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Applies To

This information applies to

  • IP phones, v9

More Information

The Pickup key can be configured to generate an "Audible Signal after alerting [sec]". Since Partner Keys have the same "Audible Signal" option, the text below applies also for a partner-key.

Since V9hotfix24 the volume of this Pickup Notification Tone is bound to the volume configured for the internal ring tone, prior to this hotfix the volume was fixed.

On any phone the volume of the Pickup Notification Tone can be set to a fixed value by

config add PHONE SIG /notify-pickup-gain <gain>

The parameter <gain> allows values from 1 to 12. Which value is most suitable needs to be tried with the phone in question.
Once this Parameter is set the internal ring tone volume has no influence on the volume of the Pickup Notification Tone.

For the phones IP 110/150/200A/230/240 it is possible to modify the volume of the Pickup Notification Tone as described in this article.
The "notify_pickup_tgen_coeff_G01" default has been changed now to 0814 and defines the basic gain only. The final volume is set in the speaker amplifier according to the ring tone volume.
If the coefficient is configured on a phone it's recommended to remove the corresponding configuration parameter by

config rem INCA_DSP RINGER /notify_pickup_tgen_coeff_G01

and to use the new simpler method if necessary. Setting "notify_pickup_tgen_coeff_G01" is deprecated because it is rather complicated and does not work for the new series of IP phones(IP 222/232/241).

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