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Applies To

This information applies to

  • All Innovaphone Gateways
  • V10 and up


There are sometimes questions about special routing based on the number length at a innovaphone gateway. Yes, this is possible.

Let's start from the following call scenario. Call numbers are sent without leading zeros or ISDN Type of Number (TON). We must therefore decide on the basis of the CGPN (Calling Party Number) number length whether

  • we have a CGPN of less than 10 digits we must prefix 0
  • we have a CGPN of 10 or more digits we must prefix 00

Our provider is connected by BRI1 to the trunk. We use GW1 to register to the trunk object inside the PBX.


The first step is to create a route from the BRI1 interface to the MAP interface. In this "Force Enblock" is activated. In my example, with 4 seconds waiting time for the next digit to wait for overlap dialing from the trunk before the number length is checked in the routing.

Next, a second map is created in the route to check if the CGPN has 10 digits or more. Source is BRI1 and destination is the MAP interface. The checkmark "Verify CGPN" is set to check the CGPN.

Under "CGPN Maps" in Map 2, a rule is created, with which it is checked whether the CGPN has at least 10 digits. In this case a 00 is set before the CGPN. This is done by entering 10 dots (one dots per digit) in "Number In" and a 00 in "Number Out" (.......... -> 00). Otherwise the routing continues.

Next, a third map is created in the route to check whether a 00 is already prefixed. If not, a 0 is prefixed. Source is again the BRI1 interface and destination is again the MAP interface. The checkmark "Verify CGPN" is set to check the CGPN.

Under "CGPN Maps" in Map 3, two rules have to be created. 1. Check whether the CGPN already begins with 00 (00 -> 00). In this case, nothing is changed and routing continues. 2. If the CGPN not started with a 00, a 0 is set before the CGPN (-> 0) and routing continues.

This should provide the following routing for the adaptation of the CGPN:


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