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This information applies to inno-wiki


This wiki is one of the major communications channels from innovaphone to partners. Partners should thus stay up-to-date to with its content. However, monitoring a website for updates can be quite time-consuming. RSS feeds are a great way to do this. Here is how it works.

We offer various RSS feeds. A news feed can be thought of as a channel where new information is provided regularly and in a coordinated fashion. These pieces of information (commonly known as "articles") can be accessed by means of web browsers and/or external programs known as "feed readers" or "aggregators".

Popular browsers as well as Microsoft Outlook do support RSS feeds.

Available Feeds


This feed shows mainly release announcements.

Problem Alerts

This feed includes information that you probably would like to have known before when you run into problems. You should really have it subscribed.

New Articles

All new articles, regardless of their type. Same content like here.

Changed Articles

All updated articles, regardless of their type. Same content like here.

New Partner Apps

This feed includes all new Partner Apps. Same content like here.

Edited Feeds

In addition to the feeds listed above, which are created and maintained automatically by the innovaphone wiki, there is an edited feed. Edited here means that the entries are hand-crafted. The obvious drawback is that when you rely on this feed only, you may might miss some information - if we decide not to post it. The benefit of course is that all messages are filtered by a human which might result in a slightly more sensible choice of information posted (in particular, the Changed Articles feed noted above tends to send a lot of less useful information hiding the good parts). As of this writing (fall 2017), we post all noteworthy wiki updates to this edited channel.

This feed is also available as an old-style forum with (optional) mail subscription at


Finally, you can also follow the user innovaphone_tec on X, which will receive the same information.

The Release Notes

There are a number of articles of utmost importance to many of you: the Release Notes. Unfortunately, you cannot watch these articles in wiki. However, you can subscribe to the News RSS feed where releases are posted and then refer to the respective release notes article.