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What it is all about

A major design principle for innovaphone products is being based on standards strictly.

While this brings a number of substantial advantages to the customers, amongst others a huge base of 3rd applications that can work with innovaphone gear, it may sometimes create headaches for the innovaphone professional in charge of designing solutions.

H450, TAPI, Empty Termcaps, DSS1, H.245, XML, SS7, .... it's easy to get lost in the standards jungle!

Application interoperability thus is key to successful integration with 3rd party software.

3rd-party product categories

3rd-party products are exclusively tested by their respective vendors and may be qualified as Referral Product or listed here in this Wiki as Partner App (in the case of a 3rd-Party app as described below) if there is a written documentation made available in our wiki.

In case of any doubts concerning interoperability innovaphone recommends to do a Proof-Of-Concept to ensure interworking between innovaphone and the 3rd-party product.

We differentiate 3rd-party products into the following three main categories:

3rd-party terminals

These are 3rd-party (S)IP-terminals which have been interop tested successfully with innovaphone PBXes.

To provide comparable results for our partners and customers, we impone generic Guidelines for Testing 3rd-party SIP Terminal Devices to be followed.

Tests and also documentation need to follow those guidelines to be documented within our wiki and get innovaphone referral product status.

Currently documented 3rd-party terminals can be found here.

Partner Apps

These Apps are developed exclusively for the innovaphone myApps environment using the innovaphone SDK and they are published in the innovaphone App Store.

Partner Apps in the App Store may or may not be listed here in the Wiki, so be sure to have a look in the App Store so as not to overlook some Partner Apps.

For App Development Partners who want their App to be listed in the Wiki in addition to publishing it in the App Store innovaphone provides a guideline on how to proceed.

Currently documented Partner Apps can be found here.

Other 3rd-party products

Other 3rd-pty products except terminals are categorized according to their usecase.

Available categories and existing products can be seen below.

For those 3rd-party-products, we as well require to do interoperability tests towards innovaphone products.

Those tests have to be done also by either the 3rd-party-product manufacturer or a partner which owns the 3rd-party-products. innovaphone itself does not care about those tests and will not support them.

In order to be listed as innovaphone referral product a wiki-article must be provided which is conform to the guideline for Testing 3rd Party Products.

Currently documented other 3rd-party-products can be found in the sub-categorized list below.

What is a potential candidate for a 3rd party product?

Any product that actually interfaces to innovaphone gear may be considered as referral product. However, as a rule of thumb, we do not list nor test basic network infrastructure devices.

What has to be done to list a new 3rd party product?

Follow below mentioned approval guidelines for

List of 3rd party products

The list is structured in various categories. Please note that a single product may appear in more than one category. As an example, application suites including both CTI and Call Center functions are quite popular.

Alarm Server

List of articles in Alarm system/server solutions

App Development

List of articles in Application-middlewares


List of articles in Call Accounting, Call Billing, Call Management Systems

Contact Center Applications

List of articles in Inbound-/Outbound Contact Center Applications, incl. Automated Call Distribution and IVR


List of articles in Cloud related solutions

Conferencing / Video Systems

List of articles in IP based conferencing and video systems

CTI and integrations

List of articles in Computer Telephony Integration and Unified Messaging / Unified Communication

Directory Services

List of articles in Directory Services


List of articles in Gateways to various interfaces - such as physical ones like FXS/FXO, GSM, etc. - and protocol-related (such as SBCs, 3rd-Pty-Systems, etc.)


3rd party Headsets


List of articles in Healthcare solutions


List of articles in Hotel / Accommodation solutions

Mobility Solutions

List of articles in Systems that provide PBX-Extension Features to (GSM) mobile phones

Music on Hold

List of articles in Systems to provide and manage music on hold, announcements and other voice prompts


List of articles in Systems for active or passive recording of voice calls

Reporting / Monitoring

List of articles in Call Statistics, Call Monitoring Systems

SIP Provider

List of articles in All SIP Telephony Provider (i.e. Carrier)

VoIP System Management

List of articles in VoIP system management products


List of articles in IP-based wireless system (WiFi and DECT)

Previous 3rd Party Products

List of previously tested 3rd party products

List of all tested Products