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The innovaphone App Platform can be automatically installed in one single step here.


  • IP settings configured under App Platform/IP
  • Proxy ARP enabled under IP4/ETH/IP
  • mSATA module for an IPx11 or a CF card on an IPx10


The default image URL is found by searching for a linux.json file on In this case, your device must have internet access!

You can also enter a direct URL to a remote or local webserver with the image file, e.g.

The following steps are executed during installation:

  • download of the image through HTTP
  • upload of the image to the SSD/CF card
  • configuration of ram disk and starting of the ramdisk
  • the ram disk creates a new partition with the real size of the disk
  • starting of the new rootfs partition

After the installation, the App Platform can be directly accessed through it's IP address.

Known issues

This can't be used to install the former Linux Application Platform! Please refer to Concept Linux Application Platform in this case.

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