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This is the SDK 14r1 Release Notes Document.

Service Releases are planned for the second monday each month.

Please see the disclaimer before using the information presented here!

SDK 14r1

14r1 Service Release 2 (1410489)

14r1 Service Release 3 (1410509)

164437 - PBX SOAP/RCC UserRedirect option to not follow CF

Argument: nocf

165902 - SDK: On Android smartphones stated "myApps for Linux"

14r1 Service Release 4 (1410520)

167296 - Added new legal information for buildroot 2024.02.1

167720 - SDK docu: Adapt description of Client API

The table of content stated: "Search for contact details".

But it should be: "Search in the contents of other apps (e.g. contact details)"

14r1 Service Release 5

14r1 Service Release 6

174074 - SDK: changed build.bat to check exit code of make

Main improvements in 14r1

140069 - HTTP client: Support additional methods

Support for additional HTTP methods has been added for both C++ (IHTTPClient) and JavaScript (HttpClient):

  • HEAD
  • COPY
  • MOVE
  • LOCK

Other improvements in 14r1

135249 - Added function UWebserverPlugin::WebserverPluginConnected(IWebserverPlugin * plugin)

The already existing function had no parameter IWebserverPlugin which is needed if an App uses multiple webserver plugins.

The default implementation of this function calls the original function with no parameter.

134987 - Added ICertificates::CreateSigningRequest and ICertificates::ConvertPEMToDER

Functions needed for the Let's Encrypt integration.

The functions are documented inside the SDK certificates.htm

135824 - AP Manager: allow upload of webserver certificate with incomplete chain

The upload of a certificate with an incomplete chain is now allowed as long as the contained chain itself is continuous.

150869 - App Platform Manager: hand timezone string to app services

The configured timezone string is now handed as commandline parameter to app services and updates are send through the service socket connection.

An app service now has the knowledge of the timezone the app platform is running inside.

The timezone string can be retrieved with AppService::GetAppPlatformTimeZoneString()

139571 - com.innovaphone.client: Add API message "ShowApp"

The API messages tells myApps to open an app link.

E.g.: { "mt": "ShowApp", "app": "someapp?id=3" }

139650 - Enhanced ICertificates::ValidateCertificate and ICertificateInformation to be able to retrieve the certificate chain in PEM format

Two new optional parameters  bool privateKeyRequired = true, bool verifyChain = true for ValidateCertificate

Two new functions for ICertificateInformation:

size_t GetChainDepth()

const char * GetChainCertificate(size_t index)

139881 - GCC12 Compatibility

151269 - HTTP Client: Allow to set custom header fields before SetRequestType too.

151375 - HTTP Client: Fixed callback from within the Recv() call

155695 - HTTPClient: added function GetResponseCodeDescription()

155724 - HTTPClient: added http_error_t::HTTP_CL_ERR_ALL

Use this in PassErrorToUser to pass all errors to the user instead of doing an explicit shutdown.

146563 - IDatabase: Fixed a false-positive message of caching an item after InsertSQL was executed.

136761 - innovaphone.ui1.AutoCompleteInput: added option to disable multi value support

innovaphone.ui1.AutoCompleteInputConfig now contains a disableMultiValue variable which lets you disable support for comma separated multi values.

157167 - innovaphone.ui1.nodePrototype: added isScrollTop and isScrollBottom functions

142164 - JS SDK: Add serviceVersion, serviceBuild and serviceLabel to AppInstance object

The major version, build number and label of the app service are now available to JavaScript app services via:

  • AppInstance.serviceVersion
  • AppInstance.serviceBuild
  • AppInstance.serviceLabel

158004 - JS SDK: Memory optimization for callbacks

Callback functions passed to the JavaScript Runtime left a small amount of memory after the callback was deleted.

153885 - JS SDK: WebServerWebsocket should not raise JS errors on function calls in state "CLOSING"

When calling WebServerWebsocket.close(), .send(), .messageComplete() while the app service is shutting down, a JS error was raised.

Now the function calls are silently ignored.

148869 - lib1: New event start.onshow

The event can be used to detect if the app was brought to the foreground. The app can then react like putting the focus on an input field or similar.

136962 - myApps: Improve bold font quality

Text in bold font looks blurry.

156590 - New attribute "dtmfDelay" for "StartCall"


135488 - New enum value http_error_t::HTTP_CL_ERR_FORBIDDEN and possibility to pass this error to UHTTPClient

135943 - New optional parameter ICertificateInformation in ICertificates::ValidateCertificate

If given, this class will hold certain certificate information after successfull validation, e.g. notAfter/notBefore/issuer/keyLength/commonName

144566 - PostgreSQL: Removed false-positive "command will be queued" message that could occure when executing a command in DatabaseInsertSQLResult() callback.

134544 - SDK AlarmClient: added optional IDns parameter to IAlarmClient::Create

This allows the usage of a single IDns object inside an App.

The alarm client hands this dns to the internally used http client.

134545 - SDK Smtp: added optional IDns parameter to ISmtpProvider::CreateSmtp

This allows the usage of a single IDns object inside an App.

The SMTP client either uses the provided DNS instance or creates an own one if none is handed.

135426 - SDK: added Log for config.json

When processing entries in config.json, the log output is generated, which is useful for debugging the configuration file.

157331 - SDK: Corrected the name of the USocket::SocketRecvFromResult() parameters. Must be srcAddr, srcPort.

146562 - UDatabase: Add support for a callback to notify, when a dataset is used (which marks the end of an SQL command execution)

Other improvements in 14r1