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Apps/PbxManager/APsApps/PbxManager/App CalendarApps/PbxManager/App Connector for kuando®
Apps/PbxManager/App FaxApps/PbxManager/ConferenceConcept App Platform
Concept App RCCConcept App Service CalendarConcept App Service Connector for kuando®
Concept App Service ContactsConcept App Service DevicesConcept App Service Queues
Concept App SoftphoneAppConcept ChatConcept Conference
Concept Conference Meeting InvitationsConcept Conference Web AccessConcept DTLS-SRTP
Concept Multi-Video-ConferenceConcept Update ServerConcept myApps
Concept myApps Office IntegrationConcept myApps platform servicesEvent/0x00270001
IP4/General/STUNIP4/General/TLSMyApps Cloud
PBX/ObjectsPBX/Objects/Conference/Announcement typesPBX/Objects/User
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HowTo Articles

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The PbxManager does not show AP Plugins from App Platform

The shared secret between AP-Object inside your PBX and the AP-Platform is not equal. Update the Password in the AP Object inside the PBX to the same value as your admin password of the AP-Platform.
If no password is configured the PBX Password will be used per default.

How LDAP Reverse Lookup and name resolution works in V13?

Check the new Concept for Number Resolution and LDAP in V13.

What is the myApps Concept for Remote Environments

You can use the RCC App in your remote session to control the Softphone App at your local machine or thin client.

Can I still use the "old" softwarephone in V13?

Yes, the softwarephone can still be used in V13. But it is not recommended and needed anymore. For innovaphone myApps there is a new Softphone App that can be started within the launcher or browser with additional recording support.

For remote environments (eg. MS Remote Desktop) you can use the RCC App. The part to have a physical location is still in progress to support it in the Softphone App

Do I need innovaphone Reporting on the Linux Application Platform for the Call List for myPBX in V13?

No, there is no need for the innovaphone Reporting or Linux Application Platform to use myPBX in V13. You can use the App Service Reporting for the myPBX Call List.

Passwords with more then 15 characters

For reasons of compatibility, passwords with more than 15 characters cannot be used

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