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This is the Firmware 13r1 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second monday each month. For each of the service release the complete set of tests is executed. If problems show up during the tests, the problems are fixed. This may cause a delay. The tests are started early, so that some delay is covered, but it still may happen that the patchday has to be moved. In this case it is hard to predict when the service release is good. It may be any day, so it would not be good to move the patchday by a fixed number of days, it still should be released as early as possible.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

Firmware 13r1

13r1 Known Issues

111686 - IP6010 and IP6013 do not show PRI-Interfaces in Trunks PBX-Manager

Workaround: Configure PRI-Interfaces manually

Fixed with 13r1SR28

13r1 Service Release 1 (131908)

57382 - 404 returned if nothing was selected on download #AppStore

If nothing was selected to be donwloaded and the button is clicked, 404 Not Found is returned. An error should be displayed to do not allow an empty download.

57196 - Add option to delete a single firmware on AppStore

57209 - Added debug logs for office integration shutdown

Added some logs to investigate possible shutdown issues with the office integration.

57335 - Admin UI: Use actual DNS name or IP address of PBX for displayed launcher URL

Page: PBX/Config/myPBX
Before the host was taken from the browser window. So it did not work when the UI was opened in devices. Now the configured host name of the PBX is used.

57342 - App Platform VM: try to prevent loss of static IP address

An App Platform VM sometimes lost its static IP address and got one from a DHCP server again.
The setip script has been modified to hopefully prevent this now.

57380 - App Platform: support for IPv6 address configuration in setip script

IPv6 can be now configured with addr6, mask6 and gateway6.

57350 - Call is displayed twice after Phone-App temporarily has lost connection to PBX.

Call is displayed twice after Phone-App temporarily has lost and regained connection to PBX.

56993 - Call list shows internal calls which are made with CLIR

Even if calling line id restriction was used for a call, the caller id shows up in the call list. For external calls this works, because the information in suppressed by the network already.

57158 - Call park did not work if Phone-App was active

FTY_CP_PARK_RESULT was not yet implemented in JSON signaling.

57281 - Certificate upload in the App Platform manager is now more obvious

It was just text, not a button and the text was ignored.

56340 - Change maximum channels to reserved channels

The semantic of the channel count of a room should be reserved instead of maximum channels count.

57394 - Creating initials failed if name contains smileys

Ignore all code points above 0xffff when creating initials

57337 - Cut off external line prefix from phone number in callback request

Cut off external line prefix from phone number in email text of callback request.
Apps: Phone-App, Softhone-App, Calllist-App

57282 - Default SIP Trunk - Add protocol to settings

Add protocol selection in the last step.

57491 - Devices App: add a terminating slash to the URL of a backup job is missing

57330 - Devices App: configure devices even if a firmware update fails

If a firmware update failed, a device was not configured upon registration in Devices.
If this was the first registration, the device never received its intial configuration.

57109 - Devices App: fixed category preselection from previous session

If no domain has been selected/filtered but just categories, the selection was not loaded after a reload of the app.

57427 - Devices-App: disable category selection if device configuration is used for all devices

The category selection was just disabled when clicking on the checkbox text, not the checkbox itself.

57186 - DHCP client of the App Platform doesn't recover if DHCP server not reachable at boot time

The DHCP client of the App Platform itself stopped discovering of a lease after some seconds.
With no DHCP server active at boot time, this didn't recover anymore.

if the install never worked yet at all, just start it again and an app platform image version 80006 with this fix is used.
Otherwise you can open your manager UI and click the Update button to update the image from version 80005 to 80006.

57157 - Diversion override did not work if Phone-App was active

Diversion override facility got lost when Phone-App was attached to a desk phone.

57150 - Downloads counter

Implement a counter as a ConfigItem to know how many downloads have been requested from the Appstore.

55715 - Fax App: Show only "contacts" that have stored faxes

57534 - Manager App: do not start vacuumdb task directly after boot when receiving NTP time

Receiving the NTP time after boot caused a timer to elapse and directly start a vacuum database process which uses quite some CPU time.

57487 - Manager App: restart crashing apps after an update through a Devices update job

If an App was updated by an update job of the Devices App and the gateway of the App Platform still waited for the idle reset and the App crashed in the meantime, the App was not restarted by the manager.

57090 - Multiple PhoneFavCall items on PhoneFavItem in case of multi-reg

If favorite is registere with more than one endpoint, the fav item shows multiple incoming calls.

57188 - myApps Android: Fixed traps reported in the Play Store

57115 - myApps Android: Original user agent information was missing in the user agent string

57189 - myApps for Windows: tel-URIs should be URL decoded before dialing

Some browsers like Chrome send URL-encoded tel URIs.

57192 - myApps iOS: Fixed traps reported in the Apple Store

57113 - myApps iOS: The myApps signature was not added to the user agent string.

57252 - myApps Native Outlook Search: If Outlook is not standard mail client the search do not work

If Outlook is not standard mail client the search do not work

57210 - myApps oder App may be not displayed if secondary monitor is missing

only happened if myApps oder App was shown maximized in the second monitor.

57170 - myApps windows notification clicks sometimes not working

Somehow the myApps shortcut, which contains neccessary properties for windows toast notifications, is sometimes broken.
In this case, clicking a notification does not cause any action inside myApps.

The shortcut is now recreated every time when the innovaphone myApps update service is started.

57334 - myApps: Add node prefixes of the user to the client API model

Can be used by apps to do number normalization.

57144 - myApps: buffer too small to hold network adapter addresses

The Windows function returns an error in the buffer is not big enough to hold the addresses and the returned list of adapters was empty

57201 - myApps: crash if relay candidate does not provide a related address

Null pointer check

57332 - myApps: minimized if a call was answered in full screen modus

57379 - myPBX: Don't normalize internal numbers for outlook integration

If the number is shorter than the max subscriber number length from the dialing location, the number is not normalized any more.

A PBX update is needed to deploy that fix.

57087 - On IP0011 only G.711 coders where offered for interfaces

In the coder drop down only G.711A and G.711u was available

57112 - PBX apps not available on all platforms

Some apps like the PBX manager were only available on the IPxx11 platform. We needed to add them on the other PBX platforms as well.

Added on ipxx10, ipxx13, ipva

57097 - PBX: Memory leak when decoding signaling message from JSON

Mem leak in json_fty.cpp
Aufgefallen in test\13r1\pbx\app\phone\favorites

57114 - Phone app can't be selected when provisioning a phone using myApps for Windows

Due to a javascript error in innovaphone.users.profile.js

57208 - Phone-App: Improving UI responsiveness

Allow call panel to scale up to 460px (not fixed to 350px).

57257 - Phone-App: Presence overlay missing color in offline state

Presence overlay missing color if favorite is in offline state.

57195 - Phones: Cannot enter latin letters X,W,Y in slovenian mode

Only letter Z can be entered with key [9].
Letters X,W,Y are not part of slovenian alphabet, but customer needs them also.

57172 - Remove wizard start page on IP22, IP24, IP28, IP38, IP302, IP305, IP6000 and IP800

Otherwise the user gets a "404 Not Found" when opening the admin UI in the browser.

Should be replaced by Install in another hotfix.

57048 - SIP Profile - Typo, DE, E164 Number ("internationen")

SIP Profile - Typo, DE, E164 Number ("internationen")

57333 - SIP/TCP: Response not sent through existing inbound TCP connection

In some cases the repspone is not sent throught TCP connection where request was received.
No problem if SIP stack can open outbound TCP connection to remote peer.
But if outbound TCP connection cannot be opened, the response is not delivered.

57513 - SIP: Interoperability with Deutsche Telekom trunk

No audio after call Establishment.

Innovaphone sends SDP offer m=audio 16450 RTP/AVP 8 0 101 13 (Session Version 1)
Telekom sends SDP answer m=audio 53080 RTP/AVP 8 101 (Session Version 3856620036)

Telekom sends SDP offer m=audio 53080 RTP/AVP 8 101 (Session Version 3856620036)
Innovaphone sends SDP answer m=audio 16402 RTP/AVP 8 101 13 (Session Version 1)

Since Telekom's offer is no modification (unchanged version) we answer with unchanged version.
But we change the SDP slightly to match the received offer (olly the selected audio codec).
Telekom wants inkremented version field in answer in case there are any changes in SDP.
No matter if the offer was a no-change SDP.

57145 - SIP: Trap when unregistration fails

If REGISTER(Expires: 0) is rejected with 401 it is retried immediately.
If server changes nonce with every 401 it ends up in endless retry loop.

57331 - SMTP: Parsing of server setting failed

The SMTP module failed to process the configuration for a server, specified by <domain name>":"<port>.

57207 - Softphone-App: Dont offer Application sharing on smart phones

Dont offer Application sharing if myApps is running on Android/iOS.
Receiving remote app sharing is possible, but app selector for active app sharing should not be displayed.

57341 - Softphone-App: Support for remote call control

Capability to answer call via RCC API, etc.

57055 - Trunk Plugin - remove old "innovaphone" Profiles

Profiles already removed in the code, but linked in the UI.
Removed from the UI selection.

57328 - Updated translations

13r1 Service Release 2 (131930)

57432 - Admin UI was not opened by default when minifirmware was running

Only applicable for some OEM products

57771 - Allow ?<args> be configured at user objects for external number id

A ?<<external> number can be added to the name of a user. In a Trunk object this information can be used to set the calling line id.

57825 - Allow configuration of user/password for writing pcap

Currently with config change only configurable

57968 - App Devices: added texts for software rental and more detailed calculations

Texts have been added and changed.
The iSC calculation is now shown in more detail.

58002 - Autodiscover redirection didn't work for some Exchange 365 installations

57477 - Bad packet interval in media offer

When calling from Softphone-App a bad ptime value appears in offer.

58005 - Calendar could crash when resetting a user

57993 - Calendar crashes after a while if a task failed because of a SOAP parsing error.

57992 - Devices App: show app update needed warning

In the communication with the my.innovaphone interface, sometimes a Devices App update might be needed.
In such a case, a hint is now shown to update the Devices App.

57847 - Execute CFB on "Do Not Disturb" if call-forward-on-presence is enabled

The CFB was only executed on appointment or busy

57616 - Fax App: Unreadable PDF creation with wrong ratio

A wrong unreadable PDF document was created depending on the resolution.

57850 - Fixed a sporadic trap if the details of a call list entry were viewed

57854 - Fixed passwords with non ascii chars

Passwords with non ascii chars which where transferred encrypted have been broken afterwards.
Passwords should be reset if non ascii chars have been used.

57827 - H.323 bad handling of slow DNS

On smartphones it could take a long time to re-register. This was a problem that re-registration was not fast enough to answer a call in time after push.

57744 - Handling of media recording error

Media recorder now notifies phone application about failure.
E.g. WebDAV server not available.
Create ERROR-LOG "Media recording failed".
New recording config option: "Terminate call on error"
If set, current call will be terminated if recording fails.

57840 - Install should "Discard Config on Phone" in config template

If not set, a default config from the phone, would overwrite the LDAP directory config.

57846 - Install should set "Hide from LDAP" on PBX object

57834 - Install: Check for conflicts before upgrade installation

If objects exists already, which are created by the upgrade, a list of conflicting objects is displayed and the installation stops

57829 - Install: No check for valid format of domain or location on upgrade

When doing an upgrade installation any existing domain or location is acceptable

57898 - IP101/102: Hookstate check for Q.A.

Add hookstate to output of command
!mod cmd GPIO/IQS status

57619 - IP101/102: Serial number is truncated in some languages

Serial number is truncated in some languages (swe, hun, ita, etc.).

57386 - ip10x, ip11x: ethernet statistics incorrect

the statics counters were displayed as signed numbers, the ip101 statistics did not work at all (set page works only via phy 0)

57967 - IP10x/IP11x: errors when sending/receiving tagged VLAN frames

tagged VLAN frames of maximum size were not received/sent

56942 - IP241: Call list does not show all hops of a call

In case of a double forwarding or a combination of forwarding and broadcasting only one hop is displayed in call list entry.
Diverting party of legInfo2 is displayed.
Original called party of legInfo2 is NOT displayed.

57830 - Maintenance/Upgrade did not work on phones

New module to read available software was missing

57739 - Messages memory leaks when sending chat messages with attachment

Leak on the Messages service

57835 - Mobility callthru unreliable

If the user config was updated between setting the callthru info and initiating the call, the callthru number was lost.

57917 - myApps Android/iOS: Accomodate if camera permissions are not granted.

57915 - myApps Android: A download in the UI crashed the app if the uri didn't include the http or https scheme.

57344 - myApps iOS: Switch video off if the iPhone is held to the ear.

57275 - myApps iOS: The video windows stopped playing after myApps went to background and foreground again.

57156 - myApps Native: Fixed occasional blank screen during PBX update

57775 - myApps Native: Start video more quickly

Full Intra request could get lost at start of connection

57761 - myApps: Outlook Search does not provide Unicode

It is not possible to search Unicode Strings with the Outlook Search (for example "Schütz").

57736 - myPBX Android / myApps Android: Include code for 64 bit architectures

From 1.8.2019 it will become mandatory for Android Apps to include code for 64 bit architectures.

57860 - myPBX Android/iOS: Fixed a trap if the app was idle for a long period.

57905 - myPBX Android: Accomodate if the permission to access contacts are not granted.

57857 - myPBX Android: Fixed a sporadic trap when the app went to idle or quit.

57856 - myPBX Android: Fixed a trap on start of the app for Android 6.0 and below

57900 - myPBX Android: Fixed an illegal state exception if the push service is not yet up during startup.

57819 - myPBX Android: PBX callthrough working again

Push token was sent to PBX even if not changed

56379 - myPBX Android: Sometimes the registration didn't come up immediately.

Sometimes the first attempt to gain registration ran into timeout and only the second attempt after 30 seconds (10 seconds before 12r2 sr20) succeeded.

57851 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a sporadic trap on incoming text messages.

57244 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a trap during start of the app that has been introduced with the latest push notification changes

57218 - Phone-App: Text messaging does not work while phone-app is active

Text messaging does not work while phone-app is active.

57920 - Phones: Remote number not updated on display when dialing while offhook

During overlap dialing the dialed didgits are not displayed.
Only after alerting or connect the complete enetered number is displayed.

57848 - Renaming a Boolean object required a PBX restart to work

The new name did not show up in the boolean selection drop-downs before restart

57828 - Replication from PBX to Users did not work for some (invalid) configurations of objects

If to a single object multiple identical config templates, groups or visibility settings where assign, the data could not be written on the Users database and the Replication failed

57838 - Reporting App: new feature CSV export

Without the columns "remote party", "original called", "diverting", "transferring"

57841 - Reporting App: myPBX support for Reporting-App broken

The myPBX call list configuration type "REPORTING-APP" couldn't be used until now.
Now the username/password configured here can and must be configured in the PBX Manager Plugin of the Reporting App too.

57904 - SearchAPI: Cannot search for string containing higher code points

Thai (unicode 0E00 bis 0E7F)
Emojis (unicode 1F600 bis 1F64F )

57832 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Plusnet-IPFonie_Extended_Connect_TCP_RTP

Updated SIP Provider Profile
- Changing of name from QSC to Plusnet
- Update of profile domain
- Update of wiki

57155 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-infopact-SIP_Trunk

V12r2 sowie V13r1

57822 - Skip in wizard did not work (OEM products only)

57621 - Softphone-App: Delete call from UI in case of cause 26 (non-selected user clearing)

Don't keep the call in released state for 3 seconds while playing disconnected tone to the user.

57711 - Softphone-App: Handling of "disc" message missing

Handling of "disc" message (PbxSignaling API) missing.

57774 - Softphone-App: No audio when calling to Voicemail

Media negotiation fails when calling voicemail object.

57859 - Trap on SOAP or RCC UserCall

Happend if a hw-id was used to select the device and there were Mobility devices without name

57772 - Trap when softphone/phone app was used an null name-ids where sent

Not completely clear when null name-ids are sent, but it is not illegal.

57831 - Update Plusnet-IPFonie Extended Connect TCP RTP

Change of naming of QSC to Plusnet, plus updated of wiki and SIP profile.

58003 - Updated translations

13r1 Service Release 3 (131963)

58217 - Add ids to home and all apps for automated tests

The ids of the corresponding divs are "test-Home" and "test-AllApps".

58278 - App Devices: configuring different app store URLs with same versions didn't work

58849 - App Devices: ignore bootcode updates for IPVAs

As IPVAs have not bootcode, the update should continue with the reset afterwards and not fail ...

58279 - App Devices: opening devices through events causes a duplicate of domains

A race condition could cause duplicated domains in the domain list.

58902 - App Devices: show my.innovaphone terms of use with checkmark on registration page

58903 - App Devices: show URLs in registration page as links to AGBs etc.

58215 - App Events: changed HTTP error codes for bad requests

Instead of 404 not found, a 400 bad request is now returned for bad requests.

58223 - App Manager: fix broken event/alarm details from other apps

If apps send alarm or events with an invalid details XML string, the alarm client inside the manager now XML encodes the string to create a valid XML for the alarm server itself.

58230 - App Manager: Fix checkbox size

58220 - App Manager: sending of bigger alarms/events may have failed

57985 - App Platform Webserver: Change behaviour of Recv() for all requests that send data

Make sure that if Recv() requests more data than still is available, that the rest of available data will be read (even if it is less), or the connection will lock up.

58222 - App Reporting: alarm server events for wrong CDRs were broken

The details XML was wrong.

58191 - App Reporting: Clear phone call history if call list has been cleared in call list app

Calllist-API has got a new messge type: { "mt": "Clear" }
If received, Phone-App and Softphone-App clear their call history also.

58820 - App Store: Download .gz CRC Error

58833 - App Users: Can not add phoneapp to homescreen if HardwarID contains a comma

57982 - App Users: Cannot search for users with umlauts and diacritics

No result when searching for "C Müller" or "Car Álv Mén"
But get results when searching for "C Mueller" or "Car Alv Men"

Problem only when searching in Users-App directly.
It works fine when searching via Users-API (e.g. Phone-App).

58575 - App Users: Email must be case insensitive on Reset Password

58651 - App Users: Privacy filters for static groups avoid displaying users on

Updated DB Query that reads the users from the DB. With a certain privacy configuration of the static groups the users were not displayed.

58053 - App UsersAdmin: Number conflict when editing number

58397 - Conference: memory not freed under heavy packet lost conditions

Memory was not freed until an SCTP acknowledgement without gaps arrived. This was only a problem if many participants were continuously reporting packet lost.

57750 - Dect Phonebook: Compatibility with Contacts App

The DECT phonebook configuration and handling should be compatible with Contacts.

56245 - Delete old licenses on upload of XML file or download from my.innovaphone

Old licenses are now deleted on uploading new licenses to prevent collisions between summarized license types.

58588 - Editing of existing V12 SIP Profiles DTAG Magenta not possible

Edit mode in the advanced UI shows a blank page

58481 - Exchange sync stopped working when a PBX user had been added or deleted

58235 - Fax App: Trap if conversions to SFF documents fail

because of duplicate file read task aborts.

58387 - Files: Upload does not abort

Upload does not abort after clicking cancel button, while uploading data into files app.

58442 - Fix in XML decoder

Fix in XML decoder for attribute values containing escaped Null bytes.

58850 - H.323 slowstart problem (OEM product only)

SRTP did not work in case OLC was received after OLC-ACK

58864 - HTTP: Fix Open Redirect vulnerability

A redirect argument could be used to redirect to any website. This is now limited to a relative path inside the system

58760 - Install doesn't create local DNS entries anymore

Local DNS entries are no longer created during the install process.

58289 - Install: configure sysclient URL with app platform DNS if given

The IP address of the App Platform was always used instead of a DNS name if given.

58192 - Install: Possibility to skip email configuration

In order to support offline installations we added a checkmark to skip the configuration of an email account. If it is checked, two-factor authentication is implicitly disabled.

58295 - ip38 : Startup Issue of FXO Driver

si3050 driver startup after short time power-off fails. For some reasons the pinstrapping to high level of signal SLIC_CLK (pin PCLK) does not work. Therefore the reset of the si3050 SLICs is repeated after startup of the SPI driver.

58161 - Manager AppStore: Fix preselected major version

58862 - Manager Domian Api: Fix domain if an AP account is given

Fix the domain to disregard the specified AP account when sending the ServiceControls

58851 - Manufacturing: Allow flashing certificate without reboot

Being able to flash and check the certificate without a reboot saves production time.

58287 - Missing check for buffer overrun in some cases with very long called numbers

Could result in a trap

58813 - myApps Android/iOS/Windows: Use HTTP for localhost connections to avoid the certificate installation in myApps IOS

58004 - myApps Android/iOS: Added the ability to send traces via e-mail

58566 - myApps Android: On very recent smartphones myApps didn't respond any more after the start of a phone call

58913 - myApps Windows: fixed logfile selection on start

It could happen that a wrong logfile was selected (myAppsOutlookSearch...).

58838 - myApps: Adding apps to home not working when name contains a comma

If a softphone contains a comma on the name, the attach to home screen button does not work on the "All Apps" tab.

58542 - myApps: Fixed bug in closing apps when the permission is removed

When the permission for a running app was removed in the PBX, the app was closed, but the internal state still reported it as running. This clould lead to strange effects, like the app is not started again on API messages.

58907 - myApps: update translations for external applications

58606 - myPBX Android: Didn't re-open itself after update or reset any more since Android 8.

57989 - myPBX Android: On some devices the app trapped during shutdown due to timeout.

58655 - myPBX Android: Starting the phone specific autostart settings app crashed myPBX

58761 - myPBX Android: Trace flags cleared if phone locked for more than 10 seconds

58193 - PBX Manager - Email: Setting authenticated email account did not work

Sending the testmail failed, because the configured password was not used.

58433 - Phone-App: Align UI left side

Make UI left-aligned like Chat-App and Calllist-App and others.

58257 - Phone-App: Change title of appsharing selector

"Share Screen" instead of "Applications"

57986 - Phone-App: Fix display of calls at fav item

Keep favorites from jumping around on UI.

58103 - Phone-App: Overlap dialing fails sometimes

Dialing digits get lost, if digits are dialed on desk phone before camera allocation is complete on Phone-App.

58432 - Phone-App: Re-Design of appsharing selector

- Show below active calls (not above)

58276 - Phone-App: Show presence information on search results

Search results from Users database (local PBX users) have second display line empty (no company information). Presence information is displayed here.

58056 - Phone-App: Wrong business card is displayed during call

Wrong business card displayed during call.
Business card lookup needs to be fixed.

58613 - phone: USB headsets - support latest Sennheiser headsets

Add support for a couple of latest Sennheiser headsets, see

58340 - Phones: Cannot enter latin letter Q in slovenian mode

Only letters P,R,S can be entered with key [7].
Letter Q is not part of slovenian alphabet, but customer needs it also.

58482 - Phones: Direct (automatic) dialing should not apply to consultation call

DD is configured.
When going offhook, DD should start dialing after configured timeout.
But when pressing R-key to put a call on HOLD, no automatic dialing should happen after timeout.

57086 - Reporting App: Autocleanup CDRs

58456 - SDK: Possibility to set badge counts from running apps

Use start.setBadge to set a badge count.
The implementation was added to myApps and is used by the phone app.

58060 - SIP Interfaces - Remove link in the advanced SIP interface overview

Remove link in the advanced SIP interface overview if the new V13 standard SIP profile from the PBX-Manger is used.

58607 - SIP Profile QSC-IPFonie edit not possible

UI open a blank page

58455 - SIP/TCP: Fix for connection re-use

Do not try to send on closing TCP connection.

58109 - SIP: Missing Via headers in "481 Call leg/transaction does not exist"

If request is rejected with "481 Call leg/transaction does not exist", not all Via headers are copied into reject response.

58900 - SoftphoneApp: SendHookKey still sent to removed device

Wenn man das ausgewähltes Audio I/O Gerät in myApps entfernt, sucht die (Soft-)PhoneApp ein vorhandenes Device für "StartDevice" aber mit „SendHookKey“ kommt noch das altes Device.

57378 - Standard SIP Profile: Expert Mode

Add option to activate expert mode. If Expert mode is used no futher editing via myAPPS is possible. Further configuration should be done on the Advanced UI

58529 - Support analog phone provisioning for IP22,IP24,IP28,IP302

The analog provisioning didn't configure the corresponding TEL interfaces on these gateways.

58531 - Updated translations

58231 - Users-API: Crash when searching for thai string

Users app on AP crashes when searching for thai string.

58914 - Users: Crash when phone name contains percent character

In the replication an escape was missing.

58767 - XML decoder problem with single empty tag and comments right after<?.?>

Decoding failed in these special cases

13r1 Service Release 4 (132035)

60558 - 802.1X EAP TLS did not work due to collateral damage from upgrade to TLS 1.2

Empty extensions for elliptic curves were added to the ClientHello. That made switches rejecting the TLS handshake. The fix is not to add those extensions.

60579 - 802.1X: Re-Authentication failed

Side-effect of changes for support of TLS 1.2.

58895 - App Devices: added app build number in backup filename and removed redundant minus signs

The backup file name of apps now contains the build number, e.g. 131965.
Devices with spaces in their name could cause filenames with multiple minus signs. Spaces are now ignored and not replaced with minus anymore.

60483 - App Devices: allow backup job configuration without weekday specification

This allows to create backup jobs which never run but can be executed manually at any time.

59027 - App Devices: changed mobile back button sizing

60037 - App Devices: edit devices registration URLs on DNS/IP address change in Devices App object

If the IP address or DNS name inside the PBX object of the Devices App changes, all currently connected clients get a new Devices Registration URL and also all clients, which connect afterwards with the old host name.

59389 - App Devices: gracefull shutdown didn't work with hanging software rental requests

Side effect of a webserver bug which caused hanging HTTP requests.

59747 - App Devices: possibility to execute a backup job at once and to see an error flag in job list

60400 - App Devices: removed obsolete code

59621 - App Devices: reworked software rental UI

56940 - App Devices: scroll to first checkmarked domain/category in Devices lists

If you have many domains or categories, it is usefull that it is automatically scrolled to the first checkmarked domain/category.

60462 - App Devices: sort rental licenses in dropdown

59286 - App Devices: use current devices App object URL for provisioning after a change of the URL

If the App URL has been changed in the PBX App object of the Devices App, the old URL was still used without a restart of the App.

60044 - App Events: Display event error if event/alarm cannot be parsed

59954 - App Events: Send 200 Ok for events/alarms which cannot be parsed

Otherwise an alarm server will try to resend the same event again.

58629 - App Fax: Improve UI, sent/received fax

59511 - App Files: No user and password for shared announcement needed

It is possible to access the shared announcements by entering no password and no user.

60029 - App Manager: Allow to upload multiple files for an App Service

Additional files could now be upload to an App service

59627 - App Profile: Camera does not work

Button to take the picture temporarily removed from Smartphones.

60194 - App Profile: Display hint for external line prefix on Call Diversions page

60593 - App Profile: Mobility number displayed several times after an update

When an update from the PBX arrives to Profile, the Mobility input fields are not deleted and new ones are created afterwards. They must be cleaned up.

58288 - App Profile: Only one mobility device is configurable

59065 - App Reporting: Missed URL decode for SIP filter for report downloads

60502 - App Store: Add id_files file for all the firmware and software

Add for all firmware and software the id_files file and set ir empty when they a not supported for a certain release.

Added IP38 (10.00-13r1) and IP72 (10.00-12r1) to the Release Store.
Added 11r2 and 12r1 for Softwarephone.

60135 - App Store: Add missing files to softwarephone

Add SetupSwPhone.exe and SpokesSDKNativeRuntime.msi to the softwarephone_files and upload them to the AppStore.

58545 - App Store: Add SRx to Firmware

Add the SR label to the preselect menu on download.htm

59046 - App Store: Allow do delete a single build for a single firmware

58896 - App Store: Do not show firmware on download page if binaries are empty

59298 - App Store: Download.htm loads slowly in the browser

59898 - App Store: Paths are sometimes wrong

The paths of the items are sometimes wrong generated.

60190 - App Store: Remove non-supported firmware from Release Store

Remove 12r2 and 13r1 from IP110, IP200A, IP230 and IP240.

57200 - App Store: Send the upload-date as the "Last modified" date on the ZIP download

The date of the upload of the file into the DB is saved and used for the ZIP download. For the folders, the current date is set.

59626 - App Users: Email address cannot be changed if it contains a tab

59029 - App Users: Reject reset password and register request if ReplicatorSession is down

Reject all the reset password and registration requests if ReplicatorSession is down.
Display an error message to inform the user.

60182 - App Users: Sort the users on the service side

58910 - App Users: URL-encode app link when attaching phone apps to Homescreen

As the app in the app links on home is now URL-encoded, the profile app must consider that when attaching phone apps after provisioning.



59218 - App UsersAdmin: Auto-Update the PBX-Password state

When the PBX-Password state changes, send an update to UsersAdmin.

60473 - App UsersAdmin: Crash if SetParameters is sent without starting a provisioning first

58841 - App UsersAdmin: Sorting was case sensitive

59386 - Apps sometimes crashing with SetFieldList() in WebserverPlugin

Changed recreation of fieldlist in HTTPLib::HTTPParser to fix a crash that sometimes can happen in IWebserverPlugin (WebserverMessageHandler::SetFieldList()).

59297 - AppSharing: wrong colours displayed for low quality images

The JPEG decoder received a wrong offset to image.

60466 - Calendar: Adding / Removing users could lead to a crash

60465 - Calendar: Executive users had not been replicated

59953 - Calendar: fix illegal typecast of ITask subclass

59411 - Calendar: Fixed a bug in Exchange autodiscover which leads to cut server address

59412 - Calendar: Fixed a potential crash in combination with Exchange and IHTTPClient Shutdown

59089 - Calls on Fav-Contacts: show profile picture of contact

Don't scroll profile picture out of view when showing a call on the favorite.

59311 - CDRs from Broadcast incomplete

Did not show if the calls where connected by a destination or if the call was forwarded before the broadcast group

60317 - Chat: Display presence on chat destinations

59287 - Chat: URL containing % was not interpreted correctly

Click on such an URL did not open

59037 - Conference App: Add PIN as DTMF in StartCall

If a call to a conference room is started in the conference app, the command to start the call is sent with the room PIN as DTMF argument to the phone API.

59316 - Conference App: Not shown on iOS

59354 - Deleting a chat does not clear the unread badge count

60184 - Devices: Security vulnerability fixed

Password check was not perfect in some cases

60586 - Files App: fixed possible leaks during startup of app

Incoming webdav requests could cause leaks if the database connection hasn't been established yet.

60585 - Files App: trace flags didn't work

60555 - Fix for trap when handling STUN/TURN response

Null-Pointer trap while handling STUN/TURN response.

61242 - Fix for trap when handling STUN/TURN response

Null-Pointer trap while handling STUN/TURN response.

59169 - Fixes for phone apps on home screen

The following change in SR3 brought up some additional problems: #58838 - myApps: Adding apps to home not working when name contains a comma

* Making the phone app a standard app using longpress menu didn't work any more
* If the user already had phone apps on the home screen, they were not marked as "on home" on the all apps page.

Both effects should be fixed now.

60042 - FXS: Transfer did not work for calls established with myApps or myPBX

If the original call for an analog interface (FXS) was initiated by myApps or myPBX and then a consultation call was created, there was no transfer on hanging up the analog phone, but both calls were disconnected.

60573 - Gateway: Trap when reading config

Trap when reading config

59379 - Install did not work with Edge

Javascript error because of undefined TextEncoder

59457 - Install may fail for slow internet connections

If the download of the app platform image (~50 MB) took more than 3 minutes, the install failed because the browser retried the HTTP request.

59381 - Install should install Apps of same version as PBX

Only relevant as soon as there are new versions then 13r1 on App Store

60606 - Install should use current major versions for apps, not latest version in store

Only a problem if the store contains new versions then 13r1

59383 - Install was missing on IP22, IP24, IP302, ...

60584 - Install with external AP didn't work with non standard password

59510 - Install: Add to existing installation did not work

It only worked, if the network settings were done before the Install, so that no reboot was necessary.

59091 - Install: Better error handling connecting to external AP

Retry with new address possible

60461 - IP-DECT: Fix protocol information for radio

The Radio UI shows the correct OEM protocol information now.

60521 - IP-DECT: Potential rare trap

There is a missed null pointer check causes a rare trap.

60083 - IP101/102: Cannot reject incoming calls

Incoming calls can now be rejected with BACKSPACE key.

59599 - IP101: Cleanup debug messages

  1. changed imx6_sai.cpp imx6_dsp.cpp imx6_iqs.cpp

60616 - IP111/IP112: Improved the microphone AGC to reduce clipping with loud voices

59406 - IP240a,IP241: no calling party info on partner fkey when a pickup fkey is configured

when a partner function key is configured for a member of a pickup group together with a pickup function key for this group calling party info is displayed only on the the pickup key.

59085 - JSON decoder: error decoding strings ending with \\"

" characters must be skipped, if they are escaped. But this is only the case if the backslash before isn't also escaped.

59560 - Localization of SIP profiles started

59387 - Manager App: App Store may did not show all apps

If an app has been already updated to the latest version, a javascript error occured.

59403 - Memory leak when deleting a PBX user with visibility settings

59280 - Messages: Potential restart when sending chat attachments

59032 - Monitoring users with RCC Initialize did not cover some aspects

- A deleted user was not indicated
- Indication that a user is busy or alerting was missing
- Indication of config changes, like call-forward was missing

59136 - More !mem info to analyse hanging calls

More info returned with certain !mem info commands. No change in functionality.

59468 - myApps Android/iOS: Blank out video and release the camera while the phone is held to the ear.

60507 - myApps Android/iOS: Fixed a sporadic trap on start of the app.

59308 - myApps Android: Notifications and incoming calls not signaled if the smartphone was idle for more than 5 minutes.

59081 - myApps crashes if video encoder could not be initialized

Microsoft Webcam provides an unknown video format for the VP8 video encoder.

60601 - myApps iOS/Android/Windows: Remove warning if webserver is running on non-standard port

This warning is not needed anymore.

60591 - myApps iOS: Played the default ring tone regardless of which one was selected.

59092 - myApps iOS: Remote video didn't play on devices with iOS 12.2 and newer

59512 - myApps iOS: The camera rotation was wrong if the app was started in landscape orientation.

59955 - myApps launcher: Fixed a crash during shutdown if the web server had to be put on alternate ports.

If the web server couldn't bind to the default ports, the app crashed on shutdown.

59290 - myApps Native: Fixed a crash during shutdown of the app

59030 - myApps native: Remove unused javascript files from configuration pages

In the HTML some JavaScript files were included that are not used.

59296 - myApps Windows: client sometimes didn't terminate correctly

The office integration service sometimes hangs during shutdown and is now deleted after a timeout.

59195 - myApps Windows: desktop notifications sometimes did not show at all

A shortcut with special properties is required for working desktop toast notifications.
This shortcut is now always recreated on startup of myApps.

60531 - myApps Windows: Not ringing on PC's where the audio device name contained umlauts.

60533 - myApps Windows: Officeintegration didn't work if it couldn't load its type library.

59309 - myApps Windows: repair through "Apps & Features" didn't work

The media feature pack check was not successfull while running a repair or change through "Apps & Features", so the repair couldn't be performed at all.

59058 - myApps Windows: update doesn't trigger reboot anymore

The myApps update sometimes triggered a windows reboot if certain applications had been opened during the update.
Such a reboot is now suppressed with the /norestart option of the msiexec tool.

59509 - myApps/myPBX Android: Check for proximity to the ear only in portrait orientation

60518 - myApps: Add icon for smartphone home screens

An icon that is used by smartphones when the myApps web appliation is added to the home screen (e.g. via Firefox, Chrome or Safari).

59177 - myApps: allow several instances of myApps in Terminal Servers

Webserver Ports und Name Pipes

60495 - myApps: Call progess tones continued playing if the phone app was closed at that moment.

59115 - myApps: dial hotkey not working with PDFs

Copying the number in the clipbaord from a PDF takes longer as expected.

59977 - myApps: Fixed an inconsistency in web file pre-fetching that could cause a crash.

58840 - myApps: Report media error cause

Report media error cause in "ConnectChannelResult" message to help debugging:
IceFailed / DtlsFailed / SctpFailed / NoCoder / UnknownCoder / MessageError

60492 - myApps: Ringtone continued playing if the softphone was closed during a ringing call.

59288 - myApps: RTP payload wrongly overwritten

60374 - myApps: Running out of file descriptors over time.

58763 - myApps: Send json message to launcher when an App is opened

New message in com.innovaphone.launcher:

{ mt: "AppWindowOpened", app: "", windowTitle: "" }

Changed message in com.innovaphone.launcher:

{ mt: "Focus", app: "", windowTitle: "" }

60534 - myApps: Sometimes it opened as a blank screen

59458 - myApps: Use newly added pbx_api::testmode to determine if test mode is active

Small performance improvement.

60249 - myPBX Android: Fixed a sporadic crash during shutdown of the app.

59035 - myPBX Android: Fixed delayed re-registration if the network changed

59889 - myPBX Android: Prevent myPBX from starting if "Autostart" is "never" and myPBX was closed via "Shutdown".

59624 - myPBX call pickup does not work with analog device

Der anklopfende Ruf mit FTY_REMOTE_CONTROL_CONNECT wird jetzt connected. Beide Rufe können nun mit MyPBX miteinander verbunden werden.
Wenn stattdessen aufgelegt wird, erfolgt kein Verbinden - das muß man noch untersuchen.

59217 - myPBX iOS: Fixed delayed re-registration if the network changed

59276 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a trap when starting the device specific auto start manager

59378 - myPBX/myApps Android: Follow the global auto-rotate setting

59911 - myPBX/myApps Android: Permissions not asked again after uninstall/re-install.

This also caused the app to crash on calls due to loss of microphone permission.

59094 - myPBX: Log username for failed login attempts

The myPBX logs now contain the username that was used for the login.

58382 - Offer external application in UI

Show buttons on call to start pre-configured external application.

59086 - PBX Broadcast: A group member was displayed as alerting destination on caller

When calling a broadcast group, the caller should get the broadcast group displayed as alerting destination, not one of the called group members

60597 - PBX Conference: Trace and many ICE candidates cause a buffer overrun trap

59173 - PBX Manager Plugin: Interface configuration (PBX Conference/Fax App)

The PBX Manager Plugin interface configuration sets the GK ID and the Reverse Proxy flag for the interface registrations now. PBX Conference and Fax App.

59514 - PBX Manager Templates: When editing a template, the inherited value of "Store Phone Config" got lost

A value of false was written into the template, so that an inherited value of true was overwritten

59508 - PBX Manager, AP plugin: Deleting an AP did not work, right after adding

If the AP was unreachable, it could happen that it was added again.

59523 - PBX Manager/Groups: Scrollbar missing at the list of groups

Scrolling was still possible

59598 - PBX Manager/Trunk: Editing of a SIP interface which was set to expert mode, broke config

Now it is prohibited, that expert mode interfaces can be edited from the PBX Manager

60181 - PBX Plugin Manager Conference: Rooms not shown with Firefox

If Firefox is used, the room frames of a conference aren't shown in the PBX Plugin Manager. This is fixed now.

59080 - PBX restart when configuring hw-id with '?'

If the hw-id up to the '?' generates an conflict with an existing hw-id.
Collateral damage of fix 57771 - Allow ?<args> be configured at user objects for external number id

59407 - PBX Reverse lookup URL with placeholder for user name

Placeholder %u is used for the user. This allows user specific LDAP requests for reverse lookup. Can be used in base as in filter

59109 - PBX SBC Object: Registration broken after config change

If a SBC object is changed while there were active registrations, these registrations did not work anymore. Deleting the SBC object and recreating it, could help.

59180 - PBX: Add additional mem_info items

Needed for innovaphone-internal testing
* pbx_presence_monitor
* pbx_dialog_monitor
* pbx_session
* pbx_appclient_session

59390 - PBX: CFNR was executed in case of no registration, before allowing wakeup of device by push

In case there is a push token present, we have to give the device time to wake up

60481 - PBX: For almost any config change a reset-required was displayed, even if not required

Only on General/Info page not on PBX pages

59128 - PBX: Hanging calls when sending calls to a user with non-responding myApps

If a phone app was started in myApps and then myApps is not responding anymore maybe because the PC was disconnected from the network, it takes up to 2min until the PBX will recognize, that the PC is dead. If a call is sent to the phone during this time, it could result in a hanging call.

60025 - PBX: Media Relay checkmark on device

To turn on media relay for a given device. This allows integration of phones, which do not support ICE or DTLS

60595 - PBX: Memory leak with incoming fax calls

59090 - PBX: Precedence of personal call forward over admin call forward did not work for CFNR

A call forward set by a user, should always work

60490 - PBX: Reverse lookup did not work on IPVA

Module was missing

59408 - PBX: Slave password was deleted, when cliccking Cancel on PBX/General

The password which is used to register a slave at a master, configured on PBX/General got lost, when clicking Cancel on this page

52933 - Phone must not complain when dialling w/o directory

Don't show "Operation failed" on display if no directory is configured.

59456 - Phone-App: Calling favourite should use the configured sip/num instead of presence info

Otherwise it might result in calling numbers that are not reachable from the users node/pbx/trunk.
Same issue in Softphone-App.

60030 - Phone-App: Cannot initiate call on a 3rd party SIP phone

No signaling went out to 3rd party SIP phone when trying to initiate call on Phone-App.

60084 - Phone-App: Missing hop info on broadcasted calls

No call hop info displayed on incoming call received through broadcast object.
Fixed for Phone-App and Softphone-App.

59913 - phone: USB headsets - support additional product IDs of Jabra Engage 65

Jabra Engage 65 come with defferent product IDs but no changes in the HID functions we support

59214 - Phones: Do not allow changing of ringer volume when PHONE_LOCK_USAGE is set

Fine grained Function Locking PHONE_LOCK_USAGE (restrict phone access to emergency use).
Do not allow changing of ringner volume in this case.
Required on phone devices dedicated for emergency calls.

59983 - Phones: presence subscriptions fails on +49 style numbers

Subscription was sent to 49... instead of +49... or 00049...

59076 - Potential trap in SOAP or RCC Api

In case of removed device on a user object

60191 - Push App: Fixed an inconsistency in push token aging in the database that controlled cleanup of obsolete tokens.

Re-registration of the token didn't re-new its age.

59216 - Push: Android push notifications didn't wake up the smartphone if it was in doze mode.

Push messages need to be sent to Google with "priority":"high" to get them delivered instantaneously on smartphones that are in doze mode.

59110 - Removed not working workaround to get myApps Windows notifications always removed

59748 - Reporting App: UTF-8 BOM added in CSV export file

60651 - Rollback of 55999 - Waiting queue: Multiple calls to a single operator should count as one call

Looks like it caused the feature Max call per operator feature to not work anymore

60134 - RTP: Do not set marker bit in Comfort Noise packets (PT=13)

Comfort Noise packets (PT=13) are sent prior any audio RTP in order to overcome NAT.
Some receivers don't like CN packets with marker bit set.

60402 - Show warning if rental duration is smaller than three days

60649 - SIP: Fix for message body processing

Fix for message body processing.

59268 - SIP: New interop tweak /rem-silence-supp

Thier interop tweak suppresses the "a=silenceSupp" in SDP
Neither a=silenceSupp:on - - - -
nor a=silenceSupp:off - - - -
is sent.

60377 - SIP: Send PRACK without SDP on 3pty call control

Optimizing 3pty call control with Snom SIP phones.
On 3pty call control a dummy call without SDP offer is sent to phone.
Snom SIP phone responds with 180/Ringing with SDP offer and requests a PRACK.
Usually PRACK is postponed until SDP answer is available.
On 3pty call control we better send PRACK without SDP without delay.

59082 - SMTP: Compatibility with Office 365

Quoted printable encoding of mail headers (from, to, subject) was incompatible with office 365, if they contained commas.

59066 - Softphone-App: Dialpad not available for sending DTMF

Dialpad not available for sending DTMF.
Happens on PSTN calls where Advice -Of-Charge is received on a connected call.

59033 - Softphone-App: Mute should be reset after the call is finished

For consistency with the phones

59075 - Softphone-App: Overlap-dialing not possible

No dialpad offered for overlap-dialing

58630 - Softphone-App: Support for local 3-party-conference

Support for local 3-party-conference if Softphone-App runs with native client support.
Not available in browser context (WebRTC mode).

59895 - Support Install without DNS but prepared for DNS

DNS names used in all App URLs, even if DNS is not available. Replacing the hostnames by ip addresses is needed when delivering these URLs to the client

59419 - Testmode did not work for recording licenses

The Service licenses did not work in general with testmode

59975 - Trunk Plugin - Default SIP: media relay cannot deactivated

59973 - Trunk Plugin - saving without expert mode works only the first time

60576 - Unexpected restart on some Broadcast/Waiting/Mobility/... loops

If the same call ended up in a waiting queue twice with the initial setup, a restart happened due to a btree assertion

60409 - Updated translations

59622 - Video conference: Dialing in via myApps iOS caused video switching to oscillate.

59746 - Webserver: Can crash with digest and dynamic authentication

59772 - Webserver: Crashes if there is no whitespace between the colon of a header field and the start of the value

60467 - Webserver: Incomming, chunk encoded requests on a resource that needed authentication could lead to 100% CPU consumption

59771 - Webserver: Removed log-message when POST result will automatically set to Text as resource-type

60514 - Webserver: Webdav errors could lead to an HTTP 500 result

60646 - WebserverPlugin: Fix a bug that could lead to connections hanging or closing to early.

59394 - When renaming the LDAP object, the hidden property got lost

This was a general problem when renaming App objects. Now all properties are preseved

13r1 Service Release 5 (132075)

61387 - App Devices: changing MEDIA config turn server could cause wrong passwords

If the turn server in the MEDIA configuration was changed without changing the password, the password was corrupted.

60779 - App Manager: Session failed to close

Some Manager sessions failed to close after apps update.

60871 - App Profile: Do not display external prefix if not set

Do not display external prefix on the mobility and call diversions hint if not set ("0" must not be used as default).

61384 - App Profile: Groups labels not well displayed

If height is not set, unexpected behavoiur in some browsers.

60910 - App Store: Add index to filename on files_info table to speed up the loading of the download page

61186 - App Store: Change label on preselection menu to provider + apps & software

It was not clear that the manufacturer preselection included the apps and the software.

60329 - App Users: Add a switch to sort by CN, H323 or DN

59194 - App Users: An email address of "." must be equivalent to h323@PBX-domain

An email address of "." in the list of emails has the special meaning, that the Users h323 id with the domain of the PBX is used to build the email.

60488 - App UsersAdmin: Crash if id is NULL on EditUser

60819 - App UsersAdmin: EditUser JSON message may include devices from other users

After deleting devices from several users, the "EditUser" message may contain previously deleted devices. It does not affect to DB data.

60781 - Calendar: Fix translation error in Calendar PBX Manager Plugin

61184 - Calendar: fixed potential crash that could happen during sync

60920 - Default SIP Trunk - MSN maps - Username with "+" not possible

fixed missing value encoding in MSN Maps

60921 - Default SIP Trunk - update defaults disable srtp, ice, video, rtcp-mux

Outgoing call was rejected if the carrier doesnt support it (like DE Telekom)
If you need a special flag, you can use the expert mode to activate a special flag on your trunk.

61225 - Files App: Invalid Date shown on app

60512 - Fix processing of incorrect logging IP

When an incorrect IP address was configured under "Services/Logging" the messages "Bad server address ..." and "reset required" were displayed.
Now only "Bad server address ..." is displayed if there are no other reasons for a reset pending.

61406 - Fixed not working install on IP1060

60937 - FXS calls cannot be controlled by myPBX

FXS calls initiated by myPBX can now be switched in either direction with myPBX functionality.

60922 - IPVA: Manufacturer Setting for RAM-Size 256MB

was 64MB
#changed ipva.vmx

60867 - IPVA: Size of Stack 2MB

was 1MB(13r1), 0.5MB(12r2)
#changed ipva.cpp

60737 - Kerberos Replicator, LDAP-Bind failed

The user information within the LDAP-Bind operation was too short.
#changed kerberos_if.cpp

57146 - Media: Send audio silence packets instead of comfort noise packets to overcome NAT

To indicate remote endpoint where to send RTP to,
we send RTP packets with payload type 13 (comfort noise).
Some 3rd party equipment simply ignore payload type 13.
Better send real audio packets containing silence.

61278 - myApps Android/iOS: Logs were not written until log flags had been modified manually.

61410 - myApps iOS: No video from the camera any more after a call that was rejected by the peer

60653 - myApps Windows: Not ringing on Windows 7 PC's if the device name was longer than 32 characters.

60865 - myApps: allow external applications to be started automatically

61226 - myApps: Fixed a crash if no ringer device was selected

61275 - myApps: no turn channel opened for remote candidates

No turn channel was opened for remote candidates and this path was therefore not tested.

60539 - myApps: Search for all contacts in outlook, also without email adress

60870 - myApps: support of multicast calls

allow to receive multicast calls in the softphoneApp

60785 - myPBX Android/iOS: Timers could fire too late. This could cause keepalive expiries.

60656 - myPBX/myApps iOS: Bluetooth headsets not working properly

61282 - myPBX/myApps iOS: No debug logs written since iOS 10

60543 - myPBX: Webcams in Windows Surface Pro6 deliver NV12 video format.

add support in myPBX for webcams that delivers NV12 video format

60660 - PBX Waiting Queue: Unexpected restart on SOAP UserRedirect from Waitiung Queue

ASSERT for duplicate free happened

60663 - PBX: Potential trap in user publisher

Used together with Users and Calendar App. Collision of user delete and update

61333 - PBX: Problem with app names containing non-ASCII-characters

The 'apps' attribute of user object was constantly extended by junk data.
E.g. apps="Schulz &amp; Schulze,apimonitor,tor,tor,tor,tor,tor"

60605 - Phone-App: Fix in state machine for announcement calls

Call state changed from 'Conneted' back to 'Alerting' due to "co_alerting" indication on already connected announcemnt call.

61259 - Phones: Reverse-lookup in LDAP did not work on some configurations

Phonenumber look-up in LDAP did not work if too many number attributes where specified.

60511 - Remove credentials from displayed update URL

If the credentials to be used in an update URL are not configured in the advanced GUI directly it may be required to hide the credentials added before use in the displayed URL.

60652 - remove obsolete route " -> localif" from default configuration

this route was intended for maintenance dialin via ISDN and is not needed anymore

60664 - RTP: Send more dummy packets to overcome NAT

Send more dummy RTP packets to remote media port to overcome NAT.
Dummy RTP packets with PT 13 are on non-ICE-calls where the remote endpoint may have got a non-reachable private IP address.
Remote party may wait for incoming RTP packets in order learn where to send RTP to.
The number of dummy packets were limited to 4.
Now up to 40 dummy packets are sent to tell the remote how to reach us.

60828 - SDK: Possibility for apps to learn about the default API providers

Example for Consumers:

var chatApi = start.consumeApi("");

Example for Providers:

var chatApi = start.provideApi("");

61498 - SIP-Provider Profile DK-Telenor-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

60732 - SIP: Fix for DNS problems on Telekom SIP line

There are several IP addresses for "" available in DNS.
If a call has been started towards one of theses many IP addresses, all in-dialog requests must be sent to that single IP address.
Bug was that PRACK/ACK/BYE was sent to one of the other IP addresses.

60859 - SIP: Interop tweak /ignore-nat-type did not work when set on interface

Interop tweak /ignore-nat-type did not work when set on interface.
Only did work when set on SIP module in config file.

60923 - SIP: Wrong address type in SDP

Wrong loopback address in SDP dummy answer.
Address type IP6 was used instead of IP4.

61261 - SIP: Wrong source address of RTP packets

RTP packets were sent with non-local IP address of NAT router.
In combination with local UDP port.

60940 - SOAP Admin "modify" deleted sessions at user object

The modify now keeps the sessions, unless a sessions tag is given. So the sessions can be explicitly deleted using <sessions/>

61182 - Softphone-App: Could not perform attended transfer with TAPI/SOAP

Attended transfer (transfer with consultation call) did not work
when initiated via TAPI/SOAP API.

61267 - TLS: Potiential trap with Logging over HTTPS proxy server

When a HTTPS-Tunnel proxy was configured on page Services/HTTP/Client and the proxy was unreachable, there was a trap in the TLS module.

60778 - TURN TCP: Fixed a trap at the end of a connection if TURN TCP was involved.

60741 - TURN TCP: Fixed delayed release of allocations

60911 - TURN/TCP: Unreachable TURN server was not excluded from DNS resolution result.

60866 - TURN: Not working properly with waiting queues

60939 - Unexpected restart on very long apps config

Unexpected restart on PBX object with very long apps config.

61183 - Webserver: Chunked data eventually not handled correctly.

13r1 Service Release 6 (132105)

61893 - 802.1x: Include Length Field in 1st Fragment only

The lenght field was sent in each fragment, in case of more than 2 PDUs per transmission. It is now sent within the 1st fragment only of a fragmented transmission.
#changed 8021x.cpp

62212 - App AppStore: increased performance of download page loading

61647 - App Contacts: Hide from LDAP and Critical checkmark missing in new Contacts created by PBXmanager plugin

Hide from LDAP and Critical checkmark missing in new Contacts Object if created by PBXmanager plugin.
#changed innovaphone.ManagerContacts.js
#changed ip311\pbx\json\pbx_admin_api.cpp

62907 - App Contacts: LDAP Search, Attribute List Processed Incorrectly

Unknown attributes accompanying an LDAP search request's attribute list weren't ignored. In addition, this symptom depended on whether the unknown attribute occured head-first or later in the list of attributes.

62905 - App Contacts: LDAP SearchResultDone Not Sent

In case of an internal query error an LDAP.searchResultDone carrying an error info wasn't sent.

61494 - App Devices: close websocket connections with wrong passwords

Websocket connections with non existing domains caused hanging websocket connections which weren't closed until the client closed them.

61649 - App Devices: fixed major version upgrades

Major version upgrades (e.g. 13r1 -> 13r2) were not working properly depending on the JSON structure.

62339 - App Devices: increased max domain name length to 255

62608 - App Devices: software rental UI sometimes didn't work

If a device was licensed with all available licenses, the software rental UI didn't work anymore.

62929 - App Events: Auto-update view if the scrollbar is at the top

The views will be autoupdated every minute if the scroll position is on top, so there is no need anymore to scroll up with the mouse to get the latest events and alarms.

62148 - App Events: Avoid having spaces on IDs for automatic tests

62554 - App Events: Change colors for include and exclude filters

62442 - App Events: Missing IDs on add/edit filter dialog for automatic tests

62459 - App Events: On smaller resolutions the search field was not displayed with the first click

62341 - App Events: Same IDs for opening the device on Devices for automatic tests

Selenium tests failed because the 2 clickable nodes to open the device on Devices had the same ID.

62539 - App Profile: Cancel button on provisioning not working

62092 - App Profile: DevicesApp from ClientApi not parsed

Selection of phone app during provisioning was empty.

61518 - App Profile: Strange UI behaviour after an update on Call Diversions tab

After an update, some nodes are duplicated on the UI. Not happening on Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Only found on launcher (myApps for Windows).

60482 - App Recordings: Error when users sip contains "."

61529 - App Recordings: Manager Plugin shows obsolete "{Appinstance recordings}""

obsolete string "{AppInstance: recordings}"in headline

62834 - App Reporting: Avatars disappear in Call List

The avatars disappear in the Call List App with new data.

62437 - App Store: Buttons on preselection menu not displayed on smaller resolutions

62146 - App Store: Check JSON syntax when uploading a JSON file

Check if the JSON can be decoded before saving it into the DB.

61732 - App Store: Some firmware builds cannot be deleted

61490 - App Users Plugin: Apps not well configured on add new App Object

The Devices API was missing. So after adding a new Profile App, the provisioning won't work.

63016 - App Users: "On the phone" presence should be displayed

When a users is "on the phone", this should be displayed as the presence and the state color should be red.

62592 - App Users: Add voip,gk-id,prim properties to the replicator

61504 - App Users: Dropdown sometimes overlaps search field

61405 - App Users: Groupnames could be larger than 45

62053 - App Users: Replicator failed beacuse duplicate key value violates unique constraint "const_templates"

62799 - App Users: Split the terms of use checkbox into 2 on the registration page

2 checkboxes can be displayed now on the registration page if the links are configured on UsersAdmin:
- I have read the privacy policy
- I confirm that I have read the Platform Usage Policy
and I agree with their content

If both are displayed, they must be checked to be able to register a new user.

62474 - App UsersAdmin: Input field not empty if password already set on Config

PBX-Password input field should not look empty if the password was already set.

62475 - App UsersAdmin: Password status not changed

The PBX-Password status was sometimes not changed after creating the app with the PBX-Manager Plugin and editing the password.

62908 - App Voicemail: Trap due to log message in MkCol of webdavservice

Trap due to log message in MkCol of webdavservice

62986 - AppProxy: Possible crash after writing file to cache

After downloading a file to the local cache, there was a potential crash of the myApps launcher.

62471 - Calendar: Fix autodiscover problem

Autodiscover found the correct URL, but uses a wrong after that.

62567 - Calendar: Fix problem with PBX users that have a space in the SIP

61820 - Conference: appsharing sessions may be created several times at remote peers

If the acknowlegde to the create session message gets lost or delayed, the sharing side sends the create session message again until it receives the acknowlegde from the receiving peer (in this case the conference)

Conference did not check if sessions were already created at remote peers after receiving a second create session message.

Sessions were created at remote peer as the number of create session messages arrived at the conference which could have lead to an overload of the gateway.

62917 - Do not show provisioning code dialog on phones again with offline provisioning

The offline provisioning in gateways now configures /no-dhcp on UP1 after a successfull provisioning so that the provisioning server isn't polled anymore if rolled out via DHCP.

62676 - don't try to convert non-utf8 strings to latin1

when a string containing non utf8 codes is converted to latin1 a trace message is written. to prevent this the string must be validated before conversion.

62049 - Don't wait for mobile phones waking up, if no push is configured

If no push is configured for the user, we can reject a call directly, if the call cannot be sent to any registered endpoint.

61277 - Files App: No Translation for cancel button

61857 - Fixed Maintenance->Update through the Devices App

Updating with Maintenance->Update didn't work through the devices app.

61694 - Install was missing on IP1202

61527 - Install: provisioning of a new GW may not finished

Although the gateway is successfully provisioned, the provisioning page still waits and doesn't show success. This happened for configurations where Devices rolls out the domain password.

62340 - Install: Show password checkmarks not responding if checked/unchecked using keyboard

Solution: Use "change" handler instead of "click".

62210 - IP-DECT: Crypto Master not synchronized

The Crypto Master isn't synchronized because an unsplit message exceeds the decode buffer size and isn't handled.

62141 - IP111/IP112: Improved the microphone AGC by adding a limit threshold to reduce clipping

61491 - IPVA conference channels were limited to 10

Limit increased to 100

62547 - Limitation on editing visibility with advanced UI

Use POST instead of GET to send info to PBX

63029 - Maintenance/Update suggests update even if up to date

62840 - Manager Plugin Users: Password sometimes not set when creating a new App Object

The connection was closed before the password could be set, so on the PBX the app object was not connected because the passwords did not match.

62324 - Mobility Master: Local host comparision

The duplicate id check fails if the local host IP-DECT Master is registered with the loop-back address to the Mobility Master.

61648 - myApps Android/iOS/Windows: Excessive network traffic if non-standard port used to connect to the PBX

62748 - myApps Android/iOS: Ringing sometimes didn't stop if the call was answered from another device

62831 - myApps Android: Avoid that an incoming call on the lock screen disappears on every media negotiation.

62763 - myApps Android: Incoming calls sometimes not ringing

61731 - myApps Android: Initiating a download operation on the user interface caused a trap.

62563 - myApps iOS: Feed video to the UI only if myApps is shown.

61908 - myApps iOS: Fixed intermittend coarse pixels or long freeze phases from the camera

61509 - myApps iOS: Video stopped playing after the phone was held to the ear

63072 - myApps Windows/Android/iOS: Fix for broken files in approxy cache / blank myapps window

In some cases files in the offline cache of the myApps launcher could get broken. This led to a white myApps window or non-starting apps.
We identified one flow that led to the prblem and fixed it.

Affected users with a blank myApps window should delete the cache or re-install myApps once again in order to recover from the bad cache content.

62800 - myApps Windows: HOTKEY MSI parameters didn' t work

62536 - myApps Windows: prevent crash restart during update process

If myApps crashes while the update process is already started, the restart mechanism of the exception handler could interfer.

61545 - myApps: Add tooltips on "All apps" page

The tooltips are helpful when the window is too small to display the full app names.

62590 - myApps: Downloading files of the manifest could hang if there were network problems.

62610 - myApps: Fixed corrupted DTMF feedback.

62717 - myApps: Fixed inconsistencies in the web content cache

Checks for wrong server behaviour, which should not happen in real life

62587 - myApps: Handle write file error in the web content cache

61567 - myApps: Improve responsive behaviour of "All apps" page

Hide text "Home" on attach buttons if the screen width is smaller than 300px.

63073 - myApps: Login was not remembered if user password contained umlauts or other non-ascii characters

Encoding problem when decrypting session username and password in the Javascript part.

62873 - myPBX/WebRTC no ringing if other calls without media existed to the same user

This could have happend, if there where subscriptions or group indications. In this case the new call was handled as waiting call.

62762 - PBX Conference: Instant messaging call isn't cleaned up

The conference room instant messaging call isn't correctly cleaned up.

61571 - PBX Manager - Email: Hide password in input field

Use a password field of type "password" instead of "text".

63014 - PBX RCC Api: Provide information about monitored mobile endpoint

UserInitialize request returns an object mobile, if hw identifies a mobile endpoint

62896 - PBX Reverse lookup skipped all attributes after one that was not available

The displayed name missed some info then

63126 - PBX Waiting Queue: Potential trap on some complex call sequences

Something like operator forwards call to another, which connects at the same time as another operator

61386 - PBX: Descriptions "Single Reg.", "Media Relay" in fax object missed

62115 - PBX: Import of XML config did not work

Import of XML config did not work and even caused a trap.

63039 - PBX: Potential unexpected restart when calling from mobility

Happens with certain destination e.g. Voicemail

61263 - Phone-App: Bring app to front if remote side requests control

If remote side requests control in app-sharing a message/question is displayed to local user. Should become visible. Phone-App must bring itself to front.

61409 - Phone-App: Support for placeholder $I when starting external application

When starting external application on inbound/outbound call.
$I is the placeholder for remote phone number international format (+49xxxxyyyyyy)

62881 - Pickup was not possible for call sent to a softphone

A call-identifier was not generated in this case

60735 - prevent trap on decoding oversized xml data structures

A trap happened in decoding of oversized xml data structures

62630 - RCC Api: Update CallInfo on reverse lookup

So that an RCC App can display a name of the remote party, which was obtained by LDAP reverse lookup.

62108 - remove obsolete admin dialin route to

this route was defined by builtin config to permit configuration via PPP dialin and is obsolete now.

62469 - Reporting should store Call-List records without license

The Call-List App should work an should not show empty list without license

62156 - Reverse Proxy: Ignore port provided in SIP request line

Some third party phones added the port to the domain in the SIP request line. This prevented a match in the RP host definition.

63030 - SDK Installer hasn't updated the company in the registry under some circumstances

62472 - SIP: Fix order of payload types on m-line in SDP answer

Workaround for Telekom SIP trunk.
Do not send:
m=audio 19732 RTP/AVP 111 8 13
a=rtpmap:111 telephone-event/8000

Even if the remote offer had this codecs in this order:
m=audio 23012 RTP/AVP 116 107 9 118 96 111 110 8 0

61407 - SIP: Interop issue with OpenStage endpoints on Remote Call Control

Must add Alert-Info header to INVITE with parameter "info=alert-autoanswer".

61874 - SIP: Not all config options took effect without reboot

E.g. In order to set /send-no-historyinfo a reboot was necessary (but not indicated).
From now on there's no reboot required.

61511 - Softphone-App: Call transfer not possible if Headset is used

Calls are dropped (held call and consultation call).

61508 - Softphone-App: Config switch "Transfer on Onhook"

When using Softphone-App with Headset.
If there are two calls (one call on HOLD and one call speaking) and Hookswitch of headset is used, call transfer (call join) should be requested.

61507 - Softphone-App: Config switch for Call Waiting

Config switch to enable/disable feature "Call Waiting".

63071 - softwarephone: crash when ip address change

when an ip address change is detected softwarephone restarted with a delay of 10 sec. this could lead to ras doing a reregistration request which leads to a crash since other modules are down.immediate restart now implemented

62627 - Some fixes on Json RCC Api for the RCC App

- Better error messages on failed UserCall
- Dialing location info
- leak check
- UserInitilize should not send CallInfo before UserInitializeResult

61733 - TURN client: Out of memory trap after long calls with many renegotiations.

62152 - USB headsets: add more product IDs for Jabre Engage 65/75

After a headset firmware update some of the many Jabra Engage 65/75 Variations come up with a new prodct ID although the hardware did not change at all.

62545 - WebRTC devices were lost when using the Users App

Some device information was missing on synchronizing between PBX and Users

61492 - WebRTC: Update for compatibility with recent Firefox and Safari versions

Use promise interfaces for RtcPeerConnection.
The change applies for myPBX and the WebRTC toolkit.

13r1 Service Release 7 (132134)

63138 - App Alarms: Remove "Loading events" popup

If there are no alarms, the popup may not be closed and the UI is blocked.

63903 - App Contacts: Column "state" wasn't indexed

The column "state" is now being inserted into the full-text index.

63990 - App Devices: better error message if provisioning fails due to missing PBX connection

The error message was misleading if provisioning failed due to a missing PBX connection to devices.

64004 - App Devices: hide provisioning category checkmark if it varies in selected domains

The provisioning category checkbox in the category settings is now hidden and the following text is shown, if the setting varies in the selected domains:
"The provisioning category setting varies in the selected domains."

A certain domain must be selected alone to see the setting of the category inside this domain.

63843 - App Devices: major version upgrade didn't always work

If the JSON file just contained the new major version but not the old running version, the update was not performed at all.

63809 - App Devices: support HTTP credentials in alarmserver configuration

63212 - App Devices: warn before opening admin UI of unassigned devices

A malicious device may register on devices and shows up as unassigned device.
In such a case the advanced UI is now not shown directly anymore but a warning, that opening the UI might be dangerous if it is not sure that this device belongs to the own infrastructure.

In addition, links to the known IP addresses of the unassigned device are shown, which can be used to safely access the admin UI, if the access is within the same network.

63701 - App Fax: WebDAV File error

If the Fax App instance name differs from the PBX fax object H.323 name, the Fax App doesn't work. WebDAV file errors occur caused by failed authorization. This is fixed now.

63175 - App Profile: Call Diversions not displayed if opened from Phone App

If the Call Diversions tab is opened from the Phone App, the diversions info is not displayed.

63999 - App Reporting: Wrong call flow after transfer

The Call List App shows a wrong call flow if a call was transfered to the user.

63682 - App Store: Some elements overlap on upload new build dialog

On the upload new build dialog, when the window is too narrow, some texts overlap.

63846 - App Store: Texts cannot be selected with double click on download page

63743 - App Users: Replicator failed because username was too long

Removed varchar size limit for username, cn, dn and hw_id.

63849 - App UsersAdmin: Activate/deactivate permission to edit and provision phones on Profile

The admin could configure under UsersAdmin>Config>Permissions if the phones can be edited and provisioned on Profile or not. They will be editable by default.

63861 - App UsersAdmin: Add "Hide from LDAP" flag on every user

Add the "Hide from LDAP" flag on every user, so the administrator can edit it. If the flag is checked, the user will not be displayed on Users and will not be found with the SearchAPI.

63895 - App UsersAdmin: Add user fails if Lastname is filled but Firstname is empty

63133 - App UsersAdmin: Device not added to user object after the connection with devices was broken

If the connection between Devices and Users is broken and in the meantime a phone is provisioned, the Hardware-ID is not added to the user object on the PBX.

61873 - App(Softphone) signaling fixed

Duplicate messages, dupicate coder. Did work, but signaling was strange

63500 - Better handling of out-of-space on PCAP to URL

On out of space wait 60s before trying to write again

63492 - Cached version of some PBX apps was never updated in the myApps offline cache

When the following PBX apps were cached once in myApps iOS/Android/Windows, the client never updated them again. Regardless if the PBX was updated in the mean time.

* PBX Manager
* Conference
* BC Conference
* Boolean / Night switch

63366 - Calendar: Fix some controls in PBX manager that had been to small

63389 - Call diversion information got lost on replication from IPVA to users

Additional filters for calling numbers got lost

63777 - Chat attachments sometimes got lost

This was due to a problem with the HTTP client and chunked transfer

63811 - Chat messages to groups where sent to removed members

As long as neither the PBX nor messages was restarted

63666 - Chat security issue.

If authenticated as one user, it could have been possible to read chat messages from another user

63851 - Chat: Calendar presence not shown correcty at chat destinations

The hashtag information was not converted into localized text as it should.

63344 - Chat: Long display names and long precenses notes could break ui

Wrapping to next line could happen

63498 - CPU load peak every 10min on PBX slave

A license update from the master caused stored phone config to be sent to every phone. Which may have cause additional actions on the phones.

63614 - Do not show shutdown link if linux is not yet running

Under App Platform - General.

63257 - Fixed install/update of IP29-2/IP29-4/IP29-20

The install and update of the variants IP29-2, IP29-4 and IP29-20 were not properly working.

63275 - Gateway coder selection should allow not only locally available coders

E.g. for exclusive coder configurations for calls not terminated locally

63304 - Gateway: IPv6 support in config UI

Not able to set an IPv6 address like [fe80::290:33ff:fe41:76]

63995 - H.323 registration logging: Wrong port in some messages

For H.323/TCP or H.323/TLS the UDP ports where displayed instead.

63499 - H.323 switch over to alternate did not work with H.323/TCP or H.323/TLS

After registration fail, the primary was connected again and again

63147 - If a H.323/TLS registration is rejected because of the certificate, add the certificate to the untrusted list

To allow the admin to trust the certificate. This simplifies doing TLS registrations from devices with self-signed certificates (e.g. IPVA with no extra certificate installed

63501 - Include Websocket messages to App services in PBX traces

Otherwise there would be no way to turn on these traces

63884 - Install: Better explanation of DNS options

In the Install there are the following options concerning DNS:
- Use DNS, with DNS already configured
- Use DNS, DNS not yet configured in the infrastructure, temporary mode to operate without DNS
- Don't use DNS, with restrictions

63862 - Install: Deadlock if store can only accessed after network setting changes

There was no next button displayed on the update/network settings page, if the store could not be accesses, so network settings could not be changed to make store accesssible

63675 - Install: Don't allow to continue without NTP configuration

If a DHCP address is used a NTP server must be provided as well by the DHCP

63979 - Install: enable authentication for events/alarms/logging

HTTP authentication is now enabled within the events app and configured through the devices app.

63982 - Install: remove existing port configuration for CDR0 reporting

An upgrade installation may had a wrong port configured for the CDR0 interface after the installation, as the old used port wasn't overwritten.

63362 - Install: Short display of misleading information if no email is configured

In this case the two factor authentication configuration should be just skipped.

63432 - IP-DECT: GUI failures on Sync overview page with the Devices App

Some elements on the GUI aren't shown with the Devices App.

63669 - IP-DECT: Standby product name not shown

The product string of a H.323 registration is correctly split, now.

23157 - ip112: USB headset: check for missing host controller interrupts

In some rare cases it was seen that the Host controller did not interrupt anymore after ESD

63503 - IP6000: Install added

To add an IP6000 to a v13 installation#

63137 - LDAP object: Config changes take effect immediately

If the object was already connected to an LDAP server, config changes did only take effect on the next LDAP connection. In the worst case this was only after PBX was rebooted.

Now the active connection is closed on config changes of the following parameters:
* Enable
* Server
* Port
* Username
* Password

63914 - Memory leak in H.323 when using start and stop of signaling entities

Used in DECT for dynamic user registration

60183 - Messages: Optimize reading of count of unread messages

To reduce CPU load on the App Platform

63667 - myApps Android/iOS: Fixed heavy CPU load during startup that could cause missing incoming calls.

63775 - myApps Android: Didn't dial outgoing calls any more after long online time.

63977 - myApps Android: Incoming calls missed due to delayed connect to local media services.

63679 - myApps Android: Sometimes the PBX couldn't be connected any more until the app was uninstalled and re-installed.

62808 - myApps iOS: Added CallKit support

63778 - myApps iOS: Sometimes didn't remember PBX address, account login and other local data

63278 - myApps Windows/iOS/Android: Launcher settings were sporadically closed without user interaction

When the apps of the user were updated the settings dialog closed. This happened because the access rights for the app were checked. But the launcher settings are local and don't need access rights configured in the PBX.

63810 - myApps Windows/iOS/Android: Only allow connections to the webserver from localhost

Access is only needed from the localhost, so we can reject any connection from different remote addresses.

63309 - myApps Windows: Bug when a detached app could not be loaded

When an app was opened in an external window, but the Popup-HTML of myApps could not be loaded and the user closed the window again before the first reload attempt and then opened the same app again, the internal state of the app runtime was broken.

Fix: Detect the manual closing of the popup window and close the app runtime immediately.

63664 - myApps Windows: configuration for disabling desktop notifications

Desktop notifications can be disabled now in the client configuration UI.
There is also an MSI parameter to disable them during installation:

63711 - myApps Windows: prevent installation issues if clicking on update notification during installation

A notification is shown during the installation of myApps for Windows.
If this notification was clicked, myApps.exe was started which could have caused broken installations.

63790 - myApps Windows: start update even if myApps doesn't close itself correctly

If the update notification is used to trigger an update and myApps doesn't close afterwards correctly, the update service now still continues and kills myApps.

63343 - myApps/myPBX Android: Didn't act as dialer for calls from within contacts any more.

63331 - myApps/myPBX Android: False crashdump file written if the app was running during smartphone shutdown.

63418 - myApps: BringWindowToFront may block the UI

A window message is sent to the window to bring it to the foreground but sometimes if the window is busy, it may not process the message immediately.
I set a 500 msec timeout for this case but this could be fatal during an ICE negotiation.
The timeout is now set to 150 msec which should be enough and the message is sent inside a thread to avoid blocking the UI.

63801 - myApps: Chopped audio between the two remotes of a three party conference with OPUS codec.

63475 - myApps: Fixed delayed startup on push notification which could cause missed incoming calls.


63314 - myApps: Shutdown could hang if myApps was closed after a trace download aborted.

63611 - myApps: Styled scrollbars for firefox

63877 - myPBX for Windows: Additional option to start external application on calls immediately (before connect)

With the enabled autostart option, the external application was triggered when calls were connected. Now the behaviour can be configured.
* No autostart
* Autostart on connected call
* Autostart on each call

This can also be configured using MSI Parameters.
APPAUTOSTART=1 (connected)
APPAUTOSTART=2 (each call)

For this fix the PBX and the myPBX launcher needs to be updated.

63303 - myPBX iOS: Editing a smartphone contact from within the myPBX dictionary messed up the user interface

myPBX even crashed if a contact was edited a second time. This functionality has been removed. Please edit contacts in the contacts app of the smartphone.

63310 - myPBX iOS: The search icon on the favorite screen was shown too big on iOS 13.

63240 - myPBX iOS: User interface not responding any more on iOS 13 after leaving any submenu

63332 - myPBX may crash if no suitable webcam format is found

Variable was not initialized

63768 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a race condition trap during startup of the app.

63913 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed an exception at the end of a call on some smartphones

63335 - myPBX: Don't normalize internal numbers with the maximum subscriber number length for outlook integration

That previous fix only worked if the number was shorter than the configured maximum subscriber number length. But not if the number had the same length.

#57379 - myPBX: Don't normalize internal numbers for outlook integration

The PBX needs to be updated to apply the fix.

63313 - Netlogon: Connection to windows server was terminated if the authenticating user was disabled

The SamLogonExResponse message could not be decoded for such users. This was due to a wrong check of the encoding of the message.

63981 - No media if very fast hold/retrieve

There was a problem in H.323 when the new media negotiation was started when the local RTP for music on Hold was not yet initialized

63812 - PBX allow to configure an app on mobility devices

63307 - PBX Media Relay did not work for calls to/from softphone

Calls where established without media relay, which was a problem with third party phones, which require media relay to work with WebRTC softphone

64000 - PBX: Include "Hide from LDAP" into user publisher

To allow configuration in Users

63490 - PBX: Memory leak for calls using Phone App

Calls using the phone app used up memory even after the call was terminated as long as the phone app was not terminated, In addition also the "Reserved CPU" counter could increment

63776 - PBX: OEM Standby licenses did not work anymore

Collateral damage from implementig SMB lics

63336 - Phone-App: Improve cleanup of dial strings

Not enough to delete the 'usual decoration characters' (space,brackets,dash,slash,dot,carriagereturn,linefeed).
Also kill more exotic characters like EN DASH (German: "Halbgeviertstrich").

63911 - Phone-App: Video window did not always come to foreground

In some cases the video window went to background when opened.

63912 - Phones: Pickup fkey displayed one call as multiple calls

If a multi-registered user is called, PBX will broadcast call to all registered devices.
If another user has a pickup fkey this fkey should display the call as ONE call (not as many).

63672 - Quickdial: Late DTMF tearing down call

A DTMF received after a call was forwarded could tear down the call.
#changed pbx_dirsearch.cpp, .h

63900 - Removed field PBX Devices from the PBX object configuration in Advanced Admin UI

This field was added for a feature, which did not make it into the 13r1

63434 - SDK: Avoid unnecessary API updates in lib1 API consumer object

Only fire the onupdate event in the lib1 API consumer object, if there were actual changes to the model.

63908 - Show available conference channels on IPVA info page

63986 - SIP-Provider Profile DK-Telenor-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

63243 - SIP: No REGISTER message sent after being out of Wifi converage

No REGISTER message sent after after being out of Wifi converage for a while.

63436 - SIP: New interop-tweak /sig-disc-on-cancel

63311 - SOAP UserInfo missing on softphone registration changes

63691 - Softphone-App: Do not start ringer twice

Do not start ringer more than once if there are multiple incoming calls.

63976 - Softphone-App: Force user to select audio device

Notify user when selected device (audio or video) is not available.

63502 - Softphone-App: Make DTMF sending work on Firefox browser

Use new WebRTC-API to send DTMF.
Fix for Edge browser also.

63663 - Softphone-App: Problems sending DTMF to Voicemail or Conference

When using Softphone-App in browser-context (not using native client) it was sometimes not possible to enter DTMF digits to a voicemail or to a conference.
Problems only occur when OPUS was selected as audio-codec.

63489 - support for IMTRADEX push to talk headset

63273 - Trap when processing multipart message bodies in SIP

Trap when processing multipart message bodies in SIP.

63991 - Updated translations

63416 - USB Headsets: support for new Plantronics Savi 8200 series

support for the new Plantronics Savi 8200 series headsets

63644 - Webserver: Crashes because of an assert if length of data of a websocket message exceeds 64k.

Reported by trizwo.

13r1 Service Release 8 (132195)

64128 - Added Rcc-App

New built-in app to ...

64571 - App Client: Outlook search do not find contacts

There are some other folder structures due to different exchange versions.

64729 - App Devices: alarmserver password broken

The HTTP password for the alarm server was broken If configured through the UI.

64719 - App Devices: alarmserver password input field was missing password type

65329 - App Devices: fixed trap on empty sysclient websocket message

65194 - App Devices: moved rental extension button

65065 - App Events: Older events not loaded on scroll

The on scroll event was not working well anymore.

64032 - App Fax: Trap with presence monitoring

A fax app trap occurs if the presence monitoring is stopped just after the start of it.

64893 - App Files: Share improvement to share by link or user and password

It is not comfortable to share files without authorization unless the fileskey is get by a diversion of pbx manager.

64980 - App Manager: broken SMTP and/or alarm server passwords

These password could be broken after the install (just SMTP) or after changing values inside the manager UI without changing the password itself.

64709 - App Manager: fixed a trap during shutdown if sysclient websocket was currently DNS resolving

64706 - App Manager: fixed a trap with chunked encoded httpclient backups with digest auth

The manager app crashed during a backup because the http client didn't handle a chunked PUT with digest auth correctly.

64981 - App Manager: fixed trap with enabled Ethernet trace flag

65190 - App Manager: high CPU load due to wrong timer

64473 - App Manager: Improve the update message shown when updating all apps

Clicking UpdateAll on the App Manager appStore shows:
* A new popup that shows the apps to be updated with their new versions.
* A new popup If no updates are available.

65293 - App Manager: lowered TCP keepalive values

Changed values to:
net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time = 60
net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_intvl = 6
net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_probes = 9

This will e.g. prevent long offline states for App Platform sysclient connections.

65208 - App Manager: prevent certain timers from having too high timeouts

Some timers might have irregular timeouts under certain conditions.

65296 - App Manager: reserve 500MB for disk full cases

The manager now creates a 500 MB file on startup under /mnt/sda2/empty_if_no_space

This file can be emptied to 0 bytes if the disk is full. Afterwards the manager and database starts up again and files can be deleted inside the databases.

64988 - App Messages: fixed a leak on stopping an instance

65199 - App Profile: Switches not displayed well anymore on Call Diversions

64501 - App Reporting: Credentials for receiving CDRs

HTTP authorization for CDRs can be configured now.

64364 - App Store: On upload from Webbuild allow to use another path

So the webbuild ZIP can be downloaded from the Release Store, unzipped, placed on a webserver and used to upload the binaries.

64014 - App Users: Do not allow to call using the phone number

Call can only be started with the SIP-URI.

64945 - App Users: Limit of loaded users on scroll calculated depending on window size

If the window is too large, the scroll to load new users may not work because the scrollbar is not displayed. Now the amount of users that must be loaded when the app changes depending on the window size.

64707 - App Users: Reverse Proxy flag must be checked on 3rd-party phones

64951 - App UsersAdmin: Add button to remove all provisioning codes that are not valid anymore

So there is no need to delete them by hand one per one if they are older than a week.

64979 - App UsersAdmin: Replicator fails if very long email addresses are used

Now email addresses have no limit length.

65246 - App Voicemail: No Badge Count for g711u files

App Voicemail: No Badge Count for g711u files

65203 - App Voicemail: No Badge Count shown

No Badge Count is shown by receive new message

65107 - App Voicemail: Partial Content of get requests did not works correctly

Partial read of voicemails did not works correctly. It was noticeable by sending email notifications with voicemail attachments.

65200 - App Voicemail: WebdavServiceMove cannot handle destinations with url encoding

App Voicemail: WebdavServiceMove cannot handle destinations with url encoding

65157 - App Voicemail: WebdavServiceMove triggers an assert

There was an assert due to did not send http answer (WEBDAV_RESULT_CONFLICT)

64365 - Apps: create a trace file with traces and backtraces from last crash

If an app crashes and restarts, a new trace file is created which contains the trace up to the crash and the backtraces from the core dump.

Up to four of these trace files are created and can be downloaded in the manager app with links after the backtrace link (0) (1) (2) (3).

The download all archive also contains these new trace files.

64216 - Calendar - Crashes if restarting sync before exchange server settings had been detected

63365 - Calendar: Added option to configure autodiscover-url

In case that autodiscover is not able to find the autodiscover server, it's URL can now be given to the configuration.

64308 - Calendar: crashes during shutdown after timeout for HTTPClient used for syncing triggert

65375 - Cloud install: PBX Domain name must not be configurable

64307 - Config: added option to innovaphone.config.js to determine, if an password had already been set.

64906 - Devices App: allow scrolling of admin ui in myApps iOS

64175 - Emojis control not shown fully with narrow windows

Control should be adapted to narrow windows

64191 - H.323 unregister did not cleanup listening TCP/TLS sockets in case of IPv6

65059 - H323: Silence compression only done by one endpoint

When silence compression was negotiated, in some scenarios only one of the two endpoints acutally did silence compression.

65012 - HttpClient in apps used wrong Content-Length header for POST with digest/basic auth

64176 - HTTPClient: Crashes when an 401 answer sends its body chunk encoded

64567 - httpclient: Fixed wrong digest authentication if request string is > 1000 chars

65165 - Improved the trace information on unexpected restart

64366 - innovaphone OS IP111/IP112: Block downgrade to incompatible Firmware: This is the first 13r1 that supports IP111A and IP112A

IP111 and IP111A use the same firmware.
On IP111A downgrade to old IP111 firmware not supporting IP111A is blocked.
Same applies to IP112/IP112A

64174 - Install with external AP did not work without entering the AP password

An empty password should be treated as default password of a fresh AP (pwd). Instead strange password input showed up.

64189 - Install without DNS didn't work with the events app

65077 - Install: added ids for nightly tests

65201 - Install: do not change PBX/AP DNS input fields if "Use DNS" is not checked

The input fields are now not changed anymore if the use dns flag is not set but the PBX location or domain input field is changed.

65428 - Install: RCC app checked in Config Users template

65202 - Install: remove Use DNS checkbox in cloud installations and disable DNS input fields

64217 - IP-DECT: Empty install page

After factory reset the IP1202 shows an empty install page.

65115 - IP-DECT: IP1202/4 Single Cell support

Support for the new product: IP1202/4 Single Cell

65058 - IP-DECT: LDAP replication XML decode error

If LDAP replication is used, the user PBX XML data could exceed the buffer size and the decoding fails. The buffer is increased.

64771 - IP-DECT: No results from phone book without dialing location

If the IP-DECT phone book is configured without a dialing location, no results are sent to the handset. This is a fix for:
59983 - Phones: presence subscriptions fails on +49 style numbers

65440 - IP101/102: Dial-tone and ringback-tone missing on consultation call

Dial-tone and ringback-tone missing on consultation call initiated with R-key.

64222 - IP241: Display text for presence "DND" was missing

A question mark was displayed where "Do not disturb" was expected.

64125 - IPVA: Mute support for Soft Conference

The conference interface on the IPVA can mute members now.

65418 - Leak due to fix for Get Requests in WebdavService

Leak due to fix for Get Requests in WebdavService

65073 - Media: RTP sent to wrong destination in some rare non-ICE cases

RTP was sent to wrong destination in some rare non-ICE cases.

64471 - myApps Android/iOS: Fixed a trap on incoming call with suppressed caller ID.

65390 - myApps Android: Added coexistence mechanisms with GSM calls if ConnectionService is not available.

Put the VoIP call on hold if a GSM call comes in. Disconnect incoming VoIP calls if a GSM call is active.

64556 - myApps Android: File chooser didn't open to select a file to upload

64223 - myApps Android: Fixed a crash on start for devices running Android 6.0

65056 - myApps Android: Fixed a race condition where incoming calls were missed.

64944 - myApps Android: Fixed an intermittend trap seen on the play store

64264 - myApps Android: Opening new browser windows was not yet supported.

64368 - myApps Android: The download explorer could not open saved chat app attachments.

65057 - myApps did not restore user preferences when starting in offline mode

64252 - myApps iOS: Added document preview and interaction to handle links to known file types

65070 - myApps iOS: Fixed delayed reaction on key press in the UI, e.g. on the phone app's dial pad.

64305 - myApps iOS: Opening new browser windows was not yet supported.

65196 - myApps iOS: Wrong status bar color.

65099 - myApps Native: innovaphone.lib1.css/js not loaded through appproxy

The manifest file contained the wrong path for these files.

64248 - myApps Windows Outlooksearch: create core dumps and restart search binary after a crash

Zum Besseren Nachvollziehen von Crashes bei Kunden

64204 - myApps Windows: create x64 msi setup

In order to ship the required merge module for the VC++ redistributable package for the x64 outlook search binary, a x64 msi setup file is required.

Please note, that the store now contains two msi files:

The update process doesn't change for x64 windows, but if you're running a 32bit windows, you must once install the new myAppsSetup32.msi manually.
Afterwards the myApps client will select the required msi file automatically from the appstore.

64184 - myApps Windows: log file rotation may caused crashes

64854 - myApps Windows: start of notifications support for Windows Server 2016

Notifications are now shown in Windows Server 2016, but not yet fully functional.

64548 - myApps Windows: workaround to force the closing of a call notification

There is a Microsoft Windows bug which sometimes causes a hanging call notification on the screen if you pickup the call without the notification itself.
This workaround tries to hide such a notification anyway.

65417 - myApps: add /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag to linker

64393 - myApps: crash if dns returns no address for the PBX

No address found or DNS request took too long (timeout is 1 second)

64916 - myApps: Fixed a crash during call audio setup with large ICE candidate lists.

65154 - myApps: Fixed corrupt calling and redirecting names

65360 - myApps: hotkey did not work with modifier keys

hotkey was not working if it contained a modifier key like Alt or Ctrl.

62151 - myApps: RTP missing video frames are not reported to local WebRTC Connection

Remote RTP video streams are internally forwarded to local WebRTC connection used for display the remote video.
RTP missing frames were not reported to the local connection and this generated pixel errors in the image.
The local RTP connection must also contain the gaps in the RTP sequence number.

64250 - myPBX Android: Cannot connect to the PBX via TLS on old smartphones

64181 - myPBX iOS: Added CallKit support to enable accepting calls on the lock screen with iOS 13.

64991 - myPBX iOS: Failed to dial outgoing calls initiated from contacts

64961 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a crash when playing the ringtone

64990 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a freeze in some network conditions when initiating a call.

64256 - myPBX iOS: Phone number not shown in incoming call notification and CallKit screen.

64702 - myPBX iOS: Toggeling calls in the incoming call UI was not working

65416 - myPBX/myApps Android: Added a link to the Oneplus autostart settings app

65327 - Netlogon: Reconnect in case of: error Authentication Failed with Error 0xc0000022

Create a workaround where we reconnect when we get the error STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.. So it would only fail once and then run again.

Preliminary fix until we know what is the excact problem on the windows side.

65114 - PBX Manager App Platforms: Inconsistent password in AP object after editing app platform

The plugin always changed the password in the AP object, even if it was not changed on the App Platform.
Now the password is only changed during domain registration at an app platform.

64488 - PBX Manager plugins now always configure https URLs

Independent of the client which opens a PBX Manager plugin, the configured App object URL now always starts with https.

64949 - PBX Manager Plugins: always set "Hide from LDAP" and "Critical" flags and for APIs the "Hidden" app flag

These flags are now always set within PBX Manager Plugins and the install set the "Hidden" App flag now for the API objects too.

65325 - PBX: ASSERT message changed to "licenses expired, TRAP enforced" if licenses expire

64715 - PBX: Configuration of devices added to App object

So that registrations to App objects are possible.

64127 - PBX: Cropped conference announcements

No media renegotiation between two conference announcements is done now.

64714 - PBX: Disallow registrations on objects, which are not supposed to accept registrations

Even if devices are configured

64712 - PBX: Potential unexpected restart in case of many Apps assigned to a single user

A stack overflow could happen on systems with little DRAM

65010 - Phone USB headsets: add 2nd PID for Plantronics Blackwire C435

Plantronics Blackwire C435 headsets sold with identical P/N can have different signatures (product IDs)

64507 - Phone-App: Add letters to buttons of numeric block

Support of Vanity Dialing (Buchstabenwahl).
Softphone-App and Rcc-App also.

64196 - Phone-App: Get display name for incoming call from favorites

Get display name for incoming call from favorites if no display name was provided with incoming call.

64253 - Phone-App: New config option "Start call with ENTER"

64976 - Phones: Added SOAP events "r-hold-notify" and "r-retrieve-notify"

Used for automated testing and remote control.

64116 - Phones: Clear input field after entered phone number have been dialed

Clear input field after entered phone number have been dialed.
Phone types: IP222, IP232, IP111, IP112

64521 - Phones: List of emergency numbers does not work

Cannot dial all emergency numbers in locked state.
Only first emergency number can be dialed if multiple numbers are listed.

63998 - Phones: New config option "Start emergency calls on primary registration"

Start emergency calls always on primary registration.
Not on a temporary hotdesking registration.
Web-UI: Phone/Protect/Emergency Calls always on Primary Registration

64568 - Prepare IP111A/IP112A for HAB Boot

  1. changed imx6.mak
    #changed config.h
    #changed phone_imx6.cpp

64962 - RCC-API: Provide cause info in "CallInfo" message

Provide cause info in "CallInfo" message.

65367 - Rcc-App: Don't show Pickup button if pickup is not possible

Don't show Pickup button if pickup is not possible.

64930 - Rcc-App: Fix for dead calls in UI

Dead calls on UI if connection to PBX temporarily gets lost.

64933 - SDK: Documentation of service licenses in the AppLogin message

Documented in:
* sdk/doc/appwebsocket/AppWebsocket.htm#info
* sdk/common/lib/appwebsocket.htm#AppWebsocketConnectComplete


64263 - Session key establishment for Service API

AppWebsocketEncrypt / AppWebsocketDecrypt did not work for Websocket connections between App Services that were authenticate using the services API.

62756 - SIP: Disabled SDP tunneling

Fix for SDP tunneling.
It turned out to cause problems in signaling of hold and retrieve.
Can be enabled with config option /sdp-tunneling

65159 - SIP: Fix for small memory leak

Fix for small memory leak when INVITE is received with History-Info header or Diversion header.

64469 - SIP: Fixing problems on presence interop with external UC

Fixing problems on presence interop with external UC (ESTOS)

64370 - SIP: Improve protection against DOS attacks

Be save against malicious incoming TCP streams.
Close TCP connection if incoming data stream cannot be converted into complete message frame.

64728 - SIP: Make direct IP address dialing work on phones

Configure phone as 'standalone' and dial IP4 addresses (e.g. 172*16*19*202) to call another 'standalone' phone.
Did work with with H.323, but not with SIP yet.

64109 - SIP: Memory leak when response could not be sent due to insufficient buffer

SIP stack failed to construct reject response to some incoming SUBSCRIBE messages. Leaving memory leak.

64206 - SIP: New interop tweak /no-identity-header

Some SIP carrier don't like to see PAI or PPI in SIP messages.

65093 - SIP: New interop tweak /require-mediasec

New interop tweak to enable Telekom specific security stuff.

64306 - SIP: RTP send to old destination

May happen if remote side gives SDP answer with multiple audio-codecs.
Another single-codec SDP offer is send in order to pinpoint one single audio codec.
Remote side may answer with a changed RTP port.
Changed RTP port was ignored.

65011 - SIP: SDP answer misses 'a=inactive' line

Recv SDP offer with 'a=inactive'.
Sometimes SDP answer was sent without 'a=inactive'.

64259 - SIP: Send UPDATE on change of user identity (not re-INVITE)

Since RFC-5876 it is allowed to send PAI/PPI in UPDATE method.
No longer required to use re-INVITE to update the identity of a peer.

64518 - Softphone-App: Add external line prefix to numbers from directory

Add external line prefix to numbers from directory.
If no international numbers.

64260 - Softphone-App: Remote-control via TAPI did not work anymore

Auto-connect of inbound call did not work anymore.

63405 - Softphone-App: Show error if WebRTC does not work due to unsecure context

When Softphone-App is used in browser-context (not in native client) WebRTC-API is used. Browser does not allow WebRTC when HTTP is used to open appclient. HTTPS must be used.

64989 - Softwarephone: Jabra headsets dont always ring

all jabra devices report they have internal ringer support which is not true. this leads to no ringtone when the device is selected as ringer

65055 - Softwarephone: support for SDK headsets without button functionality

12r2: headsets without button functionality are sometimes not reported by the SDKs and were thus not visible. Now handled as audio devices as well

65322 - Sync unit test framework for automated tests with version 13r1

Only needed for innovaphone internal testing.

63985 - Telenor-SIP Trunk

new profile for v13r1 SIP DK Telenor

65463 - TLS: Decode error in handshake when the remote side uses SHA224 signatures

Happened when the remote side used SHA224 for signing key exchanges.
Fix: Do not offer / negotiate SHA224.

65409 - Unexpected restart when using RCC

Unexpected restart when using Remote Call Control (e.g. Rcc-App).

64006 - Webserver: Added functions to change authentication config on the fly

64566 - Webserver: Fix wrong digest authentication if request string is >1000 chars

64993 - Webserver: fixed a bug that could lead to a crash if an app closes and a client tries to access to that apps webinterface.

13r1 Service Release 9 (132229)

66274 - App Calendar: performance improvement

66273 - App Calendar: updated Calendar-Admin UI

66643 - App Devices: added further test ids for automated tests

65910 - App Devices: allow setting of an empty logging URL in alarmserver config

Setting an empty URL will disable logging.

65868 - App Devices: correctly format error popups for small screens

66658 - App Devices: edit domain password triggers now an error if just retype password is changed

Until now, the password "change" was ignored at all in such a case, which wasn't obvious.

65869 - App Devices: fixed javascript error on using back arrow in small screens

66625 - App Devices: fixed missing session updates for domain changes, if changing session broke away too early

Just a restart of the Devices App helped in this case to get valid domains again.

65926 - App Devices: ignore '+' and '/' chars in backup filenames

If a backup filename contains one of these characters, the backup fails.
This can happen if a device name contains one of these chars.

66631 - App Devices: max length 15 for domain passwords

Admin passwords of innovaphone devices do not allow longer passwords, so the domain password mustn' be longer.

66648 - App Devices: missing update message for new domain categories after device domain move

This caused incomplete domain categories inside the UI.

65755 - App Devices: set the websocket flag in the PBX Manager plugin

The websocket flag for the Devices App object is also always needed for the com.innovaphone.devicesui API.

66057 - App Devices: workaround for a Chrome issue which causes a broken Admin UI after usage of certain links

Certain links in the old admin UI caused a non working admin UI.

65711 - App Fax: Scroll bar in Firefox fixed

65907 - App Manager: Fix stopping of instance after editing

65762 - App Manager: prevent upload of PEM certificate with wrong public key order

If the public key is not the first key inside the file, an error is now shown.

66192 - App Manager: restart NTP daemon if no NTP time is received after 5 minutes

66456 - App Manager: Uploading a wrong Manager binary should not remove the directory

Remove the wrong uploaded file only without a need for a Manager restart

65163 - App Manager: w/o dns verification link does not insert ip address

65332 - App Profile: Change text on when connection with Devices has already been set

65919 - App Profile: Checkmarks displayed on white on light color schema on Groups Tab

The checkmarks were not visible because the background is also white.

65943 - App Reporting: calculate alert duration for CDRs without alert message before connect

CDRs which didn't contain an alert message but a connect message directly after the setup didn't have an alert duration.

65710 - App Reporting: Scroll bar in Firefox fixed

66325 - App Users: Allow to unset the Profile App on Plugin

It was not possible to unselect the Profile App on the PbxManager Plugin under Change Config. So once an app was configured on the PBX it could not be removed anymore, only changed to another one.

66108 - App Users: Remove SMTP default values from Users Service

66342 - App Users: SearchAPI does not return results for emails with the PBX domain

On Users the emails with the same domain as the PBX, they are saved without the domain on the DB, so the SearchAPI was not returning the user if the full email address was searched.

66382 - App UsersAdmin: "PBX Pwd" flag always set to false when editing

66652 - App UsersAdmin: Button "+Devices" sometimes doubled

66656 - App UsersAdmin: Only allow to add devices one by one

Just one dialog to add a new device should be displayed.

66654 - App UsersAdmin: Only allow to delete devices on edit mode

The edit button must be clicked before to be able to delete the devices for a given user.

66186 - App UsersAdmin: Remove read-only flags from the Permissions tab

The read-only flags to "Allow users to register using a web form" and to "Allow users do delete their own accounts" have been removed from the config tab. They can be edited on the PbxManagerPlugin.

66318 - App Voicemail: Leak in VoicemailSession

Small leak in voicemail

65777 - App Voicemail: No attachment on email notification

There is no attachment on email notification from voicemail app.

65447 - App Voicemail: slow start fixed

Starting of the voicemail could take up to 40s, because the removal of a directory took so lang.

66092 - Applied a busybox patch which caused linux users to have an invalid password

66267 - Display name from LDAP lookup got lost when call reaches connected state

"DialogInfo" message ("com.innovaphone.client") misses display name.
Also after transfering an external call leg, the transferre-to user did not see the LDAP name of the external party.

66191 - Firmware: NTP server won't respond to NTP requests anymore if it doesn't have a valid time

Needed for the AP, where the NTP client won't update to a good time if it received a time like 1970:... before from an NTP server.

65866 - Firmware: renamed App Platform and Devices Registration tabs

To get rid of the spaces which allows URLs directly to the specified page.

65861 - Fix for licensing of Phone-App and Softphone-App

Full UC license was required to run Phone-App and Softphone-App.
- Phone-App runs with license "App(phone)"
- Softphone-App runs with license "App(phone)" plus "App(softphone)"

65803 - Fix for trap in SIP stack

Introduced by earlier fix: #36385 - SIP: Fix for trap during call transfer

65932 - Fixed manifest for conference apps

The file name of the app icon was wrong in the manifest.

65860 - Help link in "Visibility" configuration

66623 - HTTP: Add cache-control and pragma header for resources that shall not be cached

expires: Friday, 25-Jul-97 00:00:00 GMT

Now it is:
Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store
expires: Friday, 25-Jul-97 00:00:00 GMT
Pragma: no-cache

66005 - innovaphone OS IP111/IP112: Block downgrade to incompatible Firmware - Fix update server

Fix for #64366 Updating IP111A/IP112A with the update server was not possible

65930 - Install: correctly finish the install with network/update only selection after reboot

66657 - Install: disable devices login fields in cloud environment

65923 - Install: disable writing of relay CDRs

Relay CDRs are now not written anymore per default (Gateway->General "Write CDRs").

65727 - IP111A/IP112 Manufacturing test: Allow OTP programming only in production

65464 - IP111A/IP112A Manufacturing test - show ethernet link start time

<-- Added to the ethernet statistic xml output
Only 13r1 13r2

#changed imx6_eth_drv.h/cpp

65725 - IP111A/IP112A Manufacturing test -improved handset/headset acoustic test

66190 - Media-Relay calls from third party SIP phones to softphone did not work

Incomplete merge from 13r2

65709 - mxPBX Android/iOS: Fixed registration loss short after start and unreliable call through.

65795 - myApps Android/iOS: Sending DTMF via the CallKit and ConnectionService UI was not working yet

65845 - myApps Android/iOS: Smartphone contacts didn't appear in Softphone App's search results

66871 - myApps Android: Fixed sleep periods during background start that could cause missed calls

65363 - myApps Android: Incoming calls were ringing with two ring tones.

65783 - myApps Android: Keep showing the call screens of ConnectionService until the smartphone is unlocked.

65444 - myApps hangs if RTP/RTCP port binding fails

MediaInitializedComplete was not called if the RTP/RTCP port binding failed. And this hanged myApps during call setup.

66196 - myApps iOS: Avatar pictures sometimes disappeared if peer was offline

66637 - myapps softphone radio link between headset and base station stays open, consuming energy

13r1: radio link between headset and base station stays open, consuming energy

66557 - myApps Windows: added MSI parameter FORCERESTART to allow rollout of updates

The MSI parameter FORCERESTART can now be used to enforce closing and restarting of myApps through an update installation.

This also allows the uninstall of myApps if myApps is currently running.

65445 - myApps Windows: Made the application start quicker

65576 - myApps Windows: Officeintegration did not add external line prefix

Officeintegration did not add external line prefix when starting call.
Attribute 'adjust: true' needs to be added when using 'StartCall' message on API ''.

65734 - myApps Windows: the client didn't always close correctly

65654 - myApps Windows: updated chromium

66666 - myApps/myPBX Android: Incoming calls sometimes not presented

66356 - myapps/softphone crash when unplugging/replugging headset

13r1: unplugging and replugging of jabra headset leads to crash

66457 - myApps: Allow apps to use getUserMedia

Set allow="microphone; camera" for apps, so that WebRTC can be used inside apps that are not loaded from the same host like the myApps client.

This is disabled by default in current browser versions.

65928 - myApps: open the clipboard fails with access denied

New attempt to open the clipboard is now implemented.

62716 - myApps: rotate chromium.log file

65797 - myApps: workaround for the mDNS and Host candidate problem

These browser ".local" candidates are now checked (without success) but thanks to the incoming checks from the browser, a PRFLX candidate is found and a working ICE path too.

65247 - myPBX Android: Added ConnectionService support to improve the interaction with GSM calls.

66222 - myPBX iOS: Audio missing if a call was picked up via block dialing *0#

66083 - myPBX iOS: Fixed a memory leak in the smartphone contacts search

66103 - myPBX iOS: Use the thumbnail size photo of contacts

65766 - myPBX-toolkit not working

66755 - myPBX/myApps Android: Added a button to guide to the app notification settings

66627 - myPBX/myApps Android: Added a button to link to Android's data saver options

Data usage in background must be granted to allow signaling of incoming calls.

66541 - myPBX/myApps Android: On MIUI based devices the user must grant appearance on the lock screen

myApps even doesn't ring if this permission is not granted.

66034 - PBX Manager Plugin AP: always use wss and https

65448 - PBX soap methods didn't always respond correctly

If a PBX soap answer was too large, the HTTP answer was incomplete.

65578 - PBX: fixed a possible leak with replication updates

65769 - Phone-App: Avoid unnecessary search API queries

Keep dialed directory entry and avoid another query for business card.

65934 - Phone-App: Inbound waiting calls were dropped while other inbound calls are answered

When having inbound multiple calls waiting.
Inbound waiting calls were dropped while other inbound calls are answered.

65666 - Phone-App: Transfer before connect of consultation call did not work

Transfer with 2 calls (one on hold and the other in ringback state) did not work.

65768 - Phone-App: Translated call states on fav-calls

Show translated call-states on calls on favorites.

65460 - Phones: Assign LDAP name to outbound calls

Entering a phone number (local PBX user).
Find directory entry and dial directory entry.
If call is diverted before ALERT (CFU) the calling phone displays no DN for the originally dialed number in call list.
Now the DN from LDAP is displayed in call list.

65802 - Phones: Cannot answer 2nd ringing call

If there are incound calls ringing at the same time,
you can answer the first call before the second,
but not the second call before the first.

64891 - Phones: Show own display name on display

There's a new config file option for phone devices with monochrome display (e.g. IP230, IP240, IP241, IP101).
config change PHONE FORMS /show-own-name
If set, the phone show the user's own display-name on idle screen.

66355 - RCC-API: Missing dn (display-name) in leg2 info in "CallInfo" message

Display name was missing of that user/object which forwarded the call to me.

66468 - RCC-App: Retrieving held call did not work in any case

Retrieving held call did not work if the call was automatically set on hold by phone device on start of consultation call.

65763 - recordings:crash when interface recording and interface name not set

13r1: when recording on an interface and the name of the interface is empty recordings app crashed

65756 - Show "call waiting" state for outgoing call

Display text to user on outbound call while destination is busy in another call:
"Call waiting"

65713 - SIP: Call did not return to 'sendrecv' state

First re-INVITE was sent with 'sendonly' and incremented SDP version.
Later re-INVITE was sent with 'sendrecv' but wihtout incremented SDP version.
SDP version needs to be incremented to indicate a modification.

65864 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation

Found a bug on coder selection when WebRTC endpoint is involved.
WebRTC endpoints do not provide default RTP address (c-line).
RTP addresses are found in candidate lines only.

65330 - Softphone-App: Allow transfer before consultation connect

Allow to initiate call transfer before consultation call is answered.
A.k.a. semi-attended transfer

65852 - Softphone-App: Fix for ICE

ICE may fail with newer Chrome browsers.
Because Chrome browser does not provide IP addresses as HOST candidates anymore.
Chrome browser provides mDNS names instead (e.g. ce417ccd-640e-4d1a-831a-3f76e8171c7d.local).

65385 - Softphone-App: Save active call when (un)docking the app in App-Client

Active call is auto-parked BEFORE undock/dock and auto-connected AFTER undock/dock.

66101 - Softphone: Sometimes no media on incoming calls if Softphone is not first registration

Media negotiation is different in this case

13r1 Service Release 10 (132263)

66867 - Admin-UI: Sometimes no error displayed if download of update script failed

No was error display if the download of update script failed in a special way.
"not polled" was wrongly indicated instead.

67035 - Admin-Web-UI: Show websocket sessions with tag "WS" or "WSS"

Use dedicated protocol tag "WS" or "WSS" for websocket sessions on Services/HTTP/Server.

67273 - App Conference: Do not allow to display the user's name as HTML

67165 - App Devices: allow relogin for software rental if credentials have changed

If credentials have changed, the login screen is now shown again in devices to login with new credentials.

67270 - App Devices: do not set "Disable Phonenumber Look-up" anymore

Instead, this setting is now set in the phone configuration inside the Config User template through the Install.

67078 - App Devices: exclude non innovaphone devices from backup and update jobs

66769 - App Devices: json file download sometimes failed although ok

67872 - App Events: Hour displayed as undefined when using Chrome in French

The function toLocaleString includes an "à" on the output on French:
"18/02/2020 à 08:07:00"
So when splitting the date, the "à" was being parsed as the hour.

67267 - App Fax: Scrolling bar not shown

The scrolling bar of the jobs list is shown again.

67083 - App Manager: fixed potential trap during backup restore

67886 - App Profile: JS-Exception when taking a photo on browser

Now an error "No video devices found!" will be displayed if the media devices are undefined.

67879 - App Reporting: Changed the display name from "Reporting" to "Reports"

67441 - App Reporting: Missed calls in call list API

Missed calls in the call list API caused by a missing sorting is fixed.

67892 - App Reporting: Prefer SIP instead of the number to start a call

If a call list entry contains both a SIP-URI and a number, the SIP-URI is only used to start a call.

66864 - App Store: Do not allow to open a new "Add" dialog if the previous one was not closed

Just one "Add" dialog can be opened at once for apps, firmware, software and app platform.

66865 - App Store: JSON files must be updated on the server side

67054 - App Store: Remove binaries from the copy array on apps.json

The binaries (apptest,apptest.debug,apptest.png) should not be included on this array, only any other file that should be uploaded.

67231 - App Users: Do not allow to display the name as HTML

66862 - App Users: Privacy filter "@" not evaluated

It was not taken into account when checking the privacy settings.

67800 - App Users: Set a minimum number of users to be loaded

If the screen is too small not many users are loaded everytime on scrolling down and it slows down the scrolling process.

66711 - App UsersAdmin: Allow to select no template when adding/editing a user

67845 - App UsersAdmin: Dropdowns are too small for some browsers

On myApps for Windows the dropdowns are displayed cutting the text because they are not big enough.

66742 - App UsersAdmin: Rework the selection of users on the Provisioning UI

Now the list of users can be filtered and sorted. The phone numbers are also displayed.

67736 - App Voicemail: VM object tries WS although only GET URL is entered

67751 - Apps: Login Check in PBX Manager Plugin of several apps

The app login checks of the PBX Manager Plugin of the Apps forward the used domain by the PBX to the app instance now. This fixes failed checks if an account is used in the PBX AP object.

67900 - AppWebsocket: Add app prefix to all console traces

So that the trace shows the app the websocket messages belong to.

67764 - Avatar API: Add "no-cache" to the URL if the user is requesting its own picture

35625 - Call List fix for CFU/CFNR

Do not show connected CFU/CFNR calls as missed calls.

66956 - Call List: Internal calls should not be displayed as Anonymous if "No clir on internal calls" is configured

Even if these calls are sent with CLIR

67899 - Chat: Show user presence consent with other Apps

The online state was not shown so far.

67080 - Crash during an AppSharing conference

A data packet was freed twice due to packet lost.

66326 - Fixed potential traps with TURN TCP

67703 - Gateway: Interworking config option did not work for legInfo2 and ctSetup

Config option "Interworking(QSIG,SIP)" did not work for legInfo2 and ctSetup.
legInfo2 and ctSetup were always interworked even if config option is OFF.

67881 - Install: Change naming of "Apps" to "AP Manager"

Changed the naming so it is consistent with "PBX Manager"

66762 - Install: show a text while connecting to external App Platform

Avoid an empty page in cloud and external AP scenarios.

67726 - IP112A: Update LCD Clock

Increase display visibility

66320 - IP311 IP29: Hide Webfax interface

Webfax is not implemented on IP29 and IP311, but webfax channels were shown on the user interface

66324 - LDAP replication required reboot of all PBX on change of PBX password

If the PBX password was changed on the master and then a slave was rebooted, the LDAP replication failed unless the master was restarted as well.

66460 - Messages: Potential restart loop since upgrade to sr7

A database update in sr7, could result in a crash if chat groups with duplicate members had been configured before.

68069 - myApps Android: A long lasting inbound call was disconnected on smartphone unlock

67390 - myApps Android: Fixed chopped audio at the moment the smartphone was brought to the ear

67442 - myApps Android: Fixed missed incoming calls in a certain time window

67125 - myApps Android: No audio on incoming calls while the phone is locked

67801 - myApps Android: Reliability of incoming call signaling

66556 - myApps Client: Trap in OutlookSearch

Trap in outlooksearch

67626 - myApps Windows: Fixed a trap related to outlook search

66897 - myApps Windows: notifications support on Windows Server 2016

Notifications were not properly working on Windows Server 2016 due to bugs in older Windows versions.

67707 - myApps Windows: replaced background graphic of installer

67051 - myApps Windows: Test-playing of ringtones stopped working after the second tested tone.

67048 - myApps: audio and video not working if RTCPMux was not used

This problem only occurs between 12r1 and below and 13r1.
SRTP Keys were overwritten with the keys generated by the SRTCP instance.

63674 - myApps: delete dump files after a month

Dump files older than a month will be deleted

67233 - myApps: On start the app icons appeared with delay if not all of them were accessible.

66563 - myApps: process DTLS Alert messages

Alert messages were handled as application data

67245 - myApps: Re-use established HTTP connections to the same IP and not only to the same host.

67501 - myApps: Shorten load time through caching of avatar pictures

67266 - myApps: Shorten myApps load time through an additional web content cache

66765 - myApps: Undocked phoneApp does not come to the foreground after pressing a hotkey

The phoneApp sends now a message to the client with the window to be presented, main myApps window or the phoneApp window.

63673 - myApps: user AppData\Local instead of AppData\Roaming

Trace and dump files are now written to AppData\Local but browser cache still to Roaming directory.

68086 - myPBX/myApp Android: Link to settings to overcome the new background start restriction of Android 10

67016 - myPBX/myApps Android: Avoid that the permission prompts are preempted to the background

68033 - myPBX/myApps Android: Missed incoming calls because the CPU was not reserved early during startup.

68021 - myPBX/myApps Android: No audio with Samsung S8/S9 if ConnectionService was used.

67984 - myPBX/myApps Android: On some smartphones the app didn't appear during ringing if it was behind another app on locked screen.

67731 - PBX Admin API: Include app domain in GetAppLogin response message

The response message of the PBX admin API for the GetAppLogin message includes the app domain now. It is needed to validate a login.

66655 - PBX Group pickup stopped working when user groups were changed

After change of the group configuration no dialog information was sent to the phone of the user.

66866 - PBX Manager Plugin Conference: Duplicate Gateway search results

Same gateways are shown more than one with multiple search requests with a slow connection.

67500 - PBX Manager Plugin DECT: Removed

This incomplete plugin is removed.

66916 - PBX Manager plugin FXS should allow provisioning of interface

For this a input field for the provisioning code was already present, but did not work

66921 - PBX Mobility: Reject call from wrong mobile number optionally with cause no-route-to destination

Instead of service-or-option-not-available. This allows to re-route such a call in the gateway

66776 - PBX option to add '+' to PBX number from LDAP

For e.164 configurations so that the numbers from LDAP are provided as international numbers

66586 - PBX restart if editing a user with Users Admin if templates with 4 references are used

66919 - PBX Reverse Lookup: Allow X.500 bindname format

The bindname was cut of at the first comma

67878 - PBX: Change naming "PbxManager" to "PBX Manager" and "ApiMonitor" to "API Monitor"

67265 - PBX: Include Settings App for myPBX dynamic group join/leave

Only for use with myPBX. Not needed with myApps.

66774 - PBX: No media after transfer of a call sent with mobility on a Waiting Queue to a Broadcast Group

67455 - PbxManager: Trunk deletion remove not all Interfaces from the HWID List

Before only the last one from the list was removed

66940 - phone ip230/240/240a: fix DHSG headset port timing issue

Since v2sr2 the DHSG headset port does not work on some phones because of a hardware timing issue.

66914 - phone USB headsets: add new product IDs for existing Sennheiser Headsets

A lot of Sennheiser USB Headsets may come up with a new product ID after an update of the headse/base firmware.

66223 - phone USB-headset: add one more signature for Plantronics BT600 Dongle

Plantronics changed the signature of this dongle the third time, so we have to add it too

66767 - Phone-App: Calls from call-list not assigned to favorites

Calls from call-list not assigned to favorites, but displayed in recent list.
Caused some remote users to be displayed double.
In favorite list and recent list.

67255 - Phone-App: Fix for list of recent contacts

When merging multiple calls into one list entry sometimes the displayname was missing when the first (oldest) call had no display name.

67254 - Phone: Presence with alert not displayed

On IP222/111/112 presence information received with ALERT message from called party is not displayed.
Display should toggle between remote party information and remote presence information every 2 seconds.

66946 - Phones: Cannot send text message to names containing non-ascii

Cannot send text message to names containig german umlauts or other non-ascii character.

67169 - Phones: Fixed a non-serious memory leak related to presence subscriptions.

66882 - Potential unexpected restart on collision of call cancel and DTMF map execution on PBX waiting queue

57836 - Reporting: add new columns to CSV reports

Original Called, Diverting and Transferring columns were missing in the CSV reports

67003 - Restart when changing the SBC object

67732 - SDK: App Websocket considers a domain in AppCheckLogin

The SDK app websocket library considers an app domain in the AppCheckLogin message if given. Otherwise the app domain of the websocket connection is used for the login validation.

67172 - Set 'titillium' font as default for <select> elements

Set 'titillium' font as default for <select> elements.

67701 - SIP/TCP registration thru reverse proxy did not work anymore

Collateral damage from 67065 - SIP/TLS: Problems when registering through reverse proxy

67065 - SIP/TLS: Problems when registering through reverse proxy

Client certificate was not passed to PBX.

67771 - SIP: Add 'Route' header to INVITE request to registered endpoints

Keep route-set received with REGISTER request.
Add this route-set when sending INVITE request.
Fix for SIP through reverse-proxy.

66924 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart

Fix for assertion: SERIAL_CLOSE for active channel!

67805 - SIP: Memory leak on presence federation with Microsoft

Buffers leaking with content:
ms-asserted-verification-level: ms-source-verified-user=verified

66815 - SIP: New interop tweak /no-early-sdp-answer

Affects inbound SIP calls.
If set, no SDP is sent in any provisional response.

66764 - SIP: Registration lost on Telekom SIP trunk

Problem with SIP provider that provide multiple IP addresses in DNS.
SIP stack jumps between different IP addresses resulting in instable link.

66909 - SIP: Trap on SIP over TLS if remote certificate is refused

Trap trace looks like this:

0:0133:809:0 - sip_transport::serial_event(SOCKET_CONNECT_COMPLETE) Remote server certificate mismatch: expected-cert-name-here (�)
0:0133:821:5 - Assertion failed line 546 in box/arm/arm.cpp, DELETE caller=0xc1740
0:0133:821:6 - assert-ep 0001ac58 called from 0001b230

67458 - SMTP: Attachments were not sent with the email

The number of attachments to be sent were always set to "0".

67753 - Softphone-App: DTMF does not work in context of Firefox (WebRTC)

DTMF does not work when OPUS is selected as audio-codec.
Problem introduced in SR by fix for Chrome browser.
(#55875 - Softphone-App: Problems sending DTMF with Chrome browser (WebRTC))

67624 - Softphone: Web caching didn't work for this app due to incorrect manifest

67890 - Updated translations

67256 - UserCall from Waiting, no audio

If a call is initiated from a waiting queue using SOAP or RCC api, it is expected at the destination that the audio from the waiting queue is played. This was not the case in 13r1 anymore.

67160 - Webserver could crash if an app closes while receiving a request

67271 - Webserver crashes if dynamic autenthication won't return a user name

13r1 Service Release 10a (132273)

68073 - App Voicemail: Instance password in db for upgrade

13r1 Service Release 11 (132291)

68246 - App Call List: Reload data on WS reconnection

If the websocket reconnects, the data is reloaded for a proper sync.

68185 - App Conference: Cached version was never updated in the myApps offline cache

68241 - App Contacts: SearchProvider returns Results with JSON attribute "adjust:true"

The JSON attribute "adjust:true" instructs a consumer of the search api to derive a diallable number in any case.

68457 - App Devices: possible traps under certain conditions

In some rare race conditions, double frees occured which could lead to traps.

68557 - App Events: Added Events API

With the Events API events, alarms and logs can be sent to the App Service.

68380 - App Fax: Show new document button correctly

68022 - App Users: Wrong replication state set after update

The replication war working but the replication state was not connected after an update. This blocked the Users Admin UI.

71512 - App UsersAdmin: Allow to configure Forks and Call Diversions

68032 - Apps/myApps/SDK: Use sans-serif as fallback font instead of Open Sans

For unicode characters that are not included in the titillium font, we use fallback fonts.

Before this fix it was:
font-family: titillium, 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

Now it is:
font-family: titillium, sans-serif;

The reason is that the software does not include the Open Sans font, so variants of Open Sans are used that are randomly installed on the users system. This could lead to undesired italic or bold text.

68418 - AppWebsocket protocol: Potential trap on PBX

68392 - AppWebsocket: Fix exponential backoff for reconnect

The exponential backoff did not work in case of login failures, so the library reconnected each second.

68206 - Fix for potential trap with waiting queues

68382 - H.323: Support checking of device certificates for future product

68424 - Httpclient: Possible leak with connection: keep-alive

If one connection was reused for subsequent requests there could be a leak. This happened always but not exclusively with chunked encoding.

68072 - Install: allow DNS names for NTP servers and show DHCP NTP servers

The input fields for NTP servers now accept DNS names, not just IP addresses.
If a DHCP server distributes NTP servers, the DHCP server values are now also shown above the input fields.

68148 - Install: always use secure websocket devices connections for the installed AP and PBX

68436 - IP29-20: Prevent downgrade to old firmware

IP29-20 is only supported with version 13r1 and higher.

68020 - Media: Fix for channels offers with multiple DTMF payload types

Offers may contain multiple DTMF (telephone-event) playload types for different clockrates. One for every occuring audio clockrate.
Clockrate of selected DTMF payload-type must match the clockrate of the selected audio codec.

68417 - myApps protocol: Potential trap

68438 - myApps Windows: avoid multiple update failed notifications

If the App Store was not reachable or the myApps build number wrongly configured, the update failed notification was shown on opening different apps, on every chat message etc.
This also caused higher load on the App Store itself, as the download was retried everytime.

68439 - myApps Windows: retry download of update

If an update download fails, the download is now retried every hour.

62458 - myApps-Windows: send traces using MAPI Library

Default email client is now used to send myApps traces.

67987 - myApps: Add additional languages (cs, ru, si)

Added additional languages to the language selection inside myApps:
* Czech
* Russian
* Slovenian

69040 - myApps: Deployment of settings for all users from the PBX

The settings can be defined on the PBX and are then deployed to all clients during login. This is a replacement for the deployment mechanism using MSI parameters on windows.

Applies for myApps WIndows/iOS/Android.


67799 - myApps: H264 video codec

68434 - myApps: Performance improvements for Outlook Search

67978 - myApps: RTCP Messages were not encrypted with RTCPMux

67966 - myApps: send message to phoneApp if webcam could not be started

The Launcher sends a MediaDeviceFailed JSON message to the phoneApp if the webcam could not be started.
The PhoneApp will try to start another webcam if available or just show an error message.

68013 - myApps: wrong window size was calculated after closing myApps if the window was docked

68191 - PBX Manager Plugin for Conference: Empty button replaced

The empty button in the PBX Manager Plugin for the Conference App in the section Channels App configuration is replaced with a reset button.

67883 - PBX: Limit length of input field PBX/Config/Music on hold URL

Length of MOH URL is limited to 126 characters.

68019 - PBX: Possible trap in PBX Gateway object

68425 - PBX: Unexpected restart on too long Chat messages

Chat messages are now splitted into chunks of 8K bytes length.

68416 - PbxAdminApi: Fix for potential trap

68414 - PbxAdminApi: SearchUsers did not find exact matches

* Search for "John Doe" did not find the user "John Doe"
* Search for "John Do" found the user.

For example this lead to unexpected search results in PBX Manager Plugins.

68454 - phone USB: wait longer for completion of control commands

completion of control comands sent to a headset is controlled by a timer. For a certain headset the timeout was too short.

68028 - Phone-App: Pickup was affected by "Send Number" config option

When picking an alerting call in Phone-App or Softphone-App the call was sent to phone number configured as "Send Number". Not to the user who sent the pick-request.

67967 - PhoneApp: Video/audio preview button should be changed if config is closed

Button remains on 'stop' symbol.
Must be reset to 'play' symbol when config menu is closed, because closing stops playback.

68142 - Phones: Fav-list not loaded to phone if display-name of a fav contains special characters

Fav-list not loaded to phone if display-name of a fav contains special characters like double-quotes or angle-brackets.

67979 - SDP: add rtcp-fb packet lost indication lines

Packet lost indication in SDP

a=rtcp-fb:pt nack\r\n
a=rtcp-fb:pt nack pli\r\n

67114 - SIP through RP behind NAT did not work

If Reverse Proxy is behind NAT, RP must write public NAT router address (or hostname) into Record-Route header.
Otherwise in-dialog requests from external client (e.g. ACK or BYE) will not reach the PBX.
New config option "Public NAT router address" for RP.
Value required if RP is in private network behind NAT.
No value required if RP is on public network.

68006 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-DOKOM-DOKOM21

Updated SIP Provider Profile

68141 - SNMPv3

Added basic protocol support for SNMPv3.
Disable checkmark for SNMPv1.

68420 - SNMPv3, Customer Feedback

-ColdStart trap wasn't sent
-Authentication trap wasn't sent for v3 authentication fails

68129 - Softphone-App: Fix for auto-delete of call

Calls are auto-deleted after 2,5 seconds in state "Released" (released by remote end).
If local user manually deletes call before this timeout the timer was not stopped and fired in state "Deleted".
Strange console messages:

SoftphoneCall::changeState(-1) [MySphone] Connected->Released time=2020-02-25T13:19:31.120Z
SoftphoneCall::changeState(-1) [MySphone] Released->Deleted time=2020-02-25T13:19:32.067Z
SoftphoneCall::changeState(-1) [MySphone] Deleted->Released time=2020-02-25T13:19:33.633Z

67986 - Support for "Unencrypted SRTCP" added

Support for "Unencrypted SRTCP" added acc. to RFC-4568.

68197 - Support Wireshark 3.x with npcap driver

The npcap driver in newer wireshark versions checks the length field of a protocol message which was incorrectly set inside the firmware.

68188 - Unencrypted SRTCP only worked together with ICE

68410 - WebRTC: Remove illegal setup:actpass attributes from answers

Applies for myPBX and the WebRTC toolkit.

This fix avoids the following javascript error:
"Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Failed to execute 'setRemoteDescription' on 'RTCPeerConnection': Failed to set remote answer sdp: Failed to apply the description for 0: Answerer must use either active or passive value for setup attribute."

13r1 Service Release 12 (132357)

69057 - AP Manager: allow AP updates also if RAM is low

An AP update could fail if less than 200 MB RAM were available.

71132 - AP Manager: Increase serviceControl buffer size

Increase the size of the buffer used to send the service controls to the PBX Manager.

68412 - App Contacts: PBX Mgr Plugin didn't show green Checkmarks

The green checkmarks, indicating correct password functioning were missing.

70581 - App DB files: prevent possible deadlocks on App starts while a backup is running

If an App uses DB files and this App has been restarted during a backup, a deadlock occurred.

69048 - App Devices: always use secure websocket conections for newly provisioned devices

The Devices registration URL set during the provisioning process now always uses TLS independent of the Devices PBX App Object URL.

70305 - App Devices: backups were created at wrong times due to daylight saving time issue

This let to backups which where created one after the other within one hour.

70386 - App Devices: clear backup and device config history list on edit/repeat

The backup and device config history is now cleared on a new execution to get rid of old devices which are not in suiting categories anymore.

70403 - App Devices: fixed javascript error due to wrong message order

Update messages have been sent before the inital get list message had been answered.

68788 - App Manager and innovaphone OS: second devices registration doesn't use the domain password anymore

If a second Devices Registration URL was used which points to another Devices, the passwords from the domain might be also taken so you never now which passwords the AP currently has set (first devices domain or second device domain).

Now the second URL is never used to set the internal AP passwords anymore.

68516 - App Manager: fixed possible trap on update if a certain app is unavailable

The manager app might have trapped if another app is currently not in a state suitable for updating.

69763 - App Manager: fixed traps when sessions do certain requests while the internal database connection is broken

69901 - App Manager: fixed voicemail updates through the AP Manager

Voicemail app updates failed as the was not download if the app was updated through the AP Manager itself and not through Devices.

68525 - App Messages: avoid traps on too long chat messages

69826 - App Profile: Add hint explaining the meaning of a privacy filter "@"

70299 - App Profile: Double colon displayed on Advanced UI when replicating diversions

If one of the fields (h323 or e164) was empty it was replicated as an empty string instead of NULL, which displayed an extra colon on the Advanced UI.

69348 - App Profile: It was not possible to delete the own account anymore

69787 - App Profile: The softphone name with "_" is not escaped correctly

If the phone name included "_", this was replace by "\_".

69775 - App Profile: The UI is not responsive if width < 320px

Removed the restriction of min-width = 320px and adapted the elements that were not well displayed.

69748 - App Reporting: Hanging App Service

If an user call list app session is closed during a SQL request for a call flow, the app service stops working.

69951 - App Store:
label should not be displayed on the description

68648 - App Store: Added new fields to the apps and update the style

These fields have been added to the apps:
- Support contact
- Impressum
- Dropdown with type of license (free, innovaphone, partner)
- If partner is selected a description about the licenses must be added
- Link to EULAs
- Define the languages availables for the app
- Set the categories (could be more than one)

68647 - App Store: Allow to delete a single build from a single app

68781 - App Store: Allow to upload just a single SR from the JSON files

So if a Service Release is selected on the "innovaphone Webbuild [upload all versions of xxxx.json]" menu, only that sr will be uploaded and not all the versions available on the JSON file.

70073 - App Store: Generate JSON files with only the builds included on the ZIP

The JSON files included on the ZIP should only contain the builds of the selected items. This must be generated dynamically when the ZIP is generated, otherwise the installer may not work.

70470 - App User: Expanded user not listed after search

If the search field is used and a user expanded. If the search is done again, the expanded user was not displayed anymore on the list.

69054 - App Users: Editing a CFU creates empty Boolean object

If you want to configure a CFU to a user object via UsersAdmin for example, and you don't select any Boolean for this, an "empty" Boolean object will be created automatically on the PBX.

69739 - App Users: Users not displayed if they have a not active and not dynamic group

71186 - App UsersAdmin: Add Yealink as manufacturer on provisioning tab

71222 - App UsersAdmin: Fork app could not be set as empty

Once an app was selected, it could not set as empty anymore.

71238 - App UsersAdmin: Fork should not be deleted if Mobility is empty

67453 - App Webserver and IWebserverPlugin didn't support transfer of files > 4GB

A protocol change was required to support the download/upload of files greater than 4 GB (e.g. to restore backups).

This also required a change in common SDK functions in the file sdk/common/interface/webserver_plugin.h.
You need to change your code, otherwise your App won't compile/work correctly anymore:

* UWebserverPlugin::WebserverPluginHttpListenResult dataSize is now ulong64 instead of size_t
* UWebserverPlugin::WebserverPluginPassthroughListenResult dataSize is now ulong64 instead of size_t
* IWebserverPost::GetDataSize now returns ulong64 instead of size_t
* IWebserverPut::GetDataSize now returns ulong64 instead of size_t
* IWebserverPropfind::GetDataSize now returns ulong64 instead of size_t

70075 - AppSharing Conference: fix retransmissions problem in SCTP

70286 - Call forward because of presence were excuted on calls without media

This affected for example chat sessions of presence subscriptions. No call forward should be executed for such calls.

69831 - Call List App did not work, if reporting was checked at the user without reporting license

reporting attribute was missing in the CDR in this case

70302 - Chat attachments did not work anymore

Collateral damage from 68425 - PBX: Unexpected restart on too long Chat messages

70383 - Chat display of emojis broken on small displays

69903 - Chat/Messages deadlock happened when doing backup

69075 - Chat: Not able to send attachments without message text

Javascript exception occured when trying to send attachments without a message text.

69052 - Clip emoji from chat removed

To avoid confusion with adding of attachments and the use of the clip emoji is not very obvious anyway.

69730 - Command to force licenses sync on slave or standby

Usually a syncronization is done every 10min. With the command
!mod cmd PBX0 lic-sync (or PBX0/mod_cmd.htm?cmd=lic.sync).
The sync is done right away and the 10min timer is restarted.

68741 - Command to set encrypted VARs with clear hex data

This fix allows !vars create with a combination of the x and b flag.

Example: !vars create TEST pbx 010203040506

Before only text data could be stored with the x flag and an additional b flag was ignored.

69383 - DHCP: Custom Vendor Options were not delivered to devices with standard vendor ID

The vendor ID provided in DISCOVER or a REQUEST was first matched against the builtin standard vendor IDs and only if there was no match the vendor IDs given in the "Custom" settings" were tried. Now the vendor IDs in the custom settings are tried first, thus permitting to overload the the default vendor specific options.

68459 - DHCP: vendor option "NTP Update Interval" did not work

The vendor option "NTP Update Interval" could be configured at server side but was not propagated to client

68809 - DTLS failed to connect in some signaling scenarios

Setup role conflict when calling to a user having multiple endpoints registered.

68558 - Events API: Add Events API to Config User on Installer

71386 - Events API: The Api does not always add 0x0025 to the code

If the length of the code was too small (i.e. 0x1), it was not correctly parsed and the 0x0025 prefix was not added.

70052 - Firmware/Apps: websocket client/server http header RFC compliance

The header field values must be matches case insensitive and ignore whitespace before the field value.

69388 - Fix for ringback tone for australia and new zealand

Fix for ringback tone for australia and new zealand.

69498 - Fix for trap on buffer overflow

Fix for:
- Assertion failed line 1180 in common/interface/channel.cpp, Buffer overflow
- assert-ep 0001afb4 called from 005dbcf4
- BUILD 134590

70053 - Fix Webserver shutdown for myApps

69202 - Honor the hide LDAP flag on the SearchAPI and on Users App

When hide from LDAP is true, the user should not be found.

69150 - HTTP-Client: Support for Location header containing up-link

Support for Location header containing up-link.
E.g. Location: ../../13A119/voicemail_de/vm.xml

68808 - ICE failed to solve role conflict in some cases

Role Conflict error responses not accepted by WebRTC endpoints.
Media channel did not connect when calling to a user having multiple endpoints registered.

68639 - ICE: Answer checks after connect with wrong role using an error

Before this fix the check for the correct ICE role was only done during the connection phase. After the connection was up incoming checks with the wrong role were also answered with OK.

After the fix checks with the wrong role are always answered with ERROR ROLE CONFLICT, even if the connection is already up.

There are no known problems with the old behaviour. This is just a fix to be compliant with the standard.

70456 - Install: changed HTTP0 configuration for automatic tests

69825 - Install: do not override IP settings by changing the update URL

The IP settings have been overriden if the update URL was changed.

69385 - Install: use the instance password for the Devices/Devices API PBX App objects in on premise installations

If no password is set in on premise installations, the Devices App objects won't work anymore if the domain password is changed.
So the instance password is used now instead.

In cloud installations, the password is still left empty, because the Devices App objects always register with the corresponding domain password in devices.

69508 - ip102 USB headset: Jabra Link 14201-30 USB/DHSG adapter did not work

The Jabra Link 14201-30 USB/DHSG and a few other devices need some delay between commands sent to the device. This delay did not work on ip102.

70157 - IP11x: Sometimes the display orientation is upside down

70028 - IPVA: CONF Interface trap fixed

The CONF interface is fixed.

68485 - IPVA: Renew self-signed certificate if doesn't match with current MAC

If the MAC address for an IPVA has changed the box now automatically creates a new self-signed certificate with the new MAC.

65804 - IPxx11: Allow fixed ethernet speed settings

Needed for specific DSL Modem that dont support autoneg.

70180 - myApps Android/iOS: A DTMF sequence specified in the dial command got lost

Dialing into a conference from within the conference app didn't append the PIN automatically.

71012 - myApps Android/iOS: Public line prefix "0" disappeared on outgoing calls with number length 6

68690 - myApps Android/iOS: Ringing sometimes didn't stop if an incoming call disappeared quickly.

69203 - myApps iOS: Avoid the failed call CallKit screen after a failed outgoing call

It allows to re-dial quickly but this is covered by the myApps UI already.

69548 - myApps Windows: fixed issues related to non ascii chars in windows user folders

Some things were not working properly if the windows user folder contains non ascii chars, like the myApps update, ringtones, tracing etc.

68469 - myApps Windows: support callto protocol handler

callto is now supported along with tel and phone.

69553 - myApps Windows: UI of launcher settings opened multiple times in some rare cases

If the local websocket connection to the launcher reconnected, the UI was opened a second time.

71017 - myApps/myPBX: No video when using Firefox browser

ICE candidates missing for video (WebRTC only).
Video was missing during call.

69669 - myApps: crash if DNS requests are still pending when media connection is closed

69815 - myApps: crash parsing chromium cache

crash if cache file content was corrupted

69467 - myApps: Disallow login on pseudo objects except executive and on user objects with no password

  • Login on pseudo objects is not possible anymore, except executive objects
    * Login on user objects without a password is not possible anymore

69516 - myApps: MSI parameter to disable start of SDK libraries for headsets

This SDK libraries could be a problem in Terminal Server environments.

68827 - myApps: Outlook Search did not provide business phone number

70452 - myApps: OutlookSearch provides corrupt Search Results

There are search results seen in the trace that contain corrupt strings.

69525 - myApps: phoneApp blocked if no standard port was used

DNS request returned an error because the adress contained a port number

69526 - myApps: Possible crash on legacy STUN responses.

69050 - myApps: Potential trap by searching an outlook contact

70464 - myApps: Potential Trap in outlook search if officephone2 is only set

69073 - myApps: webcam may be accesed after being closed

Attempt to read a webcam sample after it was closed.

71235 - myAppsOutlookSearch: may crash sending search results

70287 - myPBX Android/iOS: Fixed a crash on start due to missing sysclient parameters

71366 - myPBX Android/iOS: Freshly configured, it lost the gatekeeper configuration again if force closed

A controlled shutdown via the shutdown button in the settings screen saved the configuration.

69386 - myPBX Android: Fixed a crash on start for Android versions below 5.0

69904 - myPBX Android: Fixed a crash related to DTMF digit sending

69743 - myPBX Android: Fixed a newly introduced crash on start of the app.

69942 - myPBX Android: Fixed too low microphone gain

69517 - myPBX iOS: Show transfering, last diverting, original called and called party on incoming call screen.

69909 - myPBX/myApps Android: Boost the speaker volume as well for the Audio APIs with boosted volume

69520 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a crash on start with Android 6.0

69229 - myPBX/myApps Android: On Android 7 with ConnectionService enabled incoming calls were ringing with overlapping tones.

70291 - myPBX/myApps iOS: Fixed an exception related to avatar pictures

71016 - myPBX: Keep video bandwith within 500kbit/s

Keep video streaming from taking too much bandwith.

69077 - myPBX: Support for international numbers from PBX LDAP

Support for a new PBX config option introduced in 12r2 SR32 and 13r1 SR10.

#66776 - PBX option to add '+' to PBX number from LDAP

69500 - PBX Boolean object required restart for rename to take effect

Or deleting the Boolean object and creating new one helped as well

69389 - PBX call forward loop detection could block forked calls

The loop detection should not affect forked calls

69818 - PBX CDRs: Changed conference ID was missing in conn-to event

The conference ID may have been changed because of pickup

69524 - PBX corrupt App licenses in config

Could happen after changing licenses. Typically a digit was added to the license type (e.g. +phone2 instead of +phone)

68650 - PBX Manager/FXS: Field for gateway name too small

Long gateway names could not be displayed completely, even if wide screen.

70089 - PBX Manger: Plugins from AP where not displayed

In case myApps native was used and the AP was only accessible with HTTPS

69152 - PBX Reverse Lookup did not work in e.164 setups

69499 - PBX: Call forward in e164 scenario did not work sometimes

This bug could result also in all kinds of other problems together with call forward. Worked in versions before 13r1 just by accident

68874 - PBX: No Call-Guid in calls from waiting queue causing myApps Android/iOS to crash

Call-Guid missing in calls from waiting queue

69156 - Phone-App: Auto-open application sharing in separate window

By deafult remote app sharing is displayed as preview in phone-app.
Click on preview opens an undocked full-size view of shared app.
Now app keeps in mind if user opened the full-size view.
Next time app sharing is received the undocked full-size view is opened automatically.

70044 - Phone-App: Keep video bandwith within 500kbit/s

Keep video streaming from taking too much bandwith.

69762 - Phone-App: Keep video resolution down to CIF format (352 × 288)

Try to keep used bandwidth down when using Phone-App in browser-context.

69755 - Phone-App: Merge contacts with same name and number to one contact

Contacts from same source with number and name identically shall be merged to one contact.

70539 - Phone-App: Remove colon and semicolon from dial-strings

Remove decoration characters colon and semicolon (among others) from dial-strings.
E.g. when hot key function is used to dial numbers selected in other applications.

68823 - Phone-App: Undocked video window did not always remind last screen position

Last screen position was only saved when user manually closed separate video window (return to docked mode).
Not saved when separate video window was automatically closed on end of call.

70297 - Potential restart when disabling the TURN server

A null pointer check was missing

69382 - Potential restart with forking on waiting queues

Null pointer check was missing.

70076 - Potential unexpected restart, due to missing null pointer check in PBX

Could happen when a call disconnected unexpectedly

68807 - Push rework

Rework of the push mechanism for myApps and myPBX Android / iOS.

69025 - Remove undesired debug logs introduced in SR11

Remove undesired traces:
DEBUG get_path()

69902 - SDK/PBX Manager: Add new parameter includeMatch to PbxAdminApi message SearchUsers

Specifying includeMatch allows finding objects that excactly match the specified cn. Omitting the includeMatch parameter allows enumerating all objects. See the SDK documentation for details.

The new parameter is now used in the PBX Manager Plugins "Groups" and "Waiting Queues".

70309 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-SolNet-Digital_Voice_Business

New SIP Provider Profile

70460 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Echtschnell-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

70431 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-outbox_AG-Whitebox_SIP

New SIP Provider Profile

70426 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Viakom-Voice

New SIP Provider Profile

70434 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Wilhelm_tel-wtSIPfon

New SIP Provider Profile

70019 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-oneCentral-SIP_Trunk_TCP

New SIP Provider Profile

70018 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-oneCentral-SIP_Trunk_TLS

New SIP Provider Profile

70004 - SIP: Error response for PRACK caused a call to be cleared

In case of forking a PRACK may be rejected with 481 due to out-dated To-tag.
No need to clear the call.

68398 - SIP: Fix for backup registration on Wifi setups

Sometimes when Wifi connectivity was re-gained, two REGISTER messages were sent.
One to primary SIP server, the other to backup SIP server.
Now only primary SIP server is contacted.

70296 - SIP: Make interop tweak /get-cdpn-from-to-uri work on registered interfaces

When a SIP interface registers it's own Contact-URI at a server
it expects to receive INVITE's where the Request-URI contains
this Contact-URI.
Some intermediate NAT devices replace the Contact-URI during registration, but not the Request-URI on INVITE.
Request-URI of INVITE no longer matches own Contact-URI.
SIP stack prefers to pick the CDPN from Request-URI then.
/get-cdpn-from-to-uri can be used to force picking from To-URI.

69519 - Softphone-App: Active call was not automatically put on hold when held call was retrieved

Active call was not automatically put on hold when held call was retrieved.
But only if the active call was held be remote side.
Resulted into undesired local conference.

69733 - Softphone-App: Appsharing could not be stopped

When app-sharing was stopped, it automatically restarted after any media re-negotiation.
Sharing status was not visible to sharing user.

69426 - Softphone-App: Audio stops sporadically after undock/redock of video

Sporadically no audio heard after VideoWindow is opened/closed
Work-around this problem by re-starting adio player

70002 - Softphone-App: Calls dropped when audio codec G.711 µLaw was selected

Calls dropped when audio codec G.711 µLaw was selected.

69232 - Softphone-App: Do not offer conference on third call

Do not offer conference on third call when there's already a local conference between two calls ongoing.

70054 - Softphone-App: Don't leave incoming control calls unanswered

Reject incoming control calls (calls without media channel).
Do not send "alert" message.

68502 - Softphone-App: Inband infomation was missing

Inband information like:
- inband ringback tone
- inband error announcement
- inband disconnect tone
was not played to local user.
Local user always got built-in ringback-tone or busy-tone.

71339 - Softphone-App: No audio on Firefox browser

No playback of remote audio RTP Firefox browser.

69374 - Softphone-App: Remote control command for local 3pty conference did not work

If controlled via SOAP-API or RCC-API (e.g. TAPI) Softphone-App may receive rc commands "3PTY_TOGGLE", "3PTY_ON" und "3PTY_OFF".
Added support for this command now.

69905 - Support for geolocation information

Support for pass-through of geolocation information in SIP and H.323.

69541 - TURN client: Do not trap if the server didn't send a realm.

69753 - Undo of fix #67703

Undo of fix #67703 - Gateway: Interworking config option did not work for legInfo2 and ctSetup
Add new SIP interop tweak /send-no-referredby
(don't send Referred-By header for interop with Vodafone)

70532 - Unexpected restart if "Config Voip" is used on a Softphone device

70478 - Unexpected restart in case of PBX users without number or name and myPBX login

70045 - Updated translations

69813 - Use CDR0, ..., CDR3 from the PBX to send CDRs

Instead of only CDR0 and CDR1. Useful for special applications, if CDRs have to be sent to more different destinations.

69529 - Voicemail: Leak in Voicemail

70046 - Voicemail: pbx-get-presence didn't return activity "on-the-phone"

The script statement pbx-get-presence returned only static presence information. Now the dynamic presence activity "on-the-phone" can be queried.
#changed pbx_vm.cpp

69528 - Voicemal: Date Object did not provide right language

69814 - Webserver - Websocket - could crashes with double Recv

13r1 Service Release 13 (132394)

72339 - App Call List and API: Recover on stale websocket connection

Keep app from loosing track due to stale websocket connection to the app service.

72341 - App Conference: Recover on stale websocket connection

Keep app from loosing track due to stale websocket connection to PBX.

71704 - App Contacts: Added DVL traces

Added development traces for support purposes

71814 - App Devices: add input field to search for domains

In cloud environments with many domains, a search input field for the domain name is neccessary.

71936 - App Devices: faster timeout if update URLs are not reachable anymore

If the configured update URLs weren't reachable anymore, the UI was not responsible for ~130s.
The connect timeout for retrieving these JSON files has been reduced to 5s now and the UI gives a hint now that the latest version is currently checked.

71544 - App Devices: fixed backup jobs with multiple APs

A backup job, which referenced other APs than the own one, did just execute the job on the local AP.

71633 - App Devices: new auto provisioning mechanism

A new auto provisioning mechanism is available to add devices automatically by configuring parameters to the devices registration URL:


72284 - App Devices: show warning if pasted domain password is longer than 15 chars

The domain password is limited to 15 chars, because of password limitations inside the firmware.
If a pasted password is longer than 15 chars, a warning is now displayed.

71815 - App Devices: software rental for partners more intuitive

The new expiration date isn't shown anymore, as it is calculated on the server side, and some other texts are changed.

71826 - App Devices: the device search now also searches the IP addresses

72707 - App Events: When the Config Items were edited, a crash of the app was displayed on Events

When the Config Items were edited, the app autorestarted to update the credentials on HttpListen (needed if the events were received from the PBX with authentication). This created a new app crashed entry on the app from the AP Manager. The function webserverPlugin->SetAuthConfig must be used when the credentials change to about restarting the app.

72300 - App Fax: Enable PCM option removed

The PBX Manager Plugin for the Fax App doesn't set the 'Enable PCM' option on Fax interface registrations now.

71549 - App Fax: PBX-Channels License configuration support in PBX Manager Plugin

The PBX-Channels license can be configured in the PBX Manager Plugin.

72340 - App Fax: Recover on stale websocket connection

Keep app from loosing track due to stale websocket connection to the app service.

71618 - App Profile: Strange effects on call diversion search menu

When the number of the diversion is entered very slowly, the search menu does not behave as it should.

71639 - App Reports: fixed broken myPBX calllist

Included in 13r1 SR 12a

72454 - App Store: Dropdown to select the SR not updated on Update Menu if path was edited

72348 - App Store: Versions container cannot be unfolded on Firefox

71551 - App UsersAdmin: Do not allow to edit the user if PBX password is not correct

If the PBX password has not been set or it is not correct, the user data should not be edited.

72753 - App UsersAdmin: If no SMTP settings are configured, "i" was displayed as SMTP user

71527 - App UsersAdmin: Input field on edit mode after closing the menu

When a user was edited and then without changing the selected user, the menu with the user data was closed and opened again, some input fields where still on edit mode.

71531 - AppWebsocket: Possible JavaScript error on AppLoginResult message

If the connection was refused there could be a JavaScript error leading to a hanging app.

71811 - Conference: AppSharing not working with Firefox

Firefox did not like the Initialization of the WebRTC DataChannel

72463 - DNS resolver: For results referenced by CNAME caching, balancing and fallback to an alternative address didn't take effect

72635 - Files App: Potential Trap if adding new pbx object with pbx manager

It is possible that files app crashes if a new files objext with pbx manager is added.

71631 - Firmware: devices registration might be lost due to a rare race condition

The devices registration might got lost if the websocket connection to devices has been closed but afterwards a last websocket message with a new request had been received.

71452 - Firmware: fixed potential trap in websocket client

A trap could happen if an unexpected socket shutdown happened and a websocket message was already queued for sending.

72537 - Fixed a problem with IWebserverPlugin, that could lead to a crash when logging was enabled.

72799 - Fixed memory leak in IWebserverPlugin::SetAuthConfig

70461 - G.722: Fixed whistling noise after packet loss

72951 - Gateway: Added LOG output on incomplete number

Added LOG output on incomplete number to see when routing is postponed for mure dialing digits.

71609 - Install (provisioning scenario): allow DNS names for NTP servers and show DHCP NTP servers

The install provisioning scenario didn't use a previous fix yet:

The input fields for NTP servers now accept DNS names, not just IP addresses. If a DHCP server distributes NTP servers, the DHCP server values are now also shown above the input fields.

71727 - Install: AP IP and DNS are now just automatically set if the "Operation without DNS" checkmark is set too

71453 - Install: use already configured stun server for MEDIA configuration in the Devices App

72755 - IP-DECT: Support for remote control hold/retrieve

The IP-DECT base stations support the remote control command hold and retrieve used by the phone app now.

71567 - IP101/102: Fix for call completion

Call completion can be activated on an outbound non-connected call by pressing R key and ArowRight key.
Confirmation message will be displayed.

72757 - IP111: Improved the noise suppressor performance on white noise

72724 - IP222/232: Unexpected restart (trap) when starting/stopping local conference

Unexpected restart (trap) when starting/stopping local conference.
(IP222 and IP232)

72634 - myApps Android/iOS: Caller name not always resolved on the incoming call screen

72431 - myApps Android/iOS: Incoming call could disappear from CallKit / ConnectionService during ringing

72811 - myApps Android/iOS: Report a user online whenever the connection to the PBX is up

72744 - myApps Android: Sometimes driven in a state where the PBX cannot be connected even though the correct host name is entered

72730 - myApps Android: Sometimes started with a white screen and needed closing and starting again

<-- Fixed on 14.5.2020 in file
Hatte den Timeout für das Neu-erzeugen des Webview auf 4 Minuten Pause heruntergesetzt aber erst bei 5 Minuten Pause die URL im Webview neu geladen. Die beiden Werte müssen gleich sein.

72512 - myApps Android: Still reaction on touch if the phone was held to the ear.

72835 - myApps Android: Without connection service it didn't ring any more on incoming calls.

72342 - myApps iOS: DTMF not working from the CallKit screen

72040 - myApps iOS: Show transfering, last diverting, original called and called party on incoming call screen.

72703 - myApps Windows: Cached avatar pictures didn't expire and thus didn't refresh once a while

71529 - myApps Windows: OfficeIntegration might crash during shutdown and potentially caused some leaks

A race condition might have caused a crash on a myApps shutdown.

In addition, multiple open Office apps might have caused leaks.

71612 - myApps-AppSharing: size of shared application wrongly calculated

Size of the shared window was wrongly calculated and some areas of the taskbar or desktop could be seen at remote side.

71577 - myApps/SDK: Add detection for new Edge browser

Microsoft released a new version of Edge that is based on Chromium/Webkit. This fix adds the new user agent string to existing browser detection code.

For example the browser detection is used for displaying the browser name of sessions under account security in myApps.

72243 - myApps: Avatar not updating timely. Refresh an avatar picture if it is loaded in a details view.

71851 - myApps: Configuration not possible in the PBX Manager plugins

71220 - myApps: crash using search function (Ctrl + F)

myApps could crash if the search function (Ctrl+F) was used with text which was previously copied using context menu in myApps (select text, right mouse click and the copy)
The problem was to free memory passed to SetClipboardData. If the call to this function was successful the memory is then owned by the system.

71221 - myApps: display notification could corrupt timer list

The function DisplayToast is called from a thread and this function starts a timer. Starting of a timer in a thread must use StartLocked to avoid corruption of the timer list.

70579 - myApps: failed to parse chromium cache

In a Citrix environment the chromium cache contains entries with instead of localhost.
These entries were not parsed if webserver ports changed

71525 - myApps: IoMux cancel epoll helper used without overlapped argument

myApps crashed sporadically due to the missing argument in the Windows function call

72002 - myApps: possible crash if TCP was used for the communication with the STUN Server

access to null pointer in a debug printf

72728 - myApps: Sometimes Outlook is hanging due to myApps client

It can happen that outlook is hanging due to myApps client.

71455 - myPBX Android/iOS: Avoid a rush condition on lack of CPU time that caused failures in DNS, ICE and audio.

71887 - myPBX Android/iOS: Improve the behaviour of do not disturb and call waiting

72430 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a plain crash if connection service was used on Android 7.0 or below

72519 - myPBX/myApps Android: Incoming call disappeared after 10 seconds.

72944 - myPBX/myApps Android: Phone account not enabled any more after smartphone reboot

72353 - myPBX/myApps iOS: An immediately aborted incoming call showed up with public line prefix.

71627 - New interface SCNF for Soft Conferencing

On IPVA the CONF interface which was the Soft Conference beta is renamed to SCNF. On the x11 gateways a SCNF interface was added.

72619 - Partial upload is accepted as ok instead of failing

When uploading an app through the AP manager and the upload breaks before 100%, the AP manager still accepts it without failing.

72041 - PBX Broadcast: Forward Emergency-Data facilities

72425 - PBX Conference: Handle DTMF from RCC App

71541 - PBX Conference: Reverse lookup support

The conferencing app has name lookup support now.

72764 - PBX Conference: Same Conference ID for MCU calls

The PBX Conference object takes the conference ID of the user's call for the call to the conference unit now. It's needed for the Recordings App to find the meta data of recordings.

72299 - PBX Fax: Hide from LDAP configuration option

The configuration option 'Hide from LDAP' is added in the PBX Fax object.

72378 - PBX LDAP Object: Add attribute "facsimiletelephonenumber"

Added missing attribute that is needed to get fax numbers from external directories, as done in the fax app.

71382 - PbxSignal-API: Add "sourceInfo" to "setup" message

E.g. from Chrome browser:
"sourceInfo":"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.163 Safari/537.36"
E.g. from PBX:
"sourceInfo":"13r2 dvl IP811[13.B848], Bootcode[131963], Hardware[600] "

71491 - Phone-App video window: Buttons in drop-down bar did not work on inbound calls

Buttons in drop-down bar did not work in undocked video window on inbound calls.
Phone-App and Softphone-App.

72624 - Phone-App: Click on 'Call' button in list of recent contacts does not always call recent contact number

Sometimes click on 'Call' button in list of recent contacts starts call to another phone number (mobile or business or private).

72752 - Phone-App: Could not initiate external calls with 3rd party SIP phone

Could not initiate external calls with 3rd party SIP phone.
CGPN was identical to CDPN.
But only if "Set Diverting=Calling No" was activated on Trunk object.

71923 - Phone-App: Don't show search results without phone number or SIP-URI

Search providers may provide search results that do not have phone number or SIP-URI (only fax number or email address).
Do not show these results in UI.
Apps: Phone, Softphone, Rcc

71921 - Phone-App: Recover on stale websocket connection

Implemented in innovpahone.appwebsocket.connection.js
Used by apps Phone, Softphone and Rcc.
Keep app from loosing track due to stale websocket connection to PBX.

72539 - Phone-App: Start of External-App was triggered too often

Start of External-App was triggered by subscription signaling.

72418 - Phone-App: Video too small in undocked video window

Video display too small in undocked video window.
Caused by a held call.
Also Softphone-App.

71456 - Phones: Autostart video setting for myPBX only had an effect on active registration

If myPBX was used for controlling a phone registration that was not selected as the active registration, the autostart video setting had no effect. This was because the setting was only processed for the active registration.

72923 - Phones: Support for international numbers from PBX LDAP

Support for a new PBX config option introduced in 12r2 SR32 and 13r1 SR10.

72019 - Potential trap when configuring NAT

a trap may happen when a malformed config line is entered manually

71838 - Push: Incoming call push notifications could arrive long after the call happened

71402 - Remove "Master" config from DECT object

Not used in 13r1

71874 - Resolve timing problem for loading Calendar config in PBX Manager

71961 - Reverse Proxy did not forward some HTTP requests with long request line

Happened when the request line was split accross packets right before the HTTP/1.1 term

71888 - Reverse Proxy: Support checking of device certificates for future products

Supplementary fix for #68382 - H.323: Support checking of device certificates for future product

72301 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Autphone-AutTrunk

New SIP Provider Profile

71628 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Plusnet-IPFonie_Extended_Connect_TLS_SRTP

New SIP Provider Profile

72699 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-TNG_Stadtnetz_GmbH-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

71364 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-Destiny-SIP_TRUNK

Updated SIP Provider Profile - Change of name Motto to Destiny.

72726 - SIP: "anonymous" missing in From header on calls with CLIR

From: <sip:>;tag=450792688
instead of
From: <sip:anonymous@>;tag=3993929544

72039 - SIP: annexb=no in SDP answer if annexb=no in SDP offer

If annexb=no for G.729 was received in SDP offer, annexb=no for G.729 must be in SDP answer.
According to RFC 7261.

72592 - SIP: Fix for media negotiation problem with "VoiceSwitch"

Receiving to identical SDP answers with changed origin id (o-line).
But addresses, ports and codecs are unchanged.

71403 - SIP: Fix for unexpected restart of dect system

Assertion failed line 12339 in common/protocol/sip/sip.cpp, ras_stop_pending!

71953 - SIP: New interop-tweak /session-refresher

Some SIP devices refuse to take the rerfesher role.
Even if assigned in SIP signaling.
With /session-refresher local
the SIP stack preferes to take refresher role.
With /session-refresher remote
the SIP stack preferes to pass refresher role.
Has effect on inbound calls where SIP stack is free to assign roles.
No effect on outbound calls where remote side assigns roles.

72232 - SIP: Problems registering at IP6 address and non-standard port

Problems registering at IP6 address and non-standard port.
REGISTER was sent to standard port 5060.

71276 - SIP: Remote party is not updated when privacy indications are present in request

When UPDATE or re-INVITE is received with "Privacy: id".

71189 - SIP: Reset remote address and port on registration refresh

Reset remote address and port on registration refresh to values of provided Contact-URI.
If remote address and port was changed during call signaling.

71370 - SIP: Support for INVITE with Replaces received on inbound call

Support for INVITE with Replaces received on inbound call before connect.

71647 - SIP: Unexpected restart (trap) on very long presence notes

There was a trap due to buffer overrun when presence XML was constructed.

72349 - SIP: Unexpected restart when forwarding emergency information with INVITE

Trap when forwarding emergency information on INVITE without SDP.

70387 - SMTP: Email rejected if it does not meet the standards of RFC5321 and RFC5322

71837 - SOAP: del-attrib deleted myApps sessions

add-attrib and del-attrib should only modify the specified values. But del-attrib deleted existing myApps sessions at user objects.
This was a collateral damage from a previous fix.

72743 - Softphone-App: Cannot connect to conference

PhoneChannelWebrtc.js:596 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'rate' of undefined
at PhoneChannelWebrtc.js:596
at Array.find (<anonymous>)
at mediaActivate (PhoneChannelWebrtc.js:596)
at innovaphone.PhoneWebrtcChannel.self.setRemoteSelect (PhoneChannelWebrtc.js:793)
at innovaphone.SoftphoneCall.self.message (SoftphoneCall.js:997)
at innovaphone.appwebsocket.Connection.appMessage [as onmessage] (softphone.js:549)
at WebSocket.onmessage (innovaphone.appwebsocket.connection.js:132)

71810 - Softphone-App: Could not call to mobility endpoint

Call initiated by Softphone-App did not reach a mobility endpoint (external fork destination).

71922 - Softphone-App: Fix for ringer mode

Use modes "AudioOnly" or "WithBaseStation" or "OnlyBaseStation" only if they are supported by ringer device.

72289 - Softphone-App: One-way audio if remote side does not send video

No audio (silence) when calling to a peer without camera (or disabled camera).

72746 - Softphone-App: Profile picture of some favorites not loaded

Favorites configured by phone number (not name/sip-id) did not show profile picture (avatar).
Phone-app also.

71530 - Support of PBX-Channels license

To allow licensing of conference or fax channels from the PBX. PBX licenses always support renting, so this is for these licenses also available.

71553 - Updated translations

71569 - Use prefixes configured in node for reverse lookup number normalization

If no prefix is configured the root node prefixes configured on the PBX/Config page are used

13r1 Service Release 14 (132425)

73315 - Administrative CFNR should have precendence over manual CFNR

Documented in Wiki this way

73407 - AP Manager: Add alarm details when database cleanup is running

When a cpu alarm is set, additional details are add to indicate if database cleanup is running (vaccuumdb).

73293 - AP Manager: add platform name to logfile names

This helps identifiying the platform on which the coredump or logfiles had been created.

72937 - AP Manager: Adjust memory usage calculation

  • Memory used is adapted as a paramter to monitor memory of the app platform instead of memory available.
    * Swap memory is monitored via the "so" parameter which indicates the amount being swapped out to disk. For every 1 min of measurment, the "so" parameter is calculated every 1 sec within 10 sec duration.

73254 - AP Manager: App update leads sometimes to unresolved states

  • Updating apps through an update job can fail and put the AP Manager in an unresolved state.
    * App update flag is reset after an update is totally finished

73296 - AP Manager: disable webserver/manager logging while downloading logfiles

Logging is now disabled within the webserver and manager while a logfile or coredump is downloaded to avoid overwriting of previous logs in these two apps.

73257 - App Devices: do not show duplicated login fields after entering the wrong password

73479 - App Devices: use device name for automatic provisioning, if set

If the device name is set, it is used to generate the name inside devices, otherwise the MAC is used.

If multiple devices with the same device type and device name are auto provisioned, there will be mulitple devices with the same name inside devices.

72620 - App UsersAdmin: Allow the admin to configure the profile pictures

Add the posibility to upload the profile picture on the UsersAdmin UI, so it can be edited by the administrator.

73550 - Calendar: PBX User with empty SIP could break Exchange Sync

73244 - Files Api: Read announcement did not work

In the pbx manager the announcements cannot be chosen anymore.

73066 - Handle missing response to a log or CDR message sent via HTTP

sending of log or CDR messages did hang when the HTTP Server did not send any response to a message. Now when there is no response within 25 seconds an alarm is raised and the message is resent for up to ten times. If this doesn't succeed it's assumed that the receiver has a problem with this specific message, the message is dropped and the next queued message is sent.

73006 - ICE: Problem with re-transmitted nominations

Fixed a problem introcued with #68639 - ICE: Answer checks after connect with wrong role using an error in 13r1 SR12.

After the ICE connection was up, the controlled side erroneously answered retransmitted nominations with a ROLE CONFLICT error.

73316 - In PBX config with nodes a CF was sometimes executed with wrong number, when calling from mobile

73318 - IP-DECT: Call Waiting not working properly during call back call

73570 - Login as PBX user with admin rights, did not restrict user anymore

For example fields on PBX/Config page where not disabled

73517 - myApps Android/iOS: Treat a 6 digit number still as internal.

The user must prepend short external numbers with the area code.

73518 - myApps Android: Add the hint (myApps) after the resolved name to indicate from where the call came in

72426 - myApps-AppSharing: mouse not displayed at right position

Mouse was not positioned at right location if the user configure scaling in Windows larger than 100%

71959 - myApps-Appsharing: some characters are written twice

If keys are written too fast, the keydown event for next character may arrive before keyUp event for actual one and Windows repites the actual character twice.

72608 - myApps: crash selecting and dragging text inside the development console

There have been crashes in myApps working with the console. I could only reproduce this one dragging text inside the console.

Cool that the chromium guys reacted so fast to my query.

I was calling a chromium function with a null pointer in one of the arguments which was allowed but another chromium function was accessing this pointer without checking it. That is why it crashes.
They filed an issue to fix the problem that was fixed inmediately...I did not expect that...
On the other hand I pass now a valid pointer to the chromium function and I get now no crashes. Hopefully this also fixes all other crashes related to the chromium console.

72632 - myApps: display of remote video from browser stopped after a renegotiation

Display of remote video from a browser stopped after a renegotiation since the remote timestamps of the RTP stream changed completely (new start)
myApps generates now internal timestamps to avoid such a changes in the timestamps.

73105 - myPBX Android/iOS: Changed DND setting were saved after 5 seconds could be lost if app closed before

73072 - myPBX iOS: Accepting incoming calls was broken under certain conditions.

73643 - myPBX iOS: Incorrectly sent multiple push requests to the same device.

73556 - myPBX(WebRTC) no media when calling waiting queue

73245 - myPBX/myApps Android, myPBX iOS: SIP Uri's could not be dialed any more

73421 - myPBX/myApps Android: Fixed a trap due to a race condition on app shotdown.

73639 - myPBX/myApps-RCC destination for call initiated for mobile endpoint was not shown correctly during call establishment

49844 - New config option for SIP stack: /amr-wb

New config option for SIP stack: /amr-wb
If set, any PT for AMR-WB will be supported when parsing SDP.
By default AMR-WB will be ignored to avoid compatibility issues.

73557 - PBX Trunk: Replacing calling party number by diverting feature should only affect external calles

73462 - PBX Waiting Queue: Sometimes round robin did not work, but all operators were called

Happened when a new call came in, while the previous was not picked up already

73661 - PBX: Pickup did not work if monitored user has "Send Number" configured

73598 - Phone-App: Cannot retrieve a call in reminding state

A phone call may be in state "reminding".
Using the Un-Hold button on Phone-App to activate this call did not work.

73674 - Phone-App: Sometimes not all calls displayed at favorite

Sometimes not all calls displayed at favorite.
Esp. when favorite is a user with multiple devices registered.

73577 - phone: USB Headsets - additional PID for Plantronics APU75

currently sold Plantronics DHSG/USB Adapter cable APU75 come with a new PID

73569 - Phones: Crash when starting 3rd call while having local conference

Crash when starting 3rd call while having local conference with 2 calls.
IP222, IP232, IP111, IP112

73696 - Potential restart because of duplicate delete in H.323

This could happen under very rare conditions

72536 - Recording: Fix for calls with WebRTC or third party endpoints

Media recording to PCAP did not declare RTP payload types for codecs without static PT assignment (e.g. OPUS).

72355 - Reject a mobility call with RCC App, did not clear local call to fixed phone

73009 - Resolving user names could fail if there is no mailbox configured to have the SIP as email address.

73702 - SDK: KeepAlive mechanism did not work for AppWebsocket connections on app platform

Enabling the KeepAlive mechanism led to disconnecting websocket connections to the app service.

73409 - SIP through RP behind NAT did not work for TCP and TLS

Config option "Public NAT router address" did not work for TCP and TLS.
Just configure public IP address or DNS name of NAT router here.
No need to add signaling port and transport protocol here.
Signaling port and transport protocol will be added automatically.

73552 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Purtel-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

72960 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss

Updated SIP Provider Profile - new UUI settings for proper CLNS handling on forward calls required by the Provider.

73103 - SIP: Call failed during call transfer due to unsupported codec

SIP call was transferred (semi-attended) to Softphone-App.
INVITE with OPUS-only offer was sent and rejected by remote endpoint (unsupported codec).

73294 - SIP: Did not search for IP6 address with DNS AAAA query

Only A query (IP4) was sent.
Now AAAA query is sent if A query gives not result.

72763 - SIP: Use mapped ports if STUN server is configured at interface

Use mapped ports for Contact header and RTP if STUN server is configured at SIP interface.
Regardless of detected NAT type.

72380 - SIP: Use SRFLX candidate as default RTP address (c-line)

Use SRFLX candidate as default RTP address (c-line) instead of local HOST candidate.
This option will apply when the registration is done via the Reverse Proxy and the checkmark Media Relay is checked for this hardware id in the user's object.

73558 - SOAP/RCC UserRedirect did not adjust international numbers

73235 - Softphone-App: Added functioning test for STUN/TURN config

New config menu option to test STUN/TURN config.
Config menu shows configured STUN/TURN servers.
Click on play button starts gathering of address candidates (ICE).
One or more HOST address candidate should appear.
If STUN server is configured SRFLX address candidate should appear.
If TURN server is configured RELAY address candidate should appear.
Softphone-App and Phone-App.

73021 - Softphone-App: Entering DTMF via keyboard did not work

DTMF cannot be sent via keyboard (by mouse click only).

73490 - Softphone-App: Mutual hold did not work

Putting remote party on hold works.
But when remote party also puts the call on hold itself, MOH is heared.

73228 - Softphone-App: Renegotiation before call connect did not work

Renegotiation before call connect did not work.
E.g. during early media.

73481 - Softphone-App: Wrong business card displayed during call

Wrong business card displayed during call.

73022 - TURN: Not all requests to the server were retried quickly on lack of response.


73071 - Unexpected restart on operator CFx back to waiting queue

But only in case this created a loop with at least two waiting queues

72723 - Visual Studio Extension could crash when Virtual Project entries in the Solution Explorer are selected after opening the solution

13r1 Service Release 15 (132455)

73944 - AD Replication: Configuration Buffer Increased

An internal buffer holding configuration for replication maps was too small for a larger setup.
#changed ldapmap.h
#changed ldapmap.cpp

74863 - Added leak check for automatic testing

74759 - AP Manager: allow authentication through the Manager when opening app instances

When opening apps directly from the AP Manager using the "Apps" button, authentication is sent to the Manager insted of the client.
The "app" field in getLogin message is set to the name of the app itself

73325 - AP Manager: make DNS servers configurable

Makes configurations easier in VM environments.
But the servers are also configurable an ARM to provide better support for the new DNS configuration in the Devices App.

These DNS servers are an addition to DNS servers received by DHCP.

74861 - AP Manager: update of all apps may hang under certain circumstances

If an update of all apps was triggered through Devices or through the AP Manager itself, it might have happened, that the process didn't complete if e.g. one App Service was in stopped state.

Added some logs for further investigation.

73803 - App Profile: UI-Fixes on Call Diversions

Small UI-Fixes on the Call Diversions tab:
- after typing in a number and clicking on the delete button, the input field was set to readonly.
- after typing in a number and clicking outside the field, everything was ok. But if the input field is changed again, the delete button is not displayed anymore.
- reload of mobility objects (removed and added after every update) was not "user-friendly".
- sometimes after editing a CF the focus was set on another CF.

74045 - App Users: use Prepared Statements to speed up some DB queries

Use Prepared Statements to speed up:
- loading the Profile Pictures
- Searching users with the Search API
- Reading the users list on Users App

73918 - App UsersAdmin: Phone numbers do not have to be only integers

74230 - Apps/myApps: fixed handling of files larger than 2GB

74125 - Apps: prevent valgrind warnings for automated tests

Setting terminating zero to prevent valgrind warnings.

74016 - Calendar: added switch to select usage of internal or external Exchange address.

74534 - Fax App: PBX Licenses configuration removed

73491 - Files App: Announcement URLs did not provide the right URL format

Files App: Announcement URLs did not provide the right URL format

74489 - Gateway: Restart when using park feature with analog phone

null pointer check missing

74490 - HTTP: Use relative path for buildnr redirect

This is allowed since RFC 7231 from 2014. It is needed for a configuration with an RP with only HTTPS from extern and HTTP to intern.

74851 - IP-DECT: Duplicate connect event in DTMF FTY

It only occurs with an OEM PBX.

74332 - IP112A Handsfree acoustic

IP112A Handsfree parameter set was wrong

74018 - IP112A: Handsfree microphone gain

IP112A Handsfree microphone gain was too high

74854 - myApps Android/iOS: Platform specific settings like Audio API could not be changed any more

74015 - myApps Android/iOS: Short numbers with public line prefix were incorrectly modified

74857 - myApps Android: Fixed a noise burst emitted at the beginning of the first call

74797 - myApps iOS: Audio establishment failed if there were too many network adapters due to multiple SIM cards

74107 - myApps iOS: Video from a H.264 peer was not displayed

74048 - myApps: Add "Wake" message to com.innovaphone.client API

Used by myApps for iOS/Android on incoming push notifications.

72926 - myApps: check if a setting was unset in the PBX

If a setting was configured (on/off/force) in the PBX and the admin resets it, the default value is set again in myApps.
Otherwise the previously set value would remain in myApps until new start of myApps.

73684 - myApps: possible crash during an AppSharing session

Following flow:

- Application is unshared (DELETE_SESSION/DELETE_SESSION_ACK)
- Same application is shared inmediately after
- A DELETE_SESSION_ACK belonging to the old session arrives
- myApps could crash when the application is unshared

74011 - myApps: Reject websocket connections if PBX is off

Before this fix the websocket connection was accepted even if the PBX was off and the user got a (non-working) login screen. In order to avoid confusion the PBX now rejects websocket connections if the mode is off.

72712 - myApps: wrong initial window size

myApps was started a couple of pixel smaller If "scale and layout" was configured in Windows with a value larger than 100%.
This problem only happened if myApps was docked.

74054 - myPBX/myApps Android/iOS: Increased the ringtone level to make ringing louder.

73874 - myPBX/myApps Android/iOS: Quickly stop ringing if an incoming call was accepted or rejected on another device.

74470 - No media on CALL from Softphone to ISDN, if CALL_PROC is received

74488 - No Tone on call thru direct route TELx to TONE

74396 - Option to speed up keep-alive for RAS over H.225

For H.323/TCP and H.323/TLS the keep-alive period is 30 times longer then for UDP to reduce load. This is too long for some Proxies or Load Balancer, the "unused" Session is closed.
The /ras-h225-factor n option on H.323 sets this factor.

74867 - PBX Conference: Trap by call from another PBX object to busy room

If a busy conference room is called from another PBX object like a waiting queue, a trap occurs. This is fixed.

74491 - PBX unexpected restart when configuring an App object without url

null pointer exception

74308 - PBX: Connected number received from trunk was not correcty adjusted in e164 setup

Prefixes for national or international network were not taken into account

74650 - phone, softphone and chat licenses did not work on slaves

Added these licenses to the predefined license types

74858 - Phone-App: Remote video did not start sometimes

User needs to click to see remote video (interaction required).

74672 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-MDCC_Magdeburg_City_Com-SIP_Trunk

Updated SIP Provider Profile, add sip-tweak to avoid reported problems with Session-Expires negotiation

73413 - Softphone-App: One-way audio when calling to audio-only destination

One-way audio when initiating video-call to a destination not supporting video.
Audio RTP is received but not played.

74869 - Softphone-App: Some international numbers could not be dialed

E.g. Czech Republic
Country code 420 was erroneously changed into 42.

73588 - softwarephone: mute from headset not passsed to mypbx

12r2: button mute from headset was not passed to mypbx

74451 - softwarephone: no audio over Lancom vpn

12r2 Ice negotiation fails over Lancom vpn interface.

74804 - softwarephone:looses registration when OpenVPN involved

12r2: restart mechanism when ip @ changes occur can happen when swphone is just starting up, not handled properly in this situation.

74766 - Sometimes no media on H.323 slowstart calls

Uninitialized memory

74492 - Support of Wakeups in PbxAdminApi and PbxTableUsers

The wakeup array can no be read, set and replicated

73699 - Unexpected restart on collision of call clearing and media re-negotiation

74880 - Updated translations

72600 - Various Chat fixes

- don't open App until connected
- move chat with new messages to top of the list
- UC lic does not contain chat
- don't store messages or forward presence subscriptions if not lic
- block UI for file upload
- no file attachements without license
- avoid duplicate/missing messages
- missing attachment in first message after chat was opened
- presence subscription for badge count from signaling
- setting group member as admin deletes member

74689 - Voicemail: Reduce partial reads. Load scripts faster

Reduce partial reads by increasing internal buffer sizes.
Merged from #66644
#changed vm_script_if.cpp

74012 - WebserverPlugin Static Files - added header to ttf files for Cross Origin Resource Sharing

13r1 Service Release 16 (132496)

75823 - App Devices: new search category input field

75762 - App Devices: software rental contracts are now concluded inside the new my.innovaphone portal

Instead of concluding the contract within the Devices App itself, you are now redirected to the new my.innovaphone portal.

There is a new account tab inside the domains to manage the account for renting innovaphone software.

75822 - App Devices: support large numbers of categories

A domain with more than 500 categories is now supported.

75527 - App Profile: CFx was not deleted using the backspace

75723 - App Store: Downloads inside the App do not work

75601 - App Users: If username contains a comma, the user was not well attached to the homescreen

If username contains a comma, the user was not well attached to the homescreen, so it must be URI encoded.

75673 - App Voicemail: No scrollbar if more messages existing than shown

75085 - Calendar. Fixed Bad Request problem with Exchange Online due changes made by Microsoft

75257 - Calendar: Additional email addresses in PBX user object hadn't been used to check against Exchange.

75495 - Chat: Limit text to 10000 bytes

75472 - Chat: Message without text but attachment was not displayed

75498 - Don't remove numbers from CDRs because "Hide Connected Endpoint", but mark as presentation restricted

Otherwise importent information is lost, like if the call was to an external number

75016 - Fixed duplicate DTMF

Do not send audio until 100 ms after an RTP DTMF tone was sent to avoid that local echo of the tone leaks to the peer.

74959 - ICE: Keep SRFLX candidates alive after connect

Now the endpoints continue sending requests to the STUN server every 25 seconds, in order to keep the NAT mappings of the SRFLX candidates alive.

75902 - Install: changed text of PBX upgrade with local App Platform

75513 - IP111/IP112/IP222: Support for new hardware with IPS display

The 3.5" TFT Display is replaced with a version with wider viewing angle. The new display requires a softwares update.

75485 - IP111A/IP112A: Adjusted the frequency response of handsfree speaker and microphone

75514 - IP112/IP102: Support new hardware with new Ethernet switch revision

The IP112 and IP101 gigabit ethernet switch is replaced with a newer revision that requirers a software update.

75215 - Mobility call from Node could have wrong calling number

In case the same number existed in the root node as well

75244 - MOH and Waiting Queue URLs with up to 500 characters

Limitation to 126 characters can be a problem with long DNS names or a long path

74883 - myApps Android: Fixed a crash on start of video on specific device and device orientation

75078 - myApps Windows: check if localhost (or or [::1]) is resolved before starting myApps

Some PCs misteriously do not resolve localhost string and myApps just shows a blank page. works but this cannot be used in PCs without IPv4
Therefore we now make first a HTTP client request to localhost.
If it doesn't work, we try and if this doesn't work, [::1]

75676 - myApps Windows: fixed traps on notifications with too long text

myApps could trap on notifications with too long text.
The notification text and title is now truncated after 150 bytes before showing the notification.

74948 - myApps: add new-usb-backend switch to chromium

in order to control USB devices

75199 - myApps: Additional test IDs for automated testing

74871 - myApps: convert fingerprint string to binary format

ICE module needs the fingerprint in binary format

74868 - myApps: do not allow more than 10 ice candidates

equivalent to the firmware, PBX and telephones

74952 - myApps: hotkey to dial a selected number not working properly

Selected number was deleted from the (Soft-)PhoneApp UI if myApps window was too small

74982 - myApps: Prevent delay for calls on devices with phone app

myApps includes a mechanism to wake up the softphone app when a call arrives. In those cases the PBX gives some extra time for the softphone to register, before call diversions are evaluated or the call is rejected.

Erroneously the same mechanism was applied to the phone app that would not make a registration when it is woken up. That caused unneeded delays on call diversions or call rejects, when the phone is not registered.

74852 - myApps: write currently logged user in the Windows registry

74988 - myPBX Android: Overlap dialing not possible any more due to Connection Service jumping in

75200 - myPBX/myApps Android: An incoming myPBX/myApps call during a GSM conversation unintendedly forced the phone to handsfree mode

75249 - myPBX/myApps iOS: Incoming calls not ringing if multiple sessions for the same device existed

75631 - myPBX: Room Search do not work if myPBX is started before Outlook

74862 - Outgoing call from FAX App did not work with rtp-proxy on PBX

75063 - PBX Fax: Fax license configuration fixed

This is a fix for last fix: Fax license configuration is added again and the PBX channels license removed.

75752 - PBX Mobility: Delay reject from mobile phone by 2s

This avoids problems on the iphone with Mobility Call and Softphone call arriving simulanously

74875 - PBX Trunk no check for loopback on transfered calls

74879 - PBX Wakeup calls: Conference Id missing on calls to Softphone

This created a problem with push for IOS and Android

75262 - PBX: Automatically delete sessions with duplicate push tokens

When a myApps/myPBX client sets a push token, now the PBX deletes all other sessions with the same push token.

75771 - PBX: Conference: Allow DSP bypass connections if possible

The PBX conference object shouldn't remove the audio codec which allows hardware bypass connections to skip DSPs. This is used to connect local ISDN and local conference interfaces together.

74141 - phone IPxxx: Handle "Max Internal Number Length" when configured in dialling location

external LDAP directories may provide phone numbers in national format, i.e. without leading country- and area code (if any).
To force dialling such numbers with "External Line" prepended "Max Internal Number Length" can be set to a suitable value.

75259 - phone: ip102 - USB port could not be disabled

The USB port of an IP102 could not be disabled via "Phone/Protect/USB: Disable Ports".

75516 - Potential restart with softphone on collision of call clear with media renegotiation

75212 - Reverse Proxy: Good Websocket connections sometimes counted as suspicious

75529 - SDK: Update Replicator tutorial

The tutorial has been updated:
- Explained code that was not clear
- Added some missing code like the header files

74839 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-NetCologne-SIP_Premium

Update - Remove Interworking flag.

74936 - SIP-Provider Profile USA-Telnyx-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider Profile

75243 - SIP-Provider Profiles DE-Plusnet-IPfonie_Extended_Connect TLS_SRTP/TCP_RTP

updated both Plusnet-IPfonie profiles, remove wrongly activated exclusive G711A setting and add suppression of connected number (problems with connected number were reported by customers)
Also adjusted UUI to use {initiator} placeholder.

75520 - SMTP: Use UTF-8 encoding for subject and fromname

75197 - Softphone to softphone calls did not work with media-relay

No media

75041 - Softphone-App: Call not assigned to favorite

A call to/from favotrite was not sorted to favorite's call history.
A new entry in 'recent contacts' was added.

74940 - Unexpected restart with Group Indications and Chat

Group Indications sent to a Chat App could cause an unexpected restart

74960 - Voicemail: Connected Number with Private Numbering Plan

The connected number sent by the Voicemail does now contain the flag indicating a private numbering plan.
#changed pbx_vm.cpp

13r1 Service Release 17 (132523)

76375 - 802.1x: Fragment Buffer holding Obsolete Data

The buffer for fragmented TLS data wasn't emptied on premature end of a previous handshake.
#changed 8021x.cpp

76376 - AP Manager: send AP Manager version to devices too

The AP Manager now sends the own version (e.g. 13r1 132455 SR16) to the Devices AP too. Before, just the AP image build has been sent.

76397 - App Devices: ignore account name in domain of AppWebsocket connections

The PBX Manager adds the account name if the AP object is configured with an account name (e.g. "domain":"").
This caused not working password changes through the PBX Manager and conferences couldn't be configured too.

76072 - App Devices: show better auto provisioning link with complete URL

The preview URL now contains the whole URL including the DNS/IP and webserver path of the Devices App object.

76251 - App Devices: show own domain always on top in domain list

This helps cloud providers to find their own domain at once while they can search for customer domains with the search input field.

76149 - App Devices: use password fields with show password button

76838 - App Events: Menu tab no resposible

When the UI width was smaller than 600px, the menu tab (hamburger menu) was to small.

76833 - App Profile: Category dropdown should be bigger when provisioning

76063 - App Profile: Entering the text very slowly on CFx could sometimes delete the last character

The search was started and when it was finished, the text was replaced by the searched string. This happens when there are many results to be displayed.

76398 - App Profile: Scrolling did not work on iOS

76759 - App Store: Bug on updating linux.json

Only one platform on the devices array was added, so "arm64" devices were written on the file but not "arm" devices and viceversa.

76400 - App Voicemail: Message Center SIP is not send with MWI

76008 - Badge Counts on Chat App Icon and inside the Chat App did not match sometimes

Only 20 messages where set as read at one time, but the count was set to 0. Now all messages in a chat are set to read, when the chat is opened

76036 - Chat usability improvements

- Show SIP URI on search results
- Group editing improved

76004 - Chat: Don't increment badgecount, if chat has focus already

75966 - Chat: Don't move chat to top, just by opening it

75965 - Chat: The user herself is suggested to be added to a group

75964 - Chat; Duplicate search results when adding members to a group

76497 - Contacts App: PBX Mgr. Plugin, Wrong Objects Displayed in Multi-Instance Configurations

The member "uri" of the "GetAppObjectsQuery" was missing a trailing slash ("/"). The resulting search pattern included and returned unwanted objects entries belonging to other instances.

76402 - ICE: Exclude disabled interfaces from candidates

Disabled interfaces should not create ICE candidates.

76399 - IP111/IP112/IP101/IP102: Avoid duplicate DTMF from echo of feedback tone

76267 - IP222: Add codec status signal

76418 - IP241: Background image not displayed

From 12r2 sr23 on the image URL is stored in URL-encoded form.
But was not decoded when used.

76037 - IPVA unexpected restart when using softphone

76829 - LDAP object: Saving LDAP password containing + did not work

When saving an LDAP object in the admin UI, + signs were erroneously replaced by spaces due to wrong URL decoding.

75916 - Media-Relay: Forward SSRC changes

If a SSRC change is received, the send SSRC should be updated as well

76526 - myApps Android: Fixed crashes seen from app store reports

75671 - myApps-AppSharing: read application information in a thread

WMI process used for reading Windows application information uses much CPU.

76839 - myApps: clicking on the tray icon does not restore the window correctly if it was maximized

76406 - myApps: do not offer more than 10 ice candidates

76284 - myApps: hotkey not working if selected text contained special characters

UTF8 characters must be encoded

76369 - myApps: More detailed trace on TCP socket error

76389 - myApps: set MTU in SSL library to avoid UDP fragmentation of DTLS Handshake messages

76341 - myApps: some log files are not removed after clicking on the delete trace button

75724 - myApps: start URL was cut off if it contained a server parameter

The start URL is converted to UCS2 before chromium initialization and a maximum length of 256 characters was allowed. The server variable was appended at the end of the string and therefore it was cut off.

76034 - No Media on some calls from softphone to CONF/SCNF

Problem in H.323 media renegotiation

76283 - PBX LDAP Object: Possible trap when all attributes are configured

If all the attribute fields in the configuration of the LDAP object were specified, search requests caused a trap.

Collateral damage from: #72378 - PBX LDAP Object: Add attribute "facsimiletelephonenumber"

75841 - PBX Mobility: Call filters where not applied for calls initiated with myPBX or RCC

76027 - PBX Waiting/Max Call/Operator(%): Don't count operator calls, if operator is not available

Operator could not be available because of presence or call forwarding

76039 - PBX: Call forward filters with name did not work

76354 - PBX: CF activation request remained unanswered if diversion destination was bocked by filter

CF activation request remained unanswered if diversion destination was bocked by filter.
Now ReturnError is sent with CONNECT to phone and phone shows "operation failed" to user.

76018 - PBX: Leak when sending chat message to an offline user

76250 - Phone-App: Fixing interop with DECT

Fixing problems when controlling DECT endpoint with Phone-App.
When initiating call to a busy destination.

76264 - Phone-App: Improve hotkey functionality

Allow users to mark whole line of text. Phonenumber will be extracted by heuristics.
E.g. "Medium" " " "Nummer/Adresse" "Standard" "Geschäftsleitung" "HRF" "Bemerkung" Telefon +49 160 12345678

76404 - phone: apply 'headset ad hoc' preference to calls called via dial fkey too

The checkmark "Phone/Preferences/Headset is used ad hoc only" was applied to calls dialled via call list but not to calls dialled via a 'Dial' function key.

76143 - Phones: callWaiting indication not handled when received with FACILITY

callWaiting indication not handled when received with FACILITY (not ALERT).

76360 - Phones: Fix for trap (btree-get)

61:1118:016:0 - Assertion failed line 193 in common/ilib-cpp/btree.cpp, btree-get
61:1118:016:0 - assert-ep 80005348 called from 804376dc
61:1118:016:0 - BUILD 125671 Uptime 14d 23h 34m 19s Local Time 18.06.20 14:23:37

76282 - Phones: Opening fkey-edit dialog should not trigger reload of user-config

User config was reloaded on phone when opening the fkey-edit dialog on phone's web-ui.
Reloading user config may cause MWI fkey to enter active state.

75967 - RCC App required softphone license

Should work with phone licenses only

75721 - recordings: crash when converting in multiple instances installation

13r1: crash occurs when converting a recording in a multi instance installtion

76108 - SIP/TCP: All interfaces should share the same transport layer

All interfaces should share the same transport layer in order to share the outbound TCP connections.
To activate this behaviour:
config change TSIP /share-transport-connection on

76047 - SIP: Do not send REGISTER with Expires:0 after timeout

Do not send REGISTER with Expires:0 after no response.
Use polling with Expires:0 only while registered on backup server.

76378 - SIP: Fix for invalid payload type in SDP offer

Invalid RTp payload type 65535 was used in SDP offer:

m=audio 17218 RTP/AVP 18 9 8 0 96 65535 101 13
c=IN IP4
a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000
a=rtpmap:9 G722/8000
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:96 G726-32/8000
a=rtpmap:65535 G726-32/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=rtpmap:13 CN/8000

76318 - SIP: Fix for redirection to primary server

Fix for redirection to primary server:
Primnary reg1 fails (no response)
Secondary reg2 gets redirect to primary server
Secondary reg2 is killed and primary reg1 is triggerd
(Instead of having reg1 and reg2 sending both to primary server)

76055 - SIP: Media negotiation fails when calling into conference

Sometimes media negotiation fails when calling into conference.

74924 - SIP: New interop tweak /discard-connected-identity

This option disables COLP.
If /discard-connected-identity is set no connected party information is extraced from 200/OK response.

75384 - SIP: Write LOG on incoming OPTIONS request

Write LOG on every incoming OPTIONS request that was accepted.
Only if logging is enabled for SIP module.

72804 - Softphone-App: Device management in browser context

Use navigator.mediaDevices API to select audio/video device

75444 - Softphone-App: First ringtone is auto-selected on app start, even if "No Ringtone" has been configured

First ringtone is auto-selected on app start, even if "No Ringtone" has been configured.

76065 - Softphone-App: Fix for DOMException (The play() request was interrupted by a new load request)

Softphone-App: Fix for DOMException (The play() request was interrupted by a new load request)

71377 - Softphone-App: New config option "Auto-release disconnected calls"

Calls that get disconnected (not released) stay in disconnected state until user terminates call.
With this option set, such calls will be automatically released.

75487 - Softphone-App: Sometimes no remote video displayed

Sometimes no remote video displayed when using Softphone-App or Phone-App in myApps native client.

76377 - WebdavService: Copy leads to assert

13r1 Service Release 18 (132592)

100869 - App UsersAdmin: Nodes list could include false nodes

78187 - AP Manager: added traces to catch shutdown hangups

Websocket sessions are not always correctly closed which causes the AP Manager to block a shutdown.
Some traces are added to catch these situations.

76388 - AP Manager: Fix unresolved statistics collection states

100050 - App Devices: added possiblity to download the rental history (API is also available)

The rental history can now be downloaded in the software rental tab.

Two types are available: history of changed and a monthy overview.

There is also an API available to download the history, described in the App Devices concept article.

78355 - App Devices: fixed possible trap on websocket session shutdown

Fixed a race condition when update jobs are retrieved for a session and the session closed during this task at a certain point.

100575 - App Devices: fixed URLs of different devices configurations

Some URLs of GET requests which are performed for various devices configurations contained two ? instead of ?...&...

77782 - App Devices: just allow domain name changes for admins

In a cloud environment, the domain name should be just changeable by admins, not customers themselves.

78349 - App Devices: new domain field "invoice reference"

This field can be optionally used to enter a value which is later used inside the history of the rental system.

100080 - App Devices: rename project in my.innovaphone when domain is renamed

It was just renamed before when the software rental page was opened.

78106 - App Devices: send device names in software rental change JSON

This is groundwork for upcoming software rental history features.

100629 - App Files: IDs for Testing

77937 - App Files: Leak by closing instance

100898 - App Profile: Allow to open every tab on Profile from the URL

So from the home screen, these tabs will be opened automatically:






101019 - App Profile: Mobility not displaying the right data

78299 - App Profile: The UI moves a lot when CFs are edited and the page is reloaded

101148 - App Reporting: speed up calllist queries for users with few calls

100536 - App Store: Save and display date when a build is deployed

Display the date on the App and on the download website.

100494 - App Store: Support arm64 on AppStore (Apps)

78108 - App Users and SearchAPI: Return node prefix + extension as phone number

78053 - App Users: Add translations for the registration, password reset, confirm and expired pages

78171 - App Users: Concatenate node prefixes

If the nodes have parent nodes, the numbers must be concatenated. 

101158 - App Users: Do not allow to register if the registration page is not set on the PBX

77126 - App Users: Search on Users UI with one word may not work sometimes

77928 - App Users: The sorting of users was not working

78300 - App UsersAdmin: Registration and password reset emails can be customized

Set config items for the registration and password reset emails (subject, body, text for the link, signature), so they can be configured and set in different languages (en, de, es, pt, it, fr, pl, nl).

78292 - App UsersAdmin: Allow to filter users by loc, node and template when provisioning phones

100871 - App UsersAdmin: Export users only allowed on admin sessions

100436 - App UsersAdmin: With a large number of Nodes and Booleans, the PBX Admin Api messages where not answered

77140 - App Voicemail: Leak in MWI deactivate

100721 - App Webserver: fixed race condition which caused hanging websocket connections to Apps

A race condition caused hanging websocket connections from Apps/Firmware to the webserver.

100726 - Appointment title can be hidden in presence

Appointment title can be hidden now, like know from the old Exchange Sync Connector

78509 - Calendar: Added handling for ErrorImpersonateUserDenied error to Exchange Sync

77552 - Call forward filter on CFs set on Waiting Queues did not work correctly

Filter for forwarding endpoints only worked for the first forwarding and not also for the last

78420 - Chat: Duplicate display of received message

100044 - Conference App: App Header changed

The app header is changed. Now the PIN can be changed with iOS devices.

77917 - DNS resolver: Fixed debug print of the gethostbyname_all result.

100938 - Do not allow changing of ringer volume when PHONE_LOCK_USAGE is set

When PHONE_LOCK_USAGE is set under "Phone/Protect/Fine grained Function Locking" it shall be impossible to change the configured volume of ring tones.

100107 - Dyn PBX did not work correctly with too many start arguments

There was a limit at 100 command line arguments for start and only 16 for displaying the name

78337 - ethernet: change handling of received VLAN frames

A received VLAN frame was converted to a normal frame dircetly in the DMA buffer before the frame was passed to upper protocol layers.
On some devices a DMA buffer can only be read by software but must not be written.

77741 - Fix for trap in Gateway routing

Some routing configurations can cause an unexpected restart.

78418 - Hiding connected endpoint with Map Objects did not work with remote transfer

CT_COMPLETE was forwarded anyway

78403 - http: Allow long query strings

100010 - Incomplete Dialog Info from Waiting Queue

Hanging calls in Waiting Queue favorites of Phone App

78431 - Install/Apps: DNS names with "htm" inside the name didn't work

A wrong regular search string prevented a correct install and usage of apps.

78072 - Install: use POST for CDR HTTP requests

As the reporting app now supports POST for CDRs, POST is now the default (saves data and CPU time).

77679 - IP-DECT: User login

It's possible for any DECT user to login to the DECT user administration, used in OEM devices. This is prevent now.

78313 - IP232 HW2000: Allow idle display off

On IP232 the display was not off when the idle backlight was configured to 0.

77930 - ITimeZoneProvider::GetTimeZone() returns nullptr when a tzdb file holds no time transition data

100980 - LDAP object: fix for trap if no search base is configured

If no search base was configured there was a trap when a search request was processed.

100048 - Mobility: Wrong alerting number in call-list for outgoing calls

100825 - myApps Android/iOS: Cookie support was missing

100480 - myApps Android/iOS: Fixed a trap for outgoing calls without number

77615 - myApps Android/iOS: Trace flags duplicated if the smartphone was locked and unlocken with the trace page on top.

78464 - myApps Android/iOS: Try longer before reporting "Server unreachable" when connecting the PBX

100444 - myApps Android: Fixed a trap caused by dangling destroyed webviews

77224 - myApps Android: Incoming call not ringing immediately after change in the Android specific myApps settings

After log flags or audio API had been changed, an incoming call didn't wake myApps properly on an incoming call.

77553 - myApps iOS: Browsing the log file didn't work. Also possibly freeze on outgoing call.

100694 - myApps iOS: Fixed a noise burst heard at the beginning of audio.

100336 - myApps iOS: Fixed a trap if a notification was clicked quickly

100724 - myApps iOS: Fixed a trap on certain devices if the camera started for video.

100810 - myApps iOS: Fixed excessive battery drain in some situations

100106 - myApps iOS: Fixed odd download file name and directory