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The RCC App provides the user with CTI functionality.
With the RCC App you can control your mobile phone.
You can initiate outbound calls and answer inbound calls by mouse click.


  • integration in myApps communications client
  • search and find other users by name or phone number (using API
  • see and manage your favorite contacts, see their presence information
  • list of recently contacted people
  • provides API to other apps in myApps
  • call transfer
  • RCC App uses PBX API "RCC" ([1])


  • innovaphone PBX (version 13r1 or higher)
  • the myApps communications client
  • license: App(phone) plus Mobility (or UC license)
  • PBX Mobility object

How to get the app to a PBX user

The PBX administrator must add a Mobility object if not already done.
At the user object the PBX administrator must configure "Fork". Here two fields are to be configured:

  • Mobility/Object: The Mobility object's Long Name must be entered here
  • Mobility/Device: A name must be entered here. This is the name of the RCC app which will displayed in myApps (e.g. "Mobile phone")

Finally the PBX administrator must assign required licenses to the user and allow app type "rcc". This can also be done via config template if several users are to be configured.

The remaining steps are done by the user itself:
Once the PBX administrator has done this the user opens myApps, opens the Profile app and opens page "call diversions". In section "Mobility" the user can enter the (mobile) phone number of the device which is to be controlled via RCC app. In the drop-down list "App" the entry "rcc" must be selected.
Now the user will find the RCC app (e.g. "Mobile phone") in "All apps".

Working principle

Initiating calls

On the UI of the RCC app you can enter a phone number you want to call to. By clicking the dial button a call is initiated towards your own (mobile) phone number (the number you configured in your profile/mobility settings). Your phone starts ringing. When answering this call the PBX starts another call to your destination number. You will hear ringback tone. Note: Your destination will not see your (mobile) phone number, but your PBX internal phone number.


  • RCC app does not add video or application sharing to your calls. Available media types are defined by the telephony endpoints. If your (mobile) phone devices is a GSM phone there will be audio only.

Known Problems

Known Problems