Howto:Create ClipNoScreening Maps for SIP Interfaces

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Applies To

This information applies to

  • all innovaphone gateways with PBX function

More Information

Problem Details

ClipNoScreening(CLNS) is a common feature when using a SIP provider as connection to the PSTN. The innovaphone setup wizard offers an automated routing and interface configuration for ISDN interfaces but not for SIP-interfaces. This article explains how to use the wizard to create the appropriate mappings for SIP interfaces.


Use the wizard to create ISDN config

  • to start the wizard, do a factory reset on a gateway device with PBX function. We will use an IP800 as example.
  • in the menu Configure Gateway, enter your SIP-trunk number details as shown in the example below


  • complete the setup with the wizard. After the restart of the device make sure you have license installed or activate the Test Mode in v11.

Configure SIP-interface

  • use a SIP interface to register to the provider.
  • if you check your ISDN interface maps and routing table, you will see some entries created by the wizard and the automated routes for your SIP trunk. Since most SIP-providers don't support overlap dialling, make sure to activate Force Enblock in the route to the provider(RSx->SIPx)
  • The routing table should look as below

 routes after wizard

Adjust the routing table

Adjust the SIP interface maps

  • the idea is to do the SIP-interface maps similar to the automatically created ISDN-interface maps. However in SIP the number format National and Subscriber don't exists, only International (or no number format at all) is used in SIP. Therefore we must simplify the ISDN interface maps for SIP.. The example below assumes that the SIP-provider sends all numbers in international format:

 interface maps

  • since users might be used to dial local-area numbers, the CDPN-OUT Map is needed to put this numbers in national or international format(depending on the requirements of the provider). In our example above we assume that the provider is using an international number format
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