How to post a successful Mantis Request

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This article is written to make your request to innovaphone support or innovaphone presales more successful.

Furthermore you help us to improve our workflow for you

Applies to

Support Requests

More Information

Problem Details

Here are some hints for a successful request:

Before opening a support case, please make sure that you have the newest available build on all your innovaphone device your request is for.

The newest build is provided: (you enter this area with the well known ice access)

Please add in every case the Config with standard user und password.

If it is in exceptional cases not possible to set it to standard, provide us user and password.

Please only one request per case.

Here are some formal hints for successful request:

  • reporters phone number with extension (@phone 12345678-910)
  • significant mail header
  • just text in the mail body. We do not support "embedded" pictures. If you need to send screenshots etc. send them as attachment
  • no attachments with names <number>.{bmp,png,jpg} or image<number>.{bmp,png,jpg}
  • only the text of the current mail
  • free from disclaimers

Here are some hints to attach successful traces/logs/configs:

  • save logs always in a .txt file and attach it to the request mail. Please, never paste it in to the mail body directly
  • save traces in a .pcap file and attach it to the request mail. Do not use the text format (as obtained in Maintenance/Tracing/{trace(buffer) or trace(continuous)}
  • attachment must not be bigger than 5 MB, if you have a bigger one please pack it into a zip-file or a rar-file
  • if you are not sure about which trace, please ask the innovaphone team which trace is useful for this request, make sure that all other not used trace are switched off
  • if possible clear the trace before tracing the issue
  • send us no traces/logs/configs without a decent description (who calls whom, what happens, what should happen)
  • make sure that fault can be seen inside the log/trace
  • do not attach any office documents including macros (file-extension "x"). instead use pdf formatted files

Here are the causes why we necessarily need the information in every new posted case:

@source source of supply (from which dealer, distributor did you purchase this product)

This information is important to determine who is the right partner to support you.

@customer end customer (where is this device in productive use?)

This information is exclusively used to group separate cases which belong to the same installation and thus shall considered as a whole.

If you have with this issue problems with data protection, you can give your customer an alias, but make sure that you have always the same alias for one customer.

Valid TAGS

See below a summary over all valid tags:

Tag                Required*    Description 
@customer          mo           end customer (project)
@source            no           source of supply
@phone             no           Reporters phone number
@cc                no           Additional CCs
@email             no           Email to communicate with (if you write from a strange mail account,
                                you can set your company email address) 
@name              no           Name of person to communicate with (if you write from a strange mail account)
@status            no           New State for Issue (for internal use)
@assign            no           Mantis user ID of Handler (for internal use)
@project           no           Project to assign case to (for internal use)
@summary           no           Description (for a extra short summery)
@language          no           Set language (en, de)
@setlanguage       no           Set and store language for your email address
@sendalways        no           Acknowledge the receipt of each message - not only new cases
@sendnever         no           Never send ack messages - not even for new cases
@precedence        no           User defined priority (A, B, C)
* for submittal of new cases

Please note that email, status, assign are available for innovaphone employees only.

Case Number

Please make sure that all communication to a case contains the case number.

In the following you see the format for the example ticket number: 1234

Provide this number, ###1234###, with exactly this syntax in the subject line of your email to ensure that all information gets posted to the correct case.

The email address for all replies is always or, never the personal account of innovaphone presale or support staff.

The best thing is always to use the reply function in your mailer.

Replying to a Case

To cut down on text size in our issue tracking database, original emails sent to the customer are removed from the customer replies. This is done by searching for a line like

~~+~~ Do NOT answer/change/comment below this line ~~+~~ Bitte nicht unterhalb dieser Zeile antworten ~~+~~

Everything below this line is removed. This means you must not put any comments or answers below this line, as it will not be received by us. If you need to quote the text you have received by us, then please copy and paste it to the top so it will be before the above mentioned line.

Real time support Requests

If you know you will have a difficult installation ahead, you may want to let us know 5 workdays before. If so, we might be able to schedule a support person that is dedicated to your installation and may be called right away in case of problems (call the switchboard at +49 7031 73009 0 and ask for the support person assigned to your case).

Access to Case History

Access to the full case history for our customers is available in the email you will be getting each Friday with a link to your case summary status page. This will show the status of all of your cases at glance.

Please note that this page is always generated in real-time. So even though you will be receiving the reminder email Fridays only, you may have a look at it at any time. It will always show the then-current status! If you lost the link and need to look at the status page, go to this page and follow the instructions.

The same page is also available from (see the Support tab).

Known Problems

Embedded Pictures

You must not send emails with embedded pictures (pictures just pasted into the email body) as mantis will remove those. Instead, attach them as separate files.

Removal of Decoration

Our ticketing system will remove all pictures attached to the email which are considered decoration (such as logo companies etc.). The heuristic to detect such images is quite straight forward: all image (.png, .bmp, .jpg, .gif) files whose name start with a hexadecimal number (e.g 0001.png or b1.png or B1.png but not g1.png) or with the word image followed by a hexadecimal number (e.g. image01.gif) are considered decoration.

Embedded comments

Our ticketing system will do an effort to remove all text we sent to you in any response you send to us. The strategy is quite simple. When sending out an email to you, it will add a line like ~~+~~ Do NOT answer/change/comment below this line ~~+~~ Bitte nicht unterhalb dieser Zeile antworten ~~+~~ at the top of the text. When receiving email from you, it will remove any text after such line. In effect, all text we sent to you and returned to us in your response will be removed before storing your response in our database. So if you want to response with comments interspersed with our original text, you must first remove this line. Otherwise you simply put your response before this line.