USB vendor ID

68807 - Push rework

Rework of the push mechanism for myApps and myPBX Android / iOS.

70019 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-oneCentral-SIP_Trunk_TCP

New SIP Provider Profile

70018 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-oneCentral-SIP_Trunk_TLS

New SIP Provider Profile

68491 - SIP: Fix for memory leak

Fix for memory leak.
Could cause Out-of-memory trap.

70046 - Voicemail: pbx-get-presence didn't return activity "on-the-phone"

The script statement pbx-get-presence returned only static presence information. Now the dynamic presence activity "on-the-phone" can be queried.
#changed pbx_vm.cpp

12r2 Service Release 34 (125713)

72463 - DNS resolver: For results referenced by CNAME caching, balancing and fallback to an alternative address didn't take effect

71452 - Firmware: fixed potential trap in websocket client

A trap could happen if an unexpected socket shutdown happened and a websocket message was already queued for sending.

71455 - myPBX Android/iOS: Avoid a rush condition on lack of CPU time that caused failures in DNS, ICE and audio.

71366 - myPBX Android/iOS: Freshly configured, it lost the gatekeeper configuration again if force closed

A controlled shutdown via the shutdown button in the settings screen saved the configuration.

71456 - Phones: Autostart video setting for myPBX only had an effect on active registration

If myPBX was used for controlling a phone registration that was not selected as the active registration, the autostart video setting had no effect. This was because the setting was only processed for the active registration.

72019 - Potential trap when configuring NAT

a trap may happen when a malformed config line is entered manually

71961 - Reverse Proxy did not forward some HTTP requests with long request line

Happened when the request line was split accross packets right before the HTTP/1.1 term

71888 - Reverse Proxy: Support checking of device certificates for future products

Supplementary fix for #68382 - H.323: Support checking of device certificates for future product

71628 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Plusnet-IPFonie_Extended_Connect_TLS_SRTP

New SIP Provider Profile

71521 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-TSystems-Corporate_SIP_Germany

Update SIP Provider Profile

71364 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-Destiny-SIP_TRUNK

Updated SIP Provider Profile - Change of name Motto to Destiny.

71189 - SIP: Reset remote address and port on registration refresh

Reset remote address and port on registration refresh to values of provided Contact-URI.
If remote address and port was changed during call signaling.

69552 - softwarephone: allow other headset as ringer

12r2: only non headset devices were allowed to be configured as ringers,
now allow SDK devices such as conference speakers as ringers as well.

mute event not passed to mypbx

12r2 Service Release 35(125716)

73315 - Administrative CFNR should have precendence over manual CFNR

Documented in Wiki this way

73316 - In PBX config with nodes a CF was sometimes executed with wrong number, when calling from mobile

49844 - New config option for SIP stack: /amr-wb

New config option for SIP stack: /amr-wb
If set, any PT for AMR-WB will be supported when parsing SDP.
By default AMR-WB will be ignored to avoid compatibility issues.

72923 - Phones: Support for international numbers from PBX LDAP

Support for a new PBX config option introduced in 12r2 SR32 and 13r1 SR10.

72960 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss

Updated SIP Provider Profile - new UUI settings for proper CLNS handling on forward calls required by the Provider.

72726 - SIP: "anonymous" missing in From header on calls with CLIR

From: <sip:>;tag=450792688
instead of
From: <sip:anonymous@>;tag=3993929544

73071 - Unexpected restart on operator CFx back to waiting queue

But only in case this created a loop with at least two waiting queues

12r2 Service Release 36 (125727)

73066 - Handle missing response to a log or CDR message sent via HTTP

sending of log or CDR messages did hang when the HTTP Server did not send any response to a message. Now when there is no response within 25 seconds an alarm is raised and the message is resent for up to ten times. If this doesn't succeed it's assumed that the receiver has a problem with this specific message, the message is dropped and the next queued message is sent.

74332 - IP112A Handsfree acoustic

IP112A Handsfree parameter set was wrong

74018 - IP112A: Handsfree microphone gain

IP112A Handsfree microphone gain was too high

74470 - No media on CALL from Softphone to ISDN, if CALL_PROC is received

74455 - PBX: Location support for conference app

73661 - PBX: Pickup did not work if monitored user has "Send Number" configured

73577 - phone: USB Headsets - additional PID for Plantronics APU75

currently sold Plantronics DHSG/USB Adapter cable APU75 come with a new PID

73569 - Phones: Crash when starting 3rd call while having local conference

Crash when starting 3rd call while having local conference with 2 calls.
IP222, IP232, IP111, IP112

74672 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-MDCC_Magdeburg_City_Com-SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile, add sip-tweak to avoid reported problems with Session-Expires negotiation

73588 - softwarephone: mute from headset not passsed to mypbx

12r2: button mute from headset was not passed to mypbx

74451 - softwarephone: no audio over Lancom vpn

12r2 Ice negotiation fails over Lancom vpn interface.

74804 - softwarephone:looses registration when OpenVPN involved

12r2: restart mechanism when ip @ changes occur can happen when swphone is just starting up, not handled properly in this situation.

74766 - Sometimes no media on H.323 slowstart calls

Uninitialized memory

12r2 Service Release 37 (125736)

74863 - Added leak check for automatic testing

75513 - IP111/IP112/IP222: Support for new hardware with IPS display

The 3.5" TFT Display is replaced with a version with wider viewing angle. The new display requires a softwares update.

75514 - IP112/IP102: Support new hardware with new Ethernet switch revision

The IP112 and IP101 gigabit ethernet switch is replaced with a newer revision that requirers a software update.

75215 - Mobility call from Node could have wrong calling number

In case the same number existed in the root node as well

75244 - MOH and Waiting Queue URLs with up to 500 characters

Limitation to 126 characters can be a problem with long DNS names or a long path

75631 - myPBX: Room Search do not work if myPBX is started before Outlook

74867 - PBX Conference: Trap by call from another PBX object to busy room

If a busy conference room is called from another PBX object like a waiting queue, a trap occurs. This is fixed.

75262 - PBX: Automatically delete sessions with duplicate push tokens

When a myApps/myPBX client sets a push token, now the PBX deletes all other sessions with the same push token.

74839 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-NetCologne-SIP_Premium

Update - Remove Interworking flag.

75243 - SIP-Provider Profiles DE-Plusnet-IPfonie_Extended_Connect TLS_SRTP/TCP_RTP

updated both Plusnet-IPfonie profiles, remove wrongly activated exclusive G711A setting and add suppression of connected number (problems with connected number were reported by customers)
Also adjusted UUI to use {initiator} placeholder.

12r2 Service Release 38 (125744)

76418 - IP241: Background image not displayed

From 12r2 sr23 on the image URL is stored in URL-encoded form.
But was not decoded when used.

75841 - PBX Mobility: Call filters where not applied for calls initiated with myPBX or RCC

76027 - PBX Waiting/Max Call/Operator(%): Don't count operator calls, if operator is not available

Operator could not be available because of presence or call forwarding

76404 - phone: apply 'headset ad hoc' preference to calls called via dial fkey too

The checkmark "Phone/Preferences/Headset is used ad hoc only" was applied to calls dialled via call list but not to calls dialled via a 'Dial' function key.

76360 - Phones: Fix for trap (btree-get)

61:1118:016:0 - Assertion failed line 193 in common/ilib-cpp/btree.cpp, btree-get
61:1118:016:0 - assert-ep 80005348 called from 804376dc
61:1118:016:0 - BUILD 125671 Uptime 14d 23h 34m 19s Local Time 18.06.20 14:23:37

76047 - SIP: Do not send REGISTER with Expires:0 after timeout

Do not send REGISTER with Expires:0 after no response.
Use polling with Expires:0 only while registered on backup server.

76378 - SIP: Fix for invalid payload type in SDP offer

Invalid RTp payload type 65535 was used in SDP offer:

m=audio 17218 RTP/AVP 18 9 8 0 96 65535 101 13
c=IN IP4
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
a=rtpmap:9 G722/8000
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:96 G726-32/8000
a=rtpmap:65535 G726-32/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=rtpmap:13 CN/8000

76055 - SIP: Media negotiation fails when calling into conference

Sometimes media negotiation fails when calling into conference.

12r2 Service Release 39 (125753)

77741 - Fix for trap in Gateway routing

Some routing configurations can cause an unexpected restart.

78111 - PBX Mobility object sometimes rejected calls as busy

This should only happen if a call already exists for the same mobile phone, but it could happen if other mobile phones had calls

77682 - PBX Mobility: Unexpected restart in some collision scenarios

Null pointer check missing

78113 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-EWE-business_DSL_voice_plus

Updated SIP Provider Profile, MediaRelay now mandatory due to platform update on provider side

78112 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-TeleData-TELEFON_SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

78115 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss

Updated SIP Provider Profile, Exclusive codec G711A is mandatory and Interworking disabled. Additionally adjusted UUI to contain user=phone parameter.

77167 - SIP: New interop tweak /require-mediasec

Merge to 12r2.
Already available in 13r1.

78302 - softwarephone: do not delete sennheiser config.dat

Deleting the config.dat so that SenncomSDK.exe generates it new prior to reading the sennheiser port could lead to crashes of the EPOS sw

78144 - Voicemail: Send CDR Event "conn-to"

The call detail record prepared by a Voicemail PBX object was missing a event of type "conn-to".
#changed pbx_vm.cpp

78006 - Web-UI: Typo in ETH0/VLAN config

Typo in ETH0/VLAN config: "priority" instead of "prioritiy"

12r2 Service Release 40 (125756)

100938 - Do not allow changing of ringer volume when PHONE_LOCK_USAGE is set

When PHONE_LOCK_USAGE is set under "Phone/Protect/Fine grained Function Locking" it shall be impossible to change the configured volume of ring tones.

100107 - Dyn PBX did not work correctly with too many start arguments

There was a limit at 100 command line arguments for start and only 16 for displaying the name

100048 - Mobility: Wrong alerting number in call-list for outgoing calls

101332 - myPBX: Timeout for closing outlook connection

Outlook connection will be closed after 20 seconds (before 30 seconds)

100787 - PBX Broadcast: Max Calls did not work

Not implemented

100674 - PBX Mobility caused unexpected restart

With of hold/retrieve operations

101216 - phone USB headsets: support EPOS BTD 800, Plantronics CA12CD-S

The EPOS BTD 800 has the same properties as the Sennheiser BTD 800 but a new product ID (Sennheiser is called EPOS now ;-) 

The Plantronics CA12CD-S is a PTT Headset Adapter 

100937 - potential trap in config upload

When a complete config file is uploaded, the call list and local directory are first deleted from flash and then recreated by the commands in the config file. Sometimes a race condition between different modules could lead to a trap.

100942 - Reduce load created by unsuccessful presence/dialog subscriptions

Timeout increaded from 20s to 5min

100671 - SIP: Merge interop tweak /send-no-referredby to 12r2

Merge interop tweak /send-no-referredby to 12r2.

Aleady available in 13r1.

100063 - TAPI/RCC state wrong for outgoing call after transfer

In case there is a CALL-PROCEEDING from the transfer-to destination

12r2 Service Release 41 (125791)

101876 - GUI display error for ldap directory config with very long attributes

The config was printed in xml format in a temporary buffer of 512 byte. If the whole xml did not fit in the buffer it was not well formed and the browser complained    

103613 - phone USB Headset: additional product ID for Jabra EVOLVE 40

add product ID 0x307 to HID table for EVOLVE headsets

102296 - phone: local call list was not maintained for hot-desking user

the local call list was not maintained anymore for hotdesking users since v13r1sr18

102094 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Deutsche_Telekom-CompanyFlex

New SIP Provider Profiles for SIP/TCP and SIP/TLS

103742 - SIP: Bug when "mediasec" extension is used

REGISTER request sometimes contained too many Security-Verify headers (draft-dawes-sipcore-mediasec-parameter).

102187 - SIP: Don't change remote IP address during call

Problem on Telekom SIP lines.

Telekom offers several IP addresses via DNS.

Sometimes the selected IP address disappears from DNS.

Don't send INVITE or BYE to a server where not registered.

Only change server address on registration refresh.

101877 - SIP: Interop tweak /discard-connected-identity

Merge back /discard-connected-identity to 12r2 and 11r2

104025 - softwarephone: when interface name for speaker and headset are the same selection fails

customer has a non jabra/plantronics/sennheiser headset. The interface name for both the speaker and the headset are the same, so we need to select via the full name

103704 - speed up detection of a broken TCP session after missing keepalive

the TCP keepalive timeout (2 minutes by default) was not reduced  after the first but after the second missing keepalive response. Thus about 5 Minutes passed instead of 3 until a broken TCP connection was detected.

104042 - Update of * certificate in trust list of devices

The old * certificate expires on 11.02.2021.

This software update installs the new * certificate to the trust list of all devices.

Also the fix prevents the alarm for certificates that will expire soon, if a new valid certificate for the same DN is already installed.

12r2 Service Release 42 (125797)

106071 - possible trap when deleting a registration with active calls

a registration can be deleted only when all calls via the registration have been released. Thus delete must be delayed by a timer until the final release messages for the calls are received from the PBX. 

103590 - SIP: Merge config option /rfc3261-conformity to 12r2

Config option /rfc3261-conformity

12r2 Service Release 43 (125813)

105203 - Allow creation of certificates for IPVAs

107851 - IP112A: Fix missing timer ticks

Sometimes NTP shows adjustments of 0.1% like 

2:1210:620:3 - LOG NTP 0 Time Adjusted to 10.03.2021-19:28:23 UTC by 36 second 

106678 - Mobility call was displayed with wrong number on mobile phone

In case of calling from a slave/node.

Collateral damage from 75215 - Mobility call from Node could have wrong calling number

107245 - PBX XML config did not show busy-out which was explicitly unset

An attribute busy-out="65535" should be set in this case

107701 - PBX/Mobility: Send silence instead of no RTP

Mobility calls may be terminated by carrier when no RTP is sent. Better send silence RTP instead of no RTP.

107846 - PBX: Don't execute configured call forward violating the filter

108174 - phone: USB headsets: add EPOS SP30 product ID

Sennheiser is now EPOS and EPOS changes the product  ID of well known Sennheiser products, here for the SP30 Speakerphone. Because the actual product was tested by a customer only it will be listed in the Reference under "3rd Party Tested Headsets".

108296 - Protect against TCP SYN with Window 0 attack

When SYN-ACKs to a SYN with window 0 are not ACKed by the source the accepting socket hangs forever sending a SYN-ACK any minute

106456 - SIP: Add 'Allow' header to UPDATE response

Fix for Telekom SIP trunk.

Telekom performs session refresh:

  2. re-INVITE
  4. re-INVITE
  5. ...

We better put 'Allow' header in UPDATE response (not only in INVITE response) to avoid re-INVITE (offer/answer exchange).

106605 - SIP: Ignore Session-Expires if not "timer" in Supported or Required header

SIP stack may receive an INVITE with Session-Expires header field. Ignore this if Supported/Required header field does not include "timer" extension.

106487 - SIP: New interop tweak /ignore-session-timer-support

In order to avoid any signaing complications this option can be set. If set an session timer offer is ignored, if INVITE does not contain 'timer' as required.

107366 - SIP: Sending REGISTER to wrong port after redirection

Wrong Contact-URI selected from 301 redirect respsone.

107084 - softwarephone: opus decode error and crash in conference

i assume ther is a malformed opus packet coming from the conference since most swphones in the conference crash at once, dump shows that a media packet of size 4 bytes is received in each case

105799 - softwarephone: show hint in traybar if microphone is disabled

 show hint in traybar if microphone is disabled

73699 - Unexpected restart on collision of call clearing and media re-negotiation

12r2 Service Release 44 (125827)

109185 - IP241 with new display: Display reversed

108925 - PBX loop detection did not work under some special conditions

One example, where loop detection did not work, was a call from a Mobility endpoint to a Gateway Object with CFNR loop over two other objects back to the original, if the CFNR was executed because of no registration.

The loop detection is now changed to a more generic mechanism, which should cover all cases.

108709 - PBX trap on !mod cmd PBX0/ADMIN show /call

109199 - Phone USB Headsets: Support Jabra Pro 935 (new id), Evolve2 40, Speak 750

Support for Jabra Pro 935 (new id), Jabra Evolve2 40 and Jabra Speak 750

109421 - phone: permit more headset command descriptions

the USB headset table was a single xml structure containing the command descriptions of all supported devices.  To overcome some xml decoder limit the table is now splitted in separate per device structures.  

108428 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

98:3368:320:3 - BUILD 125797 Uptime 4d 2h 56m 8s Local Time 20.04.21 13:43:42

98:3368:320:3 - 0: - 0 ticks=4598:3368:320:3 - 1: - 0 ticks=27598:3368:320:3 - 2: - 0 ticks=098:3368:320:3 - 3: - 0 ticks=098:3368:320:3 - 4: - 0 ticks=47498:3368:320:3 - 5: - 0 ticks=16698:3368:320:3 - 6: - 0 ticks=7898:3368:320:3 - 7: - 0 ticks=39798:3368:320:3 - 8: SIP 2101 ticks=54798:3368:320:3 - 9: PBX 100 ticks=41198:3368:320:3 - 10: - 0 ticks=098:3368:320:3 - 11: - 0 ticks=098:3368:320:3 - 12: - 0 ticks=098:3368:320:3 - 13: - 0 ticks=0

108878 - SIP: Memory leak causes out-of-memory trap

Severe memory leak causes INVITE client transaction stacking. May result in out-of-memory trap.

108385 - softwarephone: crash in ice negotiation when more than 4 network interfaces active

softwarephone crashes when more than 4 network interfaces present and call forwarding is used

106736 - softwarephone: distortions at 3pty conference with both narrow and wideband legs

distorted voice when 3pty conference and a narrowband call leg and a wide band call leg from /to softwarephone

109575 - Unexpected restart on some special scenario with Mobility and WQ

Double free

109556 - Unexpected restart, on some PBX CF, Mobility loops

12r2 Service Release 45 (125829)

109933 - softwarephone: goes and stays in do not disturb mode

Normally if you press the mute button in idle mode (headset onhook) then no event is passed to swphone. I assume that this happens when one pressed the onhook and also touches the mute on the headset. so that the onhook switches swphone in idle and

the subsequent mute in DND.

110472 - Webfax trap

If the DSP channel limit is reached.

12r2 Service Release 46 (125831)

111146 - PBX Call Forward settings: New check mark "Take Precedence"

The fix 73315 - Administrative CFNR should have precendence over manual CFNR, caused problems, because it changed the behaviour of Call Forward settings, even if this was according to the documentation.

This fix changes the default behaviour back to the original behaviour and allows the new behaviour be switched on on any Call Forward setting.

111145 - PBX Diversion Filter: New config to block execution

Fix for 107846 - PBX: Don't execute configured call forward violating the filter

111469 - PBX Waiting: Potential unexpected restart on CFNR

In case of special CF loop configurations

111147 - PBX: Potential, unlikely restart when changing object configuration

In case the last reference to a location/node is affected

111981 - softwarephone: crash on startup when %APPLOCAL%\innovaphone not existing

Moving the local data from roaming folder led to the issue 

12r2 Service Release 47 (125833)

114217 - DNS resolver: Fixed incorrect precedence of some IPv6 results

12r2 Service Release 48 (125836)

114968 - phone USB headset detection did not work for all supported headsets

Only  some of the supoorted headsets were detected as supported and thus did work as audio device only :-(

113014 - phone USB: add new product ID for EPOS (aka Sennheiser) SC 135 headset

Sennheiser is now EPOS. Some existing products now have different product IDs.

12r2 Service Release 49 (125838)

115312 - Fix for unexpected restart

Fix for unexpected restart

115341 - PBX Waiting queue caused restart on collision of call-forward with call disconnect

Missing null-pointer check

12r2 Service Release 50 (125840)

115124 - Allow H323/TLS registrations with mixed case HW-IDs

Some IP11x phone have this kind of hardware ids

115720 - PBX potential restart when changing devices at user object

Unclear what special circumstances cause this restart

12r2 Service Release 51 (125845)

117117 - myapps windows: libssl-1_1.dll and libcrypto-1_1.dll missing in installation

13r1:  libssl-1_1.dll  and libcrypto-1_1.dll (needed by SennComSDK.exe) are mising in the installation

117660 - myPBX: crash if a hotkey is used in an office application in Windows 11

Using a hotkey in Windows 11 with an office application made myPBX crash.

12r2 Service Release 52 (125847)

117955 - DHCP-Client: force broadcast server responses, add flags to prevent overriding of static gateway/dns configuration by lease

Some DHCP servers respond to discover/request packets with unicast packets by default.

This is no problem for boxes with only one ethernet interface but on boxes with two interfaces 

unicast packets may be routed to a statically configured default gateway and are lost then.

Thus on boxes with two interfaces a broadcast response is requested now by setting the broadcast

flag in discover/request packets. 

To prevent overriding of static configuration for default-gateway and/or dns-server the

/no-routers and /no-dns flags are provided.

118739 - IP222/IP232 HW2200 Support

IP222/IP232  HW2200 is built with a different phy, and this fix adds the firmware support.

Downgrade to older version is blocked on new devices.

118589 - PBX CDRs: WQ generated conn-from even if there was no connect because of "Announcement w/o connect"

conn-from event removed in this case

118866 - SIP: Do not add RED to SDP answer

Do not add RED to SDP answer as long as config file option /red is NOT set.

119097 - Update of * certificate in trust list of devices

The old * certificate expires on 15.02.2022.

This software update installs the new * certificate to the trust list of all devices.

12r2 Service Release 53 (125848)

112422 - Fixed a possible trap at the beginning of FAX calls

12r2 Service Release 54 (125849)

121939 - phone USB Headsets: Jabra Link 380 USB/BT dongle support added

support for Jabra Link 380 USB/BT Dongle added

121917 - Relay: URL-Encoding of Action "PARTIAL-REROUTING.." wrong within LOG CALL CDRs

A space character wasn't URL-encoded

12r2 Service Release 55 (125850)

123770 - prevent trap at high logging rates

prevent trap at high logging rates

123181 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Fix for trap when SIP response cannot be sent.

12r2 Service Release 56 (125857)

128563 - Include hardware licenses

126587 - ipxx11: remove initialization of unused packet processor ports

initialization of unused packet processor ports may hang sometimes and can be skipped. the fix permits testing of pre 13r3 under 13r3 after fix "#125264 - IP811 Upload DRAM without softreset" has been applied.

127046 - softwarephone; crashes when logging is enabled

when logging is enabled softwarephone crashes on start 12r1

12r2 Service Release 57 (125857)

130158 - Hardware licenses added for ip800, ip6000 and ip2000

130874 - myPBX: crash using Windows AutomationElement API for hotkeys

130417 - SIP: Fix for config option /accept-any-reg-interval

Even with config option /accept-any-reg-interval sometimes the assigned registration TTL was lower than the propsed value.

E.g. REGISTER with "Expires: 3631" and 200/OK with "Expires: 220"

12r2 Service Release 58 (125860)

131497 - Advanced UI: Prevent XSL injection

The servlets for the advanced UI accept an "xsl" URL paramter that specifies the XSLT file for displaying the corresponding page.

Before this fix it was possible to specify a DATA URL containing a malicious style sheet that could be used for phishing attacks.

After this fix no values containing a colon are allowed, like:

  • xsl=data:...
  • xsl=data%3A...
  • xsl=data%3a...
  • xsl=javascript%3A...
  • xsl=http%3A...
  • ...

So only the pre-defined style sheets from the box are allowed.

Reported by trizwo GmbH IT & Communication,

112306 - phone USB: support Gigaset ION (DECT Handset/Speaker)

 add support for Gigaset ION (DECT Handset/Speaker)

129697 - phone USB: support Snom A330M/D headset, C300 personal conference

Add support for Snom A330M/D headset and C300 personal conference (speakerphone)

12r2 Service Release 59 (125863)

137123 - Update of * certificate in trust list of devices

The old * certificate expires on 10.02.2023.
This software update installs the new * certificate to the trust list of all devices.

135288 - X.509: Workaround for certificate compatibility with new versions of Chrome and Edge

Recent versions of Chrome and Edge could no longer decode self-signed certificates created by the firmware.

Most probably this caused by a bug in the Chrome engine that might be fixed in the future. However we provide a workaround for certificate creation in our software.


  • Before the fix, uncritical extensions contained the critical flag set to false.
  • After the fix, uncritical extensions do not contain the optional critical flag.


12r2 Service Release 60 (125867)

137271 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Unexpected restart when receiving 481 for BYE.

12r2 Service Release 61 (125869)

138977 - phone USB Headsets: add additional product-ID 0x030c for Jabra Evolve 65 (wired) product

Newer Evolve65 Headsets come with product-ID 0x030c instead of  0x030b.

12r2 Service Release 62 (125871)

142408 - Potential problem with H.323 registration thru RP

Due to uninitialized data

12r2 Service Release 63 (125872)

146407 - Support new IPxx11 HW Versions

Support new Hardware Versions of IPxx11 family, e.g. IP3011 Version 402

12r2 Service Release 64 (125873)

150867 - phone IP240A,IP101,IP102: indicate broken gatekeeper or network connection in active call

On IP240A  and on all other phones based on INCA chip  and also on IP101 and IP102 a broken network or gatekeeper connection was not indicated while a call was active.

Now the call duration counter is replaced by the corresponding "network down" or "gatekeeper not connected" icon in this case. 

12r2 Service Release 65 (125879)

157340 - phone_imx6: Adjust LCD clock

157763 - Update of * certificate in trust list of devices

The current * certificate expires on 15.01.2024.
This software update installs the new * certificate to the trust list of all devices.

12r2 Service Release 66 (125881)

159317 - Advanced UI: Prevent XSL injection

The servlets for the advanced UI accept an "xsl" URL paramter that

specifies the XSLT file for displaying the corresponding page.

Before this fix it was possible to specify a URL containing a colon represented in XML entity encoding.


12r2 Service Release 67

170318 - IP240A: Fixed audio drops in a certain situation due to a recent jitter buffer change

165335 - Push: Exponential backoff for connection retry

from 10s to 42min