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Product Name

byon gmbh byon LineSelect

Certification Status

Referralprod.PNGThis is an innovaphone myApps Partner App. No tests have been conducted by innovaphone.

Documentation of this product has been finalized July, 2022.


Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication



Byon - About us


The byon LineSelect App is designed for companies with teams or employees, that need to display different phone numbers for external calls. In the byon LineSelect Admin App, multiple lines with different phone numbers can be created and assigned to specific profiles. These profiles are then distributed to the employees. In the byon LineSelect User App the employees can select their required profile and change the outgoing phone number as needed.


With the byon LineSelect App, Users can switch their phone number for outbound calls.

  • Create new lines and profiles
  • Profile distribution to teams
  • Switch of phone number

Provided APIs

  • Websocket
  • TableUsers
  • Admin


To access the full range of functions, licences must be obtained directly from byon GmbH. You are welcome to get in touch with us for a consultation and trial installation. Without a license it is possible to create ONE profile and test the functions.


Compatible innovaphone firmware versions

  • innovaphone V13r2


To use the byon LineSelect App, you need to install two Apps in innovaphone myApps from the PBX Manager:
1. byon LineSelect
2. byon LineSelect Admin
1 PBX.png

Select the byon LineSelect App in the PBX Manager to install it. Set the name and the right SIP to add it in your PBX.
2 PBX.png

Now complete this step for the byon LineSelect Admin App.
3 PBX.png

To Setup the Apps, you should look up in our guide for:

1. Admin App Media:Anleitung_LineSelect_Admin_App.pdf‎
2. User App Media:Anleitung_LineSelect_User_App.pdf‎


For any questions please refer to our contact page.