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This is the Firmware 14r2 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second Monday each month. For each of the service release, the complete set of tests is executed. If problems show up during the tests, the problems are fixed. This may cause a delay. The tests are started early, so that some delay is covered, but it still may happen that the patchday has to be moved. In this case it is hard to predict when the service release is good. It may be any day, so it would not be good to move the patchday by a fixed number of days, it still should be released as early as possible.

Please see:

Firmware 14r2

Main improvements in 14r2

168531 - App Platform update

- updated to OpenSSL 3

​- updated PostgreSQL

​- further updates to buildroot 2024.02 LTS

​See <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

166284 - App Working Admin: Groups

  • Groups can be defined where specific rights can be set for some users (for example allow some users to work on sundays or remove some warnings).
  • Managers can be assigned to these groups, so they can see only the users in the group when opening the Working Admin App.
  • There is also the HR mode which allows to see all the users on the Working Admin App.
  • The user's groups are displayed on the user's details.

166286 - App Working Admin: UI improvements

  • Email button to send an email to the user  (if there are errors a predefined text is added to the email).
  • There are 3 sections now to filter the users : all users, times missing and to check.
  • Errors on working hours can be marked as ok and they are not displayed as errors anymore.
  • It is possible to filter users by group name, so for example when searching by "Sales" all the members of sales will be displayed on the "all users" tab.
  • ​The user and the date of the last config changes on the hamburger menu are displayed as a tooltip.

166285 - App Working: Workings hours types

  • Working types (configured on the Admin App) can be selected on a Dropdown menu on the  Working App before submitting the working hours.
  • The amounts of vacation and sick leave hours are displayed on the month summary and also the working hours per type (if they are not 0).
  • Working hours types can also be defined by group, so the users inside the group will have the general working types and also the ones defined on the group.

168527 - Connect App improvements

New Features:

  • ​Help mechanism
  • ​Define channels as home
  • ​Shortcut to start discussions in narrow/mobile view
  • ​UI improvements

169767 - Default NTP server

If no NTP server is set using DHCP or local configuration, the firmware now uses "" as a default.

168246 - Fax App improvements

New features in the Fax App:

  • Mail to Fax
  • ​Transmission report with first page
  • ​Short pop-up message after document deletion for undoing it

168433 - MyApps Linux Plugin for Virtual Desktops

A myApps Plugin for Linux (Ubuntu and x86_64 Platforms) is now available.

For details, see:


168241 - myApps: screen reader support and keyboard control

The myApps client itself can now be used with a screen reader and keyboard.

​Please note: This does not include the inidividual apps.

​For details see: Reference14r2:Concept_myApps#Accessibility

168435 - Remote Control App

Remote Control is an application to get access to a remote PC.

It can also be used as a collaborative tool for remote work.

For details, see:


166962 - Translations App

The Translations app provides a translation interface between apps (any app can integrate this service) and

For details, see: Reference14r2:Concept_App_Service_Translations

Other improvements in 14r2

161007 - #160633 - Fix crash when a to old recordings request is removed from the queue (list)

When recordings asks for the call meta data and recordings doesn't find these datas the reordings app tries for 8 hours before deleting the request. This caused a crash and is now fixed

170226 - add 'debug' option to 'mem' and 'buf' command

the mem/buf commans without any option returned the current memory/buffer statistics to caller and wrote them also to the trace buffer. Now writing to the debug buffer must be explicitely requested with the debug option, i.e. !mem debug  must be used instead of  !mem.    

165490 - App Platform Manager: Fix loading of language files

161622 - App Users: Allow to hide the SIP as it is done with email and phone

Enabled/disable e.g. via Usersadmin (as it is done with the phone numbers and email adresses) the display of the SIP-URI on Users App.

160985 - App Working: Only send SqlUpdate to the sessions with the same sip

On the Working App the SqlUpdate should only be sent to the sessions with the same sip and not broadcasted to all users.

165911 - Conference: Show video connections as encrypted

 Show video connections as encrypted in gateway's  calls view.

164753 - Contact Widgets: Show tooltip info on green checkmark on PBX manager plugin

Show tooltip info with umber of widgets and number of current client sessions.

165225 - Firmware Reverse Proxy: blacklist incoming connections with SSL errors/untrusted certificates or if mtls fails

Such incoming connections are now blacklisted even if there is a valid host entry.

166619 - Firmware Reverse Proxy: removed blacklisting due to certificate errors

161878 - Firmware Voicemail: Trap while reading script

A trap occurred while reading in a script from a webserver not supporting partial read requests.

160633 - Fix crash when old recordings requests are removed

Recordings make request to the reporting app in order to find the meta data for a recorded call. These requests are stored in a list and processed one after another. In very rare cases, when a request was not processed for over 8 hours that request is removed from the list. This caused a crash and is fixed now. 

169819 - Fix for sporadic video problems on 3-pty-conferences

Sometimes video connections failed to establish.

165518 - Fix traces of event OAUTH2_LOGIN_RESULT

166584 - Fixed a crash on start of media in certain Linux environments

167007 - Generate backtraces without GDB

GDB doesn't interprete coredumps correctly anymore an ARM 32bit.

​So signals like SIGSEGV are now intercepted and the App itself generates a backtrace with the lib backtrace.

159181 - increase system time accuracy

the device system time was updated to the current NTP time on a difference of  3 seconds and it may be hard hard to find matching information in logs of different deviceses.

Now the system time is updated on a difference of 1 second already.

167520 - IP240A: trap with pickup key and braodcast group

In a special constellation of pickup key and call braadcast group a trap happened when the phone received and accepted  a call via the broadcast group and another call to the  the broadcast group  was indicated to the phone.

164712 - IPVA: Increase number of VARS segment

In certain IPVA application scenarios (for example reverse proxy) more space for VARs is required  

169007 - IPxx11: enable multicore operation

to support more conference channels multicore operation is required

162249 - IPxx11: modify linux kernel upload for 6.x.x kernels

the compressed linux kernel is now loaded to a higher address in linux RAM area. This speeds up  kernel start a little bit because the kernel must not shift itself to a higher address before uncompress .


165420 - IPxx13: include SEC driver

Include the SEC (Security and Encryption Engine) driver in firmware for development of SEC based encryption functions.

​Currently the driver is only started when /enable is added to SEC config line

159396 - IPxx13: permit RAID installation only on disks with identical no of sectors

A RAID can be installed only on disks of nearly same size  but to be sure only disks with an identical number of sectors are accpted.  

160688 - myApp iOS: Fixed a small leak on every audio establishment

160324 - myApps Android: Added an incoming call screen for operation with disabled phone account.

166277 - myApps Android: Limit the TCP maximum segment size because Android took a too big value with a certain LTE provider

164558 - myApps for Windows: increase the video resolution to 2560x1440

168607 - myApps iOS/macOS: Added icons to the notification actions.

168664 - myApps iOS/macOS: console.trace() in a web script caused abort of the script with type error.

157789 - myApps iOS: Video didn't show up if connected via mobile data

167280 - myApps iOS: Work without CallKit in China (country code CN/CHN)

161740 - myApps macOS: Added architecture arm64 for native M1/M2 support.

161840 - myApps Windows: better handling of Office Integration startup failures

165856 - myApps Windows: close myApps on uninstall and earlier during installation

If myApps is uninstalled, it's automatically closed now and during a standard installation, the closing is performed during an earlier sequence step.

166738 - myApps Windows: Fixed a sporadic crash on media start/stop

162046 - myApps: Bring main window to front when myApps links are opened

When clicking a notification or opening a com.innovaphone.myapps: link, the window is now brought to the front.

166316 - NTP: OEM specific default NTP server

​The default NTP server is used when no server is configured or provided by DHCP. Vendors may replace "" by another address in build process.

165494 - PBX Manager / Reverse Proxy: Remove obsolete paths

The following paths are obsolete, so the RP plugin no longer creates entries for them.




167400 - PBX Manager Plugin: fix duplicated display of apps plugins

165159 - PBX: Fix for DND and wake mechanism

The DND presence only prevented waking up the softphone app if the contact was "tel:". ​But it should work for any contact.

169021 - phone USB headset: support EPOS CEHS-CI 02 II, Plantronics CA22CD

EPOS CEHS-CI 02 II is the EPOS version of the Sennheiser  CEHS-CI 02 (cisco electronic hookswitch adapter), Plantronics CA22CD is a PTT Headset Adapter 

167924 - Phone USB Headsets: support EPOS IMPACT 760T , IMPACT 860T

add support for the EPOS IMPACT 760T & 860T headsets

166263 - Phone-App: Fix for changing video camera during call

When video camera was changed during call, the video camera was not stopped on end of call.

​This causes problems when closing myApps which in turn keeps myApps from being started next time.

​User must re-configure myApps at next start.

169501 - Phone-App: Fix for remote devices not supporting ICE

Try to make video running even if remote device does not support ICE.

166112 - Phone-App: No presence ribbon if presence could not be retrieved

Do not show presence ribbon if presence subscription could not be established.

167790 - Phone-App: Show error when favourite could not be added

Adding a favourite may fail if maximum limit is already reached.

​Better give feedback to user in this case.

159258 - Phones: Allow to configure energy-saving time

Allow to configure

time for energy-saving (turn off display).

New config option on screen "Device settings".

162248 - Phones: Automatically enter/leave Energy Saving Mode

Automatically enter/leave Energy Saving Mode.

​Not only when phone enters idle state.

169811 - prevent misleading ".. Flash Usage above 85%" alarms

An alarm was raised immediately when the usage overshot 85% and cleared when the usage fell below 80%. To prevent 'false' alarms now an alarm is raised only when the usage stays over 85% for one minute.

165345 - Rcc-App: Allow to unpark a call

Allow to unpark a call in Rcc-App.

168192 - SIP: Support for additional digest algorithms


Support for RFC 8760.

( "MD5" / "MD5-sess" / "SHA-256" / "SHA-256-sess" / "SHA-512-256" / "SHA-512-256-sess")

165979 - Softphone-App: Accent color missing in docked-out window

Accent color missing in docked-out media-panel (Phone-App and Softphone-App).

164406 - Softphone-App: Avoid JS exception when websocket connection gets lost during call

Avoid JS exception when websocket connection is lost during call

169869 - Softphone-App: Do not allow user to close Muted-By-Moderator-Notification

165229 - Softphone-App: Fix for display of calendar presence

Calendar presence may contain control codes that help to translate information into user's language.

These control codes must not be displayed.

158823 - Use 64 bit time and filesystem functions in App Platform SDK

Set _TIME_BITS 64 and _FILE_OFFSET_BITS  64 in platform.h that 64bit timestamps and file system stats are used.

161427 - Web-Access: UI fine-tuning

Small UI improvements on Web-Access client