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This is the Firmware 11r2 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second monday each month.

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Firmware 11r2

11r2 Service Release 1 (113182)

4877 - 145308: IP232/222/111: Block dialing calls should be marked as 'sending complete'

Ticket #145583. Calls stared with enbloc dialing should be marked as 'sending complete'.

4961 - Annoying gaps in the peer signal during double talk in handset mode

Ticket #147983. Disabled the NLP in handset mode to avoid any gaps. The LEC should normally converge such tightly that there is no perceivable residual echo.
Lowered the NLP threshold to avoid as much of the gaps that it produces as possible for the handset and headset monitoring mode.

4886 - ASN1 tracing fixed

Ticket #145968. Encoded ints were displayed wrong

4905 - Call Lists on CF: Duplicate entries if call was sent to multiple registrations or mobility - fix for this fix

Ticket #146531. The last ix was not complete. A call which was accepted on one registration still showed up multiple times

4862 - DHCP-Client:: a changed "IP Routing" option propagated via the server "Renew" button had no effect at the client

Ticket #145284.

4917 - DTLS: Fix for negotiation of protocol version

Ticket #146845. The ClientHello should not only be accepted for DTLS 1.0. It should be accepted for all higher versions as well, but DTLS 1.0 should be negotiated.

4908 - Fax server: Raw data trace option added

Ticket #146596. There is a configuration option (/dtrace) for raw data tracing available now.

4860 - Fill missing bits with zeros in encode_base64

Ticket #145266. Additionally, an array boundary has been violated.

4902 - Fix for trap if invalid coder config is received by DHCP

Ticket #146490. Trap if invalid coder config is received by DHCP.

4852 - Gateway: Mapping of diverted number did not work, if a calling number was mapped as well

Ticket #145035. Some digits could be duplicated.

4876 - IP-DECT: Phone book search filter

Ticket #145556. The configured phone book search filter isn't considered in the search string. This is fixed now.

4872 - IP-DECT: Wrong name with reverse phone book search

Ticket #145482. If there is a similar number in the LDAP directory, the number can be resolved in a wrong name. This is fixed now.

4956 - IP111/222/232: Changing image on Camera app may fail with "Allocation limit exceeded"

Ticket #147858. Changing image on Camera app may fail with "Allocation limit exceeded".
Fixed memory management.

4957 - IP222/232/111: Reducing memory footprint of display rendering

Ticket #147863. Reducing memory footprint of display rendering.

4962 - IP222/232/111: Trap when reboot is initiated

Ticket #147995. Trap when reboot is initiated.

4898 - IP232/222/111: Allow REDIAL key to be used to initiate a headset call

Ticket #146407. Allow REDIAL key to be used to initiate a headset call.
But only on phone devices without dedicated HEADSET key on it.
On phone devices with dedicated HEADSET key, the REDIAL key opens the list of outbound calls.

4932 - IP232/222/111: App "Favorites" can be disabled now

Ticket #147249. App "Favorites" can be disabled now.
Symbol does not appear on phone.


4879 - IP232/222/111: Bug in Executive/Secretary scenario

Ticket #145749. Bug in Executive/Secretary scenario.
Executive's phone show wrong presence information, when a secretary joins or leaves the group of secretaries.

4930 - IP232/222/111: Fkey 'message' does not send prepared text message

Ticket #147211. Fkey 'message' does not work for prepared text message and prepared destination.

4926 - IP232/222/111: Incoming call is dropped after 5 minutes when accepted from call-waiting state

Ticket #147028. Incoming call is dropped after 5 minutes when accepted from call-waiting state.

4897 - IP232/222/111: No name suggestion when adding new favourites with some directory configurations

Ticket #146393. No name suggestion when adding new favourites, but only with some directory configurations.

4846 - IP232/222/111: Partner fkey did not display icon as it did on old phones

Ticket #144957. Partner fkey did not display icon as it did on old phones.
On old phones a partner fkey displays:
- bell-icon while partner is ringing (pickup is possible)
- handset-icon while partner is connected or calling (pickup is not possible)

4913 - IP232/222/111: Partner fkeys did not follow language change

Ticket #146710. If phone's language is changed without restart, partner fkeys kept on displaying partner's presence in previous language.

4960 - IP232/222/111: Presence control did not follow language change

Ticket #147945. If phone's language is changed without restart, presence control kept on displaying presence in previous language.

4871 - IP232/222/111: Silent Monitoring did not work

Ticket #145444. Silent Monitoring could not be started.

4915 - IP232/222/111: Sorting of favorites different from myPBX

Ticket #146730. Sorting of favorites different from myPBX, but only for names containing LATIN LETTER ETH or LATIN LETTER THORN.

4928 - IP232/222/111: Trap when CCNR/CCBS is activated on consultation call

Ticket #147158. Trap when CCNR/CCBS is activated on consultation call.

4854 - IP232/222/111: Warning symbol was displayed if phone was connected to switch via PC port

Ticket #145045. Warning symbol ("LINK-DOWN") was displayed if phone was connected to switch via PC port.
Although the phone was registered and working.

4927 - IP6000: Prevent blinking error LED on old IP6000 with HW-Build 201

Ticket #147092. Conference DSP driver was started on old hardware that doesnt support the conference DSP

4964 - Language setting not applied to extension module

Ticket #148193. Extension module was redered in German language.
Now language setting from phone device is applied to extension module.

4869 - LDAP: Trap in Flash Directory UI

Ticket #145405. A deleted memory region was re-accessed.

4901 - Licenses containing digits (e.g. G729channel) did not work

Ticket #146486. Problem parsing the license string

4900 - Media: Webmedia channel in ECHO mode did not echo DTMF

Ticket #146479. Webmedia channel in ECHO mode did not echo DTMF

4858 - myPBX Hotkey: Re-register if main window handle changes

Ticket #145146. Under some circumstances the window handle can change during runtime. If that happens the launcher has to re-register for some window messages.

4864 - myPBX Hotkey: Use ClipboardFormatListener instead of ClipboardViewer

Ticket #145316. Use a different windows API that is more robust.

4853 - myPBX Hotkey: Use Windows Automation and STRG-C instead of WM_COPY

Ticket #145040.

4942 - myPBX: Display H.323 ID in history if there is no display name

Ticket #147471. If the reporting gave no display name for the remote party of a call, "Unknown" was displayed. In that case the H.323 ID is now displayed, if present.

Ticket #145273. The claim was changed from "PURE IP-COMMUNICATIONS" to "PURE IP COMMUNICATIONS".

4943 - myPBX: Possible crash with the "Autostart softwarephone" feature

Ticket #147475. When the "Autostart softwarephone" feature was enabled the launcher could crash on exit or on restart.

4859 - myPBX: Remove fish from notification window

Ticket #145149. The fish in myPBX was replaced in 11r2 with the new myPBX logo. But in the notification windows there was still the fish. Not it is removed.

4881 - myPBX: Some window icons were only available in low resolution

Ticket #145821. Use the program icon file that also contains the high resolutions.

4922 - No DNS server address with mobile data connectivity

Ticket #146914. If the smartphone had mobile data connectivity instead of Wifi, myPBX Android didn't know the DNS server addresses and couldn't resolve e.g. the STUN server if it was specified by host name.

4948 - Oscillations at the beginning of speakerphone mode for IP111<->IP111

Ticket #147634. Two IP111 in speakerphone mode tend to oscillate at the beginning of the call. Tried to fix this by attenuating high frequencies a bit in the speaker equalizer.

4910 - PBX CDRs: CDRs from a Broadcast object was incomplete if the caller did a transfer

Ticket #146609. The rel-to/from and conn-from events were missing. No calculation of call duration could be done.

4935 - PBX CDRs: Use Uptime in events and not call relative time

Ticket #147285. Call relative time is difficult to calculate correctly if different calls contribute to a CDR because of Transfer, Pickup, ...

4875 - PBX Executive: WebRTC could not be configured for executive object

Ticket #145535. Should be the same as normal user

4916 - PBX Pickup: With callidentifier to identify the call should work independent of the position

Ticket #146791. It should be possible to pick a call parked to a specific position by using the callidentifier allone, without park position. The park position is redundant in this case. This is how a park key does.

4868 - PBX SOAP: 6s timeout to pickup receiver if call is initiated for analog phone

Ticket #145387. When a call is initiated for an anlog phone with SOAP, or any other phone, which cannot be made to accept a call atomatically, first a call rings at this phone. After accepting this call, the outgoing call is initaited. There was a timeout of 6s to accept this call. It is now increased to 60s

4903 - PBX SOAP: Potential unexpected restart when using the Devices function

Ticket #146505. In case the call to Devices used an invalid session, maybe because the session was just lost.

4919 - PBX Trunk: "No Presence/Dialog Subscribe" did not work for local subscriptions from myPBX

Ticket #146875. These subscriptions were still sent out

4934 - PBX Waiting: Hide Connected Endpoint did not work if call was connected without announcement

Ticket #147281. This feature is for example used to hide the number of the waiting queue to external callers.

4945 - PBX Waiting: Outgoing call to trunk resulted in no audio

Ticket #147522. Worked to normal users

4874 - PBX Wakeup Call: If Waiting was used for announcement, a restart happened if the call was rejected by the user

Ticket #145490. This trap could also happen with other object types

4920 - PBX Wakeup: Was not executed if object had no registration but mobility

Ticket #146878. Check to avoid unnecessary executions did not cover this case.

4904 - PBX-SOAP: If a call was initiated for a mobile endpoint, the call was indicated duplicate

Ticket #146513. The call was indicated with two different call handles

4909 - PBX: Adjust any call from an User/Executive endpoint to a speech bearer capability

Ticket #146602. For compatibility with some ISDN phones

4870 - PBX: Connected number was not adjusted after SOAP pickup

Ticket #145427. The call looked as if connected to the original called number

4878 - PBX: Forward received UUI on forwarded call, after CFB or CFNR

Ticket #145584. Needed for some special applications only

4914 - PBX: Group dialog info subscriptions did not work for groups without members on the master

Ticket #146714. The result was, that dialog info from other slaves was missing and many failed calls from the slave to the master could be seen, which may also be sent to an extern interface on the master.

4950 - PBX: Memory leak when serving SIP endpoints

Ticket #147663. PBX: Memory leak when serving SIP endpoints

4857 - PBX: No CLIR for internal calls, did not work for Pickup

Ticket #145138. The dialog-info/group-indication did not show the number

4936 - PBX: Registration by number failed if an object marked 'local' shadowed the destination object

Ticket #147300. When searching the destination object of an incoming registration by number, the local flag was evaluated. This was wrong.

4887 - phone ip111,ip112: prevent duplicate stack dump after assert

Ticket #146041.

4944 - phone: Audible Signalization of Announcement Calls did not work as expected with default settings

Ticket #147517. By default announcement calls have been signalled by a short inband tone on all types of phones. This tone was only hearable on ip222/232 but not on ip111(a),150,200a,230,240(a) and ip111.
Supressing this tone by checking "Phone/User-x/Announcement Calls/Audible Signal Off" did not work on ip222/232 but on the other phones.

Setting the checkmark "Phone/Preferences/Play Configured Ring Melody before Automatically Connecting an Announcement Call" fixed this Problem.
Announcement calls were then signalled by a configurable ring tone before connect but connected silently when ".../Audible Signal Off" was checked.

Now the phone always behaves as if "Phone/Preferences/Play..." has been checked, the checkmark itself is removed from WEB config page.

4865 - phone: DTMF tones received from remote were not played locally

Ticket #145347.

4929 - phone: numbers sent to the phone by myPBX to are dialled enbloc now

Ticket #147210.

4925 - Phone: Trap if hotdesking registration fails

Ticket #146984. Trap if hotdesking registration fails.

4893 - Phones: Call initiated via call list was sent to wrong gatekeeper

Ticket #146211. Call initiated via call list was sent to wrong gatekeeper.
Save gatekeeper information in call list entries.

4895 - Phones: Fkeys stop displaying partners presence and call activity

Ticket #146265. Subscription are terminated and not re-established in rare cases.
E.g. Temporary call routing over ISDN line (during outage of IP link).

4855 - SIP: Adjust offered framesize in media offers on media-relay interfaces

Ticket #145079. Adjust offered framesize in media offers on media-relay interfaces.
Until now the original offered framesize was passed through.

4940 - SIP: Changed handling of History-Info header and stop sending Diversion header

Ticket #147429. Trying to comply to RFC-7044 and RFC-7131.

Decoding: Skip top-most entry "History-Info" (highest index value) if this entry reflects the called party itself.

Encoding: Add top-most entry "History-Info" (highest index value) that reflects the called party itself.

SIP header "Diversion" is removed since it is declared as deprecated (RFC-5806 Category Historic now).

4885 - SIP: Close unused UDP sockets

Ticket #145961. Close UDP sockets used for NAT type discovery after NAT type discovery is done.

4882 - SIP: Coder preference not always applied

Ticket #145867. Coder preference not always applied.

4951 - SIP: Coder preference not always applied

Ticket #147683. Configured coder preference not always applied.

4937 - SIP: Config option "No ICE" did not work in transit mode

Ticket #147334. Config option "No ICE" did not work in transit mode.
Config option "No ICE" only worked with media-relay and local-media.

4933 - SIP: Domain part missing in Contact-URI of 302 response

Ticket #147263. Domain part missing in Contact-URI of 302 response.

4939 - SIP: Memory leak when rejecting request messages with "482 Loop Detected "

Ticket #147419. Memory leak when rejecting request messages with "482 Loop Detected".

4946 - SIP: Missing response to re-INVITE(inactive)

Ticket #147523. No channels_app available to send 200/OK(inactive).

4850 - SIP: PBX sends re-INVITE after REFER was handled

Ticket #145005. PBX sends re-INVITE after REFER was handled.
Client expects to receive nothing but NOTIFY(sip-frag) or BYE from PBX.

4873 - SIP: Problem with failover on failed call attempt

Ticket #145489. Problem with failover on failed call attempt.

4958 - SIP: REGISTER rejected with "301 Moved Permanently"

Ticket #147871. REGISTER gets rejected with "301 Moved Permanently"
if TCP or TLS is used as transport protocol for SIP,
but Contact-URI in REGISTER misses corresponding "transport" parameter.

4921 - SIP: SDP body was ignored if no Content-Length header line was present

Ticket #146896. SDP body was ignored if no Content-Length header line was present.
Content-Length header line is not mandatory for SIP/UDP.

4931 - SIP: SIP interface should reject call with Q931_CAUSE_RequestedCircuit_ChannelNotAvailable

Ticket #147234. SIP interface should reject call with Q931_CAUSE_RequestedCircuit_ChannelNotAvailable (not Q931_CAUSE_AddressIncomplete_InvalidNumberFormat)
if remote proxy is currently not available ("down").

4883 - SIP: STUN not used if IP address was configured

Ticket #145945. STUN not used if IP address was configured.
STUN used if domain name was configured.

4924 - SIP: Unsymetrical codec choice at call pickup

Ticket #146926. May apper on handling of INVITE with Replaces.

4906 - SIP: Wrong coder in SDP answer after switch from "inactive" to "sendrecv"

Ticket #146537. Wrong coder in SDP answer after switch from "inactive" to "sendrecv".

4892 - SIP: Wrong error message in trace

Ticket #146176. Wrong error message in trace.

sip_client::unbind_call(SIP-CLIENT.0) invalid call handle

4896 - STUN: Binding response contained no IP address

Ticket #146297. STUN: Binding response contained no IP address.
But only if binding request came from an addr:port
that also has been configured as destination for an inbound forwarding.

Simple Traversal of UDP Through NAT
[Request In: 6816]
[Time: -359.000375000 seconds]
Message Type: Binding Response (0x0101)
Message Length: 0x0018
Message Transaction ID: 63383537316633376633356135353031
Attribute Type: MAPPED-ADDRESS (0x0001)
Attribute Length: 20
Protocol Family: IPv6 (0x0002)
Port: 5060
IP: :: (::)

4952 - Trap due to double free

Ticket #147701. Trap due to double free of a packet.

4880 - Trap in conjunction with call completion

Ticket #145767. The new test cases in test/11.00/phone_android/phone-app-ip2x2 revealed this bug. To reproduce carry out these steps:
- Start an outgoing call.
- When ringing press the call completion button
- Press "Send Message"
- Send the message, click hangup.
- Go to the phone screen, change to the diversion settings and back.

4866 - Trap when restart is initiated

Ticket #145368. Trap in SIP stack when restart is initiated.

4863 - Video/Collaboration: ICE compatibility between v11 and v11r2

Ticket #145299. hmac_sha1 was calculated different in v11.

4899 - Video: do not use rtp marker but the timestamp to detect end of access unit

Ticket #146470. I was using the rtp marker but this is not reliable if packetization-mode equal 0 is used.

11r2 Service Release 2 (113190)

4992 - Admin UI: Make SHA256 the default signing algorithm for certificates

Ticket #149545. Change default value in drop-down menus for creating certificates
* Signature: SHA256

5007 - Application trap on start if logged in as a secondary user

Ticket #150173. If logged in to the smartphone as a secondary user the system throws an exception if we try to clear our own package preferred activities settings for the case of dialer claim "manual".
java.lang.SecurityException: Neither user 1010120 nor current process has android.permission.SET_PREFERRED_APPLICATIONS.
at com.innovaphone.phoneandroid.PhoneAndroidService.forms_set_forms_property(

4977 - Call-Lists: Calls to users with multiple registrations, which were forwarded, were shown multiple times

Ticket #148583. Indicate in CDRs that there are more CDRs for the same call

4969 - CONF: Connected to a wrong conference room

Ticket #148318. With block dialing without any number the conference is assigned to a wrong existing room. This is fixed now.

5006 - Dial pad not shown after call park

Ticket #150100. After a call has been parked the dial pad should be shown again in the phone screen because we may start a new call then by just typing a number. The same on incoming message. Until now the dial pad didn't show up even if the according button was pressed.

4988 - DNS resolution for automatic configuration of softwarephone

Ticket #149434. The softwarephone in version 11 doesn't support configuration of the gatekeeper using hostnames. Instead an IP address must be given. Therefore the launcher needs to do hostname resolution using DNS, if myPBX is configured using a hostname.

4978 - Fixed myPBXDial crashes on terminal server

Ticket #148584. Some myPBX processes have been found on terminal servers, which were not accessible, causing myPBXDial to crash.

4971 - IP-DECT: Release reasons for OEM PBX

Ticket #148430. Release reasons for an OEM PBX are changed.

4994 - IP232/222/111: Do not leave screen when touching presence info of a favourite

Ticket #149617. Do not leave screen when touching presence info of a favourite.

5011 - IP232/222/111: More options for Fine grained function hiding

Ticket #150235. More options for Fine grained function hiding
Allow to hide APP_CONF, APP_LSIT and APP_DIR from display.
Allow to hide FKEYS from APP_HOME.

4986 - IP232/222/111: Own presence not updated on phone display after a while

Ticket #148818. Own presence not updated on phone display.
Self-subscription is terminated.

5000 - IP241: New config file parameters /solid-header and /solid-status

Ticket #149879. New config file parameters /solid-header and /solid-status

4976 - ISDN: Send Proigress Indicator "Originator is not ISDN" with audio calls

Ticket #148574. A SIP call can only be mapped to audio on ISDN, because we do not know, if it will be fax. Some ISDN phones do not accept an audio call without the Progress Indicator "Originiator is not ISDN" because they assume it must be fax or modem

4998 - Local time derived from UTC timestamps sometimes wrong.

Ticket #149731. The UTC timestamp was adjusted by the time offset of the current time period, i.e. by the Daylight Saving Time offset or the non Daylight Saving Time offset. Thus the local time displayed for a timestamp taken in summertime was displayed wrong in wintertime and vice versa.

4991 - Media Recording: If manual recording was configured a small file was generated even for not recorded calls

Ticket #149544. The file did not contain any RTP

4966 - myPBX dial trace didn't work correctly

Ticket #148235. The trace file hasn't been written if tracing has been enabled by its MSI property.

4990 - myPBX URI should be case-independent

Ticket #149495. The following things did not work correctly, if the URL was not in tht right case:
* Video
* Application Sharing
* WebRTC Softwarephone
Now the case of the URI doesn't matter any more.

4965 - No restart needed on dialtone type change

Ticket #148196. A change of the dialtone type already applies without restart. To reproduce the odd behaviour
- Change the dialtone type of the primary reg
- Click "OK"
- When asked for restart click "No"
- Results in message "Change activated" and indeed it's changed

5004 - OEM Registration licenses did not work anymore

Ticket #150069. Collateral damage of fix: #146486: Licenses containing digits (e.g. G729channel) did not work

4996 - PBX Broadcast: Potential trap if call of Broadcast did a transfer

Ticket #149651. Collateral damage of Fix 146609: PBX CDRs: CDRs from a Broadcast object was incomplete if the caller did a transfer

4973 - PBX CDRs: clir flag sometimes mission

Ticket #148496. Was only in the first event of the call present

5002 - PBX Gateway Object: Outgoing Calls no Name/URL

Ticket #149966. To supress internal information to be sent to other systems

5009 - PBX Waiting: Original called number got lost on diverted calls to a Waiting Queue

Ticket #150188. This happens if the call was diverted more then once before the call is sent to the WQ. In this case the original called number should be displayed on the phone rather then the last diverting.

5005 - PBX Waiting: Trap when changing the config of a WQ with active calls to mobile operators

Ticket #150081. Duplicate delete

4980 - PBX: Add additional dialed digits to the call forward destination only in case of call forward to number

Ticket #148607. The additional dialed digits were added to an empty number and the resulting destination was wrong

5008 - PBX: Don't do RTP Proxy for WebRTC calls

Ticket #150176. RTP Proxy (or media relay) is not suppoprted by the WebRTC signaling

5003 - PBX: Dyn PBX could not turned off an on again

Ticket #150024. Response from DUMMYVOIP (WebRTC) was missing.

4995 - PBX: Potential Trap related to mobility and no response timeouts

Ticket #149649. Hard to find the real cause

4993 - SDP: Unable to process SDP messages bigger than 4096 bytes

Ticket #149548. Unable to process SDP messages bigger than 4096 bytes.
8192 bytes is the new limit.

5010 - SIP: Add "Allow" and "Accept" and "Supported" headers to OPTIONS response

Ticket #150234. Add "Allow" and "Accept" and "Supported" headers to OPTIONS response.

4999 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation in early-media scenario

Ticket #149842. Fix for media negotiation in early-media scenario.

4949 - SIP: Must follow re-negotiation even while holding the call

Ticket #147657. Must process re-INVITE with new SDP offer even during 'inactive'.

4985 - SIP: SDP offer with "vbd=yes" was rejected with 488

Ticket #148803. Better to ignore "vbd=yes" attribute and accept as regular PCMA offer:

o=AudiocodesGW 1243985021 1243984779 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 56814 RTP/AVP 8 101
c=IN IP4
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=gpmd:8 vbd=yes;ecan=off
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:101 0-15

4989 - SIP: Wrong local RTP address in SDP in some special scenarios

Ticket #149456. Wrong local RTP address in SDP in some special scenarios.
Better use local IP address that is used for signaling (e.g. in Contact-URI).

4981 - Video: do not show video window if no webcam and no video received

Ticket #148624. If both sides have no webcam video windows are still shown although no one is sending video.

4953 - Video: h264 stream wrongly decoded if poc type equal to 2

Ticket #147811. if poc (picture order count) was equal to type 2 the video stream was wrongly decoded.

4984 - With certain debug settings the app could crash

Ticket #148701. E.g. the modified test phone_android/phone-presence-ip2x2 crashed the app due to its command
!config change PHONE CONF-UI /trace on
when it afterwards configured fkeys.

11r2 Service Release 3 (113236)

5084 - Favourite cannot be added if Fav App is not activated once

Ticket #152437. Favourite cannot be added if Fav App is not activated once.

5045 - Fax server: Wrong error correction

Ticket #151280. The error correction doesn't work if it is necessary. It results in missed document parts or failed connections. This is fixed now.

5027 - H.323/TLS: Authentication with device certificate for analog interfaces of IP22, IP24, ... family

Ticket #150646. The certificate name is checked against the beginning of the registration name, so a certificate name of 009033xxxxxx is good for a registration of 009033xxxxxx-TEL1 as well.

4972 - H.323: No Media after Pickup of a call to a trunk incomplete destination with RTP Proxy enabled

Ticket #148459. Media negotiation did not complete

4891 - H.323: No Media in case of calls from trunks with media-relay/exclusive coder to a PBX with rtp-proxy to broadcast destinations

Ticket #146166. Enabling Media-Relay on the trunk and do rtp-proxy in the config is not a good idea for performance reasons allow, but should still work.

5051 - IP222/232/111: Config parameter missing for PARTNER fkey

Ticket #151488. Config parameter "Aufschalten" missing for PARTNER fkey.

5064 - IP222/232/111: Display Alerting Partners on Pickup Key too

Ticket #151882. Display Alerting Partners on Pickup Key too.

5038 - IP222/232/111: Mark directory entries with "mobile" symbol if Number Attribute is tagged with 'M'

Ticket #150867. Mark directory entries with "mobile" symbol if Number Attribute is tagged with 'M'.
E.g. telephoneNumber:D,homePhone:P,mobile:M
For more details see

5062 - IP222/232/111: Phone-UI: Change page on 'key-press' or 'touch-on'

Ticket #151871. Change page on 'key-press' or 'touch-on' (Not on 'key-release' or 'touch-off').
And handle long-press.

5054 - IP222/232/111: Phonenumbers from directory are not normalized

Ticket #151637. Phonenumbers from directory must be normalized using the dialing location before used.

In Directory: +49 7031 73009 0
To be dialed: 00049 7031 73009 0

5025 - IP222/232/111: Suppress "Audible Signal" of Pickup fkey while DND is ON

Ticket #150578. Suppress "Audible Signal" of Pickup fkey while DND is ON.

5066 - IP222/232/111: Trap in display rendering

Ticket #151908. Trap in display rendering.

4987 - IP232/222/111: Change app when using keys LEFT or RIGHT

Ticket #149431. Change app when using keys LEFT or RIGHT.

5030 - IP232/222/111: Ghost call was displayed during transparent recording

Ticket #150746. Ghost call was displayed during transparent recording.

5040 - IP232: Backspace is executed before text input control has focus

Ticket #150946. When touching a text input control that hasn't got the focus yet at the very right end, the last character is deleted.

5057 - IPv6: De-fragmentation did not work

Ticket #151706. De-fragmentation did not work if more than 2 fragments were received.

5082 - ISDN: Calls to NT Point to Multipoint terminated if a single endpoint responds with RELEASE_COMPLETE

Ticket #152261. A RELEASE_COMPLETE should be ignored as long as other endpoints could still accept the call

5071 - Linux: Deleted device DNS

Ticket #151990. If the Linux IP address is renewed, the actual device DNS is cleared. This is fixed now.

5022 - myPBX Android sometimes incorrectly preferred ppp0 over wlan0

Ticket #150536. Changed the strategy when to prefer ppp0. Now we take wlan0 if the wlan0 local address matches the remote address better than the ppp0 local address, i.e. if the number of matching msb's is bigger for it.

5041 - myPBX: New translations

Ticket #151054. Translations for the myPBX launcher and the myPBX web application have changed.

5077 - myPBX: New translations

Ticket #152106. New translations for the myPBX launcher and the myPBX web application.

5039 - myPBX: Possible trap with hidden recording calls

Ticket #150936. myPBX hides calls to the recording. In this context a trap could occur.

5072 - Network: Device's secondary DNS is cleared on dynamical route change

Ticket #152003. The actual secondary DNS of the device is cleared if a dynamical route is changed (a PPP connection or the Linux IP address). This is fixed now.

5069 - PBX Boolean: Access rights (visibility) made configurable

Ticket #151937. Needed for the boolean function key

5073 - PBX Broadcast Conference: Call to WQ not closed

Ticket #152074. If the PBX Broadcast Conference calls a PBX Waiting Queue, the call isn't recognized as closed at the end of an announcement. This causes that the Waiting Queue isn't called again. It is fixed now.

5015 - PBX CDRs: Forwarded calls where missing in the call lists

Ticket #150330. Collateral damage from

148583: Call-Lists: Calls to users with multiple registrations, which were forwarded, were shown multiple times

5036 - PBX Conference: Trap

Ticket #150852. There is a trap in the PBX conference call. This is fixed now.

5074 - PBX Exec: Call was sent to secretary even if a CFU was set

Ticket #152082. In case the CFU destination was busy, because of Busy on ... Calls. The caller should get busy instead.

5021 - PBX Mobility: Unexpected restart on very unlikely call clearing collision

Ticket #150530. Missing null pointer check

4867 - PBX Session Border Object: Deleting one Session Border object clears registrations/calls on all Session Border objects

Ticket #145375. Happens only if the Session Border Object, which is deleted has active registrations

5063 - PBX SOAP: TAPI could not assign users to correct PBX in setups with many PBXs

Ticket #151880. Group handling has changed due to dialog subscriptions accross PBXs

5076 - PBX Waiting: A call parked at an operator was regarded as active call

Ticket #152095. The operator was then regarded as busy

5031 - PBX Waiting: Input field for "Operator Presence Clear after ..." too small

Ticket #150779. It was not visible if too many digits were entered

5067 - PBX Waiting: Set Operator presence did not work correctly

Ticket #151930. Presence was sometimes reset before the configured timeout

5081 - PBX WebRTC: Unvisible hanging calls when terminating a WebRTC call by disallowing access to Audio/Video devices

Ticket #152191. Presence of the user indicated on-the-phone and idle reset did not work in such a case.

5012 - PBX: Append additional dialed digits to call forward destination for GW type destinations only

Ticket #150321. This function could be abused by users

5068 - PBX: CFB on Trunk or Gateway did not work if the call was cleared with DISC

Ticket #151934. This happend for example on ISDN interfaces with in-band busy tones

5075 - PBX: Registrations on multiple users sometimes lost, when user objects were changed

Ticket #152091. A registration for multiple ussers is used for example to register multiple FXS interfaces to different users. The changes could be things like presence of CF updates.

5080 - PBX: Twin Phone algorythm did not work for transfer/recall

Ticket #152169. A recall after a transfer should also use the twin phone algorythm. For example if one of the phones is busy, the call should be sent to the busy phones only.

5026 - phone: cc-exec-possible indications for a pending call completion lost in some cases when sent to a busy phone

Ticket #150645. - always when call-waiting was disabled on the phone
- when the phone was put on hook to terminate the active call

<!- app_ctl.cpp app_cc.cpp -->

5079 - phone: ip222/232/241: accept packets from PC-link immediately after physical link-up

Ticket #152146. If the PC link is enabled per configuration the PC-port of the switch is now kept in forwarding state independent of the physical link state.
If the PC link is disabled per configuration the PC-port of the switch is set to disabled state.

5028 - Phones: Immediate cleanup resources when rejecting 'exec-possible' (call completion)

Ticket #150648. Immediate cleanup resources when rejecting 'exec-possible' (call completion).

5085 - Problems on login (bad encoding)

Ticket #152439. 0:0041:104:1 - str::to_latin1(3) - caller 9443dd58 - bad encoding

5049 - Refresh the NAT mapping also for packets from outside to inside

Ticket #151387. NAT mappings were only refreshed for packets from inside to outside. This could cause loss of the media stream if silence compression was enabled or if ICE selected different routes for the forth and back traffic. Therefore refresh the mapping also for packets from outside to inside.

5050 - SDP: Encoding was wrong due to uninitialized variables

Ticket #151458. Encoding was wrong due to uninitialized variables

5055 - Secure freeing of bufman buffers

Ticket #151689. New function bufman::free_secure that overwrites the memory before freeing.

5078 - Session Border Registrations were lost, if a "License only" registration at the master was re-established

Ticket #152107. Happend for example when the license master was restarted

5061 - SIP: CANCEL rejected when From-URI contains "epid" parameter

Ticket #151825. CANCEL rejected when From-URI contains "epid" parameter.

5046 - SIP: Changed trace message text

Ticket #151289. Changed misleading trace message text from "SIP message too large"
into "End of SIP message not found".

5044 - SIP: ctComplete not always interworked into re-INVITE with updated P-Asserted-Identity

Ticket #151262. ctComplete not always interworked into re-INVITE with updated P-Asserted-Identity.
But only if ctComplete is passed through (in recording scenario).

5058 - SIP: Do not send SAVP answer to an AVP offer

Ticket #151748. Do not send SAVP answer to an AVP offer.

5024 - SIP: Fix for memory leak

Ticket #150572. Fix for memory leak when handling REGISTER with "gruu" and "+sip.instance".

5065 - SIP: Keep registration state on "UP" even if timeout on call signaling

Ticket #151893. Keep registration state on "UP" even if timeout (no-response) on call signaling.
Kicking registration is only required if alternative registrar address is available.

5086 - SIP: Memory leak when receiving more than one 180 Ringing with name info

Ticket #152472. Memory leak when receiving more than one 180 Ringing with name info.

5037 - SIP: Must reject any re-INVITE for t38 if "Enable T.38" is not set

Ticket #150858. Must reject any re-INVITE for t38 if "Enable T.38" is not set.
Return 488 Not Acceptable Here.

5083 - SIP: New config option /send-deprecated-diversion-header

Ticket #152337. Diversion header is not sent anymore since v11r1sr5 / v11r2sr1 / v10sr24 / v9hotfix50.
For interop reasons this config option is added.
If set the old and deprecated Diversion header is sent.

5023 - SIP: No fast re-INVITE after reject for re-INVITE for t38

Ticket #150568. If switch to t38 has been rejected, there's no need to send
another re-INVITE for audio (except in case of ICE).

5048 - SIP: Re-negotiation from Audio to CLEARMODE did not work

Ticket #151350. Re-negotiation from Audio to CLEARMODE did not work.
re-INVITE was rejected with "SIP/2.0 488 Not Acceptable Here".

5033 - SIP: Re-negotiation to fax did not work in some cases

Ticket #150790. Re-negotiation to fax did not work in some cases.

5060 - SIP: Try to handle offer/offer-collision

Ticket #151819. Try to handle offer/offer-collision.
1. Send re-INVITE with t38 -> rejected with 491
2. Receive re-INVITE with t38 -> rejected with 488
Better handle as offer/offer-collision and send 200/OK instead of 488.

5042 - SIP: Wrong expires parameter in 200/OK for REGISTER

Ticket #151067. Wrong expires parameter in Contact header in 200/OK for REGISTER, but only if in case of multiple bindings.

5034 - TCP/UDP: Logging did not show correct IP addresses

Ticket #150815. For IPv4 alway was displayed

5014 - timestamps set by logger could be wrong when the system time was set delayed after boot

Ticket #150327.

5013 - timestamps used in event logging could be wrong when setting of system time was delayed

Ticket #150326.

5020 - TLS/DTLS: Support for Diffie-Hellman key agreement

Ticket #150485. Add the following cipher suites to DTLS:

5052 - TLS/DTLS: Support for ECDHE key agreement

Ticket #151500. * Research how Diffie-Hellman works with elliptic courves and if we can do it with reasonable effort
* Port EC library
* Implement ECDHE handshake

5043 - TLS: Config options for disabling individual cipher groups

Ticket #151261. ;TLS0 /no-rsa on: disable RSA key exchange
;TLS0 /no-dhe on: disable DHE key exchange
;TLS0 /no-ecdhe on: disable ECDHE key exchange
;TLS0 /des on: enable DES cipher suites
Note that the cipher suite TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA is no longer used unless configured.

5059 - TLS: Overwrite sensitive data before deleting

Ticket #151757. To avoid leaving sensitive data in free memory space.

5017 - unsent log data was not freed when the log server shadow was disabled

Ticket #150334.

5016 - Use SHA256 for automatically created certificates

Ticket #150332. Certificates that are created without any user interaction were created using SHA1. Now SHA256 is used.

5047 - Voicemail: Duplicate Leak Checks

Ticket #151343. Occurred within regression tests

11r2 Service Release 4 (113260)

5153 - CF Call Lists: Counting of missed calls wrong, in case of multiple registrations or mobility

Ticket #154454. Call was counted as missed even if accepted on other device

5170 - Config dir and files were not created for a different user than the installing user

Ticket #154820.

5124 - Gateway: A route with the matching number terminated with '!' should cut off any following digits

Ticket #153837. This worked fine for enblock calls, but not for overlap dialing.

5127 - Gateway: Some protocol settings got lost, when changing interface maps

Ticket #153873. The settings, which got lost are:
* H.323/TCP or H.323/TLS - was changed back to H.323
* SIP No registration
* SIP transport tcp or tls

5123 - H.323: Potential restart on incoming H.245 TLS connection

Ticket #153824. This is something which happens with very specials configurations only.

5126 - IP-DECT: H.323 user registration with RAS über TCP/TLS (H.460.17) added

Ticket #153851. Now it is possible to register the users with H.323 with RAS über TCP/TLS (H.460.17).

5129 - IP-DECT: Reset required notification for OEM version fixed

Ticket #153881.

5130 - IP-DECT: SRTP default value for OEM version changed

Ticket #153891.

5088 - IP222/232/111/112: Wrong melody played in ringtone configurator

Ticket #152504. Wrong melody played in ringtone configurator,
but only if ring-melody still configured as "Default".

5143 - IP222/232/111: Attribute "No Pickup" could not be configured for Partner fkey

Ticket #154254. Attribute "No Pickup" cannot be configured on Partner fkey when configuring on the Phone.
Was only available on Web config before.

5158 - IP222/232/111: Pending inbound call-completion requests were not displayed in call lists

Ticket #154519. If someone calls you and gives up before answering, a missed call is placed into call-list.
If caller activates call-completion, this 'missed call' entry is now replaced by a 'call-completion' entry instead of getting deleted from call-list.

5145 - IP222/232/111: Some call list entries could not be called back

Ticket #154326. Some call list entries could not be called back since v11r2sr3.
Collateral damage from fix #151637.

5162 - IP222/232/111: Some fkey config parameters got lost when re-configuring fkey on the phone

Ticket #154541. Some fkey config parameters got lost when re-configuring fkey on the phone.
E.g. "Send as Control Call" on 'Dial' fkey.

5122 - IP222/232/111: Subscription started by call list app used display name as destination user-id

Ticket #153801. Subscription started by call list app used display name as destination user-id.

5120 - IP232: Phone-UI: Paging left-ward did not work since v11r2sr3

Ticket #153741. IP232: Phone-UI: Paging left-ward did not work since v11r2sr3.

5138 - IP6: setting the "Default Gateway" of an IP6 interface with "Address Configuration:Static" did not work

Ticket #153956.

5121 - IPVA: Number Of Available Vars Segments 11

Ticket #153750. was 1. Now 11: twice as much as for an IP6010.

5099 - Logging of PBX SOAP Admin requests resulted in broken log messages

Ticket #153261. The text contained NUL characters und no XML data as it should

5169 - Multiple invokes of user config screen possible

Ticket #154819. Showing only the first Screen with viable Information

5142 - myPBX: Allow non-breaking-spaces in phone numbers

Ticket #154206. Phone numbers from Outlook can contain non-breaking-spaces. For example this happens with contacts that are synchronized from an iPhone.

5091 - myPBX: New translations

Ticket #152694. New translations for web application and launcher.

5146 - myPBX: New translations

Ticket #154334.

5100 - PBX Number Map; Call was forwarded with diverting leg2 info

Ticket #153279. The call thru a Number Objekt appeared at the called endpoint as a call diverted by the Number Map. This caused problems, when e.g. a Voicemail was called. The Number Map should be transparent for the called endpoint.

5089 - PBX SOAP: LocationUrl broken, if standby slave takes over

Ticket #152554. The URL contained the expession (NULL).

5102 - PBX SOAP: Struct item tag name changed from v10 to v11

Ticket #153455. It should be possible that this tag name is chosen freely, but there are applications which depend on a specific name.

5125 - PBX Waiting: Disconnect was signaled with SOAP when announcement changed

Ticket #153845. This caused applications to show a wrong state

5156 - PBX Waiting: SOAP UserRedirect of operator call did not work as expected

Ticket #154490. The operator was re-called after 3s

5087 - PBX: Hide Calls page

Ticket #152496. config option to hide the PBX calls page for privacy

5144 - PBX: New visibility flag Pickup and ON_THE_PHONE independent of presence

Ticket #154301. This solves two issues:
- customers would like to allow pickup, without providing full dialog info with all numbers
- customers would like to give visibility to on-the-phone, without revealing presence

5097 - PBX: Registrations not counted correctly, when registering with MAC address to old-style HW-ID

Ticket #153121. When user config was changed the existing such registrations were not matched correctly to the configured devices. This could cause all kind of problems. It was detected when TAPI lines disappeared.

5095 - phone: an inbound call arriving early after boot was 'automagically' rejected sometimes

Ticket #152988.

5094 - phone: ip222/232/111/112: CSV export of local directory left name column empty

Ticket #152875.

5103 - Reduced the sidetone gain on IP222

Ticket #153490. The sidetone was perceived as too strong on IP222. Reduced it by 6 dB through different balancing of analog and digital mic gain.

5093 - register for notification on changed variables only once

Ticket #152842.

5150 - Show calls with CFNR to another user as missed call in the myPBX call list

Ticket #154442. These CFNR calls are now shown as missed call in the myPBX call list.
The myPBX and phone call list now behaves the same.

Such calls are also missed if the user, to which the CFNR pointed, connects the call.

5090 - SIP: Accepting call from myPBX doesn't work

Ticket #152586. Accepting call from myPBX doesn't work.
NOTIFY(talk) from PBX was rejected with "Bad Event".

5119 - SIP: NOTIFY on a subscription was rejected with "481 Call Leg/Transaction Does Not Exist"

Ticket #153698. NOTIFY on a subscription was rejected with "481 Call Leg/Transaction Does Not Exist"

Collateral damage from
#152586: SIP: Accepting call from myPBX doesn't work
(v12r1 / v11r2sr4 / v11r1sr6)

5155 - SIP: Trap on calls with very long phone number

Ticket #154470. Trap on calls with very long phone number.

5139 - SIP: Trouble handling SDP offer with "vbd=yes"

Ticket #153977. Trouble handling SDP offer with "vbd=yes".


m=audio 43028 RTP/AVP 8 18 100 118 110 96
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=fmtp:8 vad=no
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no
a=rtpmap:100 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:100 0-15
a=rtpmap:118 PCMA/8000
a=gpmd:118 vbd=yes
a=rtpmap:110 PCMU/8000
a=gpmd:110 vbd=yes
a=rtpmap:96 CLEARMODE/8000

5154 - SIP: Wrong local media address selected in some cases

Ticket #154466. Wrong local media address selected in some cases.
When sending INVITE to inbound registrations (e.g. PBX clients).

5096 - Update of Presence Info on Extension Module does not work if Extension Module and Phone have the same list displayed

Ticket #153044. Update of Presence Info on Extension Module does not work if Extension Module and Phone have the same list displayed

5157 - Video/Collab: libraries were not started if socket->bind call failed for a single port.

Ticket #154514. we just allowed WSAEADDRINUSE to happen as error for bind calls but it does not matter if an error ocurrs, maybe following port does not return an error.

5128 - Web-UI: Font-family of input, select, textarea, button did not inherit body style

Ticket #153879. Font-family of input, select, textarea, button did not inherit body style.
Using now "font-family:inherit" to have same font-familiy all over.

5131 - when the system time was derived from an ISDN trunk the current timezone offset was not taken into account

Ticket #153905. Happens when no NTP server is available and "Set Date/Time" is checked under "Gateway/Interfaces/Interface/TELx"

11r2 Service Release 5 (113289)

5200 - 802.1X: Display "Proxy-Logoff"-Checkmark Only Where Applicable

Ticket #156117. Display the checkmark only on phones with a "PC"-port

5172 - Alarm on CF removal without previous unmount

Ticket #154922. If the CF card is physically removed or by a false internal card detection (e.g. due to a card issue), an alarm is now raised.

5183 - allow dsp trace to be switched on/off during operation

Ticket #155705.

5215 - CF Call Lists: Read next mechanism did not work

Ticket #156495. When scolling down the call list in myPBX an pressing the button to read more entries, the same entries were added again to the end of the list.

5226 - configured DNS adresses sometimes lost after reconfiguration of Linux-AP

Ticket #157128.

5233 - Do not refresh myPBX if communication with an office application crashed

Ticket #157587. Sometimes the COM connection between myPBX and an Office application fails.
In this case, myPBX is now not completely refreshed anymore, just the COM part.

You'll still have to restart your Office application (hinted in the myPBX trace).

5218 - Favourite Subscriptions are not unsubscribed if Phone App is activated automatically

Ticket #156622.

5190 - Faxserver: Receiving G.711 fax aborted sometimes with ECM

Ticket #155890. Error decoding T.38 data from DSP

5194 - Fix for trap in SIP stack when using TCP or TLS as transport

Ticket #156054. Fix for trap in SIP stack when using TCP or TLS as transport.

5173 - Gatekeeper: Protocol name SIP changed to SIP/UDP

Ticket #154982. The protocol name in the drop down menu for registrations is changed from SIP to SIP/UDP.

5176 - Gateway: Logging for Gateway routing showed maps, which were not executed

Ticket #155083. Output was wrong/confusing

5175 - Gateway: On calls between Exclusive Coder interfaces and non-Exclusive Coder interfaces set both sides to exxclusive coder

Ticket #155078. Also the coder is set to the coder on the original exclusive coder interface

5188 - H.323: Checking of old IP240-1000 device certificates did not work

Ticket #155841. There are 'old' device certificates with a name of IP240-1000-<mac4>-<mac5>-<mac6>. These have to be matched to registrations using the mac address as hardware id. The algorythm doing this, did not take the -1000 into account.

5212 - H.323: Send ICE candidates in an answer only if there were ICE candidates in the offer

Ticket #156390. Most endpoints ignore these candidates, but it does not conform to the standard to send them and some endpoints treat it as protocol error

5168 - HTTP request to <domain>/drive/... accessed the local CF

Ticket #154767. HTTP request to a URL <domain>/drive/... e.g. from a voicemail script accessed the local CF instead of the remote resource.

5211 - HTTP: IP V6 support for allowed station

Ticket #156334.

5222 - IP-DECT: Local ring-back tone after call transfer and early media

Ticket #156966. If a call in alerting state and with early media is transferred and the new call hasn't early media, no ring-back tone is heard. This is fixed now.

5223 - IP-DECT: MWI update with handset change (login feature)

Ticket #156971. If the handset is changed with the login feature, the MWI isn't updated correctly. This is fixed now.

5166 - IP-DECT: Registration facility for OEM PBX changed

Ticket #154716. The facility for user registrations to an OEM PBX is changed.

5195 - IP111/222/232: Trap when trying to configure a function key

Ticket #156067. Trap when trying to open function key configuration.
But only in conjunction with "hide-mask" and "lock-mask and "pinlock-mask" settings.

5220 - IP222/232/111/112: Bug in key handling

Ticket #156856. Bug in key handling.
Every key event after R key press was discarded.
E.g. Going onhook quick after pressing R key does not disconnect.

5207 - IP222/232/111: Blind transfer with <redial>12345<redial> was not possible

Ticket #156285. Blind transfer with <redial>12345<redial> was not possible, as it was possible on old telephones.

5203 - IP222/232/111: Disconnected consultation call not dropped when retrieving held party

Ticket #156182. Disconnected consultation call not dropped when retrieving held party.

5210 - IP222/232/111: Favorites not sorted different compared to myPBX

Ticket #156302. Greek letters are sorted behind latin letters on myPBX, but before latin letters on phones.
Now greek letters are sorted behind latin letters on phones too.

5198 - ip28: incorrect measurement of pulse dial pulse length

Ticket #156110. ip28 pulse dial measured the pulse length as 10ms too long. In some cases this crossed the threshold of 80ms and detected a hook-flash instead of a digit.

5174 - IPVA: Trap when activating IDE tracing

Ticket #155057. Trying to activate IDE tracing caused a crash.

5179 - Issue event and prevention of stackoverflow under high CF load

Ticket #155605. An event is now issued if too many files/directories are open.
A stackoverflow under such a condition has been fixed.

5213 - Jabra 410: When going offhook via mypbx the onhook button on the device didn't work

Ticket #156471.

5181 - make filetrace hotconfigurable

Ticket #155703. Enabling/Disabling file trace does not require a restart anymore

5214 - Mobility: CFNR after timeout back to another user who has diverted the call to the Mobility User did not work

Ticket #156474. A loop detection was prohibited this unnecessarily

5185 - myPBX: Docking did not work correctly in Windows 10 with scaled desktop

Ticket #155720. If the scaling of text, apps and other elements was set to 125% or more, myPBX did not dock to the right position on the screen.

5205 - myPBX: New translations

Ticket #156239. New polish translations for v12 and v11

5164 - myPBX: Redirect to another PBX using HTTPS

Ticket #154659. myPBX always redirected to an HTTP URI. Now the redirect keeps the current protocol.

5152 - New visibility setting for dialog info without IDs

Ticket #154453. Allow seeing dialog info without IDs. This is needed for pickup without exposing the numbers of calls.
Additionally we did small improvements for the user interface in myPBX.

5228 - No connection to webrtc

Ticket #157378.

5171 - PBX CDRs: No info-from, info-to events after conn

Ticket #154844. These carry no information at all, and could increase the volume of the CDRs significantly. They could be generated in case of AOC information received from some ISDN/SIP providers

5186 - PBX Conference: Room number length specific announcement

Ticket #155778. The PBX conference object searches for the room number input announcement a room number length specific file first now.

5204 - PBX SOAP: Call Intrusion calls could not be initiated with SOAP

Ticket #156194. The rc in UserCall argument needs to be sent to the local phone as well.

5177 - PBX Waiting: Pickup an alerting call from queue did not work anymore

Ticket #155448. Call was disconnected

5165 - PBX Waiting: Remote number wrong after round robin recall, if transfer had happend on incoming call

Ticket #154709. For example if a consultation call is made to the WQ and the then the call is transfered, the remote number on the operator phone changes from the phone used for the consultation call to the original caller. After round robin, the phone used for the consultation is displayed again as remote number

5216 - PBX/Quick Dial: Consider General Checkmark "Hide Connected Endpoint"

Ticket #156598. Alpha display information was erronously generated, regardless of the setting of the checkmark named "Hide Connected Endpoint.

5178 - PBX: Default visibility settings including Calls and Calls with number

Ticket #155449. Additionaly use terms visibility and calls instead of access and dialog

5189 - PBX: Voicemal: Wrong connected number sent, in case VM was 'local' object

Ticket #155881. The caller got a display of the VMs node number, which is not desired for 'local' objects.

5199 - PBX: Wrong number display during ringback on diversion to a local object

Ticket #156116. The number was displayed containing node prefixes

5229 - phone: ip241 - manual configuration of IP address, netmask and default-gw directly at phone did not work

Ticket #157430.

5219 - Phones: Presence not updated on phone display

Ticket #156635. Sometimes the self subscription for Presence is terminated by the phone.

5182 - rpcap IP trace implemented

Ticket #155704.

5184 - set softwarephone path without quotes

Ticket #155708.

5225 - SIP/SDP: Cisco does not support SRTP lifetime

Ticket #157106.
"The lifetime parameter in the SDP must not be populated."

New config file option for Cisco interoperability:

config change SIP /no-master-key-lifetime

5180 - SIP: Bug on media negotiation

Ticket #155650. Bug on media negotiation.
Second provisional response contains an SDP offer instead of previously sent SDP answer.
Discovered in automated fax test (media/fax).

5209 - SIP: Changing Call-Info header a little to please Gigaset N720

Ticket #156300. Call-Info header is used to request automatic call answer.
Now writing IP address into SIP-URI instead of "domain".

Call-Info: <sip:>;answer-after=0;rc=0

instead of

Call-Info: <sip:domain>;answer-after=0;rc=0

5224 - SIP: Do not interwork an early channels answer into 183 Session Progress with SDP if no PROGRESS indicator

Ticket #157003. Ein Fall von Interworking zwischen SIP-Carrier und einer ASCOM-IP-DECT-Base-Station.
ASCOM sendet ALERT mit Early-Answer (aber ohne PI).
Wenn wir da ein 183 Session Progress mit SDP-Answer zum SIP-Carrier geben, denkt dieser, wir spielen Early-Media ein.
Tut die ASCOM-IP-DECT-Base-Station aber gar nicht.
Der entfernte Anrufer hört dann Stille bis zum Connect.

5240 - SIP: ICE on Overlap-Dialing and Early-Media

Ticket #157818. Only one side restarts ICE after re-routing.
Automated test project media/pbx fails.

5202 - SIP: Local IP address in Contact-URI not updated when using SIP/TCP or SIP/TLS

Ticket #156170. Local IP address in Contact-URI not updated when using SIP/TCP or SIP/TLS.
For the very rare case that the local IP address changes at runtime.

5246 - SIP: Media negotiation fails in some call scenarios

Ticket #158097. Media negotiation fails in some call scenarios with Waiting Queue involved.

5227 - SIP: Multiple SIP proxies for registration can cause high load

Ticket #157277. Proxies are tried round robin without delay.

5193 - SIP: No audio due to bug in media negotiation (Interop with Openstage phones)

Ticket #155988. No audio due to bug in media negotiation.
Occurs when called SIP client returns an SDP answer with more than one selected audio codec:

o=OpenStage-Line_0 513161446 1351641410 IN IP4
s=SIP Call
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 5010 RTP/AVP 18 8 0 101
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no
a=fmtp:101 0-15

5197 - SIP: Trap when parsing presence XML with many presence/tuple elements

Ticket #156102. Trap when parsing presence XML with more than 5 presence/tuple elements.

5191 - Softwarephone doesn't react anymore when 2 headsets are plugged in

Ticket #155895. swphone Loops endlessly during Startup when more than one HID telephony device is present

5231 - Subscriptions of favourites have not been destroyed after leaving fav app

Ticket #157467. Subscriptions of favourites have not been destroyed after leaving fav app

5187 - Trap while reading kerberos config after upgrade from v9

Ticket #155804. Boxes with version 10 or higher could trap while starting after upgrade from version 9, if kerberos was configured.

5141 - Use CN as file name for certificate downloads

Ticket #154170. Previously the file name for all certificate downloads was "certificate.crt". Now the CN (or the next available name component) is used, like "IP800-06-11-ac.crt".

5206 - When installation package is deleted a new user cannot run softwarephone

Ticket #156268.

5196 - When registering via mypbx and using passwords with special characters, registering fails

Ticket #156090.

11r2 Service Release 6 (113306)

5272 - Admin UI: Truncated Kerberos host name after config changes in CMD0

Ticket #160137. When changing the configuration of CMD0, in some cases the host name of the box was erroneously truncated to the length of the realm name.

5238 - CF Call Lists: Leak when configuring an invalid WebDav destination

Ticket #157779. The files in the local WebDav client were not closed, when writing failed

5208 - H.323: Audio not switched to correct coder, when connecting a DSP to an active VOIP channel

Ticket #156298. Happened on IP-DECT when putting a call on hold, the putting the same call from the other side on hold and then retrieving it again from the original side, if different coders were used for the call end to end and for the MOH.

5243 - H.323: Calls from SIP media-relay/exclusive coder to Conference via H.323 did not work

Ticket #157922. In this case the no media answer was generated with the connect, which caused SIP to timeout

5239 - H.323: No DTLS after hold/retrieve on media-relay

Ticket #157808. This caused a WebRTC call to be disconnected after hold/retrieve

5270 - H323/tls does not register anonymously

Ticket #159867.

5258 - Intermediate crash when early media was recieved

Ticket #159432.

5256 - IP-DECT: Release code for unconnected calls to radio

Ticket #158502. If a gatekeeper call isn't alerted or connected by a handset and is released again, the release code isn't forwarded to the radio. This is fixed now.

5265 - IP-DECT: Release code forwarded to DECT

Ticket #159607. The release code isn't forwarded to the DECT system in some cases. This fixed now.

5261 - IP-DECT: Release string added for IP1202

Ticket #159534. The release string is missed on the IP1202. This is fixed now.

5251 - IP-DECT: SRTP configuration for OEM version

Ticket #158335. After changing the default value for SRTP the configuration couldn't be saved in the OEM device version. This is fixed now.

5255 - IP111: Fix for a trap

Ticket #158433. Fix for a trap

5237 - IP112: USB headset speaker volume lower than on IP222

Ticket #157742. The volume control for the USB headset was calibrated to a gain of 0 on maximum setting but should instead match the IP222 which has gain 0 on a mid level setting and allows adding actual gain.

5264 - myPBX: Visibility settings for presence note had no effect in search result

Ticket #159577. The presence note was displayed in the search result, event if it was configured to be invisible.

5234 - PBX Waiting: Operator call transfered by SOAP was not shown as transfer call

Ticket #157662. This function is needed in the innovaphone Operator application

5244 - PBX Waiting:CDR did not show the transfer to the operator anymore

Ticket #157932. This was a collateral damage from fix #138649: PBX Waiting: CDRs in mode 'Operator connect for SOAP' should reflect the time a caller is waiting in queue

5235 - PBX: For subscription calls to other locations, cpu for media relay was reserved, if media relay was enabled

Ticket #157681. The subscription calls never use media, so no reservation should be made

5245 - phone: function keys "Create Registration" and "Switch" could not be configured for H323/TCP and H323/TLS

Ticket #157979.

5257 - phone: ip222,ip232,ip112: support additional product IDs for Plantronics Savi 740 and Jabra Pro 9460

Ticket #158871.

5260 - Phone: STUN server config missing at function key "Create Registration"

Ticket #159503. STUN server config missing at function key "Create Registration" for H323 regs.

5253 - Phone: STUN server configured at function key "Create Registration" was not used

Ticket #158365. STUN server configured at function key "Create Registration" was not used
Regards SIP registrations only.

5263 - Phones: Fix for a trap

Ticket #159570.

5281 - Possible trap in DTLS

Ticket #160545. Trap with DTLS-SRTP with Firefox 42

5274 - SIP: Bad SDP answer for re-INVITE after rejected t38

Ticket #160246. 1. Call setup with offer/answer exchange for coder "A".
2. re-INVITE for "T38" is rejected with 488.
3. re-INVITE for coder "A" is accepted but bad SDP answer is sent.

5254 - SIP: Bug when handling REGISTER from same addr/port for different users with same Contact-URI

Ticket #158382. Bug when handling REGISTER from same addr/port for different users with same Contact-URI.
Seconds REGISTER just got 200/OK without any processing.

5268 - SIP: Digest authentication sometimes fail due to wrong calculation

Ticket #159742. Digest authentication sometimes fail.
Wrong method is used to calculate digest response on client side.

5271 - SIP: Fix for SIP clients not supporting RTP/SAVP (media encryption)

Ticket #160101. Fix for SIP clients not supporting RTP/SAVP (media encryption).
If INVITE with RTP/SAVP is rejected with "406 Not Acceptable",
the INVITE is re-tried without media encryption (RTP/AVP).

This workaround already worked for 408 or 415 responses.
Now it works for 406 also.

5241 - SIP: ICE information of remote channels got lost

Ticket #157868. ICE information of remote channels got lost.

5252 - SIP: Interop with Jitsi client

Ticket #158355. Adding "Jitsi-Conference-Room: xxx" to INVITE.

5236 - SIP: Support for CTI using REFER without preceding INVITE

Ticket #157731. Support for Third Party Call Control (3pcc) using REFER outside a dialog.

5259 - SIP: Support for RFC-4904 (Trunk Groups in tel/sip URIs)

Ticket #159435. Extracting CDPN from Request-URI's like this:


5262 - SIP: Wrong local RTP address selected on interfaces without registration

Ticket #159537. Wrong local RTP address selected on interfaces without registration.
But only if "Proxy" option was not configured.

5278 - TLS: Verifying of RSA signatures didn't always work

Ticket #160354. If the signature of a certificate started with a null byte the verification could fail in some special cases.

11r2 Service Release 7 (113345)

5325 - Audio packets delay every 3. Packet

Ticket #162867. Sometimes, the softwarephone sent inconsistent RTP data

5326 - CF Call Lists: There should be no entry if no number/name was dialed

Ticket #162915. Just going off-hook created an entry in the call list

5327 - DTLS: ClientHelloExtensions were added twice after HelloVerify

Ticket #162916. After receiving a HelloVerify the ClientHello contained two times the same extensions Elliptic Curves and EC Point Formats.

5301 - DTLS: Support for ECDSA cipher suites

Ticket #161974. Support for client-side

5341 - Fax server: Maximum frame timeout increased

Ticket #163244. The maximum frame timeout is increased for compatibility issues.

5340 - Fax server: Mode bit check removed

Ticket #163240. The mode bit check is removed because of non-compliant remote devices.

5333 - FAX: Judged training failure in some cases where TCF was well acceptable

Ticket #163056. During FAX reception noise patterns with alternating good and bad bytes at the beginning or end of the TCF were judged as training failures even though the pattern was good for a sufficient interval.

5337 - Fix for verification of ECDSA signatures

Ticket #163173. Sigatures that need addition of leading zeros were not verified correctly.

5319 - Fixed tooltip for STUN server config

Ticket #162597. Fixed tooltip on page IP4/General/STUN

5302 - Gateway: Cut off trailing # (a.k.a. hash or poundsign) from CDPN on routes with "Force enblock" option

Ticket #161978. Cut off trailing # (a.k.a. hash or poundsign) from CDPN on routes with "Force enblock" option.
Already done on calls with overlap dialing.
Also done on calls with sending-complete indication.

5288 - Gateway: No busy tone was played with MOH Mode to MOH Source on disconnect

Ticket #160996. So a Music on Hold source connected to an FXS interface could not detect that the call was disconnected and did not release the line, so it was busy for further calls

5299 - H.323/ISDN: Slowstart Call from H.323 to ISDN could fail under special conditions

Ticket #161645. PROGRESS message received after SETUP_ACK

5332 - H.323: Unexpected restart, when forwarding a call without ICE but with DTLS to an interface with no encryption

Ticket #162964. This results in empty ICE data, which was not handled well.

5287 - Implement ECDSA algorithm

Ticket #160967. * Update micro-ecc library in order to support arbitrary hash sizes
* Implement ECDSA using the library

5286 - IP-DECT: Avoid busy treatment during call transfer

Ticket #160956. If feature codes are enabled on the DECT Master, call waiting is disabled and there are pending calls for call transfers (with SIP), further calls are rejected as busy instead of forward them to the idle handset. This is fixed now.

5316 - IP-DECT: Reroute result with alert response

Ticket #162421. Now the reroute result is sent if an alert is received from the reroute destination call instead of the connect.

5297 - IP-DECT: Support multiple call transfers/reroutes

Ticket #161608. Now it is possible to transfer or reroute a call by the call transfer or reroute destination.

5277 - IP112 USB headset microphone not sensitive enough

Ticket #160306. From the field we got notification that sometimes the peer listeners complained about too low volume. Therefore added 7.5 dB gain which includes a level limiting feature. On the IP222 there seems to be 8 dB gain in this path. Let's try if it's OK now.

5329 - IP222/232/111/112: Cannot cancel hotdesking registration attempt

Ticket #162938. If hotdesking attempt fails (e.g. wrong password) the phone
stays in "Registering" state for a very long time (45 seconds)
until finally all comes to an end with "Operation failed".

If user wants to cancel this process with ESC key,
the popup disapears but the registration attempt goes on.

5322 - IP222/232/111/112: Memory leaks on LDAP search

Ticket #162794. Memory leaks on LDAP search.

5292 - IP222/232/111: Unable to add favorites for users in other PBX nodes

Ticket #161135. Unable to add favorites for users in other PBX nodes.
Node prefix was missing.

5318 - IP232/222/111/112: Fix for a trap

Ticket #162588. Fix for a trap.
Collateral damage of fix #151637: IP222/232/111: Phonenumbers from directory are not normalized
Since v11r1sr6 / v11r2sr3

5290 - IP232/222/111: Bug when starting a call while phone is idle but handset is lifted

Ticket #161057. Bug when starting a call while phone is idle but Handset is lifted.
If headset was connected, Headset was activated.
If no headset was connected, Speaker was activated.
Better activate Handset when handset is lifted.

5279 - IP232/222/111: Make Phone-UI return to last user-activated app after blind-transfer has been initiated

Ticket #160507. Make phone UI return to last user-activated app after blind-transfer has been initiated.

E.g. HOME app is active
- call comes in (phone jumps to PHONE app)
- user accepts the call, talks and presses REDIAL key (phone jumps to DIR app)
- user enters transfer destination and presses REDIAL key (call is transferred)
Now phone automatically returns to HOME app.

5280 - IP232/222/111: No need to press "OK" after entering a PIN

Ticket #160525. No need to press "OK" after entering a PIN.
PIN is now checked while typing.
If PIN is correct things go on automatically.

5311 - ip38: possible trap if received FSK CallerID information corrupt

Ticket #162349. if the lenghth field of a FSK CallerID has values above 128, an internal counter may overflow and cause an endless loop.

5285 - IPXX10: Flash Directory Space Increased To 16MB

Ticket #160906. Was 8MB

5308 - myPBX Android: For H.323/TLS one way audio with peers that do not support ICE

Ticket #162284. For H.323/TLS no default local IP address was reported for the media and thus resulted in one way audio if the peer didn't support ICE.

5321 - myPBX for Android: Hook button of cable headsets not taking effect

Ticket #162685. The hook switch button on cable headsets was not taking effect on myPBX Android. This button should allow to accept incoming calls and hang up active connections.

5284 - myPBX MSI parameter VIDEOACTIVE didn't work

Ticket #160902. If the paramter has been given as false, the registry value hasn't been written.

5338 - myPBX: Remove restriction for length of details from LDAP directory

Ticket #163191. The length of detail values was restricted to 127 characters. This restriction is now removed.

5242 - myPBX: Use newest registration instead of oldest for call control

Ticket #157870. When a phone looses the registration without closing the TCP connection gracefully (trap, network change), after the re-registration the PBX sees both the old dead and the new registration for a short time.

myPBX used always the first registration for call control. In this case this would be the old one that doesn't work anymore. So it's better to always use the newest registration.

5330 - One-way audio on phone_inca with DTLS-SRTP

Ticket #162953. The key derivation needs to be computed on a low priority to avoid problems with the DSP.

5303 - PBX Mobility: Potential trap on unexpected disconnect

Ticket #161987. If this collides with some user actions

5328 - PBX SOAP: Use latest registration for call if there are devices with multiple registrations

Ticket #162925. Multiple registrations could happen, because a device restarts and creates a new registration, while the old is not removed yet. In this case using the latest one is better.

5283 - PBX Trunk: Option to discard Diverting info received with incoming calls

Ticket #160866. Diverting Info from a provider is sometimes not desired

5295 - PBX Wakeup: Call Retry too fast, Wakeup not executed anymore if call failed because of Busy On 1 call

Ticket #161202. The retry timeout is 10s now. Wakeup does not stop anymore.

5294 - PBX: It could happen that subscription calls were sent from a license only slave to the master

Ticket #161196. A license only slave should not exchange any information with the master except licenses.

5289 - PBX: Partnerkeys with Group Indications, did not show outgoing number in case of block dialing

Ticket #161013. With overlap dialing it was ok.

5296 - PBX: Wrong connected number for subscriptions to another node on same PBX

Ticket #161211. The node prefixes were missing

5331 - phone: ip222,ip232: USB headset mute when a call was released by remote peer and a new call was signalled imediately thereafter

Ticket #162963.

5335 - Phones: Config option "Protect Configuration at Phone" now locks ringer volume

Ticket #163094. User can still change ringer volume during ringing (keys left/right)
if config option "Protect Configuration at Phone" is activated,
but changed value is not written into persistent user config.
Config option "Allow User Settings at Phone" allows persistent volume setting.

5313 - Phones: Entered number not displayed during overlap dialing

Ticket #162381. Entered number not displayed during overlap dialing.
But only after PROGRESS has been received.
E.g. from TONE interface.

Bug exists since 11r2sr6.

5273 - RemoteMedia: Always use primary local address of phone for connection from launcher to phone

Ticket #160223. Using the local address of the registration caused problems with some VPN settings. So now we use always the primary address. That means that the phone and the computer must be in the same network or the networks must be routed.

5336 - SIP/TCP: Keep client-initiated connection open

Ticket #163164. Keep client-initiated TCP connection permanentely open
to allow server to send SIP requests through it to the client.
Not not only if behind NAT.

5310 - SIP: Add Session-Expires to 200/OK when /session-expires <seconds> is configured

Ticket #162311. Add Session-Expires to 200/OK even if received INVITE did not contain Session-Expires.

5307 - SIP: Bad SDP offer sent in re-INVITE when Media-Relay is activated and T.38 deactivated

Ticket #162260. Bad SDP offer sent in re-INVITE when Media-Relay is activated and T.38 deactivated.


o=- 6 2 IN IP4
t=0 0
m=image 0 udptl t38
c=IN IP4

5312 - SIP: Bug in media negotiation on DECT gateways

Ticket #162370. Bug in media negotiation on DECT gateways.

5291 - SIP: Don't escape pound sign in SIP-URI's when "user=phone" is added

Ticket #161101. No need to escape pound sign (#) in userpart of SIP-URI's when "user=phone" is added as URI parameter.

INVITE sip:103#@IP800-PBX;user=phone SIP/2.0

Instead of
INVITE sip:103%23@IP800-PBX;user=phone SIP/2.0

5306 - SIP: Don't return SDES key in SDP answer if option "Keying" is set to "No Encryption"

Ticket #162244. Don't return SDES key in SDP answer if option "Keying" is set to "No Encryption".

5298 - SIP: Fixed Mapping of ISDN/QSIG Cause Values to SIP

Ticket #161618. Mapping of ISDN/QSIG Cause Values to SIP did not follow RFC-4497.

5282 - SIP: Interface goes down when STUN server changes it's IP address

Ticket #160865. Updated DNS information is fetched, but new IP address is not used.

5314 - SIP: Mapped IP address in Contact-URI not refreshed

Ticket #162417. After NAT router has changed its public IP address,
the new public IP address must be sent in Contact-URI of next REGISTER request.

5309 - SIP: Picked wrong destination URI as call destination

Ticket #162310. An INVITE received on a registered device may not contain the called AOR.
To-URI contains the originally called AOR.
Request-URI contains the Contact-URI.

5334 - SIP: Request-URI and History-Info header could contain wrong information when re-trying INVITE without encryption

Ticket #163065. But only if 180/Ringing was received before with Contact-URI.

5276 - SIP: UPDATE with SDP during early-media was rejected

Ticket #160303. UPDATE request with SDP was received before call was connected.
UPDATE request with SDP was rejected with "403 Forbidden".

5315 - SNMP: Encoded Trap Agent Address Always

Ticket #162419.

5293 - Sometimes video and app sharing icons do not appear in mypbx

Ticket #161181.

5320 - Voicemail: <store-del> Didn't Escape '*'-Character in File Name

Ticket #162657. Filenames containing '*'-character must be escaped.

5305 - web folder cleanup

Ticket #162092. Removed some folders (jsxsl, jscharts, styles, style, font).
Also removed the ui js files inside 12r1/web/js.

5304 - WebDAV: Reducing memory usage of WebDAV client

Ticket #162001. Reducing memory usage of WebDAV client allocated for XML parsing.

11r2 Service Release 8 (113355)

5358 - "LDAP/Server/Allowed Networks" Didn't Work

Ticket #164797. The matching method was outdated

5359 - "SNMP/Allowed Networks" Didn't Work

Ticket #164813. The matching method was outdated

5345 - DHCP: on a change from disabled to client mode without reboot the received lease parameters were not propagated to IP stack

Ticket #163580.

5347 - IP222/232/111/112: Dial fkey with "prepare" and "announce" did not work

Ticket #163799. Call was started with "announce" option.

5350 - IP232/222/111/112: Change app using keys LEFT or RIGHT does not work when in empty LIST app

Ticket #164046. Change app using keys LEFT or RIGHT does not work.
But only if in LIST app without any entries (empty).

5356 - myPBX: Harmonize LDAP number resolution with phones

Ticket #164731. The search filter on the phones contains also the international number without wildcards. This part of the filter is now also used in myPBX.

5346 - PBX: Validate XML phone config before writing to config

Ticket #163772. Validate XML phone config before writing to config, since bad XML causes bad trouble.

5351 - phone: a cc-exec-possible sent to a busy phone got lost when the active call was relased by myPBX

Ticket #164084.

5355 - phone: ip222,ip232,ip112: Plantronics VOYAGER FOCUS UC BT Headset support

Ticket #164726.

5354 - Phones: Highlight "Partner" fkey if partner's presence is 'busy', 'on the phone' or 'do not disturb'

Ticket #164548. Highlight "Partner" fkey if partner's presence is either 'busy', 'on the phone' or 'do not disturb'.

5352 - Phones: Show same symbol for presence activity 'appointment' as used for 'meeting'

Ticket #164180. Show same symbol for presence activity 'appointment' as used for 'meeting'.
Instead of symbol for 'unknown'.

5348 - SDP: Master Key Lifetime could be missing in a=crypto line

Ticket #163945. Master Key Lifetime could be missing in a=crypto line.

5353 - SIP: Fix for bug in media negotiation on outbound calls without offer

Ticket #164224. Fix for bug in media negotiation when INVITE without SDP offer is sent.

5342 - SIP: Presence interoperability with ESTOS UC server

Ticket #163418. SIP: Presence interoperability with ESTOS UC server

5361 - softwarephone: added phonesig interface for setting RAS license state

Ticket #165475.

5357 - TCP/IP: Increase default keep-alive interval on TCP connections

Ticket #164787. To keep network load and CPU load on a low level on large PBX scenarios:
- Increased default keep-alive interval on TCP connections from 20 seconds to 120 seconds; 6 re-transmission are done with a distance of 20 seconds
- Avoid both sides of a connection sending keep-alive packets by running a slightly bigger default keep-alive interval on server side (121 secs) than on client side (120 secs).

5349 - Trap when option "Outgoing Calls No Name" is set on PBX object

Ticket #163968. Trap when option "Outgoing Calls No Name" is set on PBX object.
Available on objects of type "Gateway".

11r2 Service Release 9 (113392)

5387 - CDRs: Forward information missing on CDRs generate for a call which was diverted to the user and then diverted to the next

Ticket #166946. In this case the CDR at the user did not show that the call was already diverted to this user.

5406 - CF/SATA driver: Disturbs Linux SATA driver at start-up

Ticket #167567. The innovaphone CF/SATA driver can disturb the Linux SATA driver at Linux start-up, Linux recognizes a spurious interrupt and disables wrongly the SATA interrupt. The SATA device doesn't work or works slowly. This is fixed now.

5421 - Fax server: Wrong CRP message with ECM on error data frames

Ticket #168484. A wrong command repeat message (CRP) is sent if an error data frame is received after the end of the data frames (RCP) in error correction mode. The synchronisation between the devices is disturbed or lost. This is fixed now.

5389 - Gateway/H.323: Local signaling port configuration caused regsitration to be restarted on any config change

Ticket #167045. Even if only a Route was changed, the registration was restarted and any call disconnected

5380 - Gateways RSTP: permit to select type of ARP packets sent to notify about changed IPv4/ethernet address assignment

Ticket #166602.

5376 - H.323: v12 Registration with H.323/TCP or H.323/TLS did not work at v11 PBX

Ticket #166296. In v12 a H.460-17 non-conformity was fixed and in v11 we were not compatible to this.

5410 - IP-DECT: Channel trace added

Ticket #168014. Channel trace added.

5423 - IP-DECT: Display release cause of rerouted and rejected call

Ticket #168496. The release cause of a rerouted and rejected call isn't displayed. This is fixed now.

5413 - IP-DECT: DTMF through RTP fixed

Ticket #168157.

5393 - IP-DECT: Forced logout does not store CKI

Ticket #167108. If an users logs in a handset and a previously used handset is logged out, the cipher key index for early encryption isn't saved for this handset. This is fixed now.

5426 - IP222/232/111/112: Bug when changing fkey type

Ticket #168706. Bug when re-configuring an fkey from one type into another.
May result into non-wellformed XML user config.

5375 - IP222/232/111/112: Problems switching character input mode

Ticket #166195. Problems switching character input mode from small letters to capital letters.
But only on first character.

5370 - IP222/232/111/112: Problems with fkey type 'Boolean'

Ticket #165971. Fkey did not subscribe at PBX for monitoring the boolean object.

5373 - IP222/232/111/112: Problems with fkey type 'Message'

Ticket #165997. Did not work if message text was pre-defined but destination not.
Should open the composer with the pre-defined message text in order to enter the missing destination.

5368 - IP232/222/111/112: Show more entries of local phonebook

Ticket #165809. Show up to 100 entries (instead of only 40) of local phonebook.

5415 - IP232/222/111/112: Show phone number in search result list of external directory

Ticket #168189. Show phone number in search result list of external directory.
Not only name.

5374 - IPv6: PING from a box with a 6t04 interface to another box over this 6t04 interface did not work

Ticket #166094.

5392 - Leak on certain CF errors

Ticket #167088. A leak has been fixed. The error itself now contains some more usefull data.

5381 - License invalidation: Display warning if invalidation was not accepted

Ticket #166723. License invalidation: Display warning if invalidation was not accepted.

5399 - myPBX Android should not turn to restricted mode during a call

Ticket #167204. During a call myPBX Android should not apply restricted mode even if the keyguard became active. It's because the keyguard may also come in place while the phone is held to the ear since we allow Android to switch the screen off then and this in turn activates the keyguard. The user expects full functionality after removing the smartphone from the ear.

5420 - myPBX Android: Must not set busy presence On the phone during GSM call

Ticket #168390. Removed the mechanism to set busy presence "On the phone" during a GSM call since it cannot work correctly in all cases.

5390 - myPBX: Chat messages sent while the destination has not responded, got lost if call to different PBX

Ticket #167061. Problem in the PBX to PBX signaling

5407 - myPBX: TLS connections for Remote Media blocking sometimes

Ticket #167874. Error in the usage of the Schannel API.

5383 - PBX SOAP: Remote number update missing on blind transfer on another PBX

Ticket #166764. The CT-COMPLETE facility used to transmit the new number, was not used to update SOAP call

5427 - PBX Waiting: MOH was played when a call was forwarded from a WQ after announcement with CFNR

Ticket #168832. When forwarding to voicemal, the announcement was played, then for a short time the built-in MOH and then the announcement from Voicemail.

5405 - PBX Waiting: No inband call progess indication on DTMF forwarded calls

Ticket #167542. The media channel was not connected to the outgoing call

5400 - PBX Waiting: Sometimes not all members of primary group were called, when blocked because of presence

Ticket #167206. Calls need to be retried to operators which have been blocked because of presence once.

5409 - PBX Waiting: Trap on collision of call disconnect and transfer of the call from Waiting using SOAP

Ticket #167952. Quite unlikely, but if many transfers are done, it can happen.

5397 - PBX: After Export/Import Objects without devices had a default device

Ticket #167139. A no-dev Attribute was missing in the export

5398 - PBX: Max Call Duration setting did not work for call, with all legs incoming

Ticket #167195. The assumption that there is always an outgoing call leg, was wrong.

5424 - PBX: New variables '%d' and '%#d' for diverting name/number in MOH url

Ticket #168667. To allow MOH based on diverting endpoint

5402 - PBX: Reporting license counting wrong

Ticket #167404. If a user confiuguration was changed while calls were active, it could happen that an additional reporting license was acquired, which was never released.

5300 - phone: ip111,ip112,softwarephone: any registration must query the PBX for g729 licenses

Ticket #161758.

5388 - Phones: Fix for fkey "Bool Objekt"

Ticket #167007. Toggle between the "Manual Override Off" and "Manual Override On" states only, if fkey has been configured for these 2 states only.

According to documentation:

If there are no Text, Icon and LED settings for both the Automatic Off State and Automatic On State state, the function key will toggle between the Manual Override Off and Manual Override On states only.

5412 - Phones: Fkey "Prepare Override" did not work if call is initiated by myPBX or another SOAP app

Ticket #168124. Fkey "Prepare Override" did not work if call was initiated by myPBX or another SOAP app.

5414 - Phones: Partner fkey with automatic label text

Ticket #168181. Partner keys with presence subscription enabled receive the partner's display name from PBX.
Label text can be omitted.
I omitted partner's display name is used as label text.

5363 - Phones: When using fkey "Boolean Object" the user's presence was set to "on-the-phone" for a moment

Ticket #165656. When using fkey "Boolean Object" the user's presence was set to "on-the-phone" for a moment.
All monitors get spurious presence updates.

5411 - RTP: Handling of gaps in sequence numbers wrong

Ticket #168045. Could result in bad media on media-relay calls

5364 - SDP: Write c-line before t-line in session description

Ticket #165703. Write c-line before t-line in session description.

5377 - SIP: 200/OK was sent without SDP offer

Ticket #166309. 200/OK was sent without SDP offer.
200/OK must carry SDP offer if INVITE had no SDP.

5391 - SIP: Config option /session-expires does not overwrite value received with INVITE

Ticket #167062. Config option /session-expires does not overwrite value received with INVITE.

5396 - SIP: Do not send re-INVITE for T.38 if T.38 is not enabled on interface

Ticket #167137. Do not send re-INVITE for T.38 if T.38 is not enabled on interface.
For Local-Media and Media-Relay it already worked this way.
Now even on Remote-Media (Transit) interfaces a switch to T.38 is blocked.

5417 - SIP: Fix for memory leak

Ticket #168255. If SIP stack is flooded with messages not all memory was freed.

5422 - SIP: Interworking of Call-ID and conferenceID of H.323

Ticket #168490. Use H.323 conferenceID as Call-ID and vice versa.

5362 - SIP: MESSAGE request from pjsip client was rejected with 407

Ticket #165580. MESSAGE request was rejected with 407 if Contact header was missing.

5401 - SIP: re-INVITE for T.38 must be rejected if T.38 is not enabled on this interface

Ticket #167377. Was not rejected on Media-Relay if SRTP was active.

5408 - SIP: Write "s=-" into SDP instead of "s=session"

Ticket #167901. According to RFC-3264:

The SDP "s=" line conveys the subject of the session, which is
reasonably defined for multicast, but ill defined for unicast. For
unicast sessions, it is RECOMMENDED that it consist of a single space
character (0x20) or a dash (-).

5386 - SIP: Wrong ptime negotiated sometimes

Ticket #166865. SIP: Wrong ptime negotiated on offer/offer collision.

5382 - Trap on SOAP initiated transfer of calls connected to a Waiting Queue

Ticket #166758. The tested szenario was a transfer of an incoming call to a WQ to an outgoing call from the same WQ

5369 - UDP-NAT: (re)configuration of UDP-NAT port range must not be applied without reset

Ticket #165916.

5365 - Whitespace in CN of application certificates didn't work

Ticket #165704. Missing URL-Decode

11r2 Service Release 10 (113454)

5443 - Call Lists; Support of Flash Drive on x11 platform

Ticket #169335. Configurable with an appropriate path.

5434 - Fax server: No connection with audio fax and incoming fax direction

Ticket #169011. There could be no connection with an incoming fax call if the audio fax mode is used. This is fixed now.

5472 - Fix for trap in WebDAV client

Ticket #170377. Fix for trap in WebDAV client.

5441 - Fix for trap when using web interface on a box with lots of licences

Ticket #169309. Trap when using web interface on a box with lots of licences.

5464 - H.323: Calls failed if many calls received at the same time

Ticket #170011. The result was admissionRequest messages, without response

5467 - ICE: Do SOCKET_GET_LOCAL_ADDR asynchronously

Ticket #170143. The function should not be called synchronously when the RTP channel is on the IRQL of thr rtp_channel to avoid traps.

5480 - IP-DECT: Correct SRTP configuration on Standby for OEM device

Ticket #170644. The SRTP configuration isn't correctly set on the Standby-Master of an OEM device for a third-party PBX. This is fixed now.

5463 - IP111/IP112: High background noise level at the handset

Ticket #170009. The background noise level was pretty high at the handset speaker due to a high gain in the amplifier stages independent of the volume setting and due to the related quantisation noise at the DAC for low volumes. This cannot easily be changed because the LEC requires a constant loop condition. But it could be improved by 7 dB through a higher gain at the equalizer filter that allows a respective lower gain at the DAC output. The only thing is that specific equalizer filters had to be created for the maximum and max -3dB volume steps that sacrifice equalisation in favour of not exhibiting saturation.

5479 - IP222/111/112: Could not enter '_' via numeric keypad

Ticket #170621. Could not enter '_' via numeric keypad.
Key [1] can now be used to enter these characters: .,?!_-+@"'%/

5473 - IP222/232/111/112: ESC/HOME key should not drop the call

Ticket #170437. ESC/HOME key drops the call when camera-app is the active app.

5447 - IP222/232/111/112: Fix for fkey "Caller Override"

Ticket #169459. Fixed highlighting of "Caller Override" fkeys (if there are more than one).
Only the activated "Caller Override" fkey should light up (not all).

5482 - IP222/232/111/112: Trap when trying to adjust ringer volume

Ticket #170762. Trap when trying to adjust ringer volume.

5425 - IP232 IP2x2x: Support for new version of the touch controller

Ticket #168684. M09 from focaltech

5452 - IP232/222/111/112: Could not start consultation call with Headset

Ticket #169584. Could not start consultation call with "Flash" function of Headset.

5275 - IPVA: _kernel::timestamp_delta(), Sample Frequency Altered

Ticket #160286. Was 125us. Now cpu freq.

5465 - IPxx11 Bootcode: NAND erase fix(2)

Ticket #170065.

5438 - IPxx11: 11r2 Version

Ticket #169064.

5486 - IPxx11: production programming unreliable

Ticket #170839. write oem code response message added

5448 - IPxx11: Webfax didnt work on IP811 and IP411

Ticket #169464. IPAC switch function added for DSP to DSP connection

5384 - Media: Don't forward invalid G.711 channel with rate=16000

Ticket #166773. Such a channel is sent by some SIP equipment

5489 - myPBX Android: On Samsung smartphones parking a Wideband call crashed the app

Ticket #170923. Since december 2015 the app crashed on Samsung devices if a connected call with wideband codec was parked. Somehow the audio API crashes with the floating point exception SIGFPE some 10 ms after turning off 16000 Hz record and playback. It helps to switch to 8000 Hz and then turn off. This is what happens now due to the tones that follow the park operation.

5475 - myPBX iOS and Android: Ring off was not taking effect

Ticket #170445. On an incoming call the ring-off button didn't take effect because the control commands didn't work for these platforms.

5471 - myPBX iOS/Android: Factory reset never completed

Ticket #170376. Since the optimization of the timer system the factory reset never completed because it enqueued a timer with duration 0xffffffff and this was not sorted correctly into the btrees. Lowered the duration to 2000000000 but also prepared the platform part for durations above 0x80000000.

5476 - myPBX iOS/Android: Ringing continued if a GSM call appeared

Ticket #170449. If myPBX was ringing and a GSM call appeared and was answered myPBX didn't stop ringing.

5477 - myPBX: fixed MSI parameter override with manual installations

Ticket #170532. If MSI parameters have been given on a previous installation and the user installs a newer version of myPBX manually (without parameters), the old MSI parameter settings have been ignored.

5474 - myPBX: Updated translations

Ticket #170438. New translations for the web application

5485 - PBX Waiting: For DTMF forwarded calls the destination was displayed even with Hide Connected Endpoint set

Ticket #170829. A Transfer Complete was sent to the caller

5481 - PBX: Accidential recall after Pickup from WQ operator

Ticket #170743. The recall was executed to the WQ

5468 - phone: ip222,ip232,ip111,ip112: pressing "Hide own Number" function key was ignored while a call was active

Ticket #170148.

5451 - phone: ip222,ip232,ip112: USB headset support - Jabra SPEAK 810, Jabra BIZ 2400 II

Ticket #169555.

5433 - phone: ip222,ip232,ip112: USB headsets supporting only 48kHz sampling rate on microfone interface did not work

Ticket #168945.

5450 - phone: ip222,ip232: no calling tone when a call completion indication was accepted via USB headset

Ticket #169505.

5404 - QSIG: ASN.1 BER Decoding Failed

Ticket #167539. For Asn.1 sequences with indefinite length encoding, handling for optional sequence members wasn't implemented.

5454 - SDP: Can't handle SDP messages larger than 8kbytes

Ticket #169655. Can't handle SDP messages larger than 8kbytes

5458 - SIP: Calls are dropped after re-negotiation (ICE related)

Ticket #169763. Calls are dropped after re-negotiation (ICE related).

5488 - SIP: Calls are dropped with LOG_ERROR 0x70005 ("Media config failed")

Ticket #170893. Calls are dropped with LOG_ERROR 0x70005 due to bug in media negotiation.

5470 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation (ICE related)

Ticket #170324. When new SDP offer is received while holding the call the ICE procedures are started and fail.

5466 - SIP: Fixed problem in media negotiation

Ticket #170115. Fixed problem in media negotiation when handling sendrecv->inactive and inactive->sendrecv.


5429 - SIP: Ignore early SDP answer with port=0

Ticket #168858. Ignore early SDP answer with port=0 instead of terminating due to failed media negotiation.

5446 - SIP: Problem switching back from t38 to audio

Ticket #169441. Problem switching back from t38 to audio on interfaces with media-relay and exclusive codec.

5439 - SIP: Protection against DOS attacks

Ticket #169153. Protection against DOS attacks on SIP port.

5457 - SIP: Reject REGISTER with illegal Contact-URI

Ticket #169727. Contact-URI must not contain (unescaped) blanks.
Contact-URI will be used as Request-URI in INVITE.
Blanks break message parsing.

5487 - SIP: Trap when canceling a call

Ticket #170877. Rare trap when canceling a call.

5459 - Telephone UI: Do not auto-save network settings

Ticket #169911. Network settings like DHCP, interface IP addresses and the VLAN config was auto-saved after a short timeout and triggered the "Reboot now ?" question. This is not suitable of course. The settings should only be saved on return from the submenu.

5460 - Trap after changing registrations via hotkey

Ticket #169933.

5366 - Trap On Timer Initialization

Ticket #165716. Occurred after timer management refactoring.

5453 - Voicemail: Connected Number Didn't Include Extension

Ticket #169629. The connected number information element only contained the voicemail object's number.

5430 - Voicemail: Script variable allows control of DTMF forwarding

Ticket #168872. Handler pattern for forwarding:
<event type="dtmf" block="false">
<assign out="$_pbx_ctl_bargein" value="false"/>

5455 - Voicemail: Transmit Display Name As Connected Name Id

Ticket #169687. Was Long Name Only

5461 - WebDAV-Server: Request to not-installed SSD is never completed

Ticket #169940. Browser hangs since HTTP request gets no response.

5378 - WebDAV-Server: Support for NAND flash drive

Ticket #166424. Support for more than one drive (CF0).

5440 - When softwarephone license expires, mypbx shows this event

Ticket #169261.

5444 - x11 Config Wizards

Ticket #169402. Where missing for some devices

11r2 Service Release 11 (113463)

5495 - Fax server: DCS not accepted

Ticket #171453. The fax interface doesn't accept a DCS message if the extend field bits don't match with the message length. This is fixed now.

5497 - Fixed possible trap in Fat32

Ticket #171464. Possible trap if card has been removed or not detected anymore under certain circumstances.

5503 - Fixed presence view issues in Office applications if the own contact is a favorite in myPBX

Ticket #171579. Otherwise there have been issues for a busy presence when calling.

5506 - Fixed URL to CF upload

Ticket #171661. URL was broken.

5492 - IP222/232/111/112: Could not enter 'Q', 'W', 'X' when phone language was Cestina

Ticket #171351. Could not enter 'Q', 'W', 'X' when phone language was Cestina.

5502 - IP222/232/222/112: Trap when webcam image exceeds limits

Ticket #171568. A webcam image may exceed size limits during download.
Download is aborted then but memory is not freed.

5491 - Office integration with Office 2013 didn't always work properly

Ticket #171317. After closing and restarting an Office application, the presence didn't work anymore.
This Microsoft issue has been worked around by creating a new instance for each Office application itself instead of using a shared one.

5490 - PBX Waiting: DTMF forward did not work for calls established by Wakeup

Ticket #171198. DTMF was ignored

5493 - PBX: Display groups with objects only in the Objects navigation

Ticket #171374. This is also done in the drop down when selecting groups. As additional optimization the groups are not loaded when editing an object.

5496 - SIP: Contact-URI must not contains un-escaped whitespace

Ticket #171454. Not: <sip:World CLNS@;transport=UDP>
But: <sip:World%20CLNS@;transport=UDP>

5494 - SIP: Do not send SAVP-offer on re-negotiation if rejected during call setup

Ticket #171427. If SAVP-only offer was rejected (488) during call setup and re-try as AVP was accepted,
we better do not try SAVP on re-negotiation (AVP instead).

5514 - SIP: Transaction timeout not handled

Ticket #171716. A timeout on an outbound INVITE transaction was not handled.
Not working since v11r2sr9.

5499 - SIP: Trap in case of very long Via header

Ticket #171533. Trap in case a request is received with a very long Via header.
Traps when response is constructed.

5508 - Softwarephone: add system time to debug output to better correlate events to mypbx traces

Ticket #171669.

5513 - Softwarephone: Crash fixed when using different framesizes on 2 peers

Ticket #171705.

5512 - Softwarephone: G729 bad audio quality fix

Ticket #171704.

5510 - Trap in HTTP server

Ticket #171676. Fix for a trap in HTTP server.

5505 - Web-UI: Changed over-all font-family

Ticket #171594. Changed from:

To keep browsers from using serifed typeface in case Arial is unavailable.

11r2 Service Release 12 (113498)

5529 - Always disable office presence logging on myPBX installation

Ticket #172291. The office presence logging can cause office to become very slow, so the myPBX installation now always disables this logging flag.

It can be still enabled in the configuration dialogue.

5528 - Fixed inactive Chat/Phone icon in office applications

Ticket #172284. One of the last fixes introduced the issue, that one couldn't start a chat/phone call from an Office application anymore.
This is fixed now.

8316 - Fixed myPBX registry office integration on MSI installation with OFFICEPRESENCE=false

A bug has been fixed which was introduced by a previous bugfix and caused issues with Office applications although OFFICEPRESENCE=false was set.

5545 - Fixed possible startup failure of SSDs

Ticket #173266. There might have been circumstances in which an SSD hasn't been correctly recognized by the Fat32 module.

5541 - HTTP: Do not log "login reject" on redirects

Ticket #172936. When a HTTP request was redirected the Administration Log showed "login reject". This log doesn't show up any longer.

5517 - http: update HTTP-PORT and HTTPS-PORT variables on each change of port number or 'Force HTTPS' flag

Ticket #171852.

5504 - ICE: Fix for asynchronous GET_LOCAL_ADDR

Ticket #171592. Possible trap, Fix for Fix #170143

8340 - IP-DECT: LDAP query for number of diverted call

If a call is diverted, a directory query for name resolution of the diverting number is missed. This fixed now.

5546 - IP-DECT: Wrong release code

Ticket #173283. The IP-DECT sends the wrong release code "User not reachable" if the user rejects the call. This is fixed now.

5524 - IP222/232/111/112: Config option "Hide Complete Configuration at Phone" removes all apps from Phone-UI

Ticket #172211. Config option "Hide Complete Configuration at Phone" removes all apps from Phone-UI.
Only Phone-App was left on display.
This config option must only hide some entries from Config-App.

8412 - IP222/232/111/112: Config option /allow-user-settings should also enable "Phone setup"

Config option /allow-user-settings should also enable "Phone setup", not only "Account settings".

5536 - IP222/232/111/112: Long press on backspace clears all

Ticket #172658. Long press on backspace clears all content of an input control.

5523 - IP29: Linux tab was displayed on admin UI

Ticket #172199. There is no Linux on the IP29

5522 - IPxx11: Enet 100M fixed speed problem

Ticket #172173. Also, some switches didnt work

5531 - IPxx11: Sporadic DSP overruns

Ticket #172377. Queue added
trace-off option added

There are two debug option for testing issues with the DSP queue.

The first one is to switch the trace off after a DSP problem and use PCAP to get the trace:

1) Enable PCAP tracing
2) Configure the DSP trace-off option!config change AC-DSP0 /trace on /ctrace on%20/dtrace on%20/trace-off on
3) Write and activate!config write!config active

Wait until the problem happens and do a pcap trace. Afterward you can reset

The second way is to reset the box in case of a DSP queue problem. In this case pcap traces are lost, only text messages are available after the reset:
1) Disable PCAP
2) Configure the DSP driver to write text messages
2) Configure the DSP trace-off option!config change AC-DSP0 /trace on /ctrace on%20/dtrace on%20/txt-trace on
3) Write and activate!config write!config active

Wait until the problem happens. Then the box resets and you can use the browser to read the trace.
Note that the txt-trace option causes some overhead, so disable the tracing once the problem is solved.

5538 - Linux: Initrd support fixed

Ticket #172838. The initrd support for IPx10 devices is broken with the last SR and fixed again.

5548 - logging: on boxes with multiple flash drives logging to non-default drive (FLASH) did not work

Ticket #173442.

8372 - Media Relay Exclusive coder sometimes did not enforce correct packetization

After renegotiation the packetization could be wrong

5511 - Memory Leaks: Better diagnostics

Ticket #171701. More information is dumped on out of memory restarts, !mem and !buf commands provide more info.

5532 - MyPBX Android/iOS: Didn't poll for staging

Ticket #172432. Didn't use as initial URL for the poll service and thus didn't fetch initial configuration information stored there.

5525 - myPBX Android/iOS: Didn't show the dial pad for consultation call

Ticket #172258. If a consultation call was started by putting a call on hold and just pressing a digit myPBX switched to the directory screen right but didn't show the dial pad.

8404 - myPBX: Send different ID with CT_INITIATE

Some endpoints expect the ID 0x39393939 in CT_INITIATE. Therefore we now use that ID in myPBX and PBX Websocket.
Side effect of: #67932: myPBX: Always send an ID with CT_INITIATE

5547 - PBX Waiting: Announcement switched off after no-response Timeout

Ticket #173369. Even if there was no CFNR

5533 - PBX Waiting: Recall of call tranfered by operator did not work

Ticket #172486. This is a fix for the following previous fixes:

- 157662: PBX Waiting: Operator call transfered by SOAP was not shown as transfer call
- 170743: PBX: Accidential recall after Pickup from WQ operator

5526 - Phone UI: Long press on call forwarding target didn't forward

Ticket #172260. If forwarding was pressed for an incoming call and a destination choosen, long press induced dialing instead of forwarding.

5549 - phone: ip222,ip232,ip112: USB headset support - Jabra EVOLVE 20 MS

Ticket #173456.

5509 - phone: ip222,ip232,ip112: USB headset support - workaround for Plantronics dongle D100A (Savi W440)

Ticket #171671. The D100A dongle has the same Vendor/Product signature as the D100 dongle
but does not work with the HID-reports built in for the D100 dongle.
To overcome this problem an internal dummy signature for the D100A is added.
To make a D100A working it's D100 signature must be mapped to this dummy signature.
ip222, ip232: vars create KEYS0/HID-MAP p 047f:ab01=047f:d64a
ip112: config add KEYS0 /hid-map 047f:ab01=047f:d64a

The firmware uses the signature to assign the built in HID-reports to the device.
To discriminate between devices with identical signature the HID-report-descriptor
has to be parsed at plugin time which would require a lot of effort.

8386 - SIP: Different identity header in provisional respone and final response

In provisional response P-Preferred-Identity was sent.
In final response P-Asserted-Identity was sent.
What ever the difference might be between these two message headers, we better send the same in all responses.

8390 - SIP: Do not send zero-length display-name in URI's

Do not send zero-length display-name in URI's.
From: <sip:801@;user=phone>;tag=123456
instead of
From: "" <sip:801@;user=phone>;tag=123456

5527 - SIP: Do not use mapped addresses when behind symmetric NAT

Ticket #172283. When behind a symmetric NAT router (no full-cone) it's better to write private ports into SIP messages (Contact-URI) than mapped ports.
Because mapped ports cannot be used by remote side in case of symmetric NAT.
When remote side sees private ports, it can workaround NAT by sending to source port.

5515 - SIP: Dont delete registration on server side when endpoint cannot be notified

Ticket #171818. Dont delete registration on server side when endpoint is not subscribed for "reg".
Endpoint will not know about end of registration.
In case PBX object has changed.

5539 - SIP: Fix for a bug on interworking with external presence store (External-UC)

Ticket #172881. Fix for a bug on interworking with external presence store (External-UC).
Discovered with test\12r2\pbx\external-uc-2

5530 - SIP: Interop with Cisco CM (call transfer)

Ticket #172297. Handling of incoming re-INVITE after REFER has been sent:
In case of attended transfer (two calls) it is accepted as usual.
In case of unattended transfer (one call) it is taken as error (failed transfer).

8367 - SIP: Interop-Problem with config option /session-expires

Interop-Problem with config option /session-expires
If config option /session-expires 90 was used to enforce session refresh and the incoming call had no Session-Expires header but indicated support for "timer", the 200/OK contained "Session-Expires: 90;refresher=uac".
Some carriers did not follow this.
Session timed out.
We now send "Session-Expires: 90;refresher=uas" in 200/OK.
And we perform the session refresh (active role).

5535 - SIP: Never put on blacklist

Ticket #172636. Never put on blacklist.

5521 - SIP: Number of concurrent REGISTER transactions was limited

Ticket #172168. Number of concurrent REGISTER transactions was limited to 50!
This made large-scale DECT applications (more than 2000 users) fail.

5534 - SIP: Reducing memory allocations of client transactions

Ticket #172509. Reducing memory allocations of client transactions.
Freeing SIP request buffer right after final response has been received.

8357 - SIP: Skip IPv6 addresses from DNS responses if IPv6 is not available in local infrastructure

Skip IPv6 addresses from DNS responses if IPv6 is not available in local infrastructure.

5543 - Voicemail: <store-getstat> returned ctime instead of mtime

Ticket #173244. The statement <store-getstat> returned the change time of a file instead of the documented modification time.

5435 - Waiting queue with "TONE?tone=off" should play silence

Ticket #169042. Waiting queue with "TONE?tone=off" played continuous tone.
Should play silence instead.

11r2 Service Release 13 (113543)

8568 - Call initiated for IP-DECT or third party phone, was sent as transfered

Should be sent as normal call, because a transfered could be handled different from a normal call, which is undesired in this case.

8582 - Collaboration: WMI Queries increase CPU usage

The only way to get the process description for the running applications is to use the WMI interface. It is also needed to read webcams description.
I was reading the application list during startup process which is not strictly necessary, only when application sharing is started.

8533 - correct handling of corrupt FSK length field data

If the lenghth field of a FSK CallerID is malformed, exceeding the total length of the CID information a trace message is generated and the processing of FSK info is finished.

8567 - DHCP-client: minimum lease expiration time reduced to 1 minute

some QSC WAN Routers provide lease expiration times of 5 minutes only. The client suspected expiration times below 10 minutes as invalid and used 10 minue instead. thus the renew request was sent too late.

8515 - DHCP-server WEB-UI: size of coder input field increased

size of coder input field was too small to display the complete local/remote coder config

8505 - Fax: No connection in audio fax mode after delayed response

No fax connection can be established in audio mode if the remote response is delayed because of channel renegotiations or a late call connect. This is fixed now.

8618 - Fax: Wrong decoding of T.38 error recovery IFP packet

The T.38 error recovery IFP packet is wrongly decoded. It can occur if a T.38 UDP frame is lost or swapped and can result in aborted fax connections. This is fixed now.

8514 - Fixed Office contact status if contact was on phone when opening Office

If a contact was on the phone and e.g. Outlook has been started, the presence update for this contact didn't work anymore.

8609 - Fixed OFFICEPRESENCE myPBX property for all users

If OFFICEPRESENCE has been used during the MSI installation, the value has been just used for the user who triggered the installation.
Other users didn't get the value.

8578 - Gateway: Turn on tones in DSP ony if the interface supports sending of tones

The tones could interfere with receiving Clip on FXO

8476 - H.323 RAS sequence numbers wrapping at 65535 not 65536

This was not according to Standard. Could result in a failed call every roughly 10000 calls.

8579 - H.323 Registration retry was too fast with H.323/TLS

A phone configured wrong could trigger the blocking of a user, so that another correctly coinfigured phone could not register

8543 - Improved DSP tracing

Assert on host overrun if txt_trace is enabled

8407 - Inconsistencies in subscribing/unsubscribing dialog and presence info of fav items

There seem to be some inconsistencies in the source-code that is responsible for subscribing and unsubscribing dialog and presence info for fav items. E.g.
- set_buttons() subscribes, flush_items() doesn't unsubscribe.
- app deactivation unsubscribes but the reference counter is 2 and thus the subscription remains.
- in favs_update_timer_200ms is running a request to subscribe is discarded and never takes effect. Those fav items never receive presence updates.
Ticket #173862

8575 - IP0011: Allow webfax

start webfax module on IP0011.
DSP driver enables audiofax in relay UI if possible.

8484 - ip110/200a/230/240 - re-enable 802.1x support

802.1x support was disabled sinve V10 to save flash space. it'S enabled again to overcome customer problems when upgradinf from from V9 to V11

8610 - IP111/IP112 Peak limiter in speakerphone mode

Added a peak limiter in speakerphone mode to avoid non-linear distortion at high audio levels that would cause metallic souding echo.
Ticket #176120

8611 - IP111/IP112: Eliminated the click noise at the end of call progress tone phases

End call progress tone phases at their next zero crossing to avoid the click noise when the tone ceases.

8552 - IP111/IP112: Low volume in speakerphone mode

In 11r2 SR12 the volume of speakerphone mode was lower than usual because of a side effect of headset mode fix #173662.
Ticket: #175022, #173710, #173435

8653 - IP111/IP112: Removed emphasis of high frequencies in handset mode

High frequencies were emphasised far too much in handset mode. HD audio is perfectly fine with a flat response.

8560 - IP111/IP112: Speakerphone mode tend to oscillate

Two IP111/IP112 in speakerphone mode likely started with some oscillation. This calmed down but the loud tones are unacceptable of course.
Ticket: #173710

8458 - IP222/232/111/112: Fix for phone un-locking

Fix for phone un-locking.
PIN is prompted when trying to enter menu "Account settings" ("Kontoeinstellungen").
Don't ask again, when switching off phone lock , as long as PIN input does not date back more than 1 minute.

8530 - IP222/232/111/112: Phone switches to Headset when accepting knocking call

Phone switches to Headset when accepting knocking call.
That's wrong when the user currently uses handset (not headset).

8489 - IP29, IP311: DTMF Feature code support was disabled

config was missing

8535 - IPVA: Command To Halt Machine In Exception Handling

Syntax of the command: "!mod cmd CPU exc-halt"

Effekt: Forces the machine into an idle loop after an exception occurred

Purpose: A manual suspend to disk of the machine's entire RAM in crash situations.

8486 - ipxx11 - reset required set when OK was pressed on arbitray unmodified WEB page

After as the OK button was pressed on an arbitrary unchanged page of the WEB UI the internal reset-required flag was set and "Reset requied" was displayed on the "General" page. An "(i)resetn" command called directly or via an update script did reset the box then.

8470 - IPxx11: Add support for 64Mbyte Flash

Needed for next IP3011/0011/811 hardware

8442 - IPxx11: Missing T38 no signal messages in NAT Scenarios


8675 - IPxx11: SPI flash read sometimes fails

Cache coherency for the SPI was not enabled.

With enabled cache coherency the problem is solved, but SPI flash access is broken when linux is running, bootcode from 12r2\ip311\123199

So with bootcode from 12r2\ip311\123200 we disable SPI DMA at all to get a stable solution.

The Linux shared memory ethernet driver removes the cache coherency flag from the memory area for the bootcode that keeps the DMA descriptor. So the final solution is it use cache coherency for the SPI Flash and the shared memory driver.^

When updating the bootcode it is recommended to remove the mstata module. Otherwise the mac address may be corrupted.

8540 - Kerberos: Couldn't resolve Domain if DNS SRV query didn't provide A records too

The kerberos client couldn't resolve the domain/realm to the IP Address of the responsible server if the answer of the SRV DNS query didn't contain the A records, i.e. the ready resolved IP addresses as well.

8506 - myPBX Android/iOS: Endless event loop if RPCAP connection was broken

This endless event loop could only happen if remote PCAP tracing was in progress and the TCP connection failed. It caused a debug trace which in turn induced another RPCAP packet to be sent forming an endless event loop.

8415 - myPBX Android/iOS: Favorite presence subscriptions not removed when app in background

The presence subscriptions of the favorites were not removed if the app was going to background and thus kept some data traffic up all the time.

8388 - myPBX Android/iOS: Improved TCP packet sending

Wait for transmit ready only after TCP went into flow control and not always. This allows immediate sending in most of the cases.

8516 - myPBX Android: Fixed crashes reported through Google Play

There were several crash reports in Google Play:
- The "Save logs" string was missing %s in its Danish and Estonish translation and thus caused a trap.
- myPBX was apparently started without permission to access the smartphone contacts or call list and the attempt to access resulted in a trap.
- Trap on a favorite if its phone number was blank.

8522 - myPBX Android: MAC Address 02:00:00:00:00:00 on Android 6

Starting with Android 6 the system doesn't provide Wifi MAC Address information any more. Therefore made it configurable and added a mechanism that generates a random initial address in this case.

8507 - myPBX Android: Rare crash on audio changes

In some rare condition a crash could happen on audio changes. This is a damage of Fix: #162587: myPBX for Android: On incoming call audio switched through with delay.

8526 - myPBX Android: Trap when dialing a dir entry and on second ringtone selection

The app trapped if a dir entry was dialed through the green handset.
A trap also happened if a ringtone was chosen and the dialog for choosing was opened again.

8620 - myPBX Android: Unintented accept or disconnect with some Bluetooth headsets

With some Bluetooth headsets ringing calls are accepted or connected calls are disconnected immediately without having the headset button pressed. E.g. with
- Plantronics LEGEND

Ticket #175562

8655 - myPBX for iOS/Android: Web config for RTP port range not working

An XML error could occurr at this Web config page and the lowest and highest RTP port resulting from the configured RTP port base and range stayed blank.

8534 - myPBX: Fix for license check on standby PBX

8498 - myPBX: New translations

8354 - ONFI: change bufman buffer into mem clients

Ticket #171692: ONFI : change bufman buffer into mem clients

8361 - ONFI: Initial readout of flash segments with events

ONFI: Initial readout of flash segments with events

8686 - PBX Mobility: Name Id was not sent to caller if no local endpoint was registered

There should be no difference to the caller, if the Destination is local or mobile.

8481 - PBX Number Map Object: Diverting leg2 info without number was added

This was an invalid facility and caused interworking problems

8480 - PBX SOAP: Sending of DTMF did not work always

For example Softwarephone to Conference

8588 - PBX: Compatibility with "old" hardware ids did not work for interface registrations

The <hw-id>-<if-name> type of registrations were not matched.

8577 - PBX: When calling MAP, the final destination was not shown on calling phone

This should only be the case when 'Hide connected Number' is set

8542 - phone: ip112/222/232 - support for more Sennheiser USB headsets

wireless: DW Office ML, DW Pro 2, DW Pro2 ML, MB Pro2, MB Pro2 ML, Presence UC ML
wired: SC70 USB Control, SC70 USB MS, SC 260 USB Ctrl II, SC 260 USB MS II, SC 660 Ctrl, SC660 USB ML SP 20 Speakerphone, SP 20 ML Speakerphone

8612 - Phones: Fkey highlighting did not follow configuration

Fkey highlighting did not follow configuration.
Fkeys were always highlighted in non-idle state.
Now the fkeys are highlighted if attribute "LED" is configured to anything but "off".

8607 - Phones: Own presence was not displayed

Own presence was not displayed (on IP222/232/111/112), because self-subscription for PRESENCE was not established.
Now the phone re-tries the self-subscription even if it failed at the first attempt.

8674 - Phones: Own presence was not displayed

Own presence was not displayed (on IP222/232/111/112), because self-subscription for PRESENCE was rejected and first re-try was started after 30 min.
Now the phone re-tries the self-subscription with an increasing delay starting with 2 seconds.

8536 - rare occurrence of si3050 driver error 'Line IC not found'

leaves the ready led blinking and the interface stays disabled.

8448 - SIP: DNS resolving did not work in some cases

DNS resolving did not work in some cases.
Problem introduced with #8357 - SIP: Skip IPv6 addresses from DNS responses if IPv6 is not available in local infrastructure

8474 - SIP: Fix for federation interfaces

Fix for federation interfaces.
Contact-URI should not contain private local ip address.
Better put local domain there.

8467 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

Fix for media negotiation on SIP interfaces with Media-Relay and Exclusive-Coder.

8492 - SIP: Fix for SIP-URI encoding (# needs escaping)

Fix for SIP-URI encoding.
# (hash/pound) needs to be escaped in SIP-URI.

The BNF for telephone-subscriber can be found in RFC 2806 [9]. Note,
however, that any characters allowed there that are not allowed in
the user part of the SIP URI MUST be escaped.
The telephone-subscriber subset of the user component has special
escaping considerations. The set of characters not reserved in the
RFC 2806 [9] description of telephone-subscriber contains a number of
characters in various syntax elements that need to be escaped when
used in SIP URIs. Any characters occurring in a telephone-subscriber
that do not appear in an expansion of the BNF for the user rule MUST
be escaped.

Bug was introduced in v11r2sr7.

8472 - SIP: Fix for trap

Fix for trap

8539 - SIP: Interop-Problem with config option /session-expires

Interop-Problem with config option /session-expires
If config option /session-expires 90 was used to enforce session refresh and the incoming call had no Session-Expires header and NO "timer" in Supported, the 200/OK contained "Session-Expires: 90;refresher=uac".
We MUST NOT send Session-Expires in 200/OK and we MUST NOT start session timer.

8658 - SIP: Problem during registration on large scale DECT applications

Problem during registration on large scale DECT applications.
Some registration may fail at first attemmpt.
But only if SIP/TCP is used.

8427 - SIP: REGISTER not accepted if user-id contains whitespace

REGISTER not accepted if user-id contains whitespace.
Even if whitespace was correctly escaped in URIs.
Rejected with "SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request".
Did not work since v11r2sr10.

8435 - SIP: Subscription objects were not freed under some conditions

SIP-Subscription objects were not freed if destination has rejected with 481.

8439 - SIP: Support for Router header with SIP-URI longer than 512 bytes

Interop with Lync, Skype and Office 365 Lync/Skype.
Receiving Record-Route header with very loooooong URI value (846 bytes).

8640 - SIP: Switch to T38 sometimes missing on interfaces with media-relay and exclusive-codec

Switch to T38 sometimes missing on interfaces with media-relay and exclusive-codec.

8649 - SIP: Trap after "491 Request Pending" has been received

Trap after "491 Request Pending" has been received.

8629 - SIP: UPDATE request sometimes rejected with 481

UPDATE request sometimes rejected with 481.
But only of no remote tag is assigned yet (no provisional response was received before).

8479 - SOAP Admin: Find user by guid

Needed by some applications

8652 - Softwarephone: Crash when recording and framesize on recording link < framesize to main link

8680 - Softwarephone: Intermittend Crash during call setup(ice phase)

8651 - Softwarephone: Remote Party hears echo when recording enabled

When recording the remote party hears strong echo

8576 - Support for IP29-2 and IP29-4

Same binary and product_id for IP29 IP29-2 and IP-4
Start drivers according to box.
Needs 6 and 8 channel DSP image

8634 - TAPI: Problems to control 3rd party SIP devices

Problems to control 3rd party SIP devices.
INVITE has SDP offer with IP6 loopback address.

o=- 2621 1 IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 1 RTP/AVP 8 0 18 13
c=IN IP6 ::1
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -

8469 - Too many Subscriptions will be initiated on IP2x2x

Too many Subscriptions will be initiated on IP2x2x, if App will be activated twice. Those subscriptions also will not be deactivated after leaving Fav App.

8365 - Trap in active USB-Headset call caused by USB device error restart

a channel_connect() sent to the USB-audio channel must be ignored while the USN-audio device is resetting

8566 - Trap: Decoding of Malformed LDAP PDU

A negative length resulted in memory corruption.

8659 - Web Config: trace(continuous) only started after bunch of traces logged

The Web config item Maintenance/Diagnostics/Tracing/trace(continuous) didn't start to show the log until a certain amount of traces accumulated.

11r2 Service Release 14 (113564)

8702 - CF card call lists: leak in case of fileio errors

A leak in case of fileio errors has been fixed.

8722 - Gateway: Country specific dial tones did not work

Country specific dial tones did not work since 11r2 Service Release 13 (113543).
"EUROPE-PBX" was played always.

8836 - iceControlling parameter not read in myPBX Launcher

Parameter is encoded in remote_media_call_connect::encode_request (Telephone) but not read in remote_media::soap_RemoteMediaConnect (myPBX)

8696 - IP-DECT: Call initiated by myPBX should show up as outgoing call on the DECT handset

Special signaling to the handset needed, because in reality the call is sent to the handset

8748 - IP111/IP112: Fixed residual echo in handset mode

The handset mode echo canceller was working without NLP since NLP caused gaps in the peer speech on severe double talk situations. But without NLP there were small bursts of residual echo for high frequency excitation signals. Therefore tried to enable NLP again and improved the comfort noise estimation and lowered the NLP threshold considered that the handset only has a weak echo path.

8715 - IP222/232/111/112: Config parameter for fkey "redirect" missing

Added config parameter "Redirect Active Call" for fkey "redirect".

8718 - IP222/232/111/112: Flag PHONE_LOCK_MSG_SEND did not work

Flag PHONE_LOCK_MSG_SEND did not work (fine grained function locking).

8749 - IP222/232/111/112: Prepare-override did not work for secondary call

Prepare-override did not work for secondary call (consultation call).
An fkey with caller override, but w/o pre-defined call destination can be used to prepare caller override.
The actual call is initiated in a second step (may be even with myPBX client).

8866 - IP232: New touch controller init sometimes fails

Seen on IP232 HW1301.
Now we send an additional 10ms reset pulse to the touch controller, that helps

8703 - IP311/IP411 config wizards did not work correctly

Several Things like ISDN Trunks not configured.

8860 - IPVA: Post-Mortem Stack-Backtracing Below Stack-Low

Stack-unwinding didn't start from stack locations below stack-low.

8727 - IPxx11: DSP txt traces fixed for log2pcap


8870 - IPxx11: Improved DSP tracing

Suppress repeated "no space" message.

Repeated messages tend to flood the trace buffer and overwrite the messages before.

8729 - More tracing for commands sent to a device

Helps to debug Problems, e.g. if a command causes a restart

8818 - myPBX Android/iOS: Complete not applicable boot code or firmware upload immediately

If boot code or firmware upload is not applicable for the device complete these steps of the update script immediately without fetching a file. This way the same update script can be used for myPBX Android/iOS and desktop phones.

8874 - myPBX launcher: Video and application sharing not working when installed for current user only

The DTLS certificate and key was not correctly read, if the application was installed for the current user, not for all users.

8712 - myPBX: select correct dropdown value for office presence provider

If "None or procall etc." has been selected, the wrong dropdown value has been shown on opening the configuration dialog the next time.

8892 - onfi: small timeout for reading page

8695 - PBX-SOAP: Local MOH is confusing when putting a call on hold

A dialing tone seems to be the better choice

8861 - phone ip222/232/112: support Jabra SPEAK 510 MS

One more product ID for the USB Bluetooth dongle Jabra LINK 360 coming with this Headset version.

8733 - Phones: Fkey (automatic) highlighting fixed

Undo of "#8612 - Phones: Fkey highlighting did not follow configuration".
Highlighting of fkeys is done automatic again as it was before Service Release 13.
Highlighting in non-idle state.
No highlighting in idle state.
No relation to config attribute "LED".

8750 - Phones: Own presence was not displayed

Self-subscription for presence is started but cancelled by the phone itself when user-config is received from PBX.

8849 - SIP: CSeq was too high

CSeq could be above 2147483648 (2 ^ 31).
May caused requests to be rejected.

SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-04E49FD7;rport=5060
From: <sip:anonymous@>;tag=4194769285
To: <sip:xxx@;user=phone>
Call-ID: 61a165da354857019efa005056a42387@
Error-Info: <sip:xxx@>;cause="[line 006] CSeq too large"
Content-Length: 0

8752 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

Fix for media negotiation.

8838 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

Fix for media negotiation.

8745 - SIP: Fix for outbound federation calls

Fix for outbound calls with reverse negotiation where early offer is received.
PBX gives no early answer, but SIP must send PRACK.
Now we send PRACK without SDP answer instead of dummy SDP answer.

8704 - SIP: Fix for trap

Fix for trap due to buffer overrun.

8885 - SIP: Fix for trap

Fix for trap when deleting already deleted transaction.

8741 - SIP: Gateway interface stopped working

Gateway interface stopped working and left in zombie state after re-configuration or disable/enable.

8831 - SIP: Print "anonymous" in identity header if CLIR is on

Print "anonymous" in identity header if CLIR is on.
Hiding real caller identity.

8724 - SIP: Using different Call-ID format

Using different Call-ID format to avoid call legs (dialogs) with same Call-ID (which may occur on forking for instance).

Instead of appending local IP address to conference guid:
Call-ID: 2b2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a46@

We now append unique call-leg-id:
Call-ID: 2b2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a46@1
Call-ID: 2b2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a46@2
Call-ID: 2b2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a2a46@3

This should avoid interoperability problems with bad SIP equipment that identify a SIP dialog by only Call-ID (not Call-ID plus tags).

8740 - Softwarephone: Workaround to enable Logitech Headset that does not supply telephonie codepage

HID Telephonie devices must provide codepage 0xb. The customers logitech headset does not. It worked with v9 softwarephone because the codepage was ignored. Ignoring the codepage can lead to unexpected behaviour since a headset is represented as multiple devices in windows, each one supporting its specific codeset. So if selecting a non telephonie device the buttons may not work.

8817 - update client displays "not polled" although the script has been successfully read

this happened when the script contained a "provision 0" command. It can be used to switch off provision (fast poll) mode but then the "last polled" info must not be reset.

8694 - Waiting Queue: Call to mobile operator was not retried

If the mobile Operator was busy the first time, there was no other call attempted.

11r2 Service Release 15 (113587)

9379 - DSP T38 Events: Increase allowed clock tolerance from 50ppm to 150ppm

An event was generated even if there was no error

9394 - DSP. specific fax error event codes

for events like Clock offset too large

9389 - DSP: show fax trace messages only if DSP trace is enabled

9366 - Fax: Permanent enabled trace output fixed

The trace of some fax parts can't be disabled. This is fixed now.

9110 - Gateway: Disabled number maps at routes could affect destination of a transfer

This problem was found with the fax server. To initiate an outgoing fax call, a call is first sent from the PBX to the FAX Interface. When this call is connected, a transfer is initiated to the destination. If there where disabled maps configured on the routes for the outgoing call, the number was adjusted, as if these routes where executed. Now these maps are ignored as they should be.

9494 - Gateway: Routing table user interface problem with screening setting

The screening indicator setting was lost on newly added MAP and it was lost, when not the MAP but the route itself was changed.

8999 - Hanging subscriptions to Voicemail object

A Voicemail subscription was regarded as subscription endpoint. but no info (notify) was sent on subscription. This could cause Cisco Equipment never to terminate the subscription

8834 - ICE failed sometimes because of a timer problem

This happened under Special tiuming condutions when a timer was retstarted at the time a RTP channel was bound to a DSP channel

9009 - IP-DECT: E164 support for further calls with call on hold

When having a call on hold and making a new call that starts with a + sign, the + sign is removed. This is fixed now.

8995 - IP-DECT: Inband DTMF

Generating inband DTMF tones fixed.

9010 - IP-DECT: International number support for unattended call transfers

Now it is possible to use an international number for an unattended call transfer on IP-DECT devices.

8903 - IP111/IP112: Avoid oscillation in speakerphone mode

Oscillation could occur on a Connection between two IP111/IP112, with both in speakerphone mode.

8990 - IP111/IP112: Fixed NLP in speakerphone echo canceller

The non-linear processing unit of the speakerphone echo canceller caused arbitrary gain variations during double-talk that were perceived as clickering and degraded the voice severely.

8985 - IP111/IP112: Fixed small inconsistencies in the speakerphone echo canceller

Fixed small inconsistencies that should not have noticably influenced the audio quality.

8984 - IP111/IP112: Improved echo canceller convergence

Improved the handset and speakerphone echo canceller convergence by biasing the Rin energy with a variable value proportional to the loss estimate instead of a constant. This achieves a higher converged state loss enhancement and makes the converged echo canceller more robust against noise and double talk.

8996 - IP111/IP112: Improved handset echo canceller on double-talk

Avoid excess echo canceller divergence on double-talk.

9011 - IP111/IP112: Speakerphone echo canceller could diverge on silence

The speakerphone echo canceller could diverge severely on silence due to missing rounding in the algorithm.

8928 - IP111/IP112: Speakerphone mode improvement

Avoid the loss enhancement estimate to degrade on low volumes.

8920 - IP111/IP112: Speakerphone mode improvements

Improved the speakerphone echo canceller tuning:
- Improved the convergence speed.
- Update the loss estimate not only on substantial energy.
- Added a small double talk tail.
- Schedule coefficient masking according to their importance.

8905 - IP1200: added web files for myPBX

Added missing web files in IP1200 for myPBX support.

8974 - IP28 IP38: Wrong display of coders in WEB UI (shows G.723)

The coder selection menu is wrong at the interface or gk config.
The coder list on the first page is ok

9039 - ipxx11-ethernet: discard transmit packets while link is down

if the ethernet layer passes a packet to the driver while the link is down and the driver responds with 'pending', all packets directed to this interface are queued by the ethernet layer and sent when the link comes up again. If the link is down for a long time this may be thousands of outdated packets. Thus it seems better to drop any packets while link is down.

8957 - IPxx11: DSP code update

  • Dsp code version 700.47
    * Disable noise disabled
    * IP3011/IP1130 Timeslot assigned fix according to DSP errata.
    * Unconditional trap on host buffer overrun
    * Debug of Fifo status on buffer overrun

9391 - IPxx11: Enable DSP status messages every second

to see if the DSP is alive after host overruns

9374 - IPxx11: Enable V21 V22 and V23 modem bypass

was disabled

9133 - IPxx11: Try to fix sporadic DSP Problems

The problem resulted in a restart of the device.
There are 2 unused and uninitialized bitfields in the header that is sent to the DSP. This fix clears the 2 bitfields.

8973 - myPBX Android/iOS: NAT detection not working

NAT detection in the WEB UI IP/General/STUN always reported result: failed.

9111 - myPBX Android/iOS: Random serial number sometimes changing

If the app was started without network connectivity the MAC address could become an arbitrary value that wiped out the randomly generated serial number and triggered generation of a new certificate. Thus registration via certificate that was trusted at the PBX failed from now on.

9426 - myPBX Android/iOS: Wrong number dialed via GSM if phone number started with '+'

If dialing via GSM was configured on myPBX Android/iOS and a number beginning with '+' was entered, this number was incorrectly prefixed with the complete dialing location information.

8972 - myPBX Android: Low microphone volume with Samsung S5 SM-G900F

Added audio API modes to boost the microphone gain on this specific device and possibly others.

9055 - myPBX: Allow adding more languages in the future

This is a simple code change that allows using the same translation file across multiple firmware versions.

9365 - myPBX: Dates displayed wrong in french translation

Due to an error in the translation file, the dates were displayed wrong. For example "J/06/A" instead of "27/06/2016".

9054 - myPBX: Office connection to myPBX may be lost

If an Office connects to myPBX and a myPBX contact receives certain updates during this connection establishment, an exception caused the connection to be lost.

9019 - myPBX: Outlook presence not working for favourites without email and number

The mapping of favourites to Outlook contacts did not work in that case.

9138 - ONFI: Checkdisc Errors after writing data on Flash

In cases of writing data on Flash, the wrong logical to physical relationship page could be written. This causes errors (checkdisc) by reading data pages due to wrong written logical to physical relationship pages.

9112 - ONFI: Cluster has not been written completely

If a new logical to physical relationship has to be build and also there are outstanding data from FAT driver, the outstanding data have not been written.

8926 - ONFI: Eliminate double Blocks due to traps during write nand flash

9495 - PBX SOAP: UserClear when calling a Broadcast object with round-robin did not work

Only the call to the current destination was cleared and this was handled as if the call was rejected, which means the next round-robin destination was called.

9461 - PBX: Potential restart on dialog subscriptions to unusual destinations

Not completely certain, what special destinations this could be, but code has more checks for unusual behaviour of the destination.

9017 - Phone: Favourites were displayed twice and others were missing

Sometimes favourites were displayed twice and others were missing after return of registration.

9160 - Phones: Partner fkeys are not highlighted

Partner fkeys are not highlighted (orange text color) anymore if partner has call action.
Did work until sr12.
Same problem in v12.

8968 - Phones: Terminate all subscriptions when registration goes down

Terminate all subscriptions when registration goes down.

9173 - Problem with dynamic payload types during call pickup

Caller and picker offer different RTP payload types for "telephone-event".
Coder selection is done on an intermediate (e.g. GATEWAY application).
Both endpoints get channels answer with different RTP payload type for "telephone-event".
But then external EP will adopt remote receive-PT 101 by sending a new SDP offer with PT 101.
This change is ignored by SIP stack and not forwarded to internal EP.
Internal EP sends RTP-DTMF with PT 100 which is not handled by external EP.

9163 - RELAY: Config options are lost when changing MAP config

Interface related config options are lost when changing MAP related options.

8949 - SCTP: Trap on call end with App Sharing

A trap can occur on call end with application sharing. This is fixed now.

8987 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

Fix for media negotiation.
Fix for problem where HOLD/RETRIEVE overlaps with renegotiation.

9044 - SIP: Undo of #8831 - SIP: Print "anonymous" in identity header if CLIR is on

Since v11sr14 we anonymize the Identity header if CLIR is requested by caller.
Turned out to be no-good.
In case of CLIR we send "Privacy: id" along with the Identity header.
Any equipment that handles Identity header will also handle Privacy header (since they are part of the same extension RFC-3325).

11r2 Service Release 16 (113595)

9949 - Call-Forward filter more options

The filters for call forward (only number, only not number), only took the last diverting number into account and only if the call was not diverted the calling line id. This is good in most cases, but in some cases more options are needed: Take always calling line ide into account, always only forwarding number or always both.

10120 - Clearing CFNR timeout in user config, should mean PBX default timeout, even if a template is used

In case of using a template with a different CFNR timeout, clearing the CFNR timeout at the user resulted in a CFNR timeout of 0s.

9964 - Extension module: Pickup fkey does not show calling and alerting party

Pickup fkey on extension module does not show calling and alerting party.
Fkey can be used to pick, but does not show who's calling who.

10020 - ip6010 debug buffer corrupt after a trap reboot

the top of the ip6010 debug buffer is placed directly below '_start' of the primary bootcode. the stack of the primary grows downward from the same location. Thus the upper part of the trace buffer is overwritten when the primary bootcode loads the firmware after a trap.
This is prevented now by placing the top of debug buffer 32kB below '_start'.

9953 - ISDN No-Disc interop option inconsistent

This option is usefull for ISDN provider, which do not support the ISDN disconnect procedure with playing in-band announcements while waiting for the endpoint to hang-up, or to avoid the 30s inband announcements during call clearing at all.
This means not DISC should be sent, but always REL right away. In some states nothing was sent when call clearing was initiated. For example the caller did not get a busy when dialing a busy number using overlap dialing.

11467 - more product IDs for Plantronics BT600 (USB-Bluetooth dongle) and Jabra BIZ 2400 II USB UC headset

the alredy known BT600 dongle and the BIZ 2400 II headsets are delivered with different product IDs but identical function

9884 - myPBX-Video: monitor not correctly set after RemoteMediaConnect

The video window remained grey (preview and received video) until the user moved the video window with the mouse.
This movement triggered a call to the MonitorChange function.

9969 - myPBX: Protect against accumulation of pending status update messages

The web application gets status updates from the PBX using long polling. In the gap between sending a status update and the next request from the browser, the PBX buffers the status updates. In order to avoid problems with too much buffered data we changed the behaviour of myPBX in the following way:
* The data is not copied any more to stack buffers for calculating hashes.
* The maximum amount of buffered data is set to 128 KB per session. If the limit is exceeded, the corresponding session is dropped.

10737 - No media in case of switch from IPv6(ICE) to IPv4(no ICE) after transfer

Special case which will rarely happen in real life

9968 - PBX original called number lost on reroute with CFNR on a gateway object of an already diverted call

A reroute using CFNR on a gateway object does not generate a diversion leg info on the outgoing call. This is correct only diversions on endpoint objects should do this. But if the call was already diverted the original called number was lost in this case.

11164 - PBX potential restart on SOAP transfer operation

Only happened under rare hard to define circumstances. A null pointer check was missing.

10150 - PBX SOAP: For outgoing calls if multiple registrations are possible, use most recent

This did work already in case the application selected a device, but not if any device was to be used.

9965 - Pickup selection dialog sometimes not visible to user

Pickup selection dialog sometimes not visible to user.
If any other App than HOME is selected on phone and a pickup fkey on extension module is used to pickup a call and there is more that one call pickable,
then a dialog pops up listing all pickable calls to the user.
But this dialog is not visible to the user as long HOME-APP is not visible.
Phone should auto-activate HOME-APP when 'pickup selection dialog' is opened.

9718 - Prevent trap with call-lists which path starts with a leading space

If one configures a path for call-lists, e.g. " /DRIVE/FLASH/call-lists", which starts with a leading space, the call list service tries to create a directory with name " " (just one space) which the fat32 driver didn't reject.

11315 - Sporadic ICE fails on phone, causing calls disconnect with "No channel available"

Happened mostly on incoming calls. Was caused by a timer malfunction when the priority level of the RTP was adjusted to the priority level of the DSP.

10744 - Trap on some transfer cases in Gateway

This is a collateral Damage from
fix: #155078: Gateway: On calls between Exclusive Coder interfaces and non-Exclusive Coder interfaces set both sides to exxclusive coder

11r2 Service Release 17 (113614)

13935 - Box certificate lost after invalidating license

When the user invalidates licenses the box gets a new device certificate. Due to bug, the new new box certificate was not written correctly, so the box ended up without a certificate.

Collateral damage from: #161060: Support for ECDSA certificates - refactoring of RSA key structures

12842 - Gateway: If a route with multiple CGPN maps was configured, adding another map to same route did not work

The new map was added, but all but the first CGPN maps of the previous maps were lost.
Collateral damage from #9494 - Gateway: Routing table user interface problem with screening setting

11310 - Httpclient: Increase max authenticated URL from 10 to 20

12888 - IP111/IP112: Speaker volume of headset monitoring mode could not be controlled

In headset monitoring mode the speaker volume was not controllable.

12836 - IP111/IP112: USB headset speaker unity gain at 60 percent volume

Unity gain at the USB headset speaker was achieved at 80 percent volume but the default of 60 percent volume should represent unity gain. This creates more headroom to boost the headset volume for headsets with no own volume control.

13049 - IP22/IP24/IP302: Fix slow startup

Startup of FXS interfaces took more than 1min. Increase of VBAT reduced this time to less than 10s.

12880 - IP811 config wizard did not work

Pages could be stepped thru, but config was not applied.

11252 - IPxx11: Disallow null pointer access

no access to first 64k

13048 - IPxx11: Enable modem bypass also if T38 is enabled.

Modem detect for bypass was only enabled if T38 was disabled.

12647 - IPxx11: Fix u-Law

ISDN in the US did not work, switch to u-law did not wor, so A-Law was used instead.

11302 - IPxx11: Improved DSP tracing

Switch off trace if we receive no device status messages

11311 - IPxx11: Try to fix DSP fifo overrun

by limiting write rate to the fifo to 5ms per packet and using a queue.
If the DSP doesnt respond after 100ms the box is restarted.

In some cases a close_rtp was sent in the wrong state.

The size of the open_rpt and close_rtp and messages was reduced.

The device bus timing was relaxed.

Reload DSP function added

The device bus timing fixed, slower writes.

13952 - myPBX Android/iOS: IPv6 DNS address caused a crash

The app could crash if a DNS address happened to be IPv6.

12644 - myPBX Android: Ask for whitelisting the app as exception to battery optimization

Android 6.0 introduces battery optimization functions Doze and App Standby that prevent the app from accessing the network during idle periods. This causes the registration to go down and incoming calls to be not indicated. Network access can be re-gained by whitelisting the app in "Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization".
Add a check if myPBX for Android is whitelisted and, if not, present a dialog that prompts the user to grant whitelisting.

12841 - PBX CDRs for calls to mobile user wrong in case of configuration with nodes

As remote number the normalized number including all nodes without escapes were displayed, instead of the relative number (shortest possible number, which could be used to call back).

11509 - PBX Waiting Queue: Round robin not working for next call sent, when the first is connected

If there are several calls in the queue and the first call is answered by an operator, the next call from the queue is sent to the operators. In this case round robin was not working, but the call was sent simultanously to all remaining operators.

13196 - PBX: Call intrusion failed, if intruded endpoint had subscription active

The intrusion was attempted for subscription call.

12843 - PBX: Unexpected restart on some rare call sequences

null pointer check was missing

13057 - phone - USB Headsets - include additional product ID for Jabra Speak 810

The Jabra SPEAK 810 headset is alredy supported, thus only the ID list has to be extended.

13201 - Phone UI: Timestamp of parked calls not correct

The timestamp of parked calls was set to an incorrect value. Fortunately it was not displayed anywhere.

13947 - Potential trap in Gateway application

Potential trap in Gateway application if multiple "Gatekeeper / Registrar" interfaces are configured with different protocol (H323/SIP) but identical alias.

13817 - SIP calls not accepted

When INVITE is received SIP stack tries to lookup corresponding registration.
This is done by matching the received Contact-URI of the previously received REGISTER or by matching the remote IP address and port of the previously received REGISTER .
If both fails, INVITE was rejected with "403 Forbidden".
From now on the remote port is not required to match.

12533 - SIP: No media encryption offered on outbound call

On Media-Relay scenarios:
No media encryption offered on outbound call although media encryption is enabled on interface.
Media encryption was only offered, if inbound call has media encryption in its offer.
Both sides of media relay should be independent and should follow the interface config only.

12477 - SIP: Rare trap when using SIP/TCP or SIP/TLS

Rare trap when using SIP/TCP or SIP/TLS.
May happen when outbound transaction is cancelled before TCP connection has been established.

11767 - softwarephone icon erroneously installed in program files

a duplicate of the softwarephone icon is also installed in the Program files directory,

13998 - softwarephone: enable recording to the webserver

<! 11r2: webdav service was not included in softwarephone so that recording to url did not work

13937 - softwarephone:ICE,when binding on a port fails try next

13490 - support for Jabra Handset 450

12310 - The LLDP provided VLAN Priority must be set in the VLAN header instead of zero

The LLDP TIA Network Policy TLV provides the VLAN Identifier and the VLAN Priority to be set in the VLAN header but erroneously the Priority was always set to zero.

13200 - Trap on flash disk format

By formatting the flash after restart of the box and no action is done (write), the box traps.

11931 - Voicemail: Trap During <pbx-xfer>

Access to a deleted object when using voicemail transfer operations could cause a trap.

13195 - Waiting queue: Potential restart on some rare call sequences

Missing check for null pointer

12809 - Webmedia: Tolerate more jitter and clock drift

Enhance webmedia to tolerate more jitter and clock drift from the network for recording.

13051 - wrong conversion from UTC to local time in areas without daylight saving time

When a timezone without daylight saving time was configured under"Services/NTP/Timezone" a wrong "Last sync" time was displayed. On phones a wrong local time was displayed in call lists.

This applies to the USA timezones Arizona (UTC-7), Hawai (UTC-10) and Indiana (UTC-5) and to manually configured strings of the form <zone-name><offset>, for example EST5 .

11r2 Service Release 18 (113615)

14018 - IPxx11: Trap when configuring Alarm and Event Forward Server as Type LOCAL-AP or LOCAL-AP-S

When the Alarm and Event Forward Server is set to Type LOCAL-AP or LOCAL-AP-S after boot the box traps

14030 - phone ip222/232/112 - support new Versions of Jabra EVOLVE 20 USB headset

There are different versions of Jabra EVOLVE 20 which can be handled identically but come with different product IDs. This previously unknown product IDs are added to the list of supported IDs

13956 - SIP: Support for 'epid' parameter

SIP: Support for 'epid' parameter.

14019 - SIP: Use proxy name to build AOR if domain name left un-configured

Use proxy name to build AOR if domain name left un-configured.
Instead of (volatile) proxy address.

11r2 Service Release 19 (113628)

14103 - Adding SIG_OPTION_TAKE_REINVITE_AS_ERROR for interop with CUCM


14310 - after tracing an event flush the modified trace buffer area to RAM

to make sure that an event written to the trace buffer can be read out after a trap the written area must be flushed to RAM.

14263 - Check and display of UDP/RTP port ranges was incorrect

The port range is configured as number of first port and number of ports. The number of last port in range is computed as (first port + number of ports) and thus is one too high.

14393 - DNS: Fixed a trap if the static DNS entries were dumped

Dumping the static entries of the DNS resolver could result in a trap.

14485 - Fax: Accept wrong T.30 messages after correctly received document

If an incoming document is correctly and completely received and wrong T.30 messages instead of a disconnect are received after this, no protocol error should be reported. This error prevents from converting and forwarding the document. This is fixed now.

14232 - IP111/IP112: Fix sporadic traps

IMX6SL Errata ERR003721 ARM: 751473
Under very rare circumstances, Automatic Data prefetcher can lead to deadlock or data corruption.

14105 - ip1202: trace buffer could not be read after trap

after a reboot caused by a trap, an assertion or a watchdog interrupt the trace buffer could not be read because on reboot some part of the buffer at a 128kB boundary as overridden by a DDR training sequence. This is fixed now by placing the buffer out of the critical area.

14235 - IP22 IP24: Faster initialisation of the TEL interfaces

On some boxes the TEL ports need a long time, e.g. more that 10 seconds to iniitialize. This fix reduces the time.

14234 - IPxx11: Add G722 and G723 coder

14036 - IPxx11: Disable modem bypass for CED signals

Fix IPxx11: Enable modem bypass also if T38 is enabled
caused a problem with testcase media/fax

14231 - myPBX Android/iOS: Wrong phone number when creating a contact

If a smartphone contact was created from a phone number that started with '+' the number filled in the field of the contact form was wrong.

14387 - myPBX Android: Avoid missing audio at the start of a call

The Android API operations to setup and release audio tend to block for a substantial time causing the first split of audio at the beginning of a call to be missing.

14415 - myPBX Android: First digit duplicated if number is typed in dial screen

If a number is typed beginning in the dial screen, the first digit is duplicated.

14479 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap if the name in a smartphone contact was empty

The trap happened on start of the app if there was a smartphone contact with no name.

14067 - myPBX Android: Fixed two traps seen in the app store crash reports

The crash logs in the app store showed two traps that are fixed now.

14495 - myPBX Android: Swipe should toggle on/off switch

A swipe gesture should toggle the on/off switch.

13920 - phone - USB Headsets - support Plantronics D100-M USB/Bluetooth Adapter

support for a similar variant of the Plantronics D100 USB/Bluetooth adapter was alredy implemented, thus only the ID list has to be extended.

14032 - phone ip222/232/112: permit more than one mapping of USB headset product IDs to an already known ID

New USB headsets with characteristics similar to an already supported headset but a different ID can be mapped to the existing ID with "config add KEYS0 /hid-map ...".. The config command did permit only one mapping.

14236 - Phone: Decorated phone number treated as H.323 ID

If a phone number with structuring characters was dialed, it was incorrectly treated as H.323 ID.
Now the allowed characters are: "+1234567890*#., /-()"
The fix applies to IP222, IP232, IP111, IP112, myPBX iOS, myPBX Android.

10888 - Phones: Business and private phone numbers cannot be differentiated

Business and private phone numbers cannot be differentiated on IP222/232/111/112.
Business and private phone numbers are displayed with the same symbol.
Only mobile numbers have a distinctive symbol.
From now on 3 different symbols are display: Business/Private/Mobil

14066 - Phones: Fkey 'Diversion-Override' does not work as expected

Fkey 'Diversion-Override' does not work as expected.

14151 - Phones: Strange behaviour if 3rd call is accepted

Strange behaviour if 3rd call is accepted.
Accepted call does not get into 'speaking' state.
When going onhook an unwanted transfer may be executed.
Devices IP222/IP232/IP111/IP112 only.

14358 - Restart if H.323 TCP/TLS registration send to a gateway without GK

A GK in this context is either a PBX or a Gatekeeper gateway definition. A check for a null pointer was missing.

12498 - Support for Plantronics DA 70/80/90 USB Adapters for Encore Pro corded Headsets

The Plantronics DA 70/80/90 USB Adapters connect different Variants of Encore Pro corded Headsets to USB ports

11r2 Service Release 20 (113635)

15753 - IP-DECT: LDAP query for diverted calls, fix for #8340

The fix #8340 should fix the name resolution of outgoing diverted calls with the number of the nominated party. Instead the name resolution for incoming diverted calls with the caller number was changed to the diverting party or originally called number which deactivates the previously correctly working name resolution.
This is revised. And now, the name resolution for outgoing diverted calls is changed to the nominated party number.

15273 - IP111/IP112: Improved audio quality

Mostly echo canceller. Verified by independent lab.

15915 - IP111/IP112: Still limit the maximum amplitude in speakerphone mode

This maximum amplitude limitation got lost during all the audio related changes and should be put in place again.

14246 - IP112 was missing in legacy hardware Id translation

A IP112 registration with mac address to a device configured with a hardware-id of IP112-xx-xx-xx, did not work.

15716 - ip29/311/411 FXS : pulse dialing does not work

Driver cannot detect pulses shorter than 200ms.
Setting has been changed to cover pulses down to 31ms length.

14901 - IPxx11: Added DSP core dump option

If the DSP doesnt respond we have the option to stop the trace and read the DSP memory ( core dump )
This function is actived with the Web UI. Thick the checkmark
"DSP traceoff/coredump" at http://addr/debug.xml ->Tracing
Usually it is reasonable to tick also "DSP" and DSP control messages" and "DSP data messages"

If the DSP shows an error an event is generated, like:
06.10.2016-12:08:23 Error 0x001f0000 Indeterminate AC-DSP0 dsp status timeout

If the core dump is written, another event is generated:
06.10.2016-12:08:32 Error 0x001f0000 Indeterminate AC-DSP0 core dump written, status=2

Then the core dump can be downloaded the http://addr/debug.xml -> Tracing -> download DSP core dump
The core dump is large, around 64Mbyte.
Once the coredump is downloaded the trace should be read and the system is ready to write another core dump if needed.

15475 - LDAP Server: RootDSE Encoding Failed With 200+ Dyn-PBXes

Replies to LDAP RootDSE search request weren't returned, if hundreds of Dyn-PBXes were configured.

14504 - LDAP: En-/Decoding of Larger RootDSE Result Failed

The encoding of a search result for a root DSE with lots of namingContexts attributes failed. A temporary buffer was placed incorrectly.

15747 - myPBX Android/iOS: Make sure that the random serial number doesn't change

The locally created serial number sometimes changed.

15481 - myPBX Android/iOS: Non fetched zero length packet caused missing audio

A zero length UDP packet could block RTP stream reception since this packet was never fetched.

14470 - PBX-SOAP: Reading a user with the Admin function, with a cn of a single character failed

Instead all users were returned

14365 - PBX/E.164: Wrong number was sent on CFNR from Gateway/Trunk in case of no registration

A typical configuration in which this problem happened is a trunk object with a cfnr to another trunk object for redundancy

14245 - PBX: Disconnect call if a transfer loop is detected

If an endpoint has established a call to itself and then does a transfer to connect these two ends of the same call, the call should be disconnected. Not doing so could result in a restart, because out of memory.

16054 - Phone UI: STUN and TURN server shown URL encoded

The config items in STUN were shown in their URL encoding, i.e. ',' appeared as %2C.

15836 - phone: USB headsets - add Plantronics APU-75 EHS Adapter, Jabra EVOLVE 30 II Mono UC, Jabra EVOLVE 30 II Stereo MS

APU-75another version of APU-70/72 EHS/USB adapter controlled via regular HID reports, Jabra EVOLVE 30... new EVOLVE series devices

14922 - Phones: Audible signal not working on pickup fkey

Config option "Audible signal" not working on pickup fkey.

15524 - Phones: dialing location not applied when starting a call transfer to a number from directory

local numbers stored in directory as complete international numbers were not reduced to local numbers before transfer and thus the transfer failed.

14918 - SIP: Fix for trap

Fix for trap.

15573 - TONE-IF did not play all dial tone types

Continuous dial tones were not played anymore.
Bug was introduced in previous release with this fix:
#14904 - Webmedia: Fix for inband ringback tone

14904 - Webmedia: Fix for inband ringback tone

Inband ringback tone is provided by PBX to a transferred endpoint while a blind transfer is ongoing (waiting for the transferred-to party to answer).
The rinback tone (and other tones) should start with an initial delay (or initial period of silence).
This delay was missing.

11r2 Service Release 21 (113643)

16806 - Avoid trap on corrupted data from NAND/CF/SSD

If the read data from the NAND flash, a CF card or an SSD is corrupt, the box still shouldn't trap, but an event should be raised instead.

16814 - H.323 potential trap if PBX user config was changed

This happened if a phone was registered by number, in case hardware id and name was changed at the same time. This is a fix for fix 14921 - PBX restarted on special registration/unregistration sequences, which did not yet work always.

16166 - IP-DECT: Trap during endpoint updating or deleting

If an endpoint is updated or deleted, a trap can occur if special OEM PBX subscription calls are pending. This is fixed now.

15759 - IP111: Errata Cortex A9

16252 - ip112: USB headsets - improved handling of device STALL errors caused by ESD

Certain USB headsets report a STALL error and stop working in case of electostatical discharges. To recover from this error the device must be restarted. If there was an active headset call the media stream is directed to the headset after restart, provided that the restart is completed within 2 seconds. If the restart fails or needs more than 2 seconds the media stream is directed to the handset.

16047 - IPxx11: Potential DSP Unreliability fixed

16772 - Media: Possible trap in a race condition

This could cause a trap at the end of a call.

16183 - myPBX Android/iOS: Trap on certificate upload

Fixed a trap if a certificate with no password was uploaded.

16800 - myPBX Android/iOS: Unexpected socket error could cause a trap

An error on a RTP or UDP socket could cause the app to crash.

16804 - Phone UI: Trap on race condition if screen closes

If a config screen was closed by the phone due to idle timeout at the same moment when the user made a change this could cause a trap.

16509 - phone: USB-Headsets - support Jabra BIZ 2400 II Mono USB

support Jabra BIZ 2400 II Mono USB

16698 - SIP: Dead subscription was not deleted on server side

A NOTIFY that is rejected with "481 Subscription Does Not Exist" is a dead subscription where NOTIFY no longer needs to be sent.
Notifier should delete the dead subscription immediately.

16000 - SIP: Fix for asymmetric codec problem

If SDP answer is received with more than one Audio codec we take the top-most codec as the selected one.
We send and receive this codec.
But the remote endpoint may send the other codec.
Our endpoints can only send/receive one codec at a time.
In order to pinpoint the selected codec to only one, we now send a re-INVITE with a single-coder-offer right after negotiation (RFC-4317).

16278 - SIP: Fix for rare trap under heavy load

Fix for rare trap under heavy load.
Observed on large scale DECT scenario.

16967 - Trap in case of unexpectedly removed CF card

If a CF card is removed or not recognied any more by the driver, there might have been a trap inside a running webdav operation.

16707 - Voicemail: URL Arguments Weren't Evaluated

An internal buffer was too small.

11r2 Service Release 22 (113648)

17648 - Fix for trap in Gateway application

Fix for trap in Gateway application on transfer/pickup/diverting scenarios.

16926 - IPVA: Boot Failed

There was a problem calculating the firmware size, this caused the firmware not being started.

15525 - myPBX Android/iOS: Config reset doesn't reset to default admin password

The config reset command of the myPBX Android/iOS phone UI doesn't reset the admin password. On the desktop phones it does.

17743 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap at the beginning of the first call

An uninitialized variable could cause a trap at the beginning of the first call.

17362 - myPBX: IE9 script error during the start of myPBX

Int32Array and UInt32Array are supported from version IE10. If Internet Explorer version is older, a script error appeared during the start of myPBX.

17544 - Phone: USB Headset - support Plantronics C320-M(icrosoft)

Just another Signature for the M(icrosoft) Variant of the Plantronics Blackwire C320 Headset

17507 - Phones: Send DTMF from CAMERA app

If CAMERA app if active (in front) and there is an active call (e.g. with door) and the user presses 0-9 or * or #
it's better to take this as DTMF sending instead of jumping to DIR app.

17557 - Save stack state before reboot to get some more info about a watchdog reboot

On boxes with sufficient RAM (ipxx11, ip111/112) the stack state before a reboot together with info about last interrupt (interrupt number, stack pointer, pc) is copied to a reserved memory area before the stack is used by the firmware again. The saved stack is dumped with "mod cmd CPU saved-stack". This may help to find out the reason of some unexplained watchdog reboots..

11r2 Service Release 23 (113663)

17794 - CF Call lists, limit max calls per user to 200

A trap could happen if absurd high numbers were configured.

17895 - FAX: False "Excessive loss of data" event after switching to T.38

The fact that not RTP data at all was received before switching to T.38, was treated as error. This is normal in case no inband detection of fax is done, but switch is done right away, this is what Fax servers normally do.

17603 - Fax: T.38 with NAT

The RTP channel didn't start sending data after the coder is changed to T.38. So the NAT mapping could be lost. Now No-signal indications are sent.
!-- teh: vgr will das auch in V10-->

17868 - Gateway: Buffer overrun when displaying routes with many maps

This caused a restart of the gateway.

17887 - H.323 Leak, socket was not closed for calls without registration

This was a collateral damage from the RAS over TCP/TLS implementation

18871 - IP112 - set USB signaling level to 3,3 V

increasing this level from 3,0 to 3,3 V makes the USB bus more robust

18052 - IPxx11: increase stack size to 512kB

because of the heavier load on this boxes the currently reserved size of 256 kB is too small
<!- ich habe hier mehrere ip811 pre-mortem stacks die nach watchdog traps gezogen wurden bei denen die Untergrenze des Stacks offensichtlich unterschritten wurde. Das ist zwar höchstwahrscheinlich nicht die Ursache für den watchdog aber fixen sollte man das auf jeden Fall. Schöner wäre natürlich noch wenn man eine read-only guard page für den Stack hätte damit man rechtzeitig sieht wann'S brenzlig wird. Fragt sich ab man das auch noch bei ip6000/6010 machen sollte -->

19441 - IPxx11: save more runtime state over reboot

In additionto the last interrupt cause the enabled/disabled state of the processor ist tracked and thus available after reboot together with the pre-watchdog stack

20286 - Linux: Increase network driver receive buffer size

The network driver receive buffer size is increased to prevent a lot of dropped network packets.

20167 - myPBX Android/iOS: Log forwarding via HTTP caused the app to crash on start

If log forwarding via HTTP or HTTPS was configured the app crashed on startup and could only be recovered by clearing its config data or uninstalling and re-installing.

20263 - ONFI: Reading no/wrong data

ONFI: Reading no/wrong data
If data is copied due to wear leveling, physical to logical assignment have not been set. If not set, data cannot be found.

19233 - PBX Mobility call failed if additional forking to unregistered destination was configured

The failed forking to the unregistered destination caused the complete call to fail

19234 - PBX: A call initiated thru pickup was sent to forking destination as well

Such a call should be sent to the picking device only

17893 - phone: support more Jabra EVOLVE 30 II USB headsets

There are four versions of Jabra EVOLVE 30 II now, coming with the same dongle but with different product IDs for "mono MS", "stereo MS", "mono UC", "stereo UC" ;-)

18940 - Phones: No search results when entering a phone number containing * (star sign)

No search results when entering a phone number containing * (star sign)

19475 - SIP: Don't send confidential information in OPTIONS request

Don't send confidential information in OPTIONS request.

19342 - SIP: New interop tweak /no-codec-pinpointing

SIP: New interop tweak /no-codec-pinpointing.
Do not send another offer/answer exchange to pinpoint audio codec.

19766 - softwarephone: low volume, volume change, gaps during conversation

during a conversation effects like low volume, gaps and volume change can be experienced

18915 - Softwarephone: Make registry path check case insensitive

Appending the softwarephone path to the user defined path resulted in deleting the previous settings because the "path" key compare was case sensitive.

19367 - Softwarephone:: icollect fails when an empty dir is present

icollect fails to compress the debugging data in the softwarephone roaming dir when there is an empty (sub)dir somewhere in the tree.

19229 - Unexpected restart on collision of a call connect/disconnect to waiting queue

Very small window for this to happen, so it happened very rarely

17888 - Unexpected restart on some rare failed media negotiation scenarios

Happened, when a call was sent, with a media offer and first response is a close all channels.

18111 - Voicemail: Memory leak with <exec>

A data packet wasn't freed while within a shutdown state.

17971 - WebDAV: Bug in XML for PROPOFIND

A PROPFIND for a file resource (not directory) was answered with bad multistatus response.
The content of the DAV:href element had a slash at the end.

11r2 Service Release 24 (113670)

21806 - FAT32 directory listing missed some files under certain circumstances

Sometimes a single file was not listed in a sorted directory listing of a flash drive.
E.g. this could lead to missed voicemails.

20523 - H.323 hanging registrations

Sometimes registrations where not removed. This could cause duplicate registrations in the PBX, one working and the other not. This again created problems to register the video and app sharing to the phone.

20851 - IP-DECT: Memory leak with Radio registration

There could be memory leaks in some situations with radio registrations in the PARI master. This is fixed now.

21852 - ip112 USB: prevent sending noise from headset microphone

Some headsets send empty audio data frames instead of frames with silence data but this frames were not detected and thus arbitrary data from the receive buffer was sent to remote side. In some cases a headset provided only empty frames after a restart leading to bad noise. Now empty frames ar detected and the corresponding part of the receive buffer is replaced by silence.

22011 - IPv6: Ignore invalid router announcements

Ignore rather than panic on reception of an invalid router announcement.

21883 - IPx11: Prewarn watchdog added

Prewarn watchdog for the IPx11 devices added.

21823 - IPxx10 IPxx11: Possible watchdog during SRTP processing

A bug in the crypto driver could cause a watchdog, when non-RTP data was received over an RTP port.

21137 - IPxx11 - trigger prewarn interrupt before the watchdog forces a restart

Raise an interrupt before the watchdog forces a restart if the firmware runs in an infinite disabled loop

21365 - IPxx11: Trap traces could be corrupted

If a device trapped the trap trace could be corrupted.

22038 - myPBX Android/iOS: Not possible to tweak unconfigured call forwarding FKey

If a call forwarding FKey was created and not configured with any forwarding yet it was not possible to add a forwarding later on.

22057 - myPBX Android: Avoid traps through disconnect timeout

An inappropriate watch timer caused traps of the app.

20403 - myPBX Android: Fixed delayed reaction on user input

On Android 5.0 and higher user interaction might have been handled with delay.

21619 - myPBX Android: Trap on start of the app on Samsung XCover

On Samsung XCover running Android 6.0.1 myPBX Android trapped immediately on start.

21368 - myPBX iOS/Android: Fixed a trap if the popup during searching was cancelled

If a popup that appeared during searches in the favorite UI was cancelled manually, the app trapped afterwards.

21217 - On call to a user with multiple registrations, the call was premature forwarded if one was non-functioning

There is a 6s timer in the PBX to check if sending of a call succeeds on a registration. If this timer expires a CFNR is executed. But this should not be done, if there are calls on other registrations which were sent successfully

18903 - PBX: Pickup not always taking effect

If somebody picked the call of another member in the group this didn't always take effect.

21362 - phone IP112 USB: improved handling of USB bus errors

adjust the terminating resistance of D+ and D- line to compensate for the protective ferrites, tolerate more bus errors as long as the USB-Controller states 'enabled'

20944 - phone ip241 - prevent freezing of dispaly after long time of operation

sometimes the ip241 display did freeze after a long time of operation

20654 - phone: usb-headsets - add Plantronics Blackwire C725-UC

Support for Plantronics Blackwire C725-UC Headset

21850 - Prevent possible traps when connecting ICE

There could be a trap depending on the candidate list of the remote party.

21011 - SIP: Add Min-SE header to INVITE after 422 response

Add Min-SE header to INVITE after 422 response.
Not only Session-Expires header, but also Min-SE header.
Both with same value

19351 - Support for certificate deployment by update server

The update server can now install a response to an existing signing request using vars create and restarting the box.

The response certificate(s) must be stored here in DER format:
vars create X509/REQUESTRESPONSE/00000 pb 30820...
vars create X509/REQUESTRESPONSE/00001 pb 30820...
vars create X509/REQUESTRESPONSE/00002 pb 30820...

20947 - USB - support switching VBUS power on/off

VBUS power is on by default. USB restart behaviour may be improved if the VBUS is powered off/on while restarting.

21175 - USB-Headsets: audio from remote was deleayd after a hedset restart

When the hedset was restarted in an active call because of an USB error the audio received from remote was delayed after restart

22032 - WebDAV: Bug in XML response

Bug in XML response for PROPFIND caused BitKinex to crash.
Only when accessing the box root.

11r2 Service Release 25 (113676)

22524 - IP222/ip232: record plain PCM-Data as sent/received by USB headsets

Plain PCM-Data as sent/received by USB headsets can be captured now directly at the USB interface the same way as on IP112.

22445 - IPxx10 IPxx11 Missing event initialization in Crypto Driver

The size of the crypto driver events was not set correctly. However this should cause no problems, because the events are never queued.

22514 - Make WebRTC work with Chrome 57

The default value of RTCConfiguration.rtcpMuxPolicy changed from "negotiate" to "required" in Chrome 57. As we don't have RTCP-Mux in versions 11 and 12, WebRTC calls between Chrome and innovaphone endpoints failed. In that case the console showed the following message:

Abort call: Could not set remote description: Failed to set remote offer sdp: Session error code: ERROR_CONTENT. Session error description: rtcpMuxPolicy is 'require', but media description does not contain 'a=rtcp-mux'..

Now the endpoint explicitly sets the rtcpMuxPolicy to "negotiate".

22125 - myPBX Android/iOS: Battery drained by the performance counters

The performance counters had a 60 seconds heartbeat running but performance counters are not needed for Android/iOS.

22082 - myPBX Android/iOS: Fixed leaks with hold/retrieve operations and IPv6

Hold and retrieve oprations could cause a leak if the media IP address was IPv6.

21940 - myPBX Android/iOS: Possibly corrupted leak info

The HTML command "!leaks info" possibly produced results with invalid HTML syntax.

22088 - myPBX Android: Status bar icon stayed in waiting state with Android 7

On Android 7 the icon in the status bar stayed in the registration waiting state, i.e. circling all the time.

22362 - myPBX: Redirect from inactive standby to other location didn't work

In some cases myPBX was not redirected from the standby PBX to the actual PBX of the user.

22078 - PBX: Missing namespace in first SOAP response after restart

Problem with uninitialized variable

22127 - phone: USB Headsets - support Jabra EVOLVE 40 UC Mono, Sennheiser SC 630 USB CTRL

support Jabra EVOLVE 40 UC Mono, Sennheiser SC 630 USB CTRL

22310 - update service: URL-encode values substituted for URL Metacharacters

some values substituted for URL metacharacters may contain URL syntax characters which need to be replaced.

22329 - Voicemail: <store-getstat name="NULL"../> Didn't Work

Querying local system time by means of <store-getstat name="NULL"../> lost functionality. The year 1970 was always returned.

11r2 Service Release 26 (113678)

22761 - _snprintf() must not prematurely stop when an argument does not fit completely into the buffer

currently _snprintf() stops when an argument does not fit completely into the buffer. It's better to copy as much of the argument as fits in the buffer..

22877 - Gateway: Rerouting could fail with CGPN mismatch, if CGPN verified ist used and CGPN mapping

If a CGPN was changed by a mapping, it could happen, that CGPN verify failed on rerouting.

22387 - ip112 - USB headset - clean notification signal for inbound call

an inbound call is indicated in the headset by a sequence of notification signals but the first signal was somehow disturbed.

22560 - IP112: Fixed noise burst at the beginning of a call with USB headset

At the beginning of a call a noise burst may be heard if USB headset is used on the telephone.

22708 - IP112: Noise burst if accepting a call via headset

A short noise burst was heard if a call was accepted in speakerphone mode.

22583 - IP222/232/111/222: Feature "Caller Override" was applied to call when dialed from call-list

Feature "Caller Override" was applied to all calls started from call-list.
But only after reboot of the phone.

23198 - IP241: Selected built-in background image is not loaded at boot time

Selected built-in background image is not loaded at boot time.
After reboot the default built-in background image is displayed.

22931 - IP38 IP311: CallProgress tones on FXO not detected if level too high

CallProgress tones with levels above -3dB (==0dBm) were regarded as illegal in the DSP driver

22648 - myPBX Android/iOS: Trap if too many ringtones

A trap could occur if the size of the ring tones description exceeded a certain limit.

22865 - New ISDN Interop switch: Discard Connected number

Discards any received connected number. Needed because some Cisco devices send illegal content.

22861 - No PBX CDR was generated for Number Map object

Reporting licenses can be configured, so a CDR should be generated as well

22859 - PBX CDRs for calls to mobile user wrong in case of configuration with nodes

The previous fix for this only covered the setup-to and not alert-from event in the CDRs

22762 - phone: USB headsets: log the headset audio parameters each time an audio connection is set up

For analysis of PCM captures the type of the headsets audio endpoints (mono/stereo, sampling rate must be known.

23337 - TLS: Prevent traps if device has no certificate

Boxes that have no certificate, create one on the first startup.
If TLS connections were started before that certificate was finished, there could be a trap. Now the TLS connection just fails.

23217 - USB headsets: support Plantonics Blackwire C325.1, Jabra Evolve 75

Add support for Plantonics Blackwire C325.1 and Jabra Evolve 75

11r2 Service Release 27 (113684)

24681 - BC Conf: Trap fixed

A trap with the PBX BC conference object is fixed. It can occur if the object is monitored.

24262 - CAS: Local event not working

24079 - Fixed trap if more than 64GB are used in a FAT32 partition

Writing more than 64 GB of files on a FAT32 partition caused a trap.

23121 - ip111,ip112: TRAP type displayed on red screen after trap incorrect

On the red screen displayed at phone after a trap the type of trap is wrong

25031 - IPxx11: Static memory overwritten

Static memory was overwritten but didn't cause problems in released builds.

25044 - IPxx11: Trap with CAS protocols

With CAS protocols T1, E1_R2D, E1_3BIT a trap occured.

24796 - myPBX: Updated translations

Improved french translations

24771 - Phone USB Headset: support Jabra EVOLVE 20 MS Stereo

support Jabra EVOLVE 20 MS Stereo

24879 - Phones: Cannot retrieve held call after consultation

If a consultation call is terminated by remote side, the local user hears a "disconnect" tone. Instinctively the user hangs up.
But this does not only removes the disconnected consultation call, but also the held call is dropped.

24449 - Phones: Make phones support G.729

Make phones support G.729 without License

24753 - SIP: Bug when trying to switch to T.38

Bug when T.38 is disabled on the SIP interface and media-relay is enabled.
If internal called side tries to switch to T.38, a re-INVITE is sent with a SDP offer containing zero-port.

o=- 1003 3 IN IP4
s=SIP Call
t=0 0
m=image 0 udptl t38
c=IN IP4

24594 - SIP: Fix for trap

Fix for rare trap.

24142 - softwarephone: when starting swphone via mypbx a space in h323 name does not work

11r2 and up: The h323 name is passed fom mypbx url encoded. this is erronously decoded by swphone so that a space is inserted between name segments. example: Lothar%20Burkhardt results in config string: /h323 Lothar Burkhardt. only the first part is then evaluated.

23861 - USB headsets: handle and report single frame underrun/overrun

on isochronous transfers sometimes a one millisecond frame from headset may be too short or too long. the handling of such frames improved now.

24136 - USB headsets: limit jitter on output to headset speaker

if DSP output data rate does not match USB bus data rate some data has to be discarded/inserted

11r2 Service Release 28 (113689)

26323 - Better SSD compatibility

innoDisk compatibility with 11r2.

25523 - Fixed space calculation of CF cards/SSDs

The calculation under General->Compact Flash->Info returned wrong values for huge directories with many files.

25460 - IP110, IP240: Fixed sporadic traps related to timers

On IP110 and IP240 telephones sporadic traps related to timers could occur.

25032 - IPv6: trap when processing icmp6 neighbour discovery redirect info

IPv6 trapped when processing icmp6 neighbour discovery redirect info

24874 - PBX Waiting: Sometimes presence of an operator was cleared unexpectedly

This happend if the features
- Presence disables Operator
- Set Operator Presence
were used and the operator received a call not from the WQ after a call to the operator thru the WQ was rejected because of the presence

25509 - Phone: Heavy CPU load during LDAP search of local directory

An LDAP search in the local directory of a phone could cause heavy CPU load depending on the number of entries.

25335 - Phones: Trap when configuring CF fkey on the phone UI

Trap when configuring CF (call forwarding) fkey on the phone UI.

25131 - Possible trap during RSA signature validation

Trap traces show "x509 free error" with the following events pending:

6: x509 2b08

Collateral damage from #160354: TLS: Verifying of RSA signatures didn't always work

25235 - Potential unexpected restart when playing announcements

Under some unlikely timing conditions

25274 - SIP: Payload type selection for telephone-event was wrong in some cases

Wrong payload type for telephone-event was selected in cases where multiple payload types have been offered.
m=audio 18890 RTP/AVP 8 18 9 124 98 99 100
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
a=rtpmap:9 G722/8000
a=rtpmap:124 opus/48000/2
a=rtpmap:98 telephone-event/8000
a=rtpmap:99 red/8000
a=rtpmap:100 telephone-event/48000
a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
a=fmtp:18 annexb=no
a=fmtp:4 annexb=no

25522 - Trap if CF card/SSD is full

If the card is full, the box might trap.

25440 - USB headsets: reduced output delay, improved DSP/USB synchronization

on long lasting calls it could happen that the voice from remote party was sent with a growing delay to the headset speaker

11r2 Service Release 29 (113692)

26655 - Certificate upload: File passwords with special characters didn't work

If the password contained a character like "!", the file upload failed with the message "decoding certificate failed".

27260 - don't wait for pending log messages or CDRs at end of test period

a box operated in test mode is automatically reset after 8 hours. This reset must not be delayed because of unsent log messages or CDRs

26915 - Fax: Accept bad frames after correctly received document

If an incoming document is correctly and completely received and a bad frame instead of a disconnect is received after this, no protocol error should be reported. This error prevents from converting and forwarding the document. This is fixed now.

26592 - IP111/112/222/232: Bug in "Fine grained Function Locking"

Could not lock "Diversion Override" (0x04000000) in "Fine grained Function Locking".

26634 - IP111/112/222/232: Bug in config option "Function keys not modifiable on the phone"

The fine grained function locking mask did not work as expected/documented.
This mask is intended to protect specified fkeys from being re-configure on the phone's ui.
This mask erroneously controlled the offered fkey-types instead in earlier versions.
Fixed now.

25497 - More info on out-of-memory restarts

Show who allocated the suspicous buffers

28549 - phone USB Headsets: support Jabra SPEAK 710 MS & Jabra LINK 370 MS

SPEAK 710 MS / LINK 370 MS are the 'Designed for Lync' variants of the already supported SPEAK 710 UC / LINK 370 UC

28457 - phone USB Headsets: support Jabra Speak 710 USB Speakerphone

add support for Jabra Speak 710 USB Speakerphone

27976 - phone USB Headsets: support Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless Conference System

add support for the Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless Conference System, a system of 4 Speakerphones coupled via bluetooth

27657 - USB Headset: disabling a plugged headset via fuction key or telephone GUI does not disable the Talk-Button

When an USB-headset should be disabled via a fuction key Headset(Mode-Enable) or the switch "Setup/Phone Setup/Device Settings/Headset" in telefone GUI the Talk-Button of the headset was not disabled but did not work properly

26796 - WebRTC Firefox compatibility: Add a=setup:actpass to offer SDP

Firefox 55 requires offers to contain the a=setup attribute for DTLS-SRTP. So this fix adds the attribute to the offer presented to the browser.

11r2 Service Release 30 (113695)

29631 - IP111/IP112: Support for new LCD display version

29632 - IP232: Support for touch controller version

29240 - ipxx11: Support for new SPI Flash, Bootcodeupdate

new Winbond W25Q256J has a different JedecID compared to the old W25Q256F.

28770 - PBX: Transfer of connected call to conference did not work

The media was not connected, but ringback was played.

29070 - phone: notification tone missing in headset after automatic call connection

When "Redial" (aka powerdial) is requested after a failing call and the remote side accepts the redialled call a notification tone is sent to inform the user about the connected call.
This tone could not be heared in most wirelesss headsets because it was sent before the media channel between headset and base was established. A delay of one second helps.

29141 - phone: recording to http server stopped prematurely when the currently recorded call was released by remote party

recording to http server was stopped when the currently recorded call was released by the remote party. even if there was another call on hold. when the held call was retrieved it was not recorded anymore.

11r2 Service Release 31 (113701)

29816 - Forwarding Alarms and Events from a Gateway/PBX to Sylog Server did not work

A Gateway/PBX can be configured to forward all alarms and events to one ore two SYSLOG Server. This did not work anymore.

30325 - ip111/112: prevent spurious traps probably caused by location of checksum in firmware image

Spurious traps were observed with certain firmware builds. The builds could be healed by postprocessing when the checksum was stored to another (unused) location in firmware. Thus checksum location is changed now.

29745 - myPBX Android: App crash with java audio API

If java was selected as audio API, the app crashed at the beginning of the call on new Android versions.

29765 - myPBX Android: Debug traces not written on some Smartphone Brands (e.g. Huawei)

On Huawei devices debug traces were not written.

30070 - phone_imx6: provide more info in case of watchdog traps

In case of a watchdog trap the trap frame was stored just below the current stack pointer which will either override some interesting 'before trap' info on stack.or raise another trap if the stack pointer itself is invalid. Now an extra stack area is used also for watchdog trap handling.

29821 - SRTCP should always use 80-bit authentication tag

We used the same hash length as for SRTP.
But the RFCs tell that SRTCP should never use less than 80-bit.

11r2 Service Release 32 (113704)

30371 - Compatibility issue with certificates and CSRs

The encoding of certificates and CSRs created on the box caused compatibility issues with CAs and browsers.
This bug was already fixed in 12r1 and is now merged to 11r2 and 11r1.

#10313 - Compatibility issue with certificates and CSRs

30789 - do not log calls to dialup recorder in local call list

when in manual or optional recording mode recording was stopped manually before the end of the recorded call a call list entry was created for the recording call to dialup recorder.

31243 - IP-DECT: Configuration option "Advanced Administration" removed

The unused config option was removed from the page General Admin.

30801 - ip111,ip112: protect device memory and read only text and data

protect device memory and read only text and data to find errors caused by illegal memory accesses earlier

31042 - ip11x: Support for new SPI Flash, Bootcodeupdate

new Winbond W25Q128JM has a different JedecID compared to the old W25Q128F.

31043 - IP222 IP232: Support for new backlight LED driver

IP222 IP232 HW2000 uses a AX2012 LED driver instead of AKROS, this needs new parameters for backlight control.

31075 - phone: USB headsets - support more Sennheiser headsets

Add support for a couple of newer Sennheiser headsets, see

30879 - SIP: One-way audio when calling to ISDN

One-way audio during early-media when calling to ISDN line.
Does not switch to two-way audio on CONNECT.

11r2 Service Release 33 (113708)

32830 - Add local time to first wireshark packet

The first wireshark packet, which contains the firmware version etc., could also contain the current local time, which can be used as reference for the further trace.

32831 - Fixed trap in PBX ICP object on firmware reset

The PBX ICP object may have caused a trap if a firmware reset has been started.

31834 - HTTP recording failed to start sometimes

HTTP recording did not start if the media configuration was completed too late

31306 - IP-DECT: Wrong Mobility Master passwords saved

caused by a missed URL decode.

31296 - IP-DECT: Wrong system password saved

if the signs '+' or '%' are used caused by a duplicate URL decode.

32808 - IP232: Support for touch controller version, fix for last fix

With the last fix touch controller Version M09 didnt work.

32170 - Memory leak on HTTP redirect with digest authentication

The memory leak occured when the myPBX launcher with video enabled was redirected to a slave PBX.

32897 - phone USB headsets: support some more Jabra Headsets

Add some new variants of already supported devices

31882 - phone USB headsets:: support Sennheiser SC45/75

support the latest Sennheiser SC45/75 headsets

31996 - phone: do not block call intrusion when URL-recording is configured

Call intrusion requires two DSP channels at the intruding side..
URL recording doesn't need an extra channel and thus URL-recording can work together with call intrusion.
Dialup recording requires an extra DSP-channel. A call intrusion can not be performed while dialup-recording is active and thus it is blocked as before dependent on current state and configuration.

31655 - Support supernetting in DHCP Server

The DHCP Server did permit only subnetting, i.e. the maintained address range was limited by the class of the interface address. For the interface address the maintained range was to
Now the limits are defined by the network mask configured for the interface and may be larger than the address class limits.

29610 - Waiting Queue: Call count wrong for operator calls initiated with myPBX

The call sent to the operator telefone initially was wrongly counted as member call.

11r2 Service Release 34 (113711)

33366 - ip112 USB headsets: increase connect debounce timeout for slow booting USB devces

when a USB device plugin is detected a reset must be sent to the device after a certain timout to set the device to default state. A timeout of ~100 milliseconds was sufficient for all headsets tested so far. But the Plantroncs BT600 dongle needs at least 300 milliseconds before reset. Now a timeout of 300 milliseconds is used by default. It can be changed by
config add USB-HOST /connect-debounce <20-ms-ticks>
The default setting is
config add USB-HOST /connect-debounce 16

!-- jfr
Ja, das ist aber aufwändiger als nur das timeout zu verlängern und ich wollt nicht soviel Aufwand treiben (zumindest jetz) .
Wenn ich das Reset nach 100ms mache meldet der controller ja daß das device im default state ist (connected+enabled). aber danach bleibt ein get-descriptor hängen oder der controller meldet daß der default state nicht mehr besteht.

34765 - phone - USB Headsets: add signature for Jabra Biz 2400 II Mono USB UC

Add signature for Jabra Biz 2400 II Mono USB UC

33389 - phone ip110/200a/230/240: trap when very long function key labels are configured

function key labels longer than the display line could lead to a trap because of a buffer overrun

33834 - phone ip222/232 USB: headset may go mute in a call lasting more than 3 hours

in calls via an USB headset lasting more than 3 hours it sometimes happened that the isochronous transfer from/to headset stopped because the host controller stopped interrupting.
now isochronous transfer is restarted if there are no interrupts for more than 200 milliseconds.

34508 - softwarephone: crash when no secondary dns server is provided by system

if no secondary dns server is provided by the system call the then undefined value lead to a crash

33288 - trap when enabling/disabling test mode while logging to LOCAL-AP

a trap could happen when test mode was enabled/disabled while logging to LOCAL-AP

34280 - UDP: upper limit of RTP port range was exceeded by 2

With a configuration "First UDP-RTP Port: 50000 Number of Ports: 999 First/Last 50000/50999" the last allocated pair should be 50998/50999 but it was 51000/51001.

11r2 Service Release 35 (113713)

35243 - IP-DECT: Wrong password for Mobility Master saved

caused by a missed URL decode.

35323 - Media: Set RTP marker bit on first media packet after dummy CN

Sometimes it is necessary to send dummy RTP packets (payload type 13) to overcome NAT problems.
First audio packet after dummy packets should have the marker bit set.

35306 - Spurious IRQ 99 trap

A trap of the firmware can occur caused by a spurious interrupt 99 if the Linux is manually stopped and restarted.

11r2 Service Release 36 (113715)

36633 - phone USB: add Sennheiser Headset adapters SC6x5 USB , USB-ED CC 01, USB-ED CC 01 MS

add the Headset adapters SC6x5 USB , USB-ED CC 01, USB-ED CC 01 MS used as adapter for different monaral and binaural headsets.

36654 - phone USB: support Plantronics Blackwire C5210/C5220, Voyager 8200 UC

support Plantronics Blackwire C5210/C5220, Voyager 8200 UC

11r2 Service Release 37 (113719)

38114 - ipva: segments out of the initial allocation boundaries were not cleared before reuse

The ipva permits dynamic extension of the flash area above the initial limits. When segments from this extension were not cleared before reuse some misleading trace messages were printed.

36971 - nand-flash: reset timing after power cycle

After power cycle of a box wait time of nand reset is too short

36949 - phone USB: switch to correct phone mode when a plain audio hedset is unplugged inmidst a call

In case of an USB error or an unplug in an active call via the headset the further handling of the call is defined by configuration but it was only applied to USB headsets with call control (HID) function
"config add KEYS0 /unplug-action <action>". The actions are::
0 - disconnect call
1 - ignore
2 - switch call to speakerphone
3 - switch call to handset
4 - switch call to handset and back to headset after successful restart (default).

37846 - SIP: Wrong Crypto Suite Name used in SDP

Wrong Crypto Suite Name used in SDP.
We used these names:
But correct names are:
According to

33116 - Write reset source to first rpcap packet

The reset source is not yet visible in wireshark traces.
It could be added to the first rpcap packet which already contains firmware version etc.

11r2 Service Release 38 (113721)

39165 - fix trap caused by a buffer overrun when pentesting HTTP server

A buffer overrun occured when pentesting the HTTP server with OWASP ZAP

39169 - phone USB: support Jabra Engage 65/75

The new Jabra Engage 65/75 DECT headsets are supported now.

11r2 Service Release 39 (113722)

39693 - IP29 autoneg problem with EN switch Summit X430-8p

IP29 did not work with switches that negotiate 1000M half duplex

<!- Ausserdem wurde bei 1000M fix nur 1000M FDX und nicht 1000M HDX angeschaltet. Habe ich auch gefixt aber nicht probiert. -->

39344 - phone IP2x2: a call connected via operator may be mute when there is an earlier call ringing

this happens when an USB headset is plugged and there are two calls pending on the phone and the operator picks the call which arrived last on the phone

39410 - phone: trap may happen when a USB headset is unplugged

In rare cases a trap could happen when a busy USB headset was unplugged

39640 - phone: USB Headset - disconnecting an consultation call before dialling could freeze the phone

A Jabra 510 Speaker connected to the phone via the Jabra Link 360 USB/Bluetooth dongle generates a FLASH signal when the Offhook key is pressed while a call is active. This opens a consultation call. When the OnHook key is pressed a HOOK signal is generated.
When this happened before a number is dialled the phone entered a loop which could be stopped only by unplugging the dongle.

40186 - possible memory leak in http client - tftp_get

a premature termination of a TFTP session may result in a memory leak

11r2 Service Release 40 (113724)

46818 - ipxx11: trap after timeout in ethernet driver reset handling

On a reset the ethernet driver tries to flush all pending transmit buffers. the trap happened when flushing did not complete in one second.

41534 - Phone USB: support Plantronics CALISTO P7200

support Plantronics CALISTO P7200 speakerphone

11r2 Service Release 41 (113726)

48034 - IP-DECT: User data is saved in the LDAP in reverse

If the IP-DECT basestation changes user data, the user PBX data is arranged in reverse and conditional CFUs are modified.

47197 - ipv6 trap with large ping packets when MTU is increased per router advertisement

a ping with a paylod longer 1280 bytes traps the target if the link MTU on the target was increased by a router advertisement

47997 - Unexpected restart due to bad SIP message

Trap in SIP stack while processing of malicious SIP message.

11r2 Service Release 42 (113730)

49287 - USB headset: fix Sennheiser CEHS-CI 02 (USB/DHSG adapter) handling

releasing a call via headset button could cause an offhook/onhook loop

11r2 Service Release 43 (113737)

56242 - Allow combination of multiple licenses in my-inno into a single license on the device

To avoid long licenses files

50035 - IP2x2x: Support for new displaycontroller

IP2x2x Hardwarebuild 420 has a new display with a new displaycontroller. The firmwareupdate detects the new controller.

50889 - myPBX iOS: Disclaimer not visible due to white background

Only the links of the disclaimer text were visible.

53039 - phone ip110/110a/200a/230/240/240a: prevent freezing of DSP after long silence periods

On a G711 connection with silence compression the DSP freezes when the remote peer does not send for more than 8 Minutes.

<!- statt dem DSP Pakete mit Datenlänge 0 zu liefern wenn keine Daten vom Netz vorhanden sind, bekommt er jetzt ein dummy paket mit G711 silence -->

52319 - phone ip2x2: don't stop sending RTP data when generating local calling tones

RTP data was not sent for the time a local calling tone was played

53385 - phone USB headsets: support Jabra Engage 50 MS/UC Mono/Stereo & Engage Link

add the descriptions for the new Engage 50 wired headset connected to Engage LINK (call control & busy light)

35831 - RTP fix timestamp in dummy packets used for NAT workaround

Dummy packets (RTP CN) are sent in case of media relay if there is no other packet. This way a SIP provider can do the NAT workaround in this case. This happen for example for calls coming from the provider, which are forwarded back to the provider.
The timestamp in these dummy packets did not match the timestamps in the following real RTP packets.

57333 - SIP/TCP: Response not sent through existing inbound TCP connection

In some cases the repspone is not sent throught TCP connection where request was received.
No problem if SIP stack can open outbound TCP connection to remote peer.
But if outbound TCP connection cannot be opened, the response is not delivered.

50784 - SIP: Interoperability issue with SIP provider Easybell

Problem when receiving SDP with two PCMA offers:

o=- 3555447966 1 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 32320 RTP/AVP 8 100 118
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=fmtp:8 vad=no
a=rtpmap:100 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:100 0-15
a=rtpmap:118 PCMA/8000

52553 - TCP: protect against malicious tcp SYN frames

A tcp SYN frame with malformed option data could cause a loop

11r2 Service Release 44 (113739)

56245 - Delete old licenses on upload of XML file or download from my.innovaphone

Old licenses are now deleted on uploading new licenses to prevent collisions between summarized license types.

58287 - Missing check for buffer overrun in some cases with very long called numbers

Could result in a trap

58613 - phone: USB headsets - support latest Sennheiser headsets

Add support for a couple of latest Sennheiser headsets, see

11r2 Service Release 45 (113741)

59088 - H.323 Registration Redirect did not work together with v12 and up PBX

Compatibility issue with the GK-ID format used to allow the redirection work thru RP

59406 - IP240a,IP241: no calling party info on partner fkey when a pickup fkey is configured

when a partner function key is configured for a member of a pickup group together with a pickup function key for this group calling party info is displayed only on the the pickup key.

59913 - phone: USB headsets - support additional product IDs of Jabra Engage 65

Jabra Engage 65 come with defferent product IDs but no changes in the HID functions we support

11r2 Service Release 46 (113746)

61224 - Support for TLS 1.2

Added support for TLS 1.2 to version 11r2 that is identical to 13r1.

61267 - TLS: Potiential trap with Logging over HTTPS proxy server

When a HTTPS-Tunnel proxy was configured on page Services/HTTP/Client and the proxy was unreachable, there was a trap in the TLS module.

11r2 Service Release 47 (113748)

62676 - don't try to convert non-utf8 strings to latin1

when a string containing non utf8 codes is converted to latin1 a trace message is written. to prevent this the string must be validated before conversion.

62152 - USB headsets: add more product IDs for Jabre Engage 65/75

After a headset firmware update some of the many Jabra Engage 65/75 Variations come up with a new prodct ID although the hardware did not change at all.

11r2 Service Release 48 (113749)

23157 - ip112: USB headset: check for missing host controller interrupts

In some rare cases it was seen that the Host controller did not interrupt anymore after ESD

65010 - Phone USB headsets: add 2nd PID for Plantronics Blackwire C435

Plantronics Blackwire C435 headsets sold with identical P/N can have different signatures (product IDs)

66914 - phone USB headsets: add new product IDs for existing Sennheiser Headsets

A lot of Sennheiser USB Headsets may come up with a new product ID after an update of the headse/base firmware.

65463 - TLS: Decode error in handshake when the remote side uses SHA224 signatures

Happened when the remote side used SHA224 for signing key exchanges.
Fix: Do not offer / negotiate SHA224.

11r2 Service Release 49

68145 - IP111A/IP112A: Support version 12r2 12r1 11r2

126749 - PBX/H323 potential unexpected restart when receiving a H323 registration thru RP

Buffer overrun on XFF added by RP

69499 - PBX: Call forward in e164 scenario did not work sometimes

This bug could result also in all kinds of other problems together with call forward. Worked in versions before 13r1 just by accident

113014 - phone USB: add new product ID for EPOS (aka Sennheiser) SC 135 headset

Sennheiser is now EPOS. Some existing products now have different product IDs.

68454 - phone USB: wait longer for completion of control commands

completion of control comands sent to a headset is controlled by a timer. For a certain headset the timeout was too short.

119385 - phone: USB Headset - add EPOS product IDs for already supported Sennheiser devices

Sennheiser is now EPOS and the otherwise unchanged Sennheiser Devices got new names and USB product IDs (but fortunately kept the old USB vendor ID

101877 - SIP: Interop tweak /discard-connected-identity

Merge back /discard-connected-identity to 12r2 and 11r2

68197 - Support Wireshark 3.x with npcap driver

The npcap driver in newer wireshark versions checks the length field of a protocol message which was incorrectly set inside the firmware.

11r2 Service Release 50 (113758)

71189 - SIP: Reset remote address and port on registration refresh

Reset remote address and port on registration refresh to values of provided Contact-URI.
If remote address and port was changed during call signaling.

11r2 Service Release 51 (113759)

74863 - Added leak check for automatic testing

73577 - phone: USB Headsets - additional PID for Plantronics APU75

currently sold Plantronics DHSG/USB Adapter cable APU75 come with a new PID

74766 - Sometimes no media on H.323 slowstart calls

Uninitialized memory

11r2 Service Release 52 (113764)

75513 - IP111/IP112/IP222: Support for new hardware with IPS display

The 3.5" TFT Display is replaced with a version with wider viewing angle. The new display requires a softwares update.

75514 - IP112/IP102: Support new hardware with new Ethernet switch revision

The IP112 and IP101 gigabit ethernet switch is replaced with a newer revision that requirers a software update.

11r2 Service Release 53 (113782)

100674 - PBX Mobility caused unexpected restart

With of hold/retrieve operations

103613 - phone USB Headset: additional product ID for Jabra EVOLVE 40

add product ID 0x307 to HID table for EVOLVE headsets

101216 - phone USB headsets: support EPOS BTD 800, Plantronics CA12CD-S

The EPOS BTD 800 has the same properties as the Sennheiser BTD 800 but a new product ID (Sennheiser is called EPOS now ;-) 

The Plantronics CA12CD-S is a PTT Headset Adapter 

11r2 Service Release 54 (113786)

107851 - IP112A: Fix missing timer ticks

Sometimes NTP shows adjustments of 0.1% like 

2:1210:620:3 - LOG NTP 0 Time Adjusted to 10.03.2021-19:28:23 UTC by 36 second 

108174 - phone: USB headsets: add EPOS SP30 product ID

Sennheiser is now EPOS and EPOS changes the product  ID of well known Sennheiser products, here for the SP30 Speakerphone. Because the actual product was tested by a customer only it will be listed in the Reference under "3rd Party Tested Headsets".

11r2 Service Release 55 (113788)

109185 - IP241 with new display: Display reversed

108662 - phone USB headsets: remove unsupported headsets from HID table

entries for headsets not in listed in "Concept_USB_Headset" should better be removed.

109421 - phone: permit more headset command descriptions

the USB headset table was a single xml structure containing the command descriptions of all supported devices.  To overcome some xml decoder limit the table is now splitted in separate per device structures.  

11r2 Service Release 56 (113789)

111147 - PBX: Potential, unlikely restart when changing object configuration

In case the last reference to a location/node is affected

11r2 Service Release 57(113791)

114968 - phone USB headset detection did not work for all supported headsets

Only  some of the supoorted headsets were detected as supported and thus did work as audio device only :-(

11r2 Service Release 58 (113796)

117660 - myPBX: crash if a hotkey is used in an office application in Windows 11

Using a hotkey in Windows 11 with an office application made myPBX crash.

11r2 Service Release 59 (113799)

119736 - IP112: In v11r2 USB headsets exhibited one way audio since April 2020.

118739 - IP222/IP232 HW2200 Support

IP222/IP232  HW2200 is built with a different phy, and this fix adds the firmware support.

Downgrade to older version is blocked on new devices.

11r2 Service Release 60 (113800)

121939 - phone USB Headsets: Jabra Link 380 USB/BT dongle support added

support for Jabra Link 380 USB/BT Dongle added

11r2 Service Release 61 (113803)

128563 - Include hardware licenses

126587 - ipxx11: remove initialization of unused packet processor ports

initialization of unused packet processor ports may hang sometimes and can be skipped. the fix permits testing of pre 13r3 under 13r3 after fix "#125264 - IP811 Upload DRAM without softreset" has been applied.

11r2 Service Release 62 (113803)

130158 - Hardware licenses added for ip800, ip6000 and ip2000

11r2 Service Release 63 (113805)

131497 - Advanced UI: Prevent XSL injection

The servlets for the advanced UI accept an "xsl" URL paramter that specifies the XSLT file for displaying the corresponding page.

Before this fix it was possible to specify a DATA URL containing a malicious style sheet that could be used for phishing attacks.

After this fix no values containing a colon are allowed, like:

  • xsl=data:...
  • xsl=data%3A...
  • xsl=data%3a...
  • xsl=javascript%3A...
  • xsl=http%3A...
  • ...

So only the pre-defined style sheets from the box are allowed.

Reported by trizwo GmbH IT & Communication,

112306 - phone USB: support Gigaset ION (DECT Handset/Speaker)

 add support for Gigaset ION (DECT Handset/Speaker)

129697 - phone USB: support Snom A330M/D headset, C300 personal conference

Add support for Snom A330M/D headset and C300 personal conference (speakerphone)

11r2 Service Release 64 (113806)

132612 - phone_inca: missing calling tone in case of overlap dialling when call is routed via TONE interface

When a call was dialled digit by digit and and routed via TONE interface after the first digit the dialtone was missing when the call reached alerting state.   

11r2 Service Release 65 (113806)

135288 - X.509: Workaround for certificate compatibility with new versions of Chrome and Edge

Recent versions of Chrome and Edge could no longer decode self-signed certificates created by the firmware.

Most probably this caused by a bug in the Chrome engine that might be fixed in the future. However we provide a workaround for certificate creation in our software.


  • Before the fix, uncritical extensions contained the critical flag set to false.
  • After the fix, uncritical extensions do not contain the optional critical flag.


11r2 Service Release 66 (113809)

138977 - phone USB Headsets: add additional product-ID 0x030c for Jabra Evolve 65 (wired) product

Newer Evolve65 Headsets come with product-ID 0x030c instead of  0x030b.

142408 - Potential problem with H.323 registration thru RP

Due to uninitialized data

11r2: End of life